15 Hottest Shaggy Bob Haircuts to Copy

shaggy bob haircuts

A shaggy bob is a type of bob haircut that is created using the razor cut technique, resulting in choppy ends and textured layers. This new haircut in town is taking over the fashion scene recently, and it’s for all good reasons!

Since the shag’s conception in the ’70s, the organic cut has withstood time and kept on evolving to its modern and chicer versions. Take, for example, how Kilo Kish, Taylor Swift, Anna Faris, and Lana Candor never looked so electrifying and classy until they displayed their lived-in, undone bob hairstyles!

Celebrated Texas-based hairdresser and Salon Bugatti owner Chris Jones has mastered the art of all things shaggy and messy – from wavy and curly strands to straight bobs and A-line cuts, he’s demonstrated that #shorthairgoals can easily be pulled off with a perfectly imperfect short shag!

The epitome of low maintenance – this is also a top reason why this trend is adored by many. With a bit amount of styling products and fewer wash days, the shag bob can be made alive with all the movement that comes with texture and layers without effort! Textured bob for the win!

Still slightly doubting whether to go for this flattering cut? Let’s show you the most popular versions of the shaggy bob this year, and for sure, you’ll be out on your way to the salon in no time!

For Fine Hair

Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @sohairtherapy

Incorporate bangs to complement the choppy ends of your shaggy bob cut. For ladies with fine hair, it’s also advised to layer your hair at the tips for volume.

For Curly Hair

For Curly Hair
Instagram @jordanaveryz

The texture is up to a maximum, with curls and layers arranged in a disorderly manner. Thin haired women could really use this trick to boost the body for their head.

Angled Bob

Shaggy Angled Bob
Instagram @kimkilla99

An angular cut bob already boosts volume and body. The very tussled arrangement helps give a popping look that is especially famous for women in their 20’s.

For Thick Hair

Shaggy Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @prissyhippiebeautyshop

Styling your shaggy bob haircut into ruffled, highlighted waves is an effort that will pay off at the end. Part it in the middle to elevate the gradual waves that show your copious amount of hair. Once done, it’s a guaranteed head-turner for sure.

Inverted Shag

Inverted Shaggy Bob
Instagram @rochellegoldenhairstylist

A neat bob that has stacked layers at the back appears all nice and orderly. You can opt to loosely comb with your fingers the loose hair from the back to the front to have a more unkempt look for texture and style.

Choppy Bob

Choppy Shaggy Bob
Instagram @michelleelizabeth_scizzors

A light hand is used to trim these edges, giving a feathered look. This shaggy choppy bob contributes to the ruffled appearance of the bob.

For a Round Face

Shaggy Bob for a Round Face
Instagram @jmcintyrehair

Texture and tapered ends, such as what this shaggy cut bob has are what rounded faces should partner with. The chic bob and the center-parted bangs all cut the curved areas, giving more angles that are well-balanced insight.

Lob Cut

Long Shaggy Bob
Instagram @yannio_0

Long bobs are in right now for any age. Sea salt spray can be used to achieve this beach wave look while the messy bangs add subtle texture to your soft facial features.

Bob with Bangs

Shaggy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @sarahannworden

A typical modern lady usually goes for an untamed look on a short cut. Bangs cut mid-length present a very fashion-forward appearance.

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Markel
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Craft Salon in Royal Oak, MI

How would you describe this look?b

This is a French bob cut to accentuate natural texture. My favorite thing is that Anna can truly let her hair just air dry. The haircut is the style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This bob cut into a shag works well on longer and oval face shapes. I think that it works well for anyone with curls or has wavy hair. This can be cut on thick and fine hair. It’s a perfect cut for someone who likes to return to the salon every eight weeks or so.

Layered Bob

Q&A with style creator, Candace Ellersick
Cosmetologist / Makeup Artist @ Lavish Salon in Spokane, WA

How would you describe this look?

This shaggy bob hairstyle is a fun twist on the balayage trend. This was the 2nd session of balayage on my client, who had all-natural color when she started seeing me. During my 2nd session, I overlapped my lightener on certain pieces to really make them pop! Then, I toned her with Goldwells pastel toner in lavender mixed with 10p, equal parts, for 10min.

