33 Best Short Blunt Bob Haircuts Ideas For Women of All Ages

Short blunt bob

A short blunt bob is one of those chic and classic cuts with a straight perimeter. They range from ear to chin-length, making the locks appear fuller and healthier. Haircuts can make or break anyone’s style, so let us help you choose the best one.

Justine Deal, a short hair specialist from Florida, recommends a short and blunt cut bob. It can work on any hair type and density. It’s perfect for fine, thin hair as it adds in a lot of internal texture for movement and versatility. “Curtain bangs are also a great idea if wanting a softer, more boho vibe,” she adds.

The bluntness of a cut can also go well on coarse, thick tresses. A regular trim is necessary, which can take every 5-6 weeks of a salon visit.

Another factor to consider is the face shape, according to Deal. “Make sure to ask for a cut that accentuates your best features and creates more balance.” She continues, “No two bobs are the same; they should all be customized to the client and what will look best on them!”

When styling short bobs, Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair is Deal’s fave. She says, “It’s a texturizing hair spray that helps to fatten up and expand the shape of the hair. It gives that effortless, cool-girl vibe.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out our photo collection of the trendy short blunt bob haircut ideas.

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neck-length blonde blunt cut bob haircut
Instagram @paintingempretty

#1: Neck-Length Blonde Blunt Cut Bob

Ask your stylist if a neck-length blonde blunt cut bob haircut would help fine hair appear to be thicker. Because a blunt cut has a heavy, solid weight line, it helps show off a dramatic edge. When looking for a change but don’t want to commit to a shattered bob, consider starting with a blunt-cut bob. Blonding can prevent having a long style, to maximize visible thickness add zero elevation to your cut and keep the blonde the main attraction.

short Textured blunt bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#2: Textured for Fine Hair

A bob cut can be textured for fine hair to allow slight volume with a bulkier shape. The best factor of this haircut is it has a length that provides versatility.

It can look super chic with waves or appear polished with straight locks. Blunt bobs for fine hair also create a fuller finish.

Blunt bob with wispy bangs
Instagram @realericvaughn

#3: Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

A blunt bob with wispy bangs creates a cool shag appearance. A bob looks amazing at any length, but consider taking the length slightly above or slightly below the shoulders to avoid any flipping of the hair ends.

Blunt bob with thin bangs for Asian girls
Instagram @luvlyly23

#4: Blunt Bob with Thin Bangs for Asian Girls

The blunt bob with thin bangs for Asian girls is great for those who have straight hair and want something low-maintenance. To get this cut, ask your stylist for a straight short blunt bob with not too much texture and soft bangs.

Short blunt wavy bob
Instagram @juniorestevamhair

#5: Short Blunt Wavy Bob

A short blunt wavy bob is a shoulder-length cut. It is lightly frayed at the ends for movement and texture.

Korean-style short blunt bob
Instagram @haum_pyoming

#6: Korean-Style Short Blunt Bob

A Korean-style short blunt bob is a classy choice. A cute C-under curl added to a bob will give a lot of volume and body to the hair. This is great for medium-density hair. This style can be created easily with a blow-dry and curling iron. Add some thin bangs to shape the face and for it not to look heavy around the eyes.

Woman over 60 with short hair and blunt bob haircut
Instagram @jessfrazerhair

#7: Cutest Bob for Women Over 60

This is the cutest bob for women over 60! It has a voluminous shape that brings out a youthful vibe. Older women may not have much time to style the hair, so bobs are perfect.

A blunt bob cut short is ideal for women over sixty since it takes less effort to manipulate.

one-length blunt bob with short hair
Instagram @tborcova_hair

#8: The One-Length Blunt Cut

This one-length blunt haircut has a perimeter that makes hair look healthy and fresh. Ladies blessed with any hair density can pull this off.

Got fine, medium, or thick tresses? This haircut is sure to appear flawless! One-length blunt cut bobs will need regular trims to avoid split ends.

ear-length blunt bob haircut
Instagram @rodrigues_ricardo

#9: The Ear-Length Blunt Bob

The ear-length bob is a timeless haircut, providing a fresher vibe and a more stylish edge. It’s a classic way to feel the breeze around your neck area.

Ear-length blunt bobs are undemanding when it comes to styling. So, this short haircut is perfect for ladies who are always on the go. Yet, it needs extra effort to maintain its shape and beauty.

Super Short blunt Bob cut
Instagram @salsalhair

#10: Blunt Super Short Bob

Here’s another super short bob where the edges land right at the jaw area. This chop is for ladies with a rounder or an oval face shape.

