50 Hottest Shaggy Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shaggy bob is a haircut created using the razor cut technique to add choppy ends and textured layers that can be asymmetrical or blunt. Since the shag’s conception in the ’70s, the organic cut has withstood time and kept on evolving to its modern and chicer versions.

Celebrated Texas-based hairdresser and Salon Bugatti owner Chris Jones has mastered the art of all things shaggy and messy – from wavy and curly strands to straight bobs and A-line cuts, he’s demonstrated that #shorthairgoals can easily be pulled off with a perfectly imperfect bob shag cut.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular shaggy bob hairstyles.


#1: Platinum Blonde Short Bob

If you can maintain a steady salon schedule, this shaggy-style bob for blonde hair is for you. One of the best ways to start your platinum journey is with a short-length bob with bangs. This creates a makeover while getting rid of your color history.

Voluminous long shaggy bob haircut

#2 Voluminous Long Shaggy Bob

This chin-length shaggy bob with bangs is the go-to for a quick style that screams chic without trying too hard. Its wavy texture and layers add a delightful body, making it ideal for medium-density hair looking for some oomph. The bangs aren’t just there for style; they soften your facial features, making this cut perfect for almost any face shape. With a bit of mousse to enhance those waves, you’ll have a carefree, stylish look that moves beautifully as you do. It’s low-maintenance yet entirely fashionable, fitting seamlessly into a busy lifestyle.

Medium-length shag with soft waves

#3 The Shag with Soft Waves

This balayage wavy bob is just what you need for a boost in volume and a touch of flair. The waves are soft yet defined, perfect for showing off the seamless transition from natural dark tones to lighter ends. It’s ideal for those with medium to fine hair, adding body without the weight. Plus, the balayage means easier maintenance, as the roots can grow out naturally without frequent touch-ups. Keep in mind, though, that to keep those waves bouncy, a light mousse or wave spray might just become your new best friends!

Short platinum blonde bob with textured shaggy layers.

#4 Long Layered Bob Shag

Here’s the chic deal with this tousled platinum bob—it’s a knockout for fine to medium hair. The choppiness gives a beautiful volume that doesn’t overwhelm, perfect for a fresh and stylish look. Now, the color is fabulous but remember, platinum needs love—think toning treatments and a good conditioner to keep it looking crisp and not brassy. This cut is your best friend for a no-fuss morning, just a little product, and you’re good to go. Great for someone who wants to look put together without spending hours on their hair.

Short and shaggy pixie bob

#5 Short and Shaggy Pixie Bob

This short pixie bob is a charm for anyone looking to balance ease with style. Its choppy layers and tousled top add a playful volume that works wonders on medium-density hair, making it look fuller yet maintaining a sleek silhouette. Great for oval and heart-shaped faces as it highlights the cheekbones and softens the jawline. While it’s low-maintenance, keep a little wax or pomade handy to tweak those strands into place for that perfect tousled look. A snip here and there to maintain the shape, and you’re golden!

Shaggy bob with a deep side part

#6 Shaggy Bob with a Deep Side Part

This shoulder-length shaggy bob with a deep side part is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your everyday look. The balayage effect seamlessly blends darker roots into lighter ends, enhancing the texture and volume of medium-density hair. It’s a fantastic choice for those who need a style that transitions smoothly from day to night. The deep side part not only injects a modern twist but also flatters by elongating the face. Minimal styling is required—just a touch of texturizing spray to enhance the waves, and you’re good to go. This cut is a stylish, low-maintenance option for busy individuals who want to look polished without too much effort.

shaggy shoulder-length bob and copper balayage

#7 The Shaggy Shoulder-Length Bob on a Copper Balayage

This shoulder-length shaggy bob with copper balayage is a fabulous pick for anyone looking to boost their style with minimal effort. The layered waves are cut to enhance the hair’s natural volume, making it a great choice for medium to thick hair types. The copper balayage not only adds a warm, sun-kissed glow but also accentuates the tousled layers, giving a lively, textured look that’s easy to manage. Perfect for a fresh, vibrant appearance with just a little styling cream or salt spray!

