50 of the Most Flattering Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Do you want to hide your chubby cheeks? If so, you may want to consider a bob. Bobs are the best hairstyle for women with round faces because they naturally elongate face shapes. Combined with the right cutting technique and styling, rounder faces diminish with a bob haircut.

The length of a bob varies from short to medium to long. If you want to instantly slim down your face, ask your stylist to cut your hair into a bob. Add bangs and layers to bobs for a rounder face to create a unique, trendy hairstyle that’s perfect for you!

Bob hairstyles for round faces can be difficult to find. The key to a great cut and style for this face shape is to create the illusion of length by opting for cuts with angles and colors that pop, creating height at the crown, or playing up other features, such as the eyes.

Balancing a round face is all about creating a bob haircut with interesting angles to frame the face. No matter what length you choose, always consider adding side-swept fringe or face-framing layers to complement and personalize your style!

Join me as I walk you through these flattering bob haircuts for round faces. You’ll be armed with great photos to show your stylist and tutorials to help you get that salon look at home!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of a bob cut for round face shapes.


#1: Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

An oh-so-flattering cute wavy chin-length bob to try on round face shapes! Keep it chin-length for fresh and low-maintenance hair care. Feel free to turn it into a dark brunette bob to match a neutral skin tone.

Medium-length bob with a middle part and soft waves, ideal for round face shapes and medium to thick hair

#2 Medium-Length Bob with Middle Part and Wavy Style

This medium-length bob with a middle part and soft waves is perfect for round face shapes. The subtle waves add texture and movement, creating a dynamic look that helps elongate and slim the face. The face-framing layers and balayage highlights add depth and dimension, making it ideal for medium to thick hair types. This versatile style can be worn naturally wavy or straightened for a sleek finish. Regular trims are recommended to maintain the shape and prevent split ends.

Mid-length angled bob with soft waves and balayage highlights for round face shape

#3 Beautiful Mid-Length Angled Bob Shag

This mid-length angled bob showcases soft waves that add a lovely texture and movement to the hair. The subtle balayage highlights create depth and dimension, making the hairstyle more dynamic. Ideal for medium to thick hair types, this cut helps elongate and slim round face shapes. A benefit of this style is its versatility—it can be worn naturally wavy or straightened for a sleek look. However, it may require regular trims to maintain the shape and prevent split ends.

Inverted bob for round faces

#4 Marvelous Inverted Bob

This bob features an inverted cut that is ideal for round faces, using angular lines to create a slimming effect on fuller facial shapes. The contrasting highlights enhance the dynamic angles of the cut, while the precise styling emphasizes the sleek, tapered shape. This hairstyle offers versatility, easily transitioning from a polished day look to an edgy evening style. The maintenance involves regular trims to preserve the sharp angles and color touch-ups to keep the highlights vibrant.

#5: Tousled Bob with Soft Bangs

Let your natural hair texture stand out by choosing a tousled bob. Allow your hair to fall naturally. Frame your face with a full fringe. Keep this feature light and airy with the help of a round brush for a more refined look.

Icy Blonde Bob with Soft Waves for Fuller-Shaped Faces
Instagram @georgia.osborne.hair

#6: Icy Blonde Bob with Soft Waves

To contrast well with a darker, ashier natural color, keep your icy cool blonde hair fresh by regularly attending your toning appointments. This will help keep brassiness at bay. Regularly trimmed short blonde hair looks healthy. For soft waves, take deep sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling tong, but leave the final part unwrapped.

Sleek Middle Part Bob With a Face Frame for Plus Size Women
Instagram @__k_vu__

#7: Sleek Middle Part Bob With a Face Frame

If you have a round face shape and want to enhance it, a chin-length middle-part bob haircut will help. This haircut evenly distributes the weight in your hair and accentuates the fullest part of your face. Use a flat brush for drying, then slightly tuck the ends under with straighteners for a smooth finish.

Short-Length Side Part Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @makarenairina

#8: Short-Length Side Part Bob

A short bob is very flattering on round face shapes when styled properly. I suggest a bob length that sits right at the shoulders. This length offers a short yet elongating effect on your neck. As a second element, I suggest a side part. This creates some asymmetry and prevents the shape from appearing overly round.

Layered Short Bob Hair with Thin Bangs on Plus Size Women
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#9: Layered Short Hair with Thin Bangs

A layered short cut with bangs can rejuvenate thin hair. A fresh cut is a great start to a new look. Short textured styles suit round faces, whether styled with natural curls or beachy waves. A thin bang reduces fullness and frames the eyes without overpowering the look.

