23 Swing Bob Haircuts + Hairstyles Trending Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Medium-Length Swing Bobs
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#1: Medium-Length Swing Bob

The thing about a bob haircut is it boosts the stylishness of a black mane. This medium-length swing bob is a gem you can wear and enjoy under the sun. This cut is an A-line beveled bob. It’s sleek and classic, yet the strong slope of the angle adds a bit of edginess and creates a lot of movement. This medium swing bob cut for women can be tailored for any hair density or head shape. Another great thing about swing bobs, or any bob, is their versatility. Try using a curling wand or wash and wear with a texture spray. To maintain this shape, you will need a trim every 6 weeks. A precision bob will always grow out with ease. It can also be squared off as it grows, or it could mean you’re ready for a change.

Swing bob haircut for fine hair

#2 Swing Bob for Fine Hair

Everyone deserves the bob of their dreams, so here’s a swing bob for fine hair! Channel your inner sweet French girl and opt for this neck-length cut to amp up your brown locks.

Asymmetrical Medium Swing Bob for Thick Hair Side-Parted Style

#3 The Sew-In Swing Bob

This medium-length swing bob offers a sleek, jawline-enhancing silhouette perfect for heart-shaped faces. The asymmetrical cut creates a dynamic effect, with a smooth transition that promises movement. Ideal for thick hair, its density showcases the precision of the side-parted hairstyle. While low maintenance, it requires skilled cutting to preserve the bob’s architecture. Consider its limited updo potential due to length.

#4: Brunette Angled Straight Bob

A dark brunette, angled bob looks best when styled to be sleek or straight. The angled bob accentuates your neck and jawline with its precise lines. If you’re not a fan of spending a lot of time on hair styling, bobs are great haircuts to try. These cuts are designed to fall into place and create a neat finish. To achieve a sleek and stylish result, use a one-inch flat iron.

Medium-length brunette swing bob with a sleek A-line cut

#5 Extra Long Wig Swing Bob

This medium-length swing bob is perfect for a stylish but easy-to-maintain look. Ideal for straight, medium-density hair, it boasts a graceful A-line shape that flatters an oval face, accentuating the cheekbones and jawline. Its single-length cut makes it less suitable for very thick or curly hair types, as it may require more styling effort. The rich, brunette shade adds depth, making it a timeless choice. Remember, a healthy sheen, as shown here, is key for the bob to swing effortlessly.

Neck-Grazing A-Line Sleek Swing Bob
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#6: A-Line Sleek Bob

In this a-line cut, the angle is more extreme, resulting in a more dramatic transition from the middle point of the back of the neck to the end near the chin. A-line cuts are great for anyone to wear, needing only a few adjustments. For someone with fine hair, I wouldn’t add layers, as this can make the hair look fuller. Conversely, for someone with thick hair, adding layers is necessary to reduce the weight and bulk from the perimeter of the haircut.

Short Blonde Swing Bob Hair with Graduated Layers
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#7: Short Blonde Hair with Graduated Layers

This angled bob has been cut beautifully and has stacked layers. The layers have a textured style, achieving a playful and stylish look. You can easily maintain this blonde tone at home. Just use a purple shampoo to counteract any yellow tones.

#8: Stacked Layers and Blonde Highlights for Short Hair

Stacked layers and blonde highlights for short hair are a beautiful approach to give your hair volume and lift. The highlights will bring texture, and the layers will raise height, crafting an elegant look suitable for all ages.

Crisp Precision Swing Lob Cut for women with thick hair and a sleek style
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#9: Crisp Precision Lob Cut

Try this crisp, precision-lob haircut for your next look! Such short bob haircuts for women work great with straight hair. At your next stylist appointment, ask about maintenance for this cut. You must be willing to invest in good styling products for these swing bob haircuts.

#10: High Short-Stacked Swing Bob with Side Bangs

Getting a high, short, stacked swing bob with side bangs is the greatest choice when your fine hair needs a shape. When adding the perfect color to short bobs for women, you can incorporate dark tresses with hints of warm, light brown highlights for an elegant no one can beat.

The Subtle Swing Bob
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#11: The Subtle Swing Bob

The subtle swing bob is one of the most flattering short crops. If you can commit to the extra maintenance, this short bob cut will look extra stunning with a soft balayage or highlights.

#12: Grey Swing Bob with Fringe

A grey swing bob paired with fringe is one of the best sleek styles. This hairstyle of swing bob cuts looks great with textured ends to soften the bluntness.

#13: Swing Bob for Women Over 50

This blonde swing bob is perfect for ladies in their 50s who are still in the workplace looking for a modern cut. Haircuts of swing bob are more appealing when they have soft layers for natural movement.

#14: A Short Swing Bob

A short swing bob is also ideal for your fine or thin tresses. This style of swing bob has layers to form volume and shape.

Swing Inverted Blonde Bob
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#15: Swing Inverted Blonde Bob

This swing-inverted blonde bob will carry out your natural glow. With these variations of swing bob hairstyle, adding texture to the back of your tresses is better to unveil the layers.

