67 Trendy Short Bob Haircuts Women Are Getting in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Flawless Super Short Inverted Bob
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#1: Flawless Super Short Inverted Bob

This super short inverted bob with an undercut is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement. This works best on straight, thick hair and look great on oval or heart-shaped faces.

modern bob with see-through fringe

#2 Modern Bob With See-Through Fringe

This haircut is easy, making it perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to fuss too much and still look “done.” The bangs make all the difference! They give the haircut an edge that is a small commitment. It may not look like it, but a ton of texturizing was involved in creating this haircut.

Woman with Inverted Teacup Bob and Highlighted Waves

#3 Inverted Teacup Bob with Soft Waves

This inverted teacup bob is tailored for those desiring a blend of classic shape with a modern twist. The cut’s slight graduation adds volume around the crown, flowing into a rounded silhouette that echoes the gentle shape of a teacup. The technique suits medium hair density well, allowing each wave to stand out without being weighed down. While this cut offers a chic look, the waves may require daily styling for those with naturally straight hair. To achieve this look, use a medium-barrel curling iron and a light-hold mousse that won’t stiffen the natural bounce. Remember, the key to this hairstyle is movement—too much product can hinder that.

Tousled and youthful short blunt bob haircut

#4 Tousled and Youthful Blunt Bob

Timeless bobs have many variations and can work on every hair type, which is my favorite part of this cut. The short, blunt perimeter widens the lower half of the face.

Short-Length Blunt Box Bob
Instagram @cagancrea

#5: Short-Length Blunt Box Bob

Looking for a modern way to keep up with fashion? Try a short blunt box bob!

a very short layered bob

#6 A Very Short Layered Bob

This very layered short bob haircut has a perimeter that mimics the jawline, which helps maintain balance and visual appeal.

Neck-Length Voluminous Italian Bob with Deep Side Part
Instagram @tbdhair

#7: Voluminous Italian Bob

A short blonde bob with layers is perfect for teachers and moms on the go. This Italian-inspired cut gives a natural and effortless look.

#8: Sleek Middle-Parted Boyfriend Bob

The straight boyfriend bob with a classic middle part is edgy but polished.

#9: Bubble Bob with Curtain Bangs

The bubble bob with curtain bangs, a variation of the popular French girl bob, is recently trending.

Wedge Bob with Chunky Blonde Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#10: Wedge Bob with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Warm golden blonde highlights are really popular. The added dimension of the highlights along with layers works amazingly well for women with finer hair.

#11: Choppy Bob Cut with a Deep Side Part

This choppy short bob gives a trendy, edgy look suitable for all hair types. Its deep side part can flatter most face shapes, although it may not work best for round faces. This cut requires minimal upkeep.

Ombre Piecey Bob
Instagram @casistauffer

#12: Piecey Bob with an Ombre

A short-length haircut can be low-maintenance when paired with an ombre. It’s perfect if you want something with easy upkeep!

Rooted Short Choppy Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @haaremitstil

#13: Rooted Short Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

A short, choppy bob for fine hair is always a pleasure. Soft layers added to an a-line shape give your haircut for women a gorgeous feel. Ask your stylist to point cut into the ends for a light, airy shape and achieve that textured look.

#14: Cute Jet Black Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut

Go for an edgier spin and get a shaggy pixie bob. Dramatic short razored layering throughout the haircut is a professional twist on a shag cut. Keeping the layers short at the crown instantly adds volume.

#15: Cute Jaw-Length Round Bob for Women Over 60

This short bob cut for ladies over 60 is excellent, hugging right around that jawline or even grazing the shoulders. Cuts like this also work well paired with fringe and a side part.

#16: Fuller-Looking Short to Medium Bob

This bob style creates a fuller look on any hair while still keeping flowing layers and movement! It’s great for those who have fine hair (but a lot of it) and have difficulty getting volume.