It gives the illusion of a more defined and sharper jawline. Also, this super short blunt bob cut does a great job in making fine tresses look fuller than ever!

very short blunt cut bob
Instagram @rebelhairartists

#11: Very Short Bob

This very short bob cut is on point! What makes it classy is its flawless perimeter. This very short blunt bob haircut works great on women with straight, thick locks. The sleeker the hair is, the better it appears.

blunt french bob haircut
Instagram @erickinvisible

#12: The French Blunt Bob

When the French blunt bob grows out evenly, it looks great on a longer length. This chop doesn’t have any heavy layering. With a wavy hair texture, it seems natural and effortless.

What makes this blunt French bob haircut more flattering is the fringe. The bangs add more texture and movement to it.

Short blunt bob with side bangs
Instagram @di_peregudova

#13: Blunt Bob With Side Bangs

With side bangs, a neck-length blunt bob looks pretty decent for square-faced women. It’s the haircut that softens a sharp jawline.

For a more polished style, it’s best to use a curling iron on the ends going inwards. Giving your short hair an ombre hair color won’t hurt the outcome, too.

Perfect short blunt bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @ diegomarcsant

#14: Perfect Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

A perfect bob for thick hair frames the face well. If you have a round face shape, this bob cut is ideal for you.

A blunt bob for thick hair like this looks staggering if parted in the center. Middle-parted hair gives the face a perfect balance, breaking up its roundness.

chin-length blunt bob style
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#15: The Chin-Length Bob

The chin-length bob is another haircut that provides a fuller-looking style. With texture and if parted on one side, it gives a thicker illusion.

This chin-length blunt bob style also appears soft around the face. So, ladies with a sharp jawline, give this a shot!

jaw-Length blunt cut bob
Instagram @davidwbullen

#16: The Jaw-Length Bob

The jaw-length textured bob is for gals with finer locks that demand fullness and volume. Its middle-parted style allows the jawline and neck to get accentuated.

Ask for a razor cut if you want your jaw-length blunt bob to have textured ends.

short blunt bob for women over 50
Instagram @g_deodato

#17: Trendiest Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

The trendiest short blunt cut for women over 50 is a hair trend that the world must see! This is a tousled-style blunt bob for 50-year-old women with short hair.

It has a messy texture to offer a chic and modern-looking finish. All in all, it radiates a youthful vibe for older ladies.

Edgy short blunt Bob with an Undercut
Instagram @barbercharizma

#18: Edgy Blunt Bob with an Undercut

Flaunt an edgy bob with an undercut and show off your elegance and confidence. This is how you rock a classic bob with a stronger finish.

Perk up a blunt bob with an undercut, so it looks fire! Ladies with fine hair who want a stylish fashion statement will love this haircut.

Short blunt bob with bangs
Instagram @sofia_freire

#19: Chin-Length Blunt Cut With Bangs

Pair your chin-length hair with a short blunt bob with bangs, then style it with texture and waves. Do that and never regret getting a big chop again!

This hairstyle is best to pull off by bombshells with straight locks. It benefits them, especially if they have a finer density of hair. This blunt bob, if styled with texture, gives hair a thicker result.

neck-length blunt bob
Instagram @alexusestellehair

#20: The Neck-Length Blunt Bob

The neck-length bob on straight locks is always chic and flawless. It gives a classic look more modern flair. A bob is cut blunt at neck-length, so ladies with fine hair can enjoy fuller-looking styles.

Wavy Blunt Bob for short hair
Instagram @gabbyrosebeauty

#21: Wavy Blunt Bob

Here’s an exquisite wavy blunt bob, and it’s worth a try! It’s very beneficial for stunners who have fine and sleek tresses. The style and its neck-length cut bring out a fuller edge.

This wavy blunt bob for short hair would look even better with a lived-in blonde. It’s the movement of the locks that’s sure to give the blonde hue more dimension.

flattering blunt cut bob for women over 40 with short hair
Instagram @kennethmcleodhair

#22: Flattering Bob for Women Over 40

A flattering bob for women over 40 often requires little to no effort in styling. Some older ladies prefer a chop that’s easy to manipulate and maintain.

This short blunt bob haircut for 40-year-old women has bangs for a youthful style. And, that fringe is such a chic addition!

Stylist Kenneth created this traditional bob haircut with deep point cutting.

This bob is low-maintenance and easy to style!

shorter blunt bob haircut with a side part
Instagram @christinagarciasalon

#23: Blunt Bob With a Side Part

Hair with a side part brings out a voluminous and fuller-looking result. It works with a blunt bob on short hair, allowing thin tresses to appear thicker.

