50 Cute Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Are Easy to Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Messy Bob Cut for Wavy Hair for Women Over 60 with glasses
Instagram @maryknauspro

#1: Messy Bob Cut for Women Over 60

Not all hairstyles are suitable for women over 60. But, if you consider a messy bob cut for wavy hair, you’ll find it can be both stylish and practical. Easy to style and maintain, this bob haircut with waves offers volume and movement, perfect for those with a natural texture. It’s also good if you want a youthful appearance without the fuss of more complicated styles.

#2: Wavy Jagged Bob Haircut

Chin-length hair enhances the appearance of finer hair types by thickening the ends. Add a few long layers to enhance the waving of the hair. This style creates an illusion of more hair. For a jagged edge finish, run your straighteners down the length of each section, leaving the last bit out. Then, shake your hair and apply sea salt spray.

Lived-in Blonde Wavy Short Bobbed Hair with Money Piece
Instagram @parisleibeauty

#3: Lived-in Short Hair with Money Piece

The hairstyle is a slightly inverted, neck-length bob. It has very long layers that are brightened and positioned at the front with a highlighted section.

Short Dark-Rooted Blonde Wavy Bob
Instagram @vickylerou

#4: Dark-Rooted Blonde Wavy Bob

Choose a dark-rooted color if you have dark hair and want blonde highlights. It’s designed to look slightly grown out in a soft, diffused manner without harsh regrowth. The dark-rooted color extends the time between salon visits. It also works well with icy, cool blonde shades. To maintain healthy locks, combine it with a stacked bob hairstyle that sits higher at the nape.

Ear length wavy bob haircuts
Instagram @copyofacopy

#5: Trendy Wavy Ear-Length Bob

This wobbly bob hairstyle is easy to wear because it looks good in both straight hair and curly hair. If you have very thick hair, it would be the best because you get a nice volume naturally without having to style it. Also, if your hair is fine, it won’t look wispy at the ends but will feel fuller. Let it dry naturally, or emphasize wavy locks/strands with curling irons. If your hair is wavy, let it dry naturally and apply sea salt spray; otherwise, add texture spray after curling.

#6: Remarkable Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Go for a short textured bob that is also a “bedroom hair” or “bedhead waves.”  For this chin-length bob cut with a wavy style, its greatest strength is the interior layers cut with a razor to give volume and textured flair without it looking chopped, with a bunch of heavy wavy layers on the outside of your hair.

#7: Lovable Stacked Wavy Bob

This mix of blonde tones on a textured asymmetric bob is a modern take on the classic shag. If you’re looking for easy haircuts, this carefree, get-up-and-go style is just for you!

#8: Messy Bob for Wavier Curly Hair

To achieve a messy bob for wavier curly hair, a curly hair specialist would be an ideal stylist to try. Ask your stylist for subtle long layers and texturizing to create a tousled look. For this style of wavy bob, use Evo’s Liquid Rollers balm and diffuse with low heat. Use a 1” barrel curling iron to define the curls around your face. Finish your look with Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

#9: Tousled Lob Cut with Ombre

A tousled lob cut with an ombre balayage is the perfect trend because it’s bright and airy. A lob can be styled straight or wavy, in a half ponytail, or in a down style because of the illusion that your hair is a lot longer. Wavy lobs can help your hair grow without looking like an awkward haircut.

Effortless Long Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @cocolocks_

#10: Effortless Long Blonde Wavy Bob

Wearing a long blonde wavy bob is one way to create more fullness when your tresses feel thin and stringy. The effortless waves create a nice girlish look. Try a lived-in balayage or highlights to create dimension and texture. Try Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray to add volume and hold beautiful curls.

#11: Cute Bob with Deep Side Part and Waves

If you are looking for a gorgeous blunt-cut short hairstyle, know that a bob with a deep side part and waves is best for fine-haired ladies tired of limp and flat locks.

Stylish jaw-length wavy blunt bob
Instagram @nataliarok

#12: Stylish Jaw-Length Wavy Bob

Tousled waves in a short bob cut give the illusion of width, which makes it perfect for long and oblong faces. A fresh blunt cut would also help create a shorter face facade and give you a super stylish look.

Neck-Length Bob with Messy Wavy Style
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#13: Neck-Length Bob with Messy Wavy Style

This trendy hairstyle is ideal for ladies who have a round or oval face, as the effortless texture and waves tend to have a slimming effect. Short bob with waves flowing to your neck area is great for facial framing.

