Top 35 Side Part Bob Haircuts Trending in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

There’s something about side-part bob haircuts that gives off a fresh, modern, and younger look! This year, I love this cut and style for women of all hair types and ages. A side-part bob haircut is any bob hairstyle with a parting to one side. The parting can be small or very strong to open up the other side. Side parted bobs are also popular for black, which they use as a weave or sew-in with a closure.

Meet The Expert

Andressa Hill
Andressa is a master stylist with 14 years of experience.
You can find Andressa at her hair studio in Natick, MA.

Master stylist Andressa Hill has shared valuable advice for those considering a side-parted bob haircut.

Styling Advice

When it comes to this bob haircut, Hill recommends being prepared to style regularly, depending on the texture of your hair.

For those with thick, curly hair, whether you want it straight or curly, Hill advises investing in good professional products that are made for the texture of your hair.

Hill suggests a good diet, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamins for those with fine, thin hair. Additionally, using a good shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for volume can help with fine hair.

Hill suggests investing in a good blow dryer and flat iron but warns against using the flat iron every day. She also recommends using a heat protector before blow drying or a curling iron. Her favorite professional brands include Redken, Framesi, Mizani, Olaplex, and L’Oreal. For curly hair, Hill suggests using a mist water bottle in the morning to refresh curls and using a spray leave-in conditioner. Separating hair into sections can also make styling easier.

If you have a busy lifestyle, Hill recommends getting a keratin treatment, which can cut styling time in half and make hair easier to care for.

Face Shape Considerations

When it comes to face shape, Hill recommends oval and heart face shapes can pull off any hairstyle, but for those with round, square, or long face shapes, keeping the hair longer in the front, like a long bob, can be more flattering.

Get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again – browse through our gallery of stunning side-parted bobs and find your next signature look!

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#1: A-Line Bob with Side-Part

An A-line bob is a trendy/modern look. Between the sharp A-line, the graduation, and the texture in the layers, this bob haircut with a side parting is for women who want to rock a fun and trendy style. When styling this cut, I was going for a sleek, beveled look. The best part of this look is the severity of the A-line. Even though the lengths are drastically different, they can still be blended.

If you’re a lady who comes in every 4-6 weeks, try this side-parted bob. These short bob haircuts for women will look at their best between those weeks. The chop is great for women trying to elongate their faces and make it appear that they have more volume. It’s ideal for styling with fine/medium thick hair that is already straight or has some bend/texture. It will take you 10-20 minutes to style with this hair type. To get side-part hairstyles that look like this, mist a volume spray in the crown area near the root, flip your head upside down, and dry that root a bit to get volume.

#2: Face-Framing Fringe on an Icy Bob Cut

Consider stylish hair with a face-framing fringe on an icy bob cut. The fringe grazes the forehead, highlighting your face and facial features. This style of side part bob is versatile and tailored to suit different face shapes and hair types. A side part adds asymmetry, delivering a modern flair to the look. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this icy bob cut with a side part and face-framing fringe offers a trendy style.

Chic A-Line Bob with a Side Part for women with oval faces
Instagram @ojobdodan

#3: Chic A-Line with a Side Part

For women with oval faces looking for a fresh and modern style, consider doing a chic a-line bob with a side part. This hairstyle of side part bob cuts features longer layers in the front and shorter layers in the back. This creates an angled shape that adds structure and a flattering frame for the face. The side part adds asymmetry and helps balance out the face shape. It’s a versatile cut that can be customized to suit each person’s hair texture and style.

Impressive Side-Parted Bob Makeover for women wanting a change
Instagram @salsalhair

#4: Impressive Side-Parted Bob Makeover

An impressive side-parted bob is a great choice for women looking for a change in hairstyle. It exudes modernity and sophistication. It’s a versatile cut flatters almost all face shapes and hair textures. Its smooth, sleek styling and neat side parts add elegance and class to any look. Hairstylists recommend keeping the hair length just above the shoulders. This helps to maintain its sharpness and structure.

To style such side-part bobs, use a straightening iron to smooth out the hair and create defined ends. If you, however, want to show off wavy hair, then scrunch mousse and let your hair air dry. Finish with a shine serum or oil to add luster and hold.

#5: Sleek Side-Parted Asymmetric Bob

The best bob for a longer face shape is to have it lay around the middle of the neck. An asymmetrical style helps to balance the face shape as well. Ask for an asymmetrical a-line with textured ends. If your hair is thick, ask for some weight to be removed from the interior.

Textured and Side-Parted Bob for women with thin hair and choppy ends
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Textured and Side-Parted Bob

Ask for a reversible texture lob if this style speaks to you. If you like to flip hair over to either side, request a middle part cut. If you always part to one side, ask the stylist to cut your part. With these side-part bob haircuts, ask for uneven layers along the part line to be balanced around your layered shape.

