30 Flattering Undercut Bob Haircuts to Consider This Year

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An undercut bob is a bob haircut with shaved sides and nape underneath the hair. If you’re up for this bold and really cool women’s haircut, then you’re in the right place!

First things first – “before you get an undercut, ask your stylist if they think it would suit you, as it completely changes your hair density,” Florida-based hairstylist and owner of Boho House Salon, Michele Sanford, shares exclusively.

“A bob undercut is going to always give a slimmer look. A low undercut will give you more weight, whereas a high undercut will give you much less hair. It’s one of the most effective and prettiest ways that my pixie girls grow out their hair,” she tells us.

With this in mind, checking what type of hair you have would be extra helpful, especially if you’re dealing with lots of hair! “Undercuts are best for thick hair. Its purpose is to remove a lot of weight from the sides and back, allowing thicker hair to be more manageable.”

As for your must-have styling products, Sanford recommends texture sprays or anything that adds definition, movement, or texture. This way, you’ll look as first-rate as when Malin Akerman, Chloe Sevigny, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Ellie Goulding sported an undercut with their bob haircuts!

With its high approval from ladies all around, it’s not a surprise that a ton of cuts and styling ways for this trend are already available today.

Before your next hair appointment, ask yourself, “what is an undercut bob?” Check out these popular images of an undercut bob to see.

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#1: Undercut Pixie Bob

You can now work your way between a bob and an undercut pixie cut with this undercut pixie bob! Having the back and side shaved for a pixie cut is the ultimate edgy look, while the bob with long bangs gives a feminine touch. This pixie bob with shaved undercut is great for women who hate styling in the morning.

#2: Sleek Bob with an Undercut

For women with thick hair, try a sleek bob with an undercut. An undercut will remove unwanted hair and bulk for a lighter feel. Styling is required but will be easier when unwanted hair is removed. An angled bob is a hard cut to grow out so make sure you’re ready to commit for a while if you don’t want to lose lots of length.

Soft Rose Gold Undercut Pixie Bob
Instagram @samwardhair

#3: Soft Rose Gold Pixie Bob

An undercut bob is a perfect style if you are a client with thick hair. To prevent a mushroomy effect, tell your stylist to take weight out of the heaviest part of the bob. Ask him or her to use texturizing shears. Also, slide-cutting with regular shears will cut channels into your hair. This gives your hair directional movement.

Stylish Pixie Bob with an Undercut
Instagram @kimsportfolio

#4: Stylish Pixie Bob with an Undercut

Try a stylish pixie bob with an undercut if your hair is thick, coarse, or because you want to. With the undercut being shaved, keep in mind you’ll have to trim your hair more often. So don’t forget to book your next appointment while you’re still in the salon. Also, with any short cut, you’ll need some type of pomade or wax. Ask your stylist which one they prefer. My favorite is the TIGI BED HEAD Stick.

#5: Gorgeous Stacked and Angled Undercut Bob Style

A stacked and angled undercut bob style is a fun, flirty short style. This cut always looks sleek and sophisticated. A stacked bob is layered to create natural volume. An undercut is when the stylist cuts the bottom nape shorter than the rest of the hair, sometimes even buzzed. This creates a smoother shape for those with very thick hair.

#6: Black Undercut Thick Bobbed Hair

When clients come in and have thick hair but want to go shorter, I will often recommend a style with an undercut. This is a great way to remove a lot of weight and get the cut to lay exactly how it should. Keep in mind, that when getting an undercut, you may need to be in the salon for a cleanup once a month.

#7: Short Inverted Undercut Bob

Try a short inverted undercut bob if your looking for an edgy haircut, but still want to maintain a bob shape. The higher the sides and back are shaved the more bulk is removed, so consider that if you have finer hair. Undercut hairstyles require regular maintenance trims every 3-5 weeks depending on how short you prefer your crop.

Undercut Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @de.ja.hue

#8: Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

This undercut bob for fine hair was created by stylist Olivia Arendt of Marietta, GA.

“It works for women of all ages, from girls to older ones. You just need to have a decent amount of thickness and texture to your hair to pull this off,” she claims. “The great thing about it is that it works with all different face shapes because you can add volume, height, or remove weight where you need it.”

“If your hair is extremely thick, you can remove most of the bulk by undercutting. Then, texturize the remaining hair by slicing and chipping into it, as this adds texture and movement but also removes bulk and thickness,” she adds.