Chic Blonde Lob with Wavy Hair
Instagram @sami.hair

#14: Chic Blonde Lob with Wavy Hair

Try the ideal tousled beachy bob for your next cut. The babylights on buttery blonde strands give this bob the depth and texture it needs. Changing the wavy texture can create variations of a bob. The best thing about this wavy-styled bob is how versatile the cut can be. Curled, straight, half-up, it’s fun and flirty. Don’t be afraid of cutting your hair and rocking short bob hairstyles. Girls often hide behind their hair and don’t realize that a cute and modern shorter cut can take years off your image.

Medium wavy bob
Instagram @sidshair_

#15: Fun Medium Layered A-Line Bob with Waves

Go for a fun layered wavy bob cut that is perfect if you want something with movement and texture without too many layers. This razor cut, medium-length A-line bob is just the thing. A beach wave bob cut looks great under a hat, pulled back at the fringe and sides for a workout, or done up for a summer wedding.

#16: Fantastic Long Bob with Natural-Looking Waves

A lived-in chic bob is structured and modern yet very effortless with soft, wavy locks. Do not overthink wavy textured bob cuts like this. Some simple waves mixed in with your natural texture make this quick and easy to style. The haircut itself should do the work for you.

#17: Jaw-Length Short Blonde Bob with Beachy Waves

Don’t you love the versatility of this bob hairstyle? You can wear it straight or wavy, and the highlights are done with a shadow root so the grow-out is blended and natural. When it comes to styling, have fun with it! Add a side braid, or pull the top into a little knot! Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun personality to your hair! It would be great for summer if you have some natural waves to your hair. Summer and wavy hair pair perfectly together. Just add some product and let it air dry.

Casual Wavy Layered Bob Haircut
Instagram @tegs_shaghair

#18: Casual Wavy Layered Bob Haircut

A casual, wavy layered bob haircut can work for a woman with fine to thick hair. Your tousled bob can be layered in several ways to enhance volume and movement. It may also decrease weight in your hair to boost a wavy texture, maximizing your hair for the perfect cut.

Feminine shaggy wavy bob with bangs
Instagram @drethings

#19: Feminine Shaggy Wavy Bob Haircut

This is a one-length shaggy bob with internal texture to enhance the natural movement of wavy hair. Women with natural movement or wave who want a change from long hair to short should think about this shaggy wavy bob haircut. It’s easily styled, and the fringe thickness can be altered to suit your face shape. A product to style this type of bob is Orbie Curl Gloss Hydration and Hold. It can be dried naturally or heat-styled into your hair. For a more polished style, it can be heat-styled with a tong or styling iron.

Popular blonde short wavy bob hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#20: Popular Blonde Short Wavy Bob

This short wavy bob is dimensional and full of body. It’s a graduated, versatile cut. You can wear it with a natural texture or an effortless, wavy style. This wavy blonde bob is truly flattering on all women! For waves, use a 1-inch curling iron. Begin curling in the middle of the section, passing through each section quickly and avoiding the ends. Run your fingers through to soften the curls, then spray to finish.

#21: Mature Medium Wavy Bob with Beach Waves

Try a bob haircut that features wavy tresses. The best thing about this hairstyle is its versatility. You can wear it smooth and sleek or messy and boho. The length can vary as well. If you’re considering a bob with waves, go to a salon for a consultation so your stylist can suggest the proper length for your lifestyle. Getting the right products is important if you want to style them often. For example, you would want a quality texture spray to create a messier boho look. You’ll want to know how to create loose waves with a styling tool if you have straight hair.

#22: Messy Piece-y Wavy Bob with Magenta Highlights

This textured asymmetrical bob with a natural texture is super trendy right now. For women considering a bob or variation of this style, you should know it’s a cut that needs styling. Ensure you know not only how to style a wavy bob but also what products you should use. You want to be able to recreate this bob at home and be comfortable and confident doing so.

trendy shoulder-length wavy bob hairstyle
Instagram @nothingobvious

#23: Trendy Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob

A bob haircut with bangs for wavy hair is versatile and low-maintenance. The great thing about this shoulder-length bob is that it can be customized to your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

Champagne Blonde Wavy Stacked Bob
Instagram @martinahairstylist.official

#24: Champagne Blonde Wavy Stacked Bob

This stacked bob style is gorgeous, with fluttering wavy hair!  Cut and style-wise, an angled bob is ideal for women who want to get the feel for short haircuts like this but still have the length to pull up the sides or curl.

Sophisticated Wavy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#25: Sophisticated Wavy Bob with Bangs

Try a super sultry wavy bob with bangs to take your tousled hair to another level! Bangs on a bob for wavy hair work best on looser curl patterns. They look great when feathered, too. Curving down towards the outer eye area emphasizes these features and improves the movement in this messy bob.

