24 Low-Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas for Women of All Ages

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A low-maintenance pixie bob haircut ranges from ear to neck length, with layers that provide a voluminous style.

According to haircut specialist Trista Glover of Fort Worth, TX, a pixie bob or bixie never goes out of style. “They can be completely customized to your hair type and face shape. The greatest advantage is it’s very stylish yet easy to maintain at home,” she explains.

Even for rounder face shapes, a bixie cut can create a flattering and slimming effect.

A short pixie bob haircut doesn’t have too many drawbacks, but keep in mind the maintenance. You’ll have to come into the salon frequently to maintain its shape.

Finding the right stylist to chop your hair is significant. Ask if they have experience with short-length cuts and if they’re comfortable doing it.

“Most short haircuts need a lot of precision and detail work. This is what will make or break the look. If cut properly, the shape should easily fall into place and buy you more time between salon visits,” Glover states.

If looking for an easy-styling cut that promises volume and movement, this is the answer! Here are the images of the trendiest low-maintenance pixie bob haircut ideas you must try.


#1: Brunette Bixie Cut

The brunette bixie cut is cute, yet classic and suited for formal or fun. One of the best ways to go from a bob to a pixie is to try somewhere in the middle with the “bixie”. The bixie will give you the volume and texture you’re looking for that your bob may be lacking. Make sure to bring lots of pictures of cuts you like for your stylist. You’ll be able to decide where you’d like your fringe and layers to fall around your face or not. Style with a volumizing lotion and rough dry into place. You can use a texture cream or pomade to add dimension to the layers.

Low-Maintenance and Very Cute Pixie Bob for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @michelle.k.harrison

#2: Very Cute Pixie Bob for Fine Hair Types

A great way to add shape and thickness to fine hair would be this cute pixie bob! You don’t have to go as short as this photo leaving it a bit longer would still give you a beautiful result. The short tapered back with a long front gives the illusion of thickness without struggling with unnecessary length.

Low-Maintenance Layered Side-Swept Pixie Bob
Instagram @alisonallvess

#3: Layered Side-Swept Pixie Bob

Cut your hair into a layered side-swept pixie bob and you’ll transform your whole attitude. A layered pixie bob can be worn straight or curled with an iron. If you’re having trouble with the blow dry, try using a metal barrel medium round brush. The metal barrel heats up when you dry and will definitely give you a better finish. Pair this with bangs sweeping away from your face and you’ll have a knockout style that will make you feel new and different.

Instagram @beto_fariaa

#4: Wispy Bixie Cut

Try a wispy bixie cut if you are tired of a bob, but afraid to go as short as a pixie. Have your stylist graduate the nape and add lots of layers thru the sides, and the result will be a cut that has beautiful movement. Brush it back or forward or tuck behind your ear, the possibilities are endless. Plan on trims about every 5 weeks to keep your shape fresh.

#5: Extra Short and Wispy Pixie Bob

Enjoy the cute shape of an extra short and wispy pixie bob. A pixie bob has longer top layers giving it the rounder shape of a bob with a shorter shape of a pixie. If you have fine, straight hair you can use your hands to dry it. A volumizing mist may help too. If your hair is wavy or coarse, my advice is to use a polishing serum and a round brush. They will help to achieve a smooth finish and make sure bulk is gone from your cut. If you like versatility, you could dry it wavy for a different look.

#6: Graduated Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

A graduated pixie bob for thick hair is a flawless style to choose. Its graduated layers give a rounded finish adding height throughout the crown. Low-maintenance pixie bobs are the absolute go-to for most women wanting a trendy yet easy look.

Low-Maintenance Highlights on Pixie Black Hair
Instagram @haaremitstil

#7: Low-Maintenance Highlights on Pixie Black Hair

Low-maintenance highlights on pixie black hair give this look the dimensions and texture it deserves. Adding highlights to an a-line bob takes this haircut to another level. A low-maintenance style for this pixie cut haircut would be a blowout, finishing with a flatiron and shine spray. You will definitely feel very fashionable if you choose this look.

#8: Long Curly Pixie Bob for Round Faces

A long curly pixie bob for round faces is ideal since the length framing the face helps elongate the face. Pixie bobs are a good pick for women with curly hair since they have more options when it comes to styling rather than very short haircuts. Style this look by adding mousse to damp hair, diffusing them finish with a curling iron if needed.

