32 Trendiest Ways to Have a Short Blonde Bob Right Now

Short blonde bob

A short blonde bob is a fresh and pretty haircut with bright, yellow-ish tones. The best thing about this hair trend is it’s customizable. Feel free to tweak the cut to suit any face shape or change the shade to flatter any skin color.

For the bombshells who wanna go short and blonde, stylist Sarah Krook from Victoria, BC has tips to share. “Trust your stylist.” Maintenance and styling options are the key things that women need to know about this look.

To keep the hair on point, Krook doesn’t suggest going longer than five weeks between cuts. “The roots get pretty frustrating at the 4-week mark.”

“If you don’t want such a high-maintenance hairstyle, I recommend a lot more texture,” Krook adds. “A drop root blonde foil or balayage is a great option, too. Both get a more natural grow-out that can push longer between appointments.”

When styling, Krook points out that each hair type requires distinctive products. “For finer hair, I like using Eleven Australia’s I Want Body Texture Spray. Spraying it lightly at the roots before blow-drying gives a nice texture to help build up volume.”

Krook continues, “for thicker or more coarse bleached locks, I love Liquid Spell by Davines. It strengthens the mane and gives body to help it look healthier, silky and naturally shiny.”

There can be long, brown-haired ladies who’ll think of taking a leap to change their current style. And if you’re one of them, Krook suggests showing the stylist some photos of the inspiration. “Your idea of blonde might vary from a full-global bleach out to some subtle balayage.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of popular short blonde bob haircut ideas!

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Choppy Bob with Ash Blonde Hue

Choppy Bob with Ash Blonde Hue
Instagram @thstudio.at.thehairstudios

This is one of the blonde bob hairstyles that everybody loves! This choppy bob looks so appealing with waves that focus on the mid-lengths. The movement gives the ash blonde hue a pop, which is very beautiful. For a stunning style that lasts all day, spritz a dry texture spray onto this neck-length cut.

Wispy White-Blonde Bob

Wispy white-blonde bob
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

A wispy white-blonde bob gives off a soft, airy, effortless finish to your tresses. To achieve a feathered and layered haircut, talk to your stylist about using a feather blade razor to cut blended and soft layers into your hair. It helps remove bulk and thickness while adding texture. When styling at home, use a large round brush when blow-drying, to give you a straight out of the salon hair on your own at home.

Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

Wavy chocolate and blonde bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Wavy chocolate and blonde bob is loaded with dimension and texture. Short hair is alluring and bedazzled with soft, warm-toned highlights. Make sure to talk to your stylist about leaving depth and darkness underneath your hair while adding caramel blonde highlights to the top of your hair and around the face. It makes the gorgeous blonde streaks pop even more.

Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Blonde bob with lowlights
Instagram @kelseys_hairpage

Blonde bob with lowlights is wonderful for women wanting a natural blonde hue paired with the perfect haircut. Bob is a universal haircut that grows out effortlessly when paired with subtle lowlights. These lowlights are ideal for any woman who wants dimension in her hair hue. Lowlights also help make the lighter pieces in the hair appear even lighter and brighter.

Caramel Blonde for an Inverted Bob Cut

Caramel blonde for an inverted bob cut
Instagram @cm_hairology

Consider a caramel blonde for an inverted bob cut! The warm tones of the blonde pair perfectly with this cut. The different hues of blonde showcases the layers and textures of this cut. Style this hairstyle with a texture spray to highlight the textures even more.

Jaw-Length Honey Blonde Bob

Jaw-length honey blonde bob
Instagram @alibaileylondon

This jaw-length honey blonde bob has always been a trendy cut. The honey blonde tones are perfect for when you decide to take a quick dip on the beach. This bob haircut is so versatile that it can be styled sleek or with waves for a luxe finish.

The Curly Blonde Bob with Bangs

The Curly Blonde Bob with Bangs
Instagram @krissy2295

Show them your natural texture! Slay an astounding look such as the curly bob with bangs in the shade of light strawberry blonde. Be sure to fine-tune your hair with a curling wand for a more defined outcome.

The Short Bob Weave

The Short Bob Weave
Instagram @tamekaking

This rounded blonde bob weave with longer strands around the face is a lovely idea for your next hair revamp. And yes, you can try a new shade without harming your natural locks with chemicals! Part of the mane near the root is black to create a gradient effect. Achieve such a sharp and unique look by keeping the shape at the back rounded with longer layers at the front.

A-line Curly Bob Cut with Blonde Streaks

A-line Curly Bob Cut with Blonde Streaks
Instagram @ashley_hairstylist__

Freshen up your style by wearing a stunning hairstyle with an A-line curly bob cut that carries out dimension if done on your dark-rooted, bright blonde hair. When going out for fun, a mist of sea salt spray will help your natural curls boost their texture.

Short Blonde Bob with Beachy Waves

Short Blonde Bob with Beachy Waves
Instagram @roxschreiber

Looking for a chop to flatter your dimensional diamond blonde and natural wavy hair? Here’s the medium wavy bob with blonde highlights and babylights, which defines modern glam. It’ll allow your fine hair to look fuller by keeping the length sits on your shoulders. Jagged ends will pop even more if styled with beach waves, for sure.

The Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @headrushdesigns

Enough with some sleek hairstyles as this could be your perfect time to try an odd one! Pull off the messy bob with a bright blonde hue, and be a show-stopper. This is a middle-parted bob where the ends go higher or at the jawline. If your blonde locks have their natural texture—perfect! If not, use a matte texture powder to thicken your hair and amp up the strands.

The Short Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

short asymmetrical blonde bob
Instagram @anyakrotovahair

Here’s the asymmetrical bob to give your dark-rooted blonde a unique flair! Go for this chop if you want to accentuate your cheeks as it offers a side fringe. Work on adding texture and curls, as well, for a final touch.

The Dirty Blonde Bob

short dirty blonde bob
Instagram @rachelwstylist

This may not be the brightest shade of blonde, but it’s sure to brighten up your face! This is the dirty blonde bob, which works like magic with a bit of texture on a thick hair density. If you want a neat chop that will give you a breezy and fresh feel, ask for a chin-length one.

Retro Dark Blonde Bob

Retro Dark Blonde Bob
Instagram @tina_newimage

Would you be happy to incorporate a retro look into your complete style? If so, you’ll be pleased to try the dark blonde bob. It features a shadow root to grant you a low-maintenance trend. To finish off the look, curl the edges inward or toward your chin.

Short Bob with Side Fringe

Short Bob with side Fringe
Instagram @kelsyreyeshair

For the straight and fine tresses like yours, better give this trend a try! It’s a short bob with a fringe that flatters your face shape—whether it’s oval or heart. A warm and bright tone of blonde shade, meanwhile, won’t fail to boost your glow under the sun.

The Graduated Bob Cut on Blonde Locks

The Graduated Bob Cut on Blonde Locks
Instagram @cw_hair_makeup

Do you have smooth and straight hair? Would you like a brighter color this time? Here’s the graduated bob, AKA an inverted bob, which looks dreamy on a golden blonde hue. Feel free to request some disconnected layers at the back for extra volume.

The Layered Blonde Bob

The Layered Blonde Bob
Instagram @hairby_melzie

This is the layered bob that appears stunning when matched with a rose blonde shade. Though it works on straight hair, a little texture can bring out an added thrill to your look. With this layered blonde bob, a dry texture spray will be your BFF!

Very Short Bob and Wavy Hairstyle

Very Short Bob and Wavy Hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyjordanpaige

A very short bob haircut like this, if matched with platinum blonde shade, is all about sophistication. Opt for this trendy look if you think that this is the long and voluminous side fringe you ever needed! To keep this color’s glossiness, use a purple shampoo at home.

Textured Shaggy Bob for Blonde, Thin Hair

Textured Shaggy Bob for Blonde, Thin Hair
Instagram @hairbyfaithflaherty

Sure, you can’t say no to this ravishing textured shaggy bob with blonde highlights for thin hair! It’s ideal for giving your locks a generous amount of wavy layers for a fuller-looking result. Another low-maintenance shade of blonde is the diamond one with a shadow root.

Concave Bob with Warm and Cool Blonde Highlights

Concave Bob with Warm and Cool Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairby.jorja

To freshen up your straight locks, why don’t you try this concave bob with blonde tones? The chop follows the line of your jaw, exposing your neck and shoulders. The combined highlights of warm and cool-toned blonde are guaranteed to create a chic dimension.

Blonde Balayage Bob with Dark Roots

Blonde Balayage Bob with Dark Roots
Instagram @jennyspainmangosalon

Here’s a lovely chin-length blonde bob with dark roots to fulfill your dream of being a hot blonde! The depth at the roots allows you to grow your natural locks out with ease. To give this long bob a warm blonde balayage, be aware that it may take five hours at the salon.

The Edgy Platinum Blonde Bob

The Edgy Platinum Blonde Bob Cut
Instagram @melmattison

The key to getting this gorgeous, funky blonde look relies upon your hair type, and even hair texture. The platinum blonde bob cut like this works magic if you have a thick kind of mane to style with texture and volume. Its dramatic, solid color is sure to match your edginess, so go for it!

Short Blunt Cut for Blondes

Short Blunt Cut for Blondes
Instagram @erickinvisible

Here’s a chic alternative cut that gingers up your golden blonde locks. Opt for the blunt-cut bob, which grazes your neck, to display its full-bodied result. You can also enjoy having full bangs to help you accentuate your pretty eyes.

“This short blunt-cut bob hair cut can also be referred to as a shaggy bob,” says hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui of NYC. “It features pieces-ness in the front, yet it’s structured and square in the back.”

Arrunategui says this bob haircut is great for all textures. “Make sure you’re ready to commit to bangs and some layering, but it is such a manageable effortless style,” he adds.