Shaggy wavy bob with blunt bangs

#8 Shaggy Wavy Bob with Blunt Bangs

Grace that playful spirit with this shaggy wavy bob, highlighted by blunt bangs that add a contemporary twist to the classic style. The waves add a dynamic texture that enhances volume, making it ideal for those with fine or flat hair. The strategic blunt cut of the bangs frames the face beautifully, offering a refreshing, youthful appearance. This style is perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet chic look, easily spruced up with a touch of mousse or sea salt spray for added texture.

the chin-length shaggy bob

#9 The Chin-Length Shaggy Bob

This modern chin-length shaggy bob is a dream for thicker hair, giving you a perfect blend of volume and manageability. Its layered cut creates a lively bounce that frames the face beautifully, especially with the side-swept bangs that soften your features. The deep, rich color adds a sophisticated touch, making this style as suitable for the office as it is for a night out. Despite its bold look, it’s surprisingly easy to maintain—just a little product to enhance the texture, and you’re set to dazzle!

Shaggy and messy bob with ombre

#10 Shaggy and Messy Bob with Ombre

Perfect for those looking to combine ease with style, this shaggy and messy bob features a stunning ombre transition that enriches visual texture, making it a superb choice for finer hair. The layered cut enhances volume, offering a fuller appearance with minimal styling needed. Great for an everyday chic look that keeps you ready for any occasion with just a bit of texturizing spray.

Short blonde layered shaggy hair

#11 Short Blonde Layered Hair

Opt for this breezy short blonde shaggy bob to bring out the best in fine to medium hair. Its playful layers and blonde balayage technique enhance the hair’s natural movement, making it a superb choice for an easy-going yet stylish look. Perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine but want to keep their style fresh and vibrant. Regular use of color-safe products and occasional texture-enhancing sprays will maintain the look’s definition and color depth.

Short shaggy bob with bangs

#12 The Short Bob with Bangs

Sporting a delightful mix of texture and movement, this short shaggy bob with bangs is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to refresh their style. The choppy layers enhance the natural volume, making it perfect for fine to medium hair types. The casual fringe softly frames the face, providing a playful yet sophisticated look that’s effortless to manage daily. A dash of texturizing spray is all it takes to maintain this chic, tousled appearance.

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the shaggy lob cut with messy textured style

#13 The Lob Cut with Messy Textured Style

Sport this glamorous medium-length shaggy lob, perfect for adding volume to fine hair. Its meticulously crafted layers and blend of blonde highlights create a vibrant, textured look that captures the light beautifully. Suitable for a chic, effortless vibe, this style does require regular maintenance to keep the highlights vibrant and the waves defined. Use a light mousse or wave spray for daily styling and consider a color-safe shampoo to prolong the freshness of the highlights.

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Shag bob for a round face

#14 The Shag Bob for a Round Face

Capture a naturally effortless look with this tousled shaggy bob, ideal for medium-density hair with a natural wave. This style beautifully softens and balances round face shapes with its textured layers and light waves, enhancing facial features subtly. While it offers a relaxed, low-maintenance vibe, using a light texturizing spray can help maintain the tousled effect throughout the day. Regular trims will keep the layers distinct and the shape flattering.

Blonde shaggy bob for women over 50

#15 Blonde Bob for Women Over 50

Embrace sophistication with this blonde shaggy bob, tailored perfectly for women over 50. The haircut features a beautifully blended mix of light and dark tones that enhance the dimensional look of the fine-textured hair. Its shorter, layered style adds volume and movement, creating a youthful yet easy-to-manage look. Perfect for those who prefer a chic, low-maintenance hairstyle that radiates elegance at every angle. Just a quick tousle and a touch of product, and you’re set for the day!

