58 Bixie Haircut Examples Trending Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The bixie haircut is a combination of a pixie and bob cut. This trendy cut offers the fullness of a short pixie and the versatility of a bob. The cut is customizable, making it suitable for women of all ages.

Teryn Tucker is a skilled stylist from Orlando, FL, who shares essential tips on this trend.

First, Tucker encourages you to make sure that your preferred cut will work well with your hair texture and density. The key is finding a stylist who can create a bixie ideal for your features, hair type, and lifestyle.

If wanting a more modern style that’s easy to air-dry, texturize the hair rather than cutting it blunt.

“Release weight to create the shape of the haircut first,” Tucker suggests. “This allows for natural texture and the desired silhouette to come alive. The suitable length can be established after the shape and movement take place.”

If your hair grows out before it grows down, ask for more pixie than a bob. Tucker explains, “The internal head-hugging shape of a pixie will create a lean silhouette.” Otherwise, if you’re hair grows with less natural lift, go for a bob with a long pixie shape.

For styling bixies, Tuckers says, “Be open to styling your mane in ways that complement its natural growth pattern. Learn to style the roots for the shape and the mid-lengths to ends for extra body and texture.”

Read on to see the images of the trendiest bixie haircuts and styles!

Chestnut Brown Bixie Cut with Layers with curtain fringe
Instagram @brianacisneros

#1: Chestnut Brown Bixie with Layers

Try a chestnut brown bixie with layers and curtain fringe for an edgy yet stylish look. Bixie haircuts are best suited to straight or wavy hair textures. They can be easily tailored to flatter most face shapes. To get the style, ask for shorter layers around the crown and longer layers towards the ends. The layers should blend into a neat curtain fringe at brow level. For extra volume, lightly scrunch mousse through damp lengths. Then, style with a diffuser. Finish with hairspray Queenie Firm Hold by O&M for a low tox product and added hold throughout the day.

Blonde Bixie with French Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Blonde Bixie with French Bangs

A blonde bixie is an effortless hairstyle. Paired with French bangs and a soft balayage, this hairstyle is ideal for anyone looking to make a style statement. Soft bobs can be an interesting way to showcase your hair’s natural texture. Try enhancing the style by adding a vibrant color or an edgy fringe. For best results, I suggest a razor haircut. Razor haircuts produce a texture similar to a ribbon, promoting soft and effortless movement.

#3: Copper Cropped Bixie

The copper cropped bixie is the top trend for this autumn. If you’re ready to adopt this bright hairstyle, ensure you use a color-safe shampoo regimen. This will help to maintain the brightness of your hair color between salon visits. The shampoo and conditioner pair we recommend most is the Redken Color Extend duo.

Chic Bixie Cut with Crown Volume
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#4: Chic Bixie with Crown Volume

Ask for a chic bixie with crown volume. A pixie bob is a great way to have shape, texture, and volume in a neat little package. If you’re curious, a bixie with layers on top can work well with all types of hair. It can help your hair look thicker or make it feel lighter. Your stylist will use the best tool to give you a haircut appropriate for your hair type. Using a flat wrap blow dry or a round brush can help your hair look thicker.

#5: 90s-Inspired Cut

The bixie, inspired by the 90s, is a hairstyle that women have loved for many years. This haircut is a clean-cut style above the shoulders, giving a sleek and stylish look. The cut adapts to any face shape or hair type. It can be styled with a side part, blunt bangs, or textured layers to add movement and dimension. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the bob cut can be a flattering choice that enhances your features, and the cut is ideal if you love a stylish yet easy-to-care-for hairstyle.

#6: Bixie with a Brown Balayage and Copper Tones

This cut with a brown balayage and copper tones is a trendy and versatile hairstyle. It combines a short, pixie-like cut with a bob and balayage color technique. This haircut features shorter layers on the top, with longer layers on the sides and back, creating a modern and stylish look. The brown balayage adds dimension and depth to the hair, while the copper tones provide a vibrant and warm touch.

#7: Raspberry Bixie for Women with Glasses

The raspberry bixie is a trendy hairstyle. It fits perfectly for women with glasses seeking an edgy look. This cut features a sleek and polished look with a playful twist. The vibrant raspberry color enhances the style, making you stand out. The cut is known for its short, textured layers that create a modern and youthful look. It frames the face beautifully, highlighting your best features. The raspberry bixie cut is easy to maintain and style. For a long-lasting look, use a light hair spray.