Short Face-Framing Bob Hairstyle for Rounder Faces
Instagram @taya.hair

#10: Face-Framing Bob Hairstyle

The face-framing bob hairstyle adds a beautiful element. When the hairstyle hugs the chin and neck, adding some curls is recommended. Consider styling your hair in a blowout that twists away from the face, or use a large curling iron to achieve this look. The added texture will create more movement in your hair. A center part will visually stretch the face, contributing to this hairstyle’s stunning appeal.

#11: Curly Cut with Side Part

Rocking the natural curls on a short bob creates body and gives an effortless look when styling. I recommend adding some volume to the side part for a dramatic effect. This added volume on top gives more height while styling and makes your face look longer. Use Hairstory Undressed and Balm for styling. It will give your hair a natural look and enhance its texture.

#12: Wavy Bob with Choppy Ends

With this detailed razor cut or shear-textured style, you can add movement, soften features, and create flow. Moreover, a slightly inverted bob can lengthen your face shape while you can still keep your hair short.

Chin-Grazing Shaggy Bob with a Fringe for Round Faces
Instagram @local_honey

#13: Chin-Grazing Shaggy Bob with a Fringe

A charming short haircut can include a fringe, enhancing the eyes and adding a chunky texture. Soft textures, waves, and curls enhance your style’s feminine vibe. I recommend adding some layers at the crown and a short bob that reaches your chin. This technique aids in creating volume at the crown and contributes to face elongation.

#14: Wispy Beach Wavy Bob

Add some wavy, beach-inspired curls. It’s easy to style, and the layers help soften the look. Stylists, avoid adding too much width to the haircut. This might make a round face look wider. Use a curling iron on large sections of hair to create waves. Then spray Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over Powder Hairspray for extra volume.

Bob with Neck-Length Curls with a Deep Side Part on Rounder Face Shapes
Instagram @makarenairina

#15: Neck-Length Curls with a Deep Side Part

This hairstyle has neck-length curls with a deep side part. One way to celebrate your natural curls and make styling super easy is with a cute cut. A short bob with a side part is best for round faces. The asymmetry helps to balance the face and adds height through the middle of the hair. Using Cult King jelly will give your curls a beachy hold.

Short Bob Cut with Swoopy Bangs for Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @frizerski.salon.be.in

#16: Short Bob Cut with Swoopy Bangs

When considering a short bob, I suggest trying a deeper side or middle part. A swoopy side bang that shapes the eyes looks beautiful and creates an asymmetrical balance.

Bluntly Cut Box Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#17: Bluntly Cut Box Bob

If you like bold cuts, choose a blunt box bob. It provides bulk by having no or minimal layers. The style gives the ‘wow’ factor when it’s shorter and skims the jawline, but it can also be worn longer. You can style it straight for a sleek look or add texture for a messier take.

#18: Gorgeous Bob with Silver Balayage

A full-volume bob looks great with longer layers. These layers create movement without losing the hair’s density. If you like changing the parting, a long fringe works well. This gives a more ‘lived-in’ feel. If you want a lighter color, an ashy balayage fits well with naturally ashy hair. Ask for a thicker section at the front – a ‘money piece.’ This will frame your face and add depth.

Adorable Fresh Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @emmas.parlour

#19: Adorable Fresh Bob

An adorable bob that frames your face perfectly is a flattering haircut. The short layers will add movement and volume to the hair. They lift away from your face for that effortless look. For styling, use a light mousse or foam product before blow-drying. Use a round brush for maximum lift at the roots. Keep in mind, tell your hairstylist that you’ll need lots of layering. Especially around your cheekbones if you want balance.

Tousled and Messy Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @soubecas

#20: Tousled and Messy Bob

One of the best options for a round face is the tousled and messy bob. The curls will create a nice face-framing shape that is easy to style and super flattering. These bob styles always help make you look put together, whether worn straight, curly or with a messy texture. Towel dry your hair well before using a volumizing mousse or curl cream, then use a diffuser to dry and finish with a texture spray or paste.

#21: Side-Parted Brunette Bob with Balayage

Adding dimension with color is one of the things I suggest the most to my clients. This can completely change someone’s look, especially when they’re looking to update their look. I also tell my clients to try to style their hair with flat iron waves if they can. It’s another fast and easy way to update a curly bob and be on trend.