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Textured inverted bob shag with blonde highlights for a voluminous look

#16 Inverted Bob Shag

This chic shaggy bob with subtle blonde highlights offers a fresh take on a classic style, perfect for medium-density hair. Its layers are skillfully crafted to boost volume and create a lively, tousled effect that frames the face beautifully. Ideal for an effortless everyday look, this style might require some texturizing spray to maintain its breezy appearance throughout the day. Keep in mind, the color and layers will require regular upkeep to preserve the structured messiness.

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short bob with shaggy layers for thick hair

#17 Short Bob with Shaggy Layers for Thick Hair

Look at this lively short bob with shaggy layers, perfect for thick hair. It gives you that sought-after volume without the bulk, darling. The tousled layers fall just right to frame the face, and with a quick tousle, you’re out the door. It’s fab for anyone wanting that full-bodied look but not all the fuss. Ideal for a spritz of texture spray and you’re set to turn heads!

Gray shaggy bob for older ladies

#18 Gray Bob for Older Ladies

Embrace the elegance of aging with this gray shaggy bob, perfect for adding volume and a youthful twist to finer hair textures. This style combines soft layering and gentle waves to create a full-bodied look that’s easy to manage and style. Ideal for older women looking to maintain a chic appearance with minimal upkeep. Regular conditioning treatments are recommended to keep the hair soft and manageable.

the ideal shaggy bob for dark brown curly hair

#19 The Ideal Bob for Dark Brown Curly Hair

Doll, this chin-length shaggy bob is just darling for your curly tresses! It’s the ideal match for a playful, low-fuss style, giving your curls life and bounce. With layers that carve out a rounded shape, your hair’s natural volume and texture are front and center. It’s a snip to style—just a dab of curl cream, and you’re ready to rock. Great for a busy bee who still wants to look chic!

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Shaggy angled bob

#20 The Shaggy Angled Bob

Darling, this angular cut bob is a lively pick with its sharp angles creating oodles of texture. Notice the caramel highlights dancing on dark strands—just marvelous for dimension. It frames your face with pizzazz while keeping the upkeep breezy. A smidge of product to emphasize those layers, and voilà, a star is born! Treat those highlights gently to maintain their lustre, okay?

Choppy shaggy bob haircut with bangs

#21 Choppy Haircut with Bangs

Behold a shaggy bob that’s all about that Parisian flair — playful bangs and a chin-skimming cut for a hint of mystery. With choppy layers that add movement to medium-density hair, it’s the epitome of an effortless chic look. The wavy texture softens the silhouette, while those bold bangs frame the eyes beautifully. Ideal for a woman seeking a low-maintenance but high-style impact. Just a touch of texturizing spray, and you’re out the door with a coif that speaks of coffee and croissants by the Seine!

Shag tousled bob with undercut

#22 Shag Tousled Bob with Undercut

Honey, this shag tousled bob with an undercut is a fabulous choice for anyone craving an edgy yet easy-to-style look. Its clever undercut keeps the nape neat, while the textured layers up top add a playful bounce, perfect for fine hair. Those peek-a-boo lighter ends? They work wonders in showing off the depth and movement. Just scrunch in some product, and you’re good to glow all day!

Shaggy bob haircut for fine hair

#23 Brunette Bob for Fine Hair

Adding bangs and texture is the best way to complement a cut for fine hair. Ask your hairstylist to layer your hair at the tips for volume. This shaggy lob hairstyle is great for women with short hair.

Shaggy Bixie with Flipped-Up Layers and Bangs
Instagram @local_honey

#24: Shaggy Bixie with Flipped-Up Layers

Get ready to feel cuter than ever with a shaggy bixie and flipped-up layers! This close-cut crop comes packed with texture, so you can let it deliver a naturally voluminous, gorgeous look.

Neck-Length Choppy Shag Bob with Side-Parted Bangs
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#25: Choppy Shag with Side-Parted Bangs

If you want a short, shaggy look, a choppy shag with side-parted bangs is a good style. The crop keeps enough length for different styles. You can also wash it, add texture, or spray salt and go out.

Short Shaggy Bob Razor Cut with Curls and Bangs
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#26: Short Razor Cut with Curls and Bangs

A short razor cut with curls and bangs is a great way to boost natural texture and coiled tresses. This cut will enhance your curls, making them more lively and dynamic.