Bob for a chubby face short bobs
Instagram @cosmetartistry

#17: Low-Maintenance Bob for a Chubby Face

The best short haircuts for women require an expert to determine the right cut and length for rounder faces. Ladies who want their faces to look slim and fresh will love this look! Notice how it starts in a center part, straightened beside the jawline for an elongating effect. This bob cut for girls is finished with waved ends for a touch of elegance.

Classic short asymmetrical bob with a deep side part
Instagram @jesswanghair

#18: Classic Asymmetrical Bob with a Deep Side Part

This short asymmetrical bob is an updated version of one of the most classic bobs. This cut can be tailored in many ways to suit different hair types. Depending on your face width, you can either draw attention or defer attention depending on your length. You can also play around with layers and texture to make your hair fuller and blunter or remove the weight and add some layers or face framing.

Naturally curly bob short bob
Instagram @nolastudio

#19: Very Layered Naturally Curly Bob

Go for a very layered, angled bob. It’s shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front, but it also has many smaller, shorter layers to break up the heaviness that can form on the base of the cut. This helps to avoid the ‘triangle’ shape. If you are blessed with a lot of hair, ask for an undercut to remove some of the extra bulk, which helps maintain the shape.

#20: Flattering Bob Cut for Women Over 70

This is one of the best short bobs for older women to look ten years younger. Taking the length up gives your hair new life and makes it much healthier. Adding a bang is also a great option to hide unwanted wrinkles on your forehead.

#21: Rounded Short Blonde Bob

A perfectly rounded blonde bob frames elongated faces and soften sharp angles. Lowlights on blonde hair also help brighten your look and add volume to your hair.

#22: Textured Blunt Bob With Bangs for Women Over 50

The sharp and blunt effect makes for a great short bob style for women over 50. This cut works great for women with fine hair to make it look much thicker.

Perfect Shaggy Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#23: Short Shaggy Bob for Thin Hair

A shaggy bob is the best and easiest way to make your thin, fine hair appear thicker and full of volume. Work with layers that are wavy towards the end for a charming outcome. It’s cut with a straight razor with lots of weight removed—a soft, natural, modern version of a classic cut.

Blonde Balayage Angled Bob with Layers
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#24: Blonde Balayage Angled Bob with Layers

An angled bob with layers can be dressed up or down with styling. Adding curls or beachy waves will make it a more fun look for a night out. You can wear this haircut sleeker for an interview or a more professional look. The layering of this angled cut makes it less severe and more wearable.

#25: Tousled Short Layered Bob with Bangs

A short layered bob with bangs is a great option to add volume to fine hair. If you have fine, curly hair, a layered haircut helps create shape and can keep your hair from looking too triangular. If you want a wash-and-go hairstyle, this is an excellent option with texture.

Chic Copper Chin-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @nicolekeenen

#26: Chic Copper Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

A chin-length bob with bangs is the perfect shape for fine hair textures.

#27: Brunette Bob with Bangs

If you’re searching for a haircut with lots of style, try a bob with bangs. The clean lines of this shape will always impact any age group. The key is to keep the layers one length for maximum visual impact.

Cute Bob Cut for Women Over 40
Instagram @bettiesdenver

#28: Cute Bob Cut for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, here’s a flattering and modern bob to try. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then try adding some bangs. See more shorter bobs for women in their 40s.

#29: Dimensional Chin-Length Layered Bob

You can’t go wrong with a chin-length layered bob. The shape of this haircut will always be stylish and easy to maintain. Try a side part for the most lift in the crown or a middle part for a flatter top. Ask your stylist to point cut your ends for beautiful seamless layers that add movement.

#30: Sun-Kissed Bob for Older Women

A shorter bob is a perfect choice for older women. Long hair can drag your facial features down, so why not lift them with a shorter style?

Salt-and-Pepper Stacked Bob with Layers
Instagram @babesonearth

#31: Salt-and-Pepper Stacked Bob with Layers

A stacked bob with layers works on all hair types but will make thin hair appear fuller and thicker. Ask your stylist to graduate your nape and leave the layers longer for the perfect shape.