#22: Feminine Blonde Lob

Look sleek and feminine with a blonde lob. The longest pieces falling around your face help slim and elongate your facial appearance. Avoid short, straight-across bangs because they make your round face look too small.

#23: Gorgeous Brown One-Length Bob

A one-length bob is great for women who want some fullness on their ends. A classic one-length bob suits women with round faces due to its balancing effect. This hairstyle is simple and easy to style!

#24: Balayage Bob

Try a bob cut with balayage if you’re looking for a pop of color and an instant slimming effect. The long angles around the face will create length, and adding a textured face frame will add softness. The bob cut is easily styled and maintained for less styling time and trips to the salon.

The French Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @hairbydsuarez

#25: The French Bob

If you get a French bob, it’s best to cut it at the jawline and add a fringe. This will help elongate the face, making it appear less round. French bobs are great for the on-the-go lifestyle but require regular salon visits to keep the style’s shape on point.

Shaggy Pixie Bob for Women with Glasses and Round Faces
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#26: Shaggy Pixie Bob for Women with Glasses

If you can rock a shaggy pixie bob, try it for your next cut! If you wear glasses, this fresher look screams artsy chic. It draws attention to your facial features while dressing up your style.

#27: Stunning Shoulder-Length Bob with Side Part

Here’s a stunning shoulder-length bob that makes a classic and trendsetting hairstyle! It draws attention away from the symmetry and fullness of the face. To avoid flat, straight-looking locks, pair them with curls and a side part for instant volume and that popular bob look.

#28: Sleek Blonde Bob Haircut

Start with a deep side part and add some highlights and lowlights onto straight hair for a dimensional result.

#29: Loveliest Textured Chin-Length Bob Cut with Waves and Curls

Ladies with round faces will want a haircut with longer layers and less volume. This is why a textured, chin-length bob haircut styled with subtle waves and curls is a lovely style.

dreamy espresso brown with caramel highlights for rounder faces
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#30: Dreamy Espresso Brown with Caramel Highlights

This bob for thick hair gives the face more attention because it isn’t hidden by a ton of hair. This haircut is ideal for women with a round face because it enhances the shape. The best thing to consider for bobs for round faces is your hair type and how much time you spend styling your hair every day. Women with super curly hair might not want this haircut because styling would be necessary to achieve the style.

Picture of a fantastic neck length lob
Instagram @olgakursitis

#31: A Fantastic Neck Length A-Line Bob

Check out this short, textured, slightly asymmetrical A-line bob. If you’re considering this side-parted bob haircut, make sure you don’t mind your hair being in your face. Also, you may need help to pull it back as easily as you used to. That being said, if those things don’t bother you, then go for it. Remember, with a short bob for a round face, if you are a lower maintenance woman who doesn’t style her hair much, this cut may not be for you.

Short Bob for Wavy Hair and Round Face
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#32: Short Bob for Wavy Hair

The perfect bob for wavy hair is here! The movement and the length, where it grazes the neck, give hair a fuller style. Added side bangs give a flattering angle to a round face.

Medium Bob for Thin Hair and Round Face
Instagram @_hairbyme_g

#33: Medium Bob for Thin Hair

This medium bob for thin hair and round face is a classic yet modern hairstyle. This bob hairstyle for a round face is trendy and quite easy to maintain as long as you’re willing to cut several inches off to have the blunt bob effect!

#34: Dirty Blonde Short Angled Bob

A dirty blonde short angled bob is super slimming and will boost finer hair types. A blonde bob is always a head-turner, but having an angled length flowing over the jawline contours the sides of the face. Adding some graduation through the back will give a fuller look to the hair.

#35: Chic Dark Chocolate Brown Layered Bob

Go for a layered bob. This haircut features a texture that was created through the layers. It adds a soft element to the hair and can be styled as natural. Overall, the texture of this haircut takes this classic bob to the next level.

Slightly a-lined lob for round faces
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#36: Slightly A-Lined Lob

Try a slight a-line lob touching just below the collarbone if you need to make a face look thinner. To create a straight, sleek bob for round faces, use Aveda Smooth Infusion styling products. It’s a heat protectant, smoothing cream all-in-one, and very effective.

Long Bob for a Round Face with Sun-Kissed Highlights
Instagram @olgakursitis

#37: Long Bob with Sun-Kissed Highlights

This long bob for a round face with sun-kissed highlights is subtle and natural.  If you’re looking for more of a natural and low-maintenance haircut that still has dimension, this shoulder-length hair is the way to go.