Arendt’s favorite product to use for creating a messy style is a Holographic styling serum called Illuminati.

#9: Perfectly Hidden Undercut

A bob with a hidden undercut is a low-maintenance haircut that is great for women with thick hair.

“A graduated layered undercut bob that’s shaved underneath used with a #2 guard will help relieve weight, give an edgier look, style easier, and last longer in between cuts,” says hairstylist Emily Hamilton of San Antonio, TX.

This nape undercut style is also flattering on a round face shape. “Leaving a long length with no bangs, or layers in front will actually elongate your face and neck,” she adds.

#10: Stacked Bob

A stacked bob is edgy and fun! An undercut stacked bob is funky and sleek. Women who prefer their hair cut short would love to wear this style on their tresses. Spritz your finished style with Kenras’ silkening Mist for added shine.

Shaggy undercut bob with loose waves
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#11: Shaggy Undercut Bob with Loose Waves

A shaggy undercut bob with loose waves gives a bit of an edge for women who are able to change up their hair. It’s disconnected from the long hair. It’s also a good way to remove excess weight underneath the hair, especially for bobs. Create loose waves by using a 1” curling iron, and softly brush out. For texture, spritz a little bit of Air Control by Aveda.

#12: 3D Undercut Bob with Highlights

Contour your face with a 3D undercut bob with highlights and instantly add depth to finer hair. The 3D undercut gives an illusion of more hair as the short bob glides over it. This effect is emphasized by the creamy blonde highlights sitting over the darker base. This creates an impactful 3D effect that streamlines the face.

Undercut shaggy bob cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#13: Undercut Shaggy Bob Cut

Flaunt an undercut shaggy bob cut to remove weight from thick hair instantly. It’s perfect if you love a fashion-forward haircut. There are so many ways to wear an undercut, and some can feel like you’re taking a lot of hair away. So first, try one with a subtle area on the underside of the head. It creates an edgy addition to your shaggy bob that has a softer textured look to it.

#14: Undercut A-Line Bob

Go for an undercut A-line bob to make your gray hair look fuller instantly. The shaved hairline blends out to the carved-in shape at the nape to enhance the neckline. Short hairstyles like this bob with hidden undercut also boost the fullness, due to the stacked effect of the graduation. The structured shape should sit in place due to the precision of this cut.

#15: Graduated Bob with Nape Undercut

The graduated bob with an undercut creates fullness and weight in the crown that carries out a voluminous style. This kind of graduated and concave chop with a nape fade provides a rounded shape that works well on a fine density. Wear this undercut concave bob and allow the tresses to have that bouncy, healthy finish. From now on, no more limp-looking hair, ladies!

Choppy Undercut Bob
Instagram @carmenjayelove

#16: Choppy Undercut Bob

A choppy bob with an undercut is a trendy and chic short hairstyle that has an edgy finish if you’re so over with your long hair. With a piece-y and wavy style, this haircut works wonders on thick tresses. A bob with shaved side removes extra weight and bulk from the hair, making it more manageable. Adding a rose gold color makes this wavy undercut bob superb!

#17: Stacked Undercut Bob

Stacked undercut bobs have shaved back and sides, which do well on thicker hair.

The undercut bob back view is slightly stacked to give the hair a great shape. The interior texturing helps take out weight and add volume without doing lots of layers.

When styling such a side shaved bob, use a good leave-in conditioner, blow-dry styler, and volumizer. A heat protectant is her must-have, too!

side undercut bob hairstyle
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#18: Side Undercut Bob

Try a side undercut bob haircut if your thick hair is unmanageable when short. When the hair is shaved at the sides and even under the baseline of a jaw-length bob, this can help remove weight from the hair. This technique avoids too much maintenance when styling. An undercut side bob is also a totally fun way to embrace your edgier side.

Undercut Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @oh_its_m0

#19: Undercut Bob for Curly Hair

An undercut bob for curly hair is an edgy chop that makes the texture seem manageable. NYC dry-cutting artist Moriya Martin is the one behind this bob cut. It works excellent on locks with lots of density!

“It’s angled and stacked in the back to create volume and lift in the crown of the head,” says Martin. “The shaved side provides a more creative look, and it takes out some bulk in thick naturally curly hair.”

This curly undercut bob for naturally curly hair has an angle that’s ideal for most face shapes. “Play with the length in the front to fit you best. By leaving the front longer, you’ll still be able to tie it back and out of the way for the more active lifestyle,” she adds.