Short Layered Shag Bob with Baby Bangs
Instagram @__k_vu__

#27: Short Layered Shag with Baby Bangs

Baby bangs enhance the beauty of a short layered shag. The fringe’s neatly cut angles and face-framing texture pair well with a shag.

#28: Flowy Shaggy Cut with Chunky Layers

A shaggy cut with chunky layers is flowy. This stylish take that updates the classic bob works well with naturally wavy hair. Also beneficial for those aiming for a youthful look.

#29: Jaw-Length Haircut with Shaggy Bangs

Ready to enhance your bob hairstyle? Consider a jaw-length haircut with shaggy bangs instead! This retro-inspired variation will increase the volume and flow of a hairstyle that can sometimes lack these traits.

#30: Fluffy Bob with Razored Layers

Do you have trouble styling aging or graying hair? A fluffy bob with razored layers is a style your hairstylist can give you. Razored layers can make your aging hair look more appealing. This style provides softer but textured angles. These angles let your gray hair look less wiry and younger. Also, shorter hair lengths can make your hair appear healthier.

Short Wavy Shaggy Bixie with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @hairbyravenc

#31: Wavy Bixie with Face-Framing Layers

Drop the old bob style! Try the edgy, wavy bixie style with layers around your face. This textured haircut brings all the attention to your face, giving a cool, chic effect.

Tousled Shaggy Bob Hairstyle with Shorter Layers
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#32: Tousled Hairstyle with Shorter Layers

A messy or tousled hairdo with shorter lengths is a brilliant pick for women with thinner hair who aspire to have a shaggier style. The fusion of textured layers and fewer lengths will cause thinner strands to seem bulkier and more vibrant.

Copper Short Shaggy Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @local_honey

#33: Copper Short Shag with Curtain Fringe

Match your copper short shag with curtain fringe to catch people’s attention! Shags work well with curtain bangs, and there’s a good reason for that. The curtain fringe not only adds a sultry vibe to shaggier haircuts but also integrates seamlessly with the cut itself.

Shaggy Jagged Bob with Wispy Layers and Fringe
Instagram @__k_vu__

#34: Jagged Bob with Wispy Layers

This much-loved crop looks lovely on any hair color or texture, but those with thicker manes will adore what this cut can do. Wispy ends in this cut style help lighten thick hair strands for a smoother look.

Neck-length shaggy layered cut

#35 Neck-Length Layered Bob Cut

The neck-length, shaggy layered cut bob can be styled with a leave-in, anti-frizz conditioner. This is to give a better fit for those with straight hair. Use a curl activator for curly hair, and dry it with a diffuser or air dry it naturally.

Shag cut on graduated bob for women over 60

#36 Shag Cut on Graduated Bob for Women Over 60

Showcasing a chic and voluminous look, this layered bob for 60-year-old women beautifully blends sophistication with practicality. The varied lengths add movement and an airy feel to the hairstyle, making it perfect for those who appreciate a style that combines elegance with ease. Light and shadow play enchantingly across the silver strands, highlighting the dynamic texturing that brings out a youthful spirit. Ideal for those looking for a fresh look without the fuss, this cut remains stylish with minimal effort.

#37: Choppy Short Hair with Shaggy Layers

This effortlessly chic style features a choppy cut with layers for added texture and movement. This versatile haircut suits various hair types, particularly fine to medium textures, adding volume and dimension for a stylish and low-maintenance look.

#38: Soft Fringy Bits with Textured Ends

This shaggy-style bob with soft fringe bits and textured ends is a great cut for fine or thick hair. This look is best styled with lots of texture, so a beach wave spread would be helpful.

Shaggy bob with wispy ends for women over 70

#39 With Wispy Ends for Women Over 70

Shaggy bob haircuts with wispy ends for women over 70 are very on-trend. Softness, texture, movement, and easiness are all benefits of this cut for thin hair. Styling the hair back opens up the face and is a good way to show off those facial features. Adding wispy bangs is another way to personalize a cut to a woman’s liking.