#32: Warm Brown Bob with Bangs for Women Over 60

Women over 60 should try adding bangs to update their style. If you have a one-length cut, adding more layers can change your cut dramatically and make it easier to control. The layers will enable you to keep your hair out of your face by pushing it backward or tucking it behind your ear. Bangs are always a great option and can make you appear much younger.

#33: Sleek Short Stacked Inverted Bob

A short stacked inverted bob is pleasing to the eye with its clean lines. Ensure the added layers are minimal to keep the line sharp.

#34: Messy Short Choppy Layered Bob for Thick Hair

When looking for short bob hairstyles, consider something short, choppy and layered. Having feathered and  textured layers will help your hair appear light and voluminous.

Dark Ginger Stacked Short Curly Bob
Instagram @giboazhair

#35: Dark Ginger Stacked Short Curly Bob

Curly hair textures require a lot of extra layering to avoid an unflattering shape. This is why the stacked short curly bob haircut is perfect.

Prettiest Jaw-Length Blunt Bob
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#36: Prettiest Jaw-Length Blunt Bob Cut

A jaw-length blunt bob hairstyle is an edgy, precision haircut. Dramatic lines created by a strong perimeter and a short blunt bang make for a stunning cut girls love.

Glamorous ear-length French bob
Instagram @erickinvisible

#37: Glamorous Ear-Length French Bob

A little French bob like this would suit chic and classy girls who would never leave the house without eyeliner and lip work.

#38: Brunette Feathered Bixie Style

Consider a bixie style if you want a change from a traditional cut but don’t want to go too short. A bixie is somewhere between a bob and a pixie.

trendy messy bob hairstyle with dark roots
Instagram @stebunovhair

#39: Trendy Messy Short Bob with Dark Roots

A messy, shaggy bob is one of the best haircuts for women of any age. The reason hairdressers love a haircut like this is because of its various suitability and practicality. This natural, short messy haircut makes it easy to wear and maintain.

#40: Jaw-Length Short Bob for Fine Hair

This jaw-length bob is based on a strong geometric and disciplined shape, with layers providing texture and movement.

#41: Modern Jagged Short Bob for Round Faces

This bob for short hair features soft short layers that complement a round face.

#42: Gorgeous Auburn Bob for Thick Hair

Chop your hair into a tousled bob for a lightweight result with less bulk yet more texture. This hairstyle looks amazing on any casual or business event.

#43: Flawless Short Black Bob With Bangs

This is an this excellent haircut, the ends are waved inward for a face-frame effect. That cute choppy fringe enhances the look by adding texture and interest.

#44: Sassy A-Line Bob

This look is sassy yet more playful than your traditional short A-line bob. The perimeter is textured instead of blunt, and the interior is sliced through to remove excess weight.

edgy, face-framing bangs
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#45: Edgy, Face-Framing Bangs

This bob is 50% classic and 50% edgy. Bangs can be sweet or badass, depending on how you style them. Playing with shorter fringe is a fun, low-commitment way to change your look because if you get tired of them, they grow out in a couple of weeks!

#46: Beautifully Permed Bob

This magnificent short perm job proves everything is possible, even creating gorgeous naturally-looking curls from straight hair.

#47: Blonde Flippy Layers

Make your bob hairstyle bounce by adding soft, flippy layers around! Take advantage of the instant volume you’ll have without having too much weight in your hair.

#48: Textured Pixie Bob with Subtle Lowlights

Ask for a textured cut with a subtle lowlight. This shorter pixie bob is great for heart, oval, and long-face shapes when the length is just under the chin.

#49: Short Cappuccino Bob

Bobs paired with a cappuccino hair color are flattering on warm skin tones. The cut and color are both low-maintenance, and the styling makes this look perfect for busy women who want to look professional yet glamorous.

soft & cute short curly bob hairstyle
Instagram @lautijeras

#50: Soft & Cute Short Curly Bob

Try this super cute short curly bob style that complements all face shapes! It’s a softer haircut that will leave you feeling confident and fresh whenever you go out.