#8: Low-Maintenance Long Feathery Bixie

Get trendy with a low-maintenance long feathery bixie. The bixie crop has been making waves as one of the cutest cuts for 2024.

#9: Vintage Bixie Cut

A vintage bixie is perfect for short thick hair and gives off adorable French girl vibes. All the texture and layers make this cut so low-maintenance when it comes to styling. Don’t forget to use a texture balm like Reverie Rake Styling Balm before air-drying or diffusing.

#10: Messy and Lived-In Bixie

A messy and lived-in bixie haircut can offer a fresh new look for women with short and textured hair. This haircut features a tousled and effortless style that requires minimal maintenance. The layers through the crown allow for natural movement and volume. The fringe adds a touch of femininity. This cut is perfect for those who want to showcase their natural texture and if you love a messy look. I recommend using a lightweight texturizing spray to enhance your hair’s natural texture.

#11: Cute Bixie for Thick Hair and Glasses

Consider a cute bixie for thick hair and glasses. It’s a perfect choice for girls with round faces and thick hair. The precision of the cut emphasizes the cheekbones while adding texture to the style. This cut can easily be personalized to meet your preferences and face shape. It works well for girls and women with active lifestyles. It’s perfect if you prefer low-maintenance hairstyles that are easy to style daily.

Wispy and Textured Bixie Cut for older ladies with straight hair
Instagram @haircomesandy

#12: Wispy and Textured Cut

A wispy and textured cut is perfect for anyone with fine to medium hair that needs a bit of a body boost.

French Bixie Cut for older women with a sassy style
Instagram @un.rooted

#13: French Bixie Cut

A French bixie is a cross between a French bob and a pixie. Talk to your stylist about face-framing textured layers and bangs to achieve this style. This is an excellent style for naturally curly/wavy hair. Spend time studying your face shape. This is a complimentary cut to long, square, and round face shapes.

#14: Short and Shaggy Bixie

Reinvent yourself in a short and shaggy bixie cut. I suggest that you ask to have your hair cut with a razor to make the most of your strands. A razor will give your cut lots of texture, and the end result will be funkier. You’ll want a short jawline shape with lots of layers. If you want to make your style pop, don’t forget the short bang, which will give your style personality.

White Blonde Bixie Cut with Choppy Fringe for ladies in their 30s
Instagram @shannonrha

#15: White Blonde Bixie with Choppy Fringe

A white blonde bixie with a choppy fringe is a modern and versatile short haircut. It can complement women in their 30s. The choppy texture and razored layers can help you achieve volume and texture. While the shorter length and fringe flatter the face shape. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut. It can be easily customized to fit any preferences. Use a flat iron to add bends and flips to create different finishing styles.

Soft Bixie Cut with Natural Texture for women in their 30s
Instagram @debbii_hair

#16: Soft Bixie with Natural Texture

If you have a natural texture, try this soft bixie. Be sure to ask for the proper styling products to keep this look shiny and dimensional. To prevent over-styling, make sure your stylist gives you enough texture in the salon. This helps to keep your hair lying just right!

#17: 90s-Inspired Bixie

This 90’s inspired bixie is so edgy! It has a Y2k vibe to it. If you want a look that’s easy to style and still on trend, this is a great option! Ask your stylist at your next salon visit if this is an option for you.

Shagged-Out Bixie Cut with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @pamadkisson805

#18: Shagged-Out Cut with Wispy Fringe

A shagged-out cut paired with a wispy fringe is the perfect combination between a pixie cut and a bob cut. Plus, it’s perfect if you have a hard time committing to really short lengths. A bixie is one of the best to try if you love texture and volume at the crown of your head and around your face, but also want to leave a little length. Avoid cutting the back length too short as this could result in your hairstyle turning into a completely different haircut.

Undone Bixie with a Side Part
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#19: Undone Bixie with a Side Part

Seeking an edgy style that looks undone yet feminine? A bixie with a side part gives the illusion of a pixie. But the key to this style is the longer-length silhouette. This is a great option when seeking versatility for day-to-day wear.