When styling, use a lightweight curl cream on wet locks. It can be air-dried or diffused with a blow dryer. Then, apply sea salt spray throughout the strands as the finishing touch to boost the texture.

#20: Long Undercut Bob

Feel liberated with a disconnected long undercut bob cut that’s radical and feminine all at once. While this blonde bob sits effortlessly on one side, shaving the other side can add an edgy twist to a classic haircut. Discuss with your stylist about booking in-between appointments to maintain undercut hairstyles.

Inverted Undercut Bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#21: Inverted Undercut Bob

Tapered ends make the strands of this undercut inverted bob feathered. Add the undercut to this short layered hair and you’ve got loads of interesting things to look at. This undercut layered bob is sure to look more stunning with a bit of texture.

Short Undercut Bob
Instagram @miamihairmel

#22: Short Undercut Bob

When getting a short undercut bob, you may choose to undercut the temples instead of the nape. Be sure to communicate with your stylist what you would like the bob undercut haircut to do and how short you would like it. Undercut bob styles can be bold or soft with blunt edges.

Undercut Angled Bob
Instagram @kazuma_genuine

#23: Undercut Angled Bob

An undercut angled bob is the edgier version of a classic short haircut that makes a great go-to style. Thanks to the back and side undercut, this chop isn’t your typical angled bob. Undercut bob haircuts work best on straight and dense tresses. It’s an angled undercut bob that offers the hair a slimmer shape.

Short Undercut Bob with Bangs
Instagram @nayweenie

#24: Undercut Bob with Bangs

This ear-length undercut bob with bangs was created by hairstylist Nadine Cabins of Montclair, CA. “I did it by adding tons of texture and dropping the length to the bottom of her occipital bone instead of making it straight all the way around,” she explains.

Cabins recommends you blow-dry your hair with Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, then spraying Bumble and Bumble surf spray for a lived-in textured look.

“I definitely would recommend this short undercut bob for a variety of hair types but for different reasons,” she says. “With thick coarse hair, you’re gonna get a lot of texture and volume with this cut but will need to style it daily with a texture spray like Bumble and Bumble surf spray or a pomade.”

“For women with fine hair, you’re gonna get more movement in the hair, a little more bounce, and body by using an aerosol texture spray like dry spun by Bumble and Bumble,” she adds.

#25: Shaved Undercut Bob

A shaved undercut bob is easy to wear and it doesn’t require much styling. If you have fine hair and want a bob cut, opt for this one. This shaved chop gives locks an illusion of density. To create instant volume, part the hair to the side.

#26: Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

An undercut bob for thick hair is perfect for those wanting to have a short style with less bulk. Shaving below the occipital bone will give you a good amount of weight removal and allow the hair to lay more flat. Undercut bob styles like this are a great option for all hair textures as well.

#27: Soft Undercut Bob

Opt for a soft bob undercut with an alternative twist with a back and side undercut. Undercuts have definitely played a part in recent years, and with some hair being so thick, it helps to remove weight.

If you want a short bob with undercut nape, just know it comes with maintenance every 6-8 weeks. The bob with side undercut is the main feature, but it needs to be looked after. If you have curly hair, you can achieve this look but you will have to blowdry/smooth the hair to make it look sharp.

Asymmetrical Undercut Bob
Instagram @apostoldiana

#28: Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

An asymmetrical undercut bob is the style that takes out a lot of weight! To achieve the bob hairstyle, one side must have a jaw-grazing length. Then, tuck the strands behind the ear to show off the shaved part. The opposite side must have a dramatic angle where longer strands reach the neck. This asymmetrical bob with an undercut is perfect for thick tresses.

Hidden Undercut Long Bob Design
Instagram @hairbyrubymay

#29: Hidden Undercut Long Bob Design

A long hidden undercut bob design allows you never to be worried about trying up short hair ideas again. An undercut lob with shaved design helps remove weight from your hair, resulting in an illusion of thin hair.

This medium-length bob with undercut can also make it easier to tie your locks up with shorter styles. If you want something edgy that’s easy to disguise, then a shaved undercut long bob with a nape design could be for you.

Graduated Undercut Bob
Instagram @nextreme.you

#30: Graduated Undercut Bob

The graduated undercut bob removes bulk from underneath. An undercut bob hairstyle is great for women with thick hair. A smoothing serum should also be used for smoothness and shine.

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