Textured Short Wavy Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @dmitrrovaa

#26: Textured Short Bob with Middle Part

Try a textured bob that’s versatile. Bobs can be worn straight but are best styled with a soft wave. When styling a textured wavy bob, always start with a leave-in heat protectant like UNITE’s 7 Seconds. Then, follow up with a blowout lotion. The biggest key to recreating these messy waves is a dry texture spray. UNITE has one called Texturiza, which is amazing. For shorter hair, stick to a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Bobs are all about sass and look good on ladies of all ages. To be recreated at home, you must be committed to curling it regularly. And remember, shorter hair is sometimes faster to style.

#27: Auburn Soft Waves on a Medium Bob

It’s not quite a curl, but a little more than a beach wave. The soft waves provide movement in your hair. Because it’s a little tighter than a beach wave, you also get more longevity because it transforms into a beach wave as it falls out. Try Kerastase Creme de la Creme for hold and their Nectar Thermique for added heat protection. To finish, try Aveda Air Control hairspray. Use Aveda Dry Shampoo over the roots to add more body and texture. The wave adds a beautiful bounce to medium-haired women, bringing fullness and life to their hair that they sometimes feel is lacking.

Slightly Inverted Bob with Waves and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @wuzzupkarry

#28: Slightly Inverted Bob with Waves and Curtain Bangs

A super cute slightly inverted bob with waves and bangs is so on-trend. The long curtain bangs will graze your cheekbones for a lifted feel. The elongated length will slim down any concerning width. Enhance your bob hairstyle with waves using a curling wand and dry shampoo for texture.

#29: Textured Long Wavy Inverted Bob with Layers

Here is a longer inverted bob with long front layers stacked in the back. The best thing about this wavy inverted bob with layers is that there is a texture without it looking like a choppy bob. Use a blow dry lotion-like Kendra’s Perfect Blowout and a dry texture spray to finish off your choppy bob hairstyles. This wavy bob crop is ideal for women with thick or medium-textured hair. Plus, it’s ideal for wavy hair that can be air-styled or straight hair that can be blown out with volume.

#30: Youthful Wavy Angled Bob

This wavy angled bob is known for its versatility! It can be styled with textured waves for an effortless, modern vibe or styled straight for a sleek, classic feel. It’s flattering for so many hair types and face shapes. To create these waves,  perform tousle drying with a medium-hold mousse. Then, curl loosely and finish off with a texture spray, sea salt spray, or texturizing paste.

#31: Textured Bob with Layered Waves for Fine Hair

If your locks are fine and smooth, don’t miss the chance to wear this look! To flaunt a more textured style, these are the layered waves for your fine hair. Now, cut your brunette hair to where it stops at your neckline, incorporate some waves, and you’ll be gold!

Modern Long Wavy Bob
Instagram @halleymcgarey

#32: Modern Long Wavy Bob

Thanks to the voluminous waves in these dense tresses, this long bob turnout is so captivating! The dimensional bronde shade in this modern long wavy bob hairdo could add a glow to your appearance. A wavy lob is a really easy style to do once you get the hang of it. If you use a good shampoo, conditioner, and products, you should be able to get around 3-4 days of use. This cut is only for women who can wear their hair back for most of the day if you are okay with wearing it half up.

Light Bob for Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @jessleahhair

#33: Light Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

I couldn’t be more thrilled to see how gorgeous these light waves turn out! Achieve a light bob for thick wavy hair by incorporating bright blonde on your dark root. Though you wear a neck-length chop, beach waves will still do wonders for your charming style.

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#34: Beautiful Medium-Length Wavy Bob

This is the beautiful medium-length wavy bob for your bronde color melt! Beach waves that focus on the lower half of your locks will look extra amazing with a bit of texture.

#35: Cool Ash Blonde Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Working well with fine tresses, this ash-blonde asymmetrical bob is worth trying! Its cool tone is sure to match your fair skin complexion. Short wavy hairstyles are perfect to play with some colors, indeed! Style your layers with beach waves for added movement.

Neck-Length Waves on a Bob Haircut
Instagram @mals.manes

#36: Neck-Length Waves on a Blonde Balayage Bob

Another inspirational trend to unveil your dimension in a flirty, chic way! These neck-length waves create a shape and movement for extra style. The blonde balayage bob doesn’t only add vivacity to your look but also offers to frame your pretty face.

#37: Polished Braided Bob with Wavy Texture

If you wish to flaunt your honey blonde with a gorgeous edge, check this one out! Get your locks braided with a wavy texture, and start to make an exceptional impression. It works on most haircuts, so it’ll be stunning on your length that sits right on your shoulders. The wavy style can be adapted to all face shapes with a bit of backcombing and tweaking here and there.