Stacked Blonde Choppy Pixie Bob
Instagram @sacamedya

#20: Stacked Blonde Choppy Pixie Bob

Anything can be said about a stacked blonde choppy pixie bob. But the undeniable truth is that it looks amazing! You can try to get this chic look by going for shorter pieces in the back. Add longer pieces in front that are cut unevenly for added texture and depth. Blunt ends add an edgy twist without compromising on classic vibes. With this hairstyle, you’ll have striking layers of movement throughout your hair. Plus, it’s still low-maintenance.

#21: Cute Messy Bixie for Older Women

The cute messy bixie for older women is a great way to stay stylish and contemporary. With my years of experience, I can say that this cut emphasizes the beauty of hair texture and face shape. Especially with its slightly tousled look. The short length provides an effortless, put-together feel that works for everyday styling. A benefit of this haircut is its versatility – you can wear it straight or wavy, depending on your mood. I recommend using products such as Eleven’s Sea Spray to coat your curls for a polished look.

Layered Blonde Bixie Style
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#22: Layered Blonde Bixie

If you’re seeking an edgy style that provides length for style, a layered blonde bixie is the best of both worlds. Its a pixie and a bob. This unique haircut has the length to be polished or tousled for day-to-day wear.

Softly Razored Bixie Style
Instagram @ashesrgray

#23: Softly Razored Bixie

If you’d like to change up your look a great start is an edgy cut. When I cut a pixie style, I tend to add texture with a razor. But, you should be cautious if you have curly hair where a clean cut with shears will be much better. For products use a dry wax spray to add texture and volume.

Mini Mullet Pixie Bob
Instagram @theportalsalon

#24: Mini Mullet Pixie Bob

A mini mullet pixie bob is a trendy and youthful way to commit to short hair. My advice to keeping the shape edgy, is to request a straight razor haircut. A helpful way to style a shag is to add a bit of dry shampoo to clean hair to add a little lift and airy flow to the crown. If you want to, you can also add a micro bang to this shape to make it a bit edgier.

#25: Shagged Out Bixie with Short Choppy Bangs

A shagged-out bixie with short, choppy bangs is a very easy haircut to style. I suggest scrunching in a light-hold mousse on your damp hair and air drying for healthy hair and maximum texture. If you can avoid using heat often, your hair will thank you!

Short Bixie with Waves
Instagram @brianacisneros

#26: Short Bixie with Waves

Look sweet and sassy with a bixie with waves. A trendy short bixie is one of the easiest cuts to style and manage. With effortless waves, your hair will look full of texture and movement. I recommend using a razor at the ends to give your hair that messy, undone texture.

Peach Razor Cut Bixie
Instagram @the.aquhairius

#27: Peach Razor Cut Bixie

Try a razor bixie if you want some versatility with your hairstyle. Besides this gorgeous peach color, you can have some fun with this bixie. With still some length on the bottom and texture throughout the top, you can have fun styling your new hair!

Shaggy Blonde Bixie Cut
Instagram @lizzhouser

#28: Shaggy Blonde Bixie

A shaggy blonde bixie is urban and trendy. If you want to wear your hair messy and tousled, the shorter layers will get you there. Try moving the layered ends away from your face with a texture paste and your fingers. Make sure you don’t create a lot of volume when drying and styling. Keep in mind, that the solid blonde is amazing, but will require frequent touch-ups.

#29: Blonde Bixie with Choppy Layers

A blonde bixie is an edgy haircut that you can have fun with. You will love that you can still keep length and have lots of choppy layers and texture. Texture products will be your best friend!

Bixie with Long Front Layers
Instagram @gbhdesign

#30: Bixie with Long Front Layers

If you’re looking to try something trendy, go for a cut with long front layers. Perfect for women who want a short cut but are not ready to lose all the length just yet. A long pixie can be customizable for every face shape for an edgy flattering look.

Feathered Bixie with Bangs for Women Over 50
Instagram @salonjelle

#31: Feathered with Bangs for Women Over 50

A feathered bixie with bangs is a flattering cut for women in their 50s. This cut gives you the option to air dry for a ready-made style or blow out for an added flair. Feather-light layers allow this look to feel youthful on a mature woman. A new ‘do can be combined with a new hue, or accent highlights can add to or evolve the transformation.