#38: Professional Side Parted Asymmetrical Bob

This long asymmetrical bob is very trendy right now. Shorter cuts also can make you look older and more mature. What’s great about this long bob is that when paired with the blonde babylights and balayage, it still keeps you young and vibrant.

#39: Attractive Long Bob for Fine Hair

Consider this long bob cut for fine hair. Although this bob is average in length in the front, the back is quite a bit shorter. When going for this cut, go to a trusted stylist, as too much of a stack can look dated. What it has is piecey, beveled layering.

#40: Customizable Dark Red Graduated Bob

This graduated bob haircut is a classic. Before beginning the cut, the preferred length was determined to be able to pull back the pieces in the front to perform day-to-day activities. The progression of a slight graduation in the back that angles forward to a longer length in the front creates a soft yet pronounced line.

Cute and Trendy Curly Bob for Women with Round Faces
Instagram @maggiepcurls

#41: Cute and Trendy Curly Bob

It turned out cute, flirty, and fabulous! This trendy curly bob makes a great asset. The shoulder-length cut and defined curls give your hairstyle a nice shape. When preppin’, use a volume gel and lift foam for this curled bob hairstyle to have a bouncy, gravity-defying finish.

Razor Cut Bronde Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @erickinvisible

#42: Razor Cut Bronde Bob for Fine Hair

What a classy jaw-length, razor-cut bob for fine hair! It not only adds texture to your bronde tresses but also defines your cheekbone and adds an illusion of a sharper jawline in a chic way.

#43: Sleek Bob with Side Bangs

If you have straight, fine tresses, pair a neck-length sleek bob with side bangs for round faces. The result? It’ll be a simple yet stunning hairstyle that you can wear daily. This short rounded bob is easy and quick to style, perfect for ladies with a busy lifestyle.

The Classic Blunt Bob for a Round Face
Instagram @studio7ss

#44: The Classic Blunt Bob

The blunt bob makes a trendy neck-length chop here to stay forever! With textured layering to add movement to a dark mane, it’s the ideal look to complement a face with a rounded shape. It’s indeed one of the flattering hairstyles worth trying!

Shaggy Lob for a Round Face and Thick Hair
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#45: Stylish Shaggy Lob for Thick Hair

More shape and body will give your hairstyle a funky vibe. Medium-length shaggy layered bob with bangs like this one is sure to match your cheerfulness. Your natural brunette hair will also brighten up the roundness of your face. Talk to your stylist about creating an ideal, chic, layered hairstyle.

#46: Totally Textured Bob

This textured bob with eye-skimming bangs speaks for itself. A bit longer blunt bangs make a chic and trendy addition to the cut, allowing the hair to frame a round face gracefully. Adding more angles to the cut customizes it for women wanting to accent or hide features. When you have layered blonde hair, the texture is key to accentuating the hair color and the overall style. The hue is low-maintenance if paired with dark roots.

#47: Messy Choppy Bob with Bangs and Layers

Opt for extra texture to complement your round face. This messy, choppy bob with bangs is the kind of medium cut, perfect for your dark tresses. Such a middle-parted fringe can also emphasize a unique eye color. The flow in this bob with choppy layers is unpredictable, making it look bouncy and lively.

Round Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @littlechicaboo

#48: Round Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

This gorgeous round bob with side-swept bangs will surely enhance your cheeky face! If you’re blessed with thin locks, this bob cut with a side part is a great option to achieve volume. If you have smooth and thick hair, achieve more texture by using a razor cut technique. Make this side-swept bob simple yet striking by keeping your locks light and neck-length.

Beachy Babe Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair and Rounded Face
Instagram @aperky

#49: Beachy Babe Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This long beachy babe bob for thin hair looks so soft on a round face shape. The beach-inspired waves are a simple yet stylish way to rock a bob. If you have fine to medium hair with a few natural waves or curls, this textured lob is perfect! When styling, the sea salt spray enhances the texture.

#50: Angled Bob for Straight Hair

A great angled bob for straight hair must be flawless-looking! The natural texture of the locks plays a crucial part in working on such a sleek style. A length that grazes the neck makes it one of the best bob haircuts for women with round faces. When styling, use a flat iron to enhance its sleekness. Iron the ends towards the neck to not make this super sleek bob cut look so blunt.