I love the pastel toners because it’s a fun way to explore fashion tones without the commitment! They fade beautifully and usually within a few weeks. I also love this shoulder-length cut because it’s versatile – you can wear it up or down, and curled or straight. It’s flattering on people of all ages as well.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a good look for someone who wants a low maintenance style. It grows out nicely since it’s still mostly my client’s natural color. You can throw it up if you’re not styling that day but also wear it down and put some easy beach waves to dress it up!

Short and Shaggy

Short and Shaggy
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

Q&A with style creator, Wendy Newsome
Hairstylist @ David James Salons / Ceremony Salon in San Francisco, CA / Portland, OR

How would you describe this look?

This is sort of a pixie-shag hybrid that is also a bit mullet-y with the baby bangs. I love that it’s an unapologetic look that makes a statement. It has lots of texture and softness even though it’s short and graphic. Round layers with over-directed edges are cut with the straight razor and then refined with shears.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I think it’s a young-at-heart style, but the bangs can be customized to suit different face shapes and to soften or bolden the look. I’d recommend it for fine to medium textures ideally, but for thicker textures or curls, one should expect a bit more volume, which can be fun! It’s an easy day to day shape to style. Just use a bit of hair balm or leave-in and a salt spray with little to no blow-drying.

Medium Length Cut

Medium Length Cut
Instagram @ashleytmariee

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Marie
Hair Stylist @ Ashley Marie Hair in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this look?

This shaggy bob style is effortless for the girl who wants to wake up and go. If you have natural texture, the cut allows for air drying with a spritz of sea salt to enhance the separation in your waves.

Also, it’s the perfect way to grow out that short cut without ever having that awkward length. We maintain style while having movement and volume and embracing the flips in the hair when it reaches the shoulders.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I’d advise anybody looking for this style to consider bangs and ask which length/style/shape is right for your face. It adds that extra flair to a short, simple look. You can dress it up or dress it down. A lot of people are worried about having the bob they had as a child, but with the right bang, it gives it maturity and elegance.

Mid Length Shag

Mid Length Shag
Instagram @phatlyzn

Q&A with style creator, Phat Ly
Hairdresser @ Limon Salon in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this look?

This shag bob haircut and style is a combination of a classic bob haircut and modern shag layers, texture, and bangs.

What I like about this cut is that it has a strong feature out the line of a bob haircut. The layers and texture bring out the modern, edgy, lived-in, and undone look, giving the haircut more young energy and the feel of freedom.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The haircut is all about simplistic and edgy combine. This cut and style can fit on wavy to straight hair. For fine hair, the layers can add more body and movements and create volume throughout. For thicker hair, the inner layers can remove weight, adding more spaces, so the hair can move with lightness and movement.

A shaggy bob haircut is good for everyone. It can be worn as a simple classic for everyday, wash and go casual, or adding polish blowout, finishing with some touch of flat iron for a more formal or office setting. It also can be wear for events, going out on the weekends, parties. Adding some style needs hot tools like a curling iron, and finishing with some texturizing hairspray will help bring out the modern edge and style.

Chin-Length Cut

Chin-Length Cut
Instagram @kreeepykylie

Q&A with style creator, Kylie North
Apprentice Hair Stylist @ The Hair Loft LTD in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a bob with short layers and a shaggy fringe. I love the movement and texture this cut has.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut would be best for someone with a higher hair density and some sort of wave or curl pattern.

If you have straighter hair, it would require more styling to give your hair body.

Shoulder Length Cut

Shoulder Length Cut
Instagram @tythehairguy

Q&A with style creator, Jason Irwin
Hair Stylist @ Tribeca Salons in Tampa, FL

How would you describe this look?

This is a copper balayage bob with shaggy layers. My favorite part was formulating the colors I used!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I always recommend a custom color conditioner to keep reds vibrant or, at minimum, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Minimal washing will also help keep the color vibrant. For the cut, I feel it works best on people with a natural curl, wave, or those who are willing to put in the extra time to style it. If not, then understand it may look a little boxy when worn straight.