Feathered Bixie with Bangs for Women Over 70
Instagram @ilonapouw0101

#9: Feathered Bixie with Bangs for Women Over 70

A feathered bixie with bangs for women over 70 is perfect since it’s very low-maintenance and easy to style. Ask your hairstylist for a bixie hairstyle instead of a pixie when you are looking for an easy go-to daily style.

#10: Spiky Asymmetrical Pixie Crop

A spiky asymmetrical pixie crop is very edgy with the longer front and shorter back, allowing you to spike it adding texture and volume to the overall style. When asking for this style, don’t forget to to ask your stylist to keep the front longer for face-framing and styling purposes.

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#11: Pixie with a Shaved Side for Wavy Hair

A pixie with a shaved side for wavy hair is a fun, youthful style for women wanting to change their look. A bixie style gives you more styling options while still having a short cut. Style using a curling iron and texture spray to finish will give this look the wow factor it deserves.

#12: Long Blonde Bixie Hair

Long blonde bixie hair is perfect for women that want short hair yet still have enough length from the inverted bob for styling purposes. Bixies are very versatile, and compliment most face shapes and lifestyles.

#13: Very Short Stacked Bob

A very short stacked pixie bob is a classic bob haircut. This chic, edgy cut is perfect for businesswomen wanting a professional look. Having stacked layers requires a lot more maintenance to keep the shape looking flawless.

#14: Pixie Undercut on Straight Hair

A pixie undercut on straight hair with a shaved side gives the overall style volume and fullness. Pixie bob hairstyles are easy maintenance and definitely worth the final result. Styling is simple with a round brush blowdry, finishing with wax will get you all the compliments.

Tousled Bixie with Feathered Layers
Instagram @anhcotran

#15: Tousled Bixie with Feathered Layers

A tousled bixie with feathered layers is the ideal cut for women wanting a lot of movement and texture. Ask stylist to avoid removing much length off the front as you still want the illusion of a bixie cut.

Undercut Pixie with Choppy Layers
Instagram @rockthatbuzz

#16: Undercut Pixie with Choppy Layers

An undercut pixie bob with choppy layers is definitely a trendy cut for stylish women. This low-maintenance cut is so simple when it comes to styling. Use a flatiron to add texture finishing with a pomade and light hairspray. This style is so funky it will be getting you a lot of compliments.

#17: Sleek Pixie Bob for Fine Hair and Square Faces

A sleek pixie bob for fine hair and square faces really brings out the defined jawline and cheekbones. This low-maintenance haircut is perfect for businesswomen. Style using a flatiron and tucking the one side will give this look a sleek finish.

#18: Pixie Bob with Crown Layers on Women Over 60

A pixie bob with crown layers on women over 60 is a go-to since you will get the most height and volume, which is what most women prefer. A pixie bob cut is easy when it comes to daily styling, a blowout finishing with a textured paste is all this look needs.

Messy Waves on Long Pixie Hair for Women Over 50
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#19: Messy Waves on Long Pixie Hair for Women Over 50

Messy waves on long pixie hair for women over 50 give an effortless, flawless style, helping them feel youthful. A pixie bob style with a longer fringe is so versatile as you can add textures like curls or waves to help switch your daily style.

#20: Textured Pixie Bob with Light Bangs

A textured pixie bob with light bangs is a funky, trendy, and stylish look for women wanting an edgy look. Bobbed hair creates so much volume and texture making it appear so effortless.

Low-maintenance Pixie Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#21: Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

A pixie bob with long bangs is the ideal cut for women wanting to keep length to frame their face. The short hairstyle will give you height in the crown, while the fringe will help frame your face leaving your eyes to sparkle through.

Layered Bixie Cut on Women Over 40
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#22: Layered Bixie Cut on Women Over 40

A layered bixie cut on women over 40 is extremely suitable as it’s a classic cut but still very trendy. Pixie bob haircuts are easy to manage, styling it with a blowout and finishing with pommade and hairspray is all it needs.

Long Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @dinarastylist

#23: Long Pixie for Thin Hair

A long pixie for thin hair is definitely ideal since the shorter you go the thinner the hair will appear. Creating a long bixie haircut leaving as much length and volume is a better option form thinner hair, this low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for women on the go.

#24: Long Shaggy Bixie Cut for Oval Faces

A long shaggy bixie cut for oval faces is perfect as the length in the fringe helps frame the face making it look much more rounded. A shaggy bob is very low maintenance, a quick blowout finishing with a flatiron for texture is all it requires for styling.