#7: Side-Parted Curly Bob

A short side-part bob hairstyle is a great option for women who wanna experiment with a new length. Such bobs with side parts are long enough to part in a sexy way and short enough for low upkeep.

Textured deep side part bob haircut
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#8: Textured Deep Side-Part Bob

Amp up your short bob with a deep side part for a new appearance with depth and a sexy finish. This amazing textured side-part bob hairstyle creates an illusion of a fuller hairline and an effortlessly cool look that works great on longer face shapes.

Blonde Bob with a Side Part and Dark Roots
Instagram @___wishhair___

#9: Blonde Bob with a Side Part and Dark Roots

Consider a blonde bob with a side part and dark roots for your next hair makeover. These side parting bob cuts are versatile, can be worn curled or straight, and are always a great style choice. Adding blonde highlights while keeping the roots dark gives this style dimension, with the bonus of a volume boost from the lightener. You cannot go wrong with side-part bob styles, and they also work well on all face shapes.

Ginger Side-Parted Layered Bob
Instagram @muah.jolie

#10: Ginger Side-Parted Layered Bob

Bring some warmth into your skin and body into your hair with a ginger side-parted bob. If you want body and movement, I recommend adding layers to your hair. When you want an extra height boost at the crown, take some weight out. You’ll get more volume and lift for fuller-looking locks.

Blonde Lob with a Side Part
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#11: Blonde Lob with a Side Part

If your style is getting too long, a blonde lob with a side part could be a fun way to come into a new you. Consider the level of maintenance that you’re comfortable with. Your best bet at the best style is to commit to upkeeping your color and cut in one visit.

White Side-Parted Bob for Older Ladies
Instagram @stylebyolsen

#12: White Side-Parted Bob for Older Ladies

It’s a good idea to transition to bob styles with a side part compatible with your daily maintenance level. If you’re starting to gray, you can use a new part to camouflage the grow-out between salon visits—for example, a side part versus a middle part.

#13: Dark Golden Blonde Side-Parted Bob

Change up your look with a side-parted bob and dark golden blonde color. Bobs are very versatile and can work perfectly for any hair type. Side-swept part bob hairstyles will give your face a softer appearance. When it comes to switching your part, give it some time for it to fall correctly.

#14: Amazing Side-Parted Bob Makeover

If you have an oval face shape, a side-parted bob would be an amazing option for a makeover. Your stylist should leave the length between the ear and chin for a widening effect on your face shape. If you’re worried about maintenance, I highly recommend asking your stylist for textured ends and soft layers. This will allow classic side part bobs to grow out beautifully.

#15: Messy Light Brown Bob Style

Try a messy light brown bob style if you’re looking for a cute, chic style! It’s super simple and quick to get messy volume. It will only take a few minutes to style. I’d choose round brushing around your face outward to give that bouncy blowout effect.

Gorgeous Blonde Bob with a Side Part and a Swoop Bang
Instagram @agiseleribeiro

#16: Gorgeous Blonde Bob with a Side Part and a Swoop Bang

When my clients ask for a gorgeous blonde bob, it helps to get them what they’re asking for when I know things like their color history and how to customize their style, like with a side part or swoop bangs. If you want to switch things up this season, showing up with photos of your preferences will help your stylist create the best style for you.

stylish wavy side part bob cut
Instagram @giboazhair

#17: Stylish Wavy Side-Part Bob

A soft tousled neck-length layered side bob cut with minimal waves on a deep part is an effortless look for any formal or casual occasion.

You can pull one side of your hair behind your ear to show off a piece of glam jewelry and your complementing make-up.

#18: Chic Angled Bob with Side-Part

We’re gushing over this natural color and edgy angled side-part bob. A natural blonde shade paired with a smooth straight cut makes for a soft and trendy appearance.

Side-Parted Bob with Closure Sew-In Wig
Instagram @taijerna

#19: Side-Parted Bob with Closure Sew-In Wig

This side-part sew-in bob wig features the ultimate summer style that will leave you feeling cool while having protection from the sun. It looks more natural when using human hair as the material. You can wear it with a sassy jet-black to brown ombre for an interesting finish.

short bob with a side part for thin straight hair
Instagram @stebunovhair

#20: Short Bob with a Side-Part for Thin, Straight Hair

How can you say no to a short, thin, side-part bob like this? This brilliant chocolate brown on a jaw-length side-part bob cut is a modern take on the classic hairstyle for fine tresses.

#21: Lace Front Quick Weave with Deep Side-Part

An asymmetrical blunt bob is easier to achieve with a lace front quick weave.

slightly parted layered bob
Instagram @romeufelipe

#22: Slightly Parted Layered Lob

Consider a fun razor cut with a slight side-part on beautiful natural balayage blonde hair. Easy, fashionable side-part bob cuts like this could create much-needed texture and movement!