Eye-Catching Choppy Bob with Waves
Instagram @juliphillips

#38: Eye-Catching Choppy Bob with Waves

Opt for a choppy bob with waves that don’t go beyond your shoulders. That’s how you keep the flow of your blonde locks eye-catching and easy to maintain. Remember to use hairspray for a voluminous look that lasts a day.

#39: Shoulder-Length Wavy Locks on Dark Brown Bob Cut

Pops of brunette brown in these shoulder-length wavy bob locks give your look a classy finish. They also add more movement and texture to your natural dark tresses.

#40: Cute Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Opt for this cute short wavy bob with bangs if you have fine, thin tresses. This wavy bob for thin hair will match your dark-rooted blonde locks to freshen up your chop. The layers may appear dry when styled with texture, so moisturize them using a hair mask.

#41: Glamorous Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

This neck-length wavy bob with side bangs is both about glamour and cuteness. If you have dense hair, you better use this angled haircut to recreate the movement. Pops of blonde shades can create a much more gorgeous effect.

#42: Side-Swept Glam Sew-in Black Bob with Waves

Now’s the time to rock dashing wavy hair that grazes your neck! Give this sew-in black bob a chance, and it’ll add glam to your look. Whether you want to pin some of your locks to one side or leave them wavy and bouncy, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still appear graceful in this one!

#43: Chin-Length Textured Bob for Wavy Fine Hair

I love tightening up the underneath but leaving the layers on top piece-y and long! The shape of this bob, plus the angles of the waves, are on point. Don’t miss the dark-rooted blonde balayage in this chin-length wavy bob, which makes it a total eye-catcher!

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#44: Dimensional Beachy Wavy Bob

Whether you have an event to attend or none, a beachy wavy bob is here to save your day! With a rich blonde shade on your dark root, a soft dimension will be evident. It’s the color and the style that makes this neck-length haircut look beautiful.

#45: Voluminous Wavy Pixie Bob

Pull off a voluminous wavy hairstyle even when you have a shorter hair length. Take this wavy pixie bob as your inspiration. Style your blonde tresses with a sea salt spray for an added body, enhancing your natural texture.

#46: Dramatic Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

Doesn’t this inspire you to get a short hairstyle right now? Here comes the perfect neck-length wavy bob for your thick hair. Waves on dark tresses are a great idea to create a dramatic volume and shape in your hair.

#47: Trendsetting Wavy Brunette Bob Cut

Here’s a trend that never goes out of style! This wavy brunette bob cut offers stylishness that matches your chicness and enhances your natural brown hair. The natural weave added an all-over sparkle of lightness to the rich brunette color.

The Perfect Bob with Waves and Curls
Instagram @las_hair

#48: The Perfect Bob with Waves and Curls

Pull off your dark-rooted, dimensional blonde even better by matching it with a short chop. One of the best illustrations is this neck-grazing bob with waves and curls. Both movement and texture show the contrasting tones of your shade with perfection.

#49: Ravishing Blonde Textured Bob with Waves

Need inspiration for your next hair transformation? Get a fresh mid-length chop, and go for this beautiful blonde textured bob with waves. It features a dark root to let your natural dark tresses blend in when they grow out.

Lived-In Pixie Bob Undercut with Wavy Texture
Instagram @lizpaintshair

#50: Lived-In Pixie Bob Undercut with Wavy Texture

A lived-in hair goal! Give this stunning pixie bob undercut a touch of chicness with added waves. An unconventional cut paired with a dimensional ash blonde is a total trendsetter. A common misconception about short, wavy hair is that it can only have one style, wrong! This wavy hair bob can go from unconventional and playful with a hard side part to show off a high disconnected undercut or parted down the middle for a more conservative yet sharp bob.

A wavy bob is a short haircut that’s given volume and texture using heat styling tools. It’s timeless, chic, and effortless to wear for ladies with natural wave and curl. Depending on how it’s styled, it may evoke either a retro or modern feel.

This wavy bobbed style may be done in various ways — from cheek-grazing to shoulder-length, square to round to graduated, and then there’s the question of whether or not to have bangs. Here are useful hair tips from Holly Seidel, a razor specialist and educator from Los Angeles, CA.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • The only downside to having this short hair is that putting it in a ponytail or bun will be impossible.
  • Clips, headbands, and pins may keep hair out of the face and transform your style.
  • Stylists must learn each client’s curl pattern, natural texture, and density.
  • It shouldn’t be trimmed as a straight bob with simply a part. It should be cut where it will naturally fall or lay.
  • Research your potential stylist and ask for examples of their prior work.

Choose photos that match your hair’s thickness and texture for the best results. To assist you in selecting, we have compiled these pictures of fashionable wavy bob hairstyles!