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#32: Brunette Bixie on Fine Hair

A bixie is a great choice for a woman that has a natural brunette base for depth. Coupled with highlights to add points of lights within the layers helps to give the illusion of denser hair. Customizable parts of the haircut can range from the neckline, fringe, and texture within the layers.

#33: Layered Bixie with Face-Framing Bangs

A layered bixie with face-framing bangs can range in length, density, and style. Finding a stylist with this skill set will help embrace and evolve the haircut as the styling possibilities can change up the style from product of choice to tool of choice. It’s best suited for women with fine to medium textures.

Shaggy Bixie with Fringe Haircut
Instagram @hirohair

#34: The Shaggy Bixie with Fringe

The shaggy bixie haircut is the modern flair to a retro style. Straight or wavy texture can embrace this style with air drying or with the use of hot tools. If desired, a fringe can be added and the part can be customized.

#35: Square Graduation Cut on a Bixie

Square graduation on a bixie gives you the possibility to explore your style. Leaning on the longer end of a bixie gives the haircut versatility to wear the style smooth or with texture. A fringe can be customized to frame the face or connect into layers.

#36: Chin-Length Bixie with Long Side Bangs

A chin-length bixie with long bangs to the side perks up the style of a traditional bob. Layers can be kept shorter for added volume while long side bangs can be carved out to frame the features of the face. Directional blow-drying or a smoothing iron with a bend in styling can make the layers pop with style.

#37: Wispy Layers

Bixie hair, cut with wispy layers, is a great choice for fine to medium hair. Feathered light layers create points of style that can be kept tucked behind the ear for a polished payoff or accented with pomades for a textured feel.

#38: Bixie with Side-Swept Bangs

These cuts with side-swept bangs are edgy and ultra-cool for the woman on the go. The long asymmetrical style of this cut allows for many possibilities in styling. Smoothed, tousled, or curly!

#39: Choppy Bixie with Thin Bangs

A choppy bixie with bangs that are thin reads sultry and sophisticated depending on how you style it. Points of accent highlights can add dimension to this haircut or a change in color for a complete transformation.

#40: Short Bixie with Blended Layers

A bixie that’s short with blended layering gives the haircut a uniformed look. Styling is versatile but best suits straight to wavy hair. Air drying with curling cream or blown out with gel will help create the foundation, and hairspray or pomade can help lock in the style.

#41: Side-Parted Wavy Bixie

A wavy bixie parted to the side is achieved when there are longer layers in the front and length. This allows for two rounds of tousling a 1” to 1.25” barrel wand. Intentionally leaving the ends out helps add to that lived-in look of a long pixie. Following through, straight down the ends for a quick polish is optional, especially on second-day hair.

The Airy Bixie Hairstyle
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#42: The Airy Bixie

An airy hairstyle is a great choice for fine to medium-density hair. It’s perfect for women who want to feel the fullness of their hair but air on the side of whimsical style. Feather-light layers create points of style that can be kept tucked behind the ear for a polished payoff or accented with pomades for a textured feel.

Long Bixie with Crown Layers for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @glamlorenzab

#43: Long Bixie for Ladies Over 60

A long bixie with crown layers is a great haircut for women over 60. Crown layers help give it that modern twist while displaying the versatility of a retro look.

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#44: Tousled Layers on a Bixie

When you add tousled layers on a bixie, you get an added flair to a subtle style. Layers really pop when tousled by a wand or a texturizing paste for a piece-y finish.

#45: Bixie with Long Bangs for Thin Hair

When it comes to having long bangs on thin hair, it’s a style of choice for added flair and the convenience of the best of both worlds: half bob, half pixie. It’s a quick hairstyle to create from a wet to dry state as your hands can be used as a brush to style the hair dry. Styling aids like Ouai Matte pomade can be added once your hair is dry to piece out the fringe or layers. These products can also be used as the style grows out in between appointments.

Stacked Bixie Cut with an Undercut
Instagram @gorjesshairart

#46: Stacked Bixie with an Undercut

If you stack a bixie and give it an undercut, it helps distribute the weight of the hair to a more elevated textured style. An undercut can be favored to remove bulk or to add an edgy vibe to the style. This choice can shorten the salon visit window or can be maintained during routine visits. When styling, a dual pair of a paddle and a small round brush can help achieve a blow-dry style, while products like mousse and serum can complement the look.