#51: Bright Cranberry Red Bob

Opt for this bright cranberry red and look amazing if you want to stand out from the crowd. The combo of the highlights, lowlights, and layers adds much dimension.

#52: Simple Short Straight Bob

Short, straight bobbed hair is classic, chic, and cool and never goes out of style. A straight haircut suits many face shapes, and the only thing you have to consider is what length will go with your face shape. The goal here is to create the appearance of an oval shape. If you want the classic cut, know this haircut is done with 0-degree elevation to create the shape.

#53: Blonde Undercut Bob with Foil Highlights

This bob hairstyle might be the perfect look if you’re a woman with thick hair. The undercut removes the bulky look of short thick hair. It’s great for the summer heat because it keeps hair off your neck.

#54: Short Rounded Bob Crop

A rounded bob is a short stacked bob that’s angled. What you may or may not be able to tell is the front of this haircut has no bangs or face-framing layers.

textured and layered feathered bob
Instagram @hed_salon

#55: Textured & Layered Feathered Bob

Try a short graduated bob with short feathered layers and bangs.

White Blonde Stacked Swing Bob
Instagram @themirrorhairstudio

#56: White Blonde Stacked Swing Bob

Here’s a stacked swing bob. It’s perfect if you have wavy hair and want a wash-and-go haircut.

Vintage Bob with Fringe and Flipped Ends
Instagram @bareeminimum

#57: Vintage Bob with Fringe and Flipped Ends

This bob hairstyle is a mix of a vintage bob like Louis Brooks. It’s all about the defined lines, retro-inspired bangs, and blunt cut. The slightly textured ends give it a slightly modern feel, while the angle of the cut is shorter in the front and curved in the back giving it that fun flapper vibe.

Artsy and Modern Swing Bob with Bangs
Instagram @prettymirrorby.j.bailey

#58: Artsy and Modern Swing Bob with Bangs

Try a roaring 1920s-inspired bob but with a modern flair. It’s very artsy and fun. It’s easy styling, upkeep, and the edginess of the disconnected framing in the front.

#59: Youthful Natural Graduated Bob

Consider a natural graduated bob, as the short strands are versatile for styling.

Effortless Razor Cut with Highlights
Instagram @alissathesauce

#60: Effortless Razor Cut with Highlights

Consider a short, edgy, and effortless razor-cut bob!

#61: Sexiest One-Length Short Blonde Bob

This strong, baseline-style cut is a solid bob that intensifies the blonde color work. The best thing about this cut is the brightness of the clean blonde and the solid baseline.

#62: Bright Coppery Layered and Textured Bob

The best thing about a layered and textured bob is the nice, swingy, natural movement it gets.

#63: Coolest Sassy Wavy Bob

A short wavy cut is one of the most popular short bob haircuts. This haircut frames the face in all the right places. The best thing this one is that it’s flattering on most women!

#64: Jet Black Chin-Length Sleek Bob

You can make most bobs look contemporary when adding clean lines.

texturized tousled short bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#65: Texturized Tousled Hair

Try getting a texturized bob cut with a lower maintenance brunette color.

#66: Sassy Angled Blonde Bob

An angled bob with subtle layers will boost the volume and glow of your tresses! Angled cuts that end at the neck-length look more dynamic than others.

#67: Fabulous Concave Bob

One of the coolest short hairstyles is a short concave bob. It’s designed to be longer in front and shorter at the back.

Short bobs are always in style but often come in new variations. Here, I’ll show you the best and newest ways to rock this cut no matter your hair type and face shape.

Key Considerations:

Your Hair Texture: There’s no one-size-fits-all bob. If you find one you like, read my comments on if it will work for your specific hair texture.

The Maintenance: Know that shorter hair requires more salon visits to maintain.

Your Face Shape: The length, layering, and bangs are critical in making a bob match your face shape. Talk with your stylist about these three things before committing.

Your Climate: If you live in a humid climate and have curly or wavy hair, talk with your stylist about adjusting the length, layering and products first.