#23: French Bob with Side-Part and Bangs

This short hair inspiration is a classic French girl chic bob with a slight side-part style by hairstylist Rachael Ronschke of Westlake, OH.

“I point cut the perimeter for texture and added long layers, chipping into the body of the hair to create movement because she has very thick hair. We did a soft fringe to accentuate her eyes,” Ronschke explains.

Ronschke wanted this style to be effortless. She used “Davine’s curl primer to set her wave and diffused it because she usually air dries her hair.” Ronschke added beach waves to the top layer and finished with Davine’s medium hairspray.

low-maintenance inverted bob with side part
Instagram @ciao.roxana

#24: Low-Maintenance Inverted Bob with Side-Part

A side-parted bob looks great on just about any woman. The best thing about this look is that it will always be in style. These haircuts featuring a side part bob are great for straight or curly hair.

It can easily be a low-maintenance style whether you have curly or straight hair because it looks fantastic on both.

side-part on a blunt bob cut
Instagram @giboazhair

#25: Side-Part on Blunt Bob Cut

This blunt side-parted wavy short bob is extremely versatile.

Ask your stylist to cut your bob so that if you want to curl it, you will have a ton of texture; if you want to have it straight, it will look sleek and clean.

This is a great side-parted bob cut for women who are okay with a little maintenance. The length can even be adjusted to fit any face shape.

#26: Trendy Long Bob with Side-Part

A long bob with a has a little bit of flair to stand out. The transition from natural hair is perfect for women who need more time to keep coming to the salon. This allows them to have a longer time to enjoy the color. It gives a little bit of life to a long side part bob, which frames their faces perfectly.

Shoulder-Length Side Part Bob on Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @quynhair

#27: Shoulder-Length Side-Parted Bob on Blonde Hair Color

A shoulder-length side-part blunt cut is the most versatile bob. It’s cut blunt around the perimeter but very texturized on the interior. You can wear it edgy, sleek, or soft and wavy, and it’s still long enough to put in a ponytail.

Created by stylist Quynh Gip of Texas, this look is best on fine to medium-texture hair.

#28: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

This look is a balayaged asymmetrical bob with a side part made by hairstylist Chelsea Scheidt of La Jolla, CA.

This is a look that you would have to style! Scheidt adds, “It could be as easy as just smoothing it, adding a little bend with a curling iron, or rocking a natural wave (with the product, of course)! Product-wise, I always love a good root boost and a dry texturizing spray!”

#29: Wavy Bob with a Deep Side Part and Balayage

A wavy bob with a deep side part and balayage consists of many point-cutting and textured layers. Shorter layers at the apex make this style versatile; hair can be parted on either side or in the middle and looks great no matter what.

#30: Extra Short Bob with a Side Part for Older Women

Try an extra short bob with a side part for older women to lift facial features and add volume. If you’re looking for a more mature style or want a lifting effect, volume, and layering so it’s easy to maintain and care for, this cut is absolutely for you. The versatility in the style options and the simplicity of such side part bob hairstyles put the focus on a youthful and bright face by keeping it open and having the volume more concentrated toward the top of the head.

side-parted bob for women over 50
Instagram @sacaumut

#31: Side-Parted Bob for Women Over 50

A side-parted bob for women over 50 is a great choice for thinning or fine hair. A side part adds extra height, giving the illusion of thicker, more voluminous locks. Ask your stylist if golden copper highlights with a warm brunette root compliment your skin tone.

#32: Sleek Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Go for a sleek, side-parted blonde bob—a soft feminine cut for the short-haired woman. A sleek bob can be cut with minimal or internal layers to remove weight from thicker hair. Blonde chunky highlights give a bob a modern 90’s vibe.

lived-in side part bob haircut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#33: Lived-In Side Part Bob Haircut

A lived-in side part bob haircut is a natural way to accent one’s “best side.” Hairlines often part naturally left, right, and sometimes off-centered. However, side-part hairstyles are great ways to give the silhouette body and height. A pro tip while blow-drying is to direct the hair opposite to the preferred part and settle the hair into place for added support and void from the hair falling limp through the day.

very deep side part bob hairstyle
Instagram @giboazhair

#34: Very Deep Side Part Bob

Consider a very deep side part bob if you have fine hair and are looking for ways to make your hair look thicker. The deepest side part will lift your hair at the root for mega volume, especially if you work in a thickening product such as Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13 before you blow-dry. Remember that your hairstylist will need to know if you plan to flip your part around or always part on the same side before they cut the front pieces. Don’t be afraid to ask for the comb to show them exactly where you like to part on the side so they can be precise with the cut.

#35: Voluminous Short Hair with Side Parting

Consider a side parting to achieve big, short hair. It will add a bit of flair. For more movement, dry your hair opposite to your final look. Then, flip it over to the side you will wear it. For this look to stay in place and effortless, use a texture spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texture spray, in the roots. This will add grip and give the look staying power while letting the ends move free.