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#47: Messy Bixie with a Deep Side Part

A messy bixie with a deep side part is a sultry style for the “undone” look. A quick tousle of the curling wand can help you achieve a lived-in look, coupled with products like Texture High Tide Texturizing Flexible hold hair spray to seal in the final style. This haircut can be asymmetrical or balanced depending on your preferred end result.

#48: Side-Swept Bixie

A side-swept bixie is edgy and ultra-cool for the woman on the go. The long asymmetrical style of this cut allows for many possibilities in styling. Smoothed, tousled, or curly! Photos of reference for your next appointment can help in identifying the perfect style.

#49: Soft Bixie with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Face-framing layers and bangs can be worn on a bixie to soften it. You can cut your bangs in several ways: full long fringe, wispy short fringe, side-swept to the left or to the right. The possibilities are endless, and the fun part about a haircut like this is that the bangs grow every 4 weeks and a style refresh can make it feel like a whole new ‘do every time.

Sleek Bixie for Thick Straight Hair
Instagram @ikw0977

#50: Sleek Bixie for Thick, Straight Hair

A bixie for thick and straight hair can be a great change in your ‘do if you’re wanting to feel lighter in your routine, style, and maintenance. To sleek the hair during styling time, use Drybar liquid glass miracle smoothing sealant to help heat protect while providing smoothness and shine.

#51: Textured Pixie Bob with Subtle Layers

A textured bixie (pixie bob) with subtle layering is a great way to try this trend. Your stylist may use a razor to carve this shape into place. While styling, a quick blowout can be aided with the use of your hands for directional style or a paddle brush. IGK Big Time Volumizing Mousse helps give the hair body while voiding frizz. It’s an added bonus: it’s heat-activated, so the hair will stay protected. Adding color can complement the flair or one color all over can look polished yet playful.

Straight Bixie with Side Bangs
Instagram @bellavisci

#52: Straight Bixie with Side Bangs

If you have straight hair, try a bixie with side bangs. It’s an effortless look for women that have naturally smooth hair, and desire a wash-and-go style. The choice of side bangs gives this trend personality and the bangs can be made to swing to either side. Maintenance can include 6-week salon visits, blowouts with an air dryer coupled with products that help in smoothing out the style.

#53: Bixie with a Fringe and Shorter Layers

If you’re deciding on getting a bixie with a fringe and shorter layers the possibilities open up to a fun and sassy hairdo. A fresh style can be dried in 10-20 minutes with tools like a paddle brush, diffuser, or even a hand to direct hair into the desired end result. A textured paste will provide a directional hold, while a styling cream will aid in smoothing the style.

#54: Jaw-Length Bixie with Soft Layers

Try a jaw-length bixie with soft layers, as it flatters the features of the face and provides volume and density. A blowout can be paired with heat protection gel like Redken’s Big Blowout to smooth down the cuticle and block out humidity while providing a cushioned, bouncy feel.

Angled Bixie Undercut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#55: Angled Bixie Undercut

If you want an angled bixie with an undercut, then whip out your razor because this look is sharp. This haircut breathes ultra-cool style and personality. It’s high-maintenance but it’s customizable. You can alternate between a long swing on the preferred side or matching pieces for balance.

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Textured Bixie Hair with Tapered Layers
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#56: Textured Bixie Hair with Tapered Layers

A textured bixie with tapered layers is the best pairing for a modern, sassy hairstyle. A customized length can be decided between bangs, side-swept, or piece-y pieces for spiking. Color can be added for dimension if desired.

#57: Ear-Length Bixie for Thick Hair

An ear-length bixie haircut for thick hair is a style choice when you want to break free from the weight of your hair. This bixie, a half bob and half pixie is a happy medium because it allows for styles like blown out or air-dried. The key to this sitting well on your head is for your stylist to debulk and texturize.

Tousled Blonde Bixie with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @studioccinyyc

#58: Tousled Blonde Bixie with Wispy Bangs

A tousled blonde bixie haircut with wispy bangs is a versatile way to keep hair chic and sassy. This beautiful style is best for that next step in a short length while breathing a modern flair. A busy student, a mom on the go, or a person that wants to up their personal style would be a great fit for this transition. Tousled hair can be achieved with a wand, paired with Alterna My hair my Canvas Any way texture spray.