Dark to Light Blonde Ombre Bob Cut

Dark to Light Blonde Ombre Bob Cut
Instagram @vatchemikel

This dark to light blonde ombre offers a unique and staggering finish on a short haircut. If feelin’ bored with your long hair and old color, here’s something to try. Don’t forget to use sulfate-free hair products, so that the color won’t fade.

The Ash-Blonde Bob

The Ash-Blonde Bob
Instagram @kckavitz

This short hair trend with blonde hair color will make you want to book an appointment with your stylist ASAP! This ash-blonde bob provides a gorgeous dimension. The length where it ends at the neckline is ideal for keeping the fullness of your thick mane. Grab your styling tool and create classy curls for a final touch.

Honey Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

The honey brown bob with blonde highlights is ideal for women with finer or thinner hair. The tones offer fullness and body to locks. Casey Obrien of New York is the color specialist behind this low-maintenance look.

“For the haircut, I created long layers and did some texturizing with my sheers to add movement to the ends. Then, I used Wella Freelights and 20 volume, plus Redken Shades EQ Gloss to finish it off,” Obrien explains.

Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

Golden blonde a-line bob
Instagram @hair_by_samn

The golden blonde A-line bob blends perfectly with a naturally lighter hair color. Stylist Samantha Lovier of Utah suggests this to ladies with a dark blonde or lighter brunette hue.

When asked how to achieve this shade, Lovier says, “Do a traditional highlight service and gloss the hair with Redken Shades EQ 10vv & 10gi. This keeps the blonde tone bright.”

Straight Bob on Short Blonde Hair

A straight bob like this will provide you a sleek and divine look. Achieve a texturized effect in this neck-length cut by going for a dimensional blonde. The secret to its gorgeousness relies on the layering of highlights and babylights.

Hairstylist and colorist Madison Michael of Mason, OH created this soft, sleek bob with a mix of highlights and babylights.

“I love this cut because there’s so much you can do with it! Run the flat iron through the ends after a blowout for a sleek look or add some big curls and texture spray for a tousled, textured look,” says Michael.

The stylist adds, “this is the perfect cut for women wanting to go short! If you have the itch to cut your hair, do it! This cut is so versatile and very low-maintenance.”

The Short Blonde Stacked Bob

The Short Blonde Stacked Bob
Instagram @clairehair_

Change your hairstyling game; Get a trim, and give your ash blonde mane a new form! If you want a haircut that doesn’t go beyond your neck, here’s a stacked bob to try. It’ll boost your locks’ dimension, and will look great with volume and texture. If you’re sick of a monthly root touch-up, ask for a dark root.

“This is a textured style on a stacked bob with blonde highlights, created for those fine-haired ladies who want to steer away from the blunt bob with a usual color,” says hairstylist Claire Flegler of Cairns, FNQ.

Flegler notes, “the look requires as little styling as a wash-and-wear all the way to heat styling, depending on your lifestyle and how much time you have.”

The Short Blonde Pixie Bob

Rock the short pixie bob like this, and the grow-out process must never be stressful again. It offers long side bangs to add thrill to your entire haircut. Opt for some fresh highlights to bring out dimension into your blonde locks, too!

“This model is transitioning from a shorter textured pixie cut to a bob,” says hairstylist Beth Nuccio of Chicago, IL. “The look here is in the long pixie/short bob stage. I’ve still kept some internal texture and kept the neck short and clean as we grow out the front and top lengths to ease the transition. I’ve also kept the front with a soft sweep, so the look still carries some pixie qualities mixed with a cropped bob look in the back.”

As far as face shapes, Nuccio says it’s pretty versatile. “An oval, heart, or square face would look best given that this has a longer/rounded look. Pixies can look amazing on round faces as well when they are shorter and tighter around the back and sides.”

Blonde Bob with Bangs on Straight Hair

Blonde Bob with Bangs on Straight Hair
Instagram @itsthetess

Wear this blonde bob with bangs and have that effortless beauty! This is a chin-length cut that works best if your natural locks are straight. With this shade, you will need to use a purple shampoo to fight and prevent unwanted brassiness.

Style creator and hairstylist Tess de la Riva of Houston, TX says, “it takes some sass to pull off a chin-length bob!  This haircut is one length but super textured to create movement, making it super easy to style. We incorporated a fringe and gave her a beautiful bright blonde to make her blue eyes pop.”

de la Riva says this haircut works best on naturally straight hair. de la Riva adds, “there are many ways you can customize this look. Use smoothing products that won’t weigh it down, allowing the haircut to move freely. Try using a light texturizing hairspray at the ends to accentuate the texture and give it some grip.”

The Short Angled Bob

This angled bob haircut is modern and chic. It was created by master stylist and colorist Heather Ludlow of Avon, OH.

“I did a heavy highlight/babylight and also gave her some loose curls to finish off this style,” Ludlow explains.

Ludlow says it’s very easy to style. Ludlow notes, “whether you want to wash-and-go or glam it up a bit, it looks amazing either way. You can straighten it, or spray texturizing spray in it and either fluff it up or curl it in a matter of minutes.”