#16: Swing Bob for Curly Hair

Featuring the perfect swing bob for curly hair! Pull off a short haircut with a bouncy finish so you can flaunt your textured black locks.

This curly swing bob haircut style is a great option for women who want a modern look. The layers enhance the curls, making the hair lighter and distributing the volume. The asymmetrical front enhances the shape of the face more delicately.

This is easy to style and gives a fresh and light look, leaving the curls more defined. To style this swing bob hairdo, you will need a leave-in for curly hair. Those with vegetable oils and butter in the composition are the best.

Distribute the leave-in evenly over the entire length of the hair. A valuable tip: apply the product on water-soaked hair, as this will give more lightness and definition. After the hair has dried, loosen the curls and the volume by shaking the root with your fingertips.

#17: Swing Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This swing bob with side-swept bangs can be your on-the-go hairstyle. Two words to describe this neck-length cut and style — sleek and attractive! The A-line cut is on point and does wonders to show off your straight, highlighted blonde locks with flair.

#18: Quick Weave Swing Bob with Side Bangs

This quick weave swing bob hairstyle is beautiful in all manners! The razor’s sharpness creates layers that seem delicate in its black hue. The side bangs complete the entire look with more glam. This quick weave side part swing bob is classy. This style brings the “grown woman” out of you!

You will have to know how to keep this style up because this bob hairstyle is for a woman who is sophisticated, classy, and mature. Relaxed hair for these swing bob hairdos is preferred because it gives it a natural vibe. Use a 1 1/4-inch curling or flat iron to re-curl this cut and a light-holding spray to keep the layers in place.

Layered swing bob with bangs for women over 60
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#19: Layered Swing Bob with Bangs for Over 60

This is a modern swing bob with bangs for women over 60. Add texture for a tousled and dynamic look that will also boost volume. Make sure to cut your swing bob short for easy maintenance.

#20: Asymmetrical Swing Bob with Side Part

This asymmetrical swing bob features low-textured and tapered layers and a horseshoe line. Its creator, Melissa Smith of Appomattox, VA, recommends maintaining your front length, giving you more styling freedom. This cut swing bob style is ideal for women with thick and straight hair and great for women who are undecided about committing to a shorter bob.

#21: The Dramatic Swing Bob Haircut

This is a dramatic swing bob. It’s cute for a new mom who doesn’t want to give up her length but wants something easy and lower maintenance. Learn how to do a good blowout at home, no matter what kind of texture you have. That will be your key foundation for this chic, polished swing bob cut. Start with 70% dry hair, add a good heat protectant like Kenra Blow dry spray, then section, section, section! It will make blow drying much easier.

You can also use a good volume mousse or root boost for some added lift for finer-textured hair (Drybar has great volume products). Then, finish with a good lightweight serum (Moroccan or Brazilian blowout dry oil) or a texture spray for a more tousled hairstyle. Try Fatboy Hair, tousle, and go! It makes 2nd-day hair look fabulous!

African American Swing Bob
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#22: African American Swing Bob

This swing bob for black hair starts short in the back, gets longer near the front, and is cut with lots of precision. Parting the black locks will show how flawless this turns out on you.

#23: Long Swing Bob with Bangs

It’s timeless, rocking, and a hairstyle that no one can say no to! Go for the classic black hair color to exhibit the shine and smoothness of your mane. This long swing bob with bangs will perfectly match your unfailing beauty.

A swing bob is a haircut cut shorter in the back with stacked layers and gets longer near the sides. Gradually stacking the layers on this type of bob allows the hair to fall naturally forward as if it’s “swinging” forward.

Since its debut in the ’70s, this bob has been accepted by women everywhere for its laid-back vibe. That’s why it’s one of the widely worn hair trends on the red carpet. See how TV stars Jennifer Lawrence, Cobie Smulders, and Christina Applegate do it!

The angle plus the length of this sassy bob makes the ideal design for a modern style. The swing bob appears in the original chin-length cut, to angled shapes, and even in a shorter length.

When considering if a swing bob will work for you, hairstylist Linda Pomilio from Pennsylvania suggests asking yourself these major questions. “How often should I be getting this hairstyle shaped to maintain it? How much work will it be to blow it out?” Plus, remember that you cannot put a bob into a ponytail!

According to Linda, short hairstyles must be trimmed every 5-6 weeks. “It also takes a bit of polished blow-drying, so make sure you are willing to do this. If you have curly or coarse hair, get ready to use some muscle,” she adds.

Her best swing bob advice? “Know what length you are interested in. Be ready to take your length up above the shoulders or shorter. Leaving the length too long will cause the hair to flip outward.”

When asked how to style any swing bob hairstyle variation, she says, “Try to blow-dry the ends straight down instead of under for an edgier look. You will need a round brush that suits your length bob.” Her general rule – is a bigger brush for longer hair and smaller for shorter hair.

For products, Linda adores Redken’s Full-frame Mousse to give fine hair volume and a light hold. Otherwise, she uses Olaplex #6 Bond Smoothing Creme for thick or curly hair.

Here are pictures of modern swing bob haircuts for your next inspiration!