Parting the hair on one side carries out an edgier, sexier look with an instant glam vibe, too.

Short blunt bob with a middle part
Instagram @hairbyallybarone

#24: Short Bob With a Middle Part

A blunt bob with a middle part goes very well on most face shapes. The center part on a blunt bob is what gives the face a perfect balance, framing it for a softer finish.

It’s an all-around look that appears stunning with hair texture on wavy or straight hair.

#25: Short Blunted Bob with Balayage

What’s great about a short blunted bob with balayage is it works on sleek or messy textured hair. Created by hair artist Júnior Estevam of Brazil, this is a cut that can be styled in different ways.

To achieve this cut, Estevam says, “I usually use the invisible layers and internal or deep layers.” For styling, a good texturizer spray is recommended to make it fresh-looking at home.

short blunt bob with a side part
Instagram @joahhmendes

#26: Short Blunt Bob with a Side Part

Give a short blunt bob with a side part some consideration if you just want something fresh and fierce. Due to the length and bluntness of the cut, it’s not ideal for very round faces or faces with sharp jawlines. Side parts are fantastic for diminishing any asymmetry in the face while brightening the face. A short blunt bob can be cut and styled to appear more soft and romantic, or to present a more bold and edgy style and are versatile and easy to care for. For big volume and texture, try using a dry shampoo at the root and adding soft waves, then spritz some texture spray and shake the waves out.

blunt french bob with blunt bangs
Instagram @mirko.battipaglia.hairboutique

#27: Blunt French Bob with Blunt Bangs

A blunt French bob with blunt bangs is a perfect style for an edgy, sleek, and bold haircut. To keep the cut looking crisp, some maintenance is required but it’s still quite low-maintenance when compared to similar cuts. The bluntness of the bangs and the bob allow for a more intense look, which can be a great way to add balance to a very soft face, or add intensity to an already bold and defined face. People with extremely thin hair should be very careful with this cut as the sleek look can make the hair look stringy or even more thin, however, this is an amazing way to make extremely thick hair look smaller and more manageable.

soft blunt cut for older women with glasses
Instagram @tesseghair

#28: Soft Blunt Cut for Older Women with Glasses

Often called “the Diane Keaton,” a soft blunt cut is the perfect choice for older women with glasses. This style is favored by bespectacled ladies. The long lengths around the face cover up potential kinks caused by eyeglasses around the ears.

lived-in dark brown blunt bob
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#29: Lived-In Dark Brown Blunt Bob

If you’re looking for a change, try a lived-in dark brown blunt bob. Rich chocolate hair compliments nearly every skin tone, especially if you have green, hazel, or blue eyes. Consider asking your stylist for curtain fringe and soft layers to produce an effortless and lightweight shape. Use a flat iron to form waves and finish with Oribe Texture Spray to complete the lived-in vibe.

short blunt bob with no bangs
Instagram @julianneparis

#30: Short Blunt Bob with No Bangs

No need for bangs when you’re rocking a short blunt bob. For this cut make sure you find a stylist who specializes in precision cutting. Even the smallest mistake can show with this blunt haircut, especially if your hair is straight. Make sure to spray all over with Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense before flat ironing.

blunt airy bob with a money piece
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#31: Blunt Airy Bob with a Money Piece

A blunt and airy bob with a beautiful money piece is a staple look for anyone who loves a lived-in hairstyle. The bluntness of the cut allows for maximum volume with minimal styling. The money piece brings brightness and attention to the face while also softening the harshness of the blunt cut. Women with square faces or strong jawlines should be sure that if you try this cut, you keep the length slightly above or below the jaw as the harsh bluntness can accentuate the horizontal line and make the jaw look more strong, and defined. Round faces should ensure the length is below the jaw to avoid widening the face.

red short blunt cut with curtain bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#32: Red Short Blunt Cut with Curtain Bangs

The red short blunt cut with curtain bangs is perfect for women that don’t like to experiment with the cut but would like to accent the color. The curtain bangs are flattering on all face shapes and are especially good on wide or quite big foreheads. Wear the bob straight of wave a tong for texture and movement. To prolong the color a bit longer make sure you use color-safe shampoo like Chroma-Absolu by Kerastase.

extra short blunt cut bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#33: Extra Short Blunt Cut Bob

Consider an extra short blunt bob cut. It’s a very sophisticated style for professional women. A blunt perimeter will give the most fullness. Great for fine to medium hair textures. A perfect balance to triangle, heart, and oval face shapes is a blunt cut around the jaw and neckline.