Shaggy Blonde Bob with Layers and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#40: Blonde Bob with Layers and Curtain Bangs

A shaggy blonde bob with layers and curtain bangs is trending this year. Going shorter will add much-needed volume to fine, blonde hair. The curtain bangs shape the face perfectly to show off your eyes and cheekbones.

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Vivid Yellow Shaggy Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @heybekbek

#41: Vivid Yellow Bob with Long Bangs

When it comes to an edgy cut and color combination, you should consider the maintenance. Typically, it will be 8 to 10 weeks maximum. Ensure you’re using a color deposit shampoo. Also, keep up with your tone and cut appointments to look as fresh as possible. For products, use a dry shampoo and texture spray to fluff out hair and prolong washes.

#42: Colorful Shaggy Undercut Bob

If you plan to rock the short hairdo for a while, consider an undercut bob hair cut. Color can vary from your favorite hue to one that best compliments your complexion.

#43: Short Textured Shag with Middle Part Bangs

Upgrade your style into a short textured shag with middle-parted bangs. The shorter layers and a fringe that flows away from the face will keep you on trend. These elements also promote the natural movement of the hair. The cut adds volume to the sides of the hair and suits oval or narrow faces. Finish up by easily softening the bangs with a round brush. Make sure to avoid adding too much height. Scrunch or air-dry the rest of your hair.

Choppy Shagged Out Bob
Instagram @soubecas

#44: Choppy Shagged Out Bob

A choppy shagged-out bob is a great option for mid-aged women wanting a youthful, edgy new style. Remember, your bob needs attention; styling is very important but simple. Round brush blowout for the most volume, finishing with a flatiron for a sleek finished look.

Mid-length shag bob with layers and choppy ends

#45 The Shag Bob with Layers and Choppy Ends

Embrace this modern shag bob, where choppy layers meet a playful fringe to create a look that’s as lively as it is chic. Perfect for medium-textured hair, the auburn hue adds a rich depth, enhancing the textured effect of the layers. This mid-length style balances the edge of a shorter cut with the versatility of longer hair, making it a superb choice for anyone looking to update their look with minimal fuss. Styling is a breeze—just a bit of texturizing spray for volume and you’re ready to rock this effortlessly tousled style.

short blonde shag with light blonde money piece

#46 Short Blonde Shag with Light Blonde Money Piece

This shoulder-length platinum blonde shaggy bob is all about bringing a light, airy feel with just the right touch of class. It’s layered just so to boost volume without weighing you down, perfect for short hair that craves a bit of lift. The tousled finish gives it a carefree look that’s super easy to manage. Just a little dry shampoo or a quick blow-dry in the morning, and you’re good to go. It’s fabulous for those who need a style that keeps pace with a hectic schedule, though keep in mind, blonde shades like this will require regular salon visits to stay sharp and avoid brassiness.

before and after of a shaggy copper bob
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#47: Before and After Shaggy Copper Bob

Check out the before and after of a copper bob. Ask your stylist for a medium-length shaggy bob to soften your features and balance the face with bangs above the brows for long and rectangle face shapes.

soft shaggy bob with fringe
Instagram @rubyblue_

#48: Soft Bob with Fringe

A soft cut with fringe is perfect for ladies with heart-shaped faces. The combo of fringe and choppy layers helps make the hair look more full around the ends and voluminous at the top.

#49: Lived-In Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

A lived-in hairstyle with curtain bangs can be worn by any density, from fine to thick, yet suits the naturally straight to wavy hair texture best for easy styling. Shaggy haircuts are ultra trendy and can be worn at one length with styling, within the interior with invisible layers, or choppy layers like a true shag.

#50: Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Try a blonde bob with dark roots if you want a new, trendy style. Darker roots make for a softer grow-out if you have naturally dark hair. If you’re used to having light pieces around your face, you can ask your stylist to bring the blonde up to your root in the front and keep the rest darker.