Meet The Trending Sassy Bob Cut and The 25 Best Ways to Get It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Face-Framing Sassy Bob Cut with Blonde Balayage
Instagram @olgakursitis

#1: Face-Framing Sassy Bob Cut

A classic under-beveled bob becomes sassy with straight styling. Use a flat iron and add textured layers for the best look. Frame with your favorite style. Use a middle part to make your face look longer. If you want your face to look shorter, try a side bang.

Chin-Grazing Sassy Round Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
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#2: Round Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A side-swept bang can be added to a round bob for more styling options. The bangs will add volume and draw attention to your beautiful eyes!

Chin-Grazing Straight Wedge Sassy Bob
Instagram @elipradohair

#3: Straight Wedge Bob

A straight wedge bob has a modern shape that you might love. For this beautiful cut, tell your stylist to give you layers of one length, a graduated nape, and an A-line shape. The bob’s visual impact will grab attention. To add shine to your bob, apply a smoothing product and use a large round brush. A flat iron can help straighten stubborn hair.

#4: Caramel Short Hair with Tousled Waves

Chunky, lived-in highlights will be a great way to show off a sassy bob. You will see textured pieces through the middle and ends of your cut. This style allows movement and looks fantastic when styled with big, tousled barrel waves.

Soft Wavy Textured Sassy Lob
Instagram @kinlochsalon

#5: Soft Wavy Textured Lob

If you’re looking for a new haircut, you should try a wavy, soft textured lob. You will love how low maintenance a lob is. You can keep your hair sleek and straight or add some wave with a 2 barrel or wave iron to create volume and dimension.

Blonde Sassy Cropped Bob with Fringe
Instagram @birthegleerup

#6: Blonde Cropped Bob with Fringe

Consider a simple, sleek, blonde bob with a fringe. The hairstyle gets its solid look from the blunt cut and full bang. Its chin-length cut suits most face shapes, adding a stylish and current touch. For a smooth and straight finish, use a medium round brush and a blow dryer.

#7: Silver Bob with Curtain Bangs

You can get a silver bob with curtain bangs. Silver tones in your hairstyle can modernize your look. Choosing a slightly beveled bob with curtain bangs can highlight your best cheekbone features. Wearing a classic bob with a middle part can give you a youthful look. This hairstyle complements heart, round, and oval face shapes.

#8: Graduated Short Crop for Fine Hair

A graduated short crop is excellent for fine hair. You can add volume to a short bob on fine hair by using a graduated cutting technique. Be sure to keep the hair blunt and fuller near the temples. Over-layering can make it look thinner.

#9: Icy Blonde Short Hair with Jagged Ends

Wearing your hair in an icy blonde style is chic and trendy. Adding a few texturized pieces to create jagged ends keeps your bob fresh and stylish. A slight angle in your haircut can also flatter and frame your face. Take care not to make your hair too ‘stacked’ or angled. That way, your hair will maintain a modern shape. To enhance the texture and the look of the jagged ends, use styling products like texturizing sprays. My favorite is the Balloon Dry Volume spray from R and Co.

Sassy Edgy Chin-Length Bob with Subtle Layers

#10: Chin-Length Bob with Subtle Layers

If you have a chin-length bob with subtle layers, this look may be quite appealing. A short bob can boost your confidence greatly. This style is ideal for women who want their hair to look fuller and voluminous. Tell your stylist you want a beveled bob with some extra layers on top. This style lets you have more layers in the back and top while reducing layers around the face to maintain a defined look.

Sassy Choppy Layered Bob for Shorter Locks
Instagram @hairby.kimmie

#11: Sassy Choppy Layered Bob

A layered bob adds volume and is easy to maintain if you have thin hair. The layered bob is a balanced mix of playful and polished.

#12: Jaw-Length French Bob with Bangs

A jaw-length French bob with bangs can flatter most face shapes. This hairstyle is easy to style. You can wear it with a soft bend or super straight.

Short Brunette Sassy Bob with Fringe
Instagram @strandappeal

#13: Short Brunette Bob with Fringe

Consider getting a short brunette bob with a fringe. Brown hair can be styled in a unique and chic way with some crown layers and textured curls. A side-swept fringe that frames your face can provide a beautiful style and can create balance in fuller face shapes.

Neck-Grazing Textured Blonde Sassy Bob with Face Frame
Instagram @oscarandco_

#14: Textured Blonde Bob with Face Frame

Add textures and a face frame to increase the volume of your blonde bob. Shorter pieces at the front of your bob create a soft frame for your eyes and cheekbones, giving you a more youthful look.

#15: Burgundy Ombre on Straight Bob

A sassy yet classy cut and color can make all the heads turn. Change your summer highlights into a burgundy ombré for a winter look. You can enhance a precision bob cut with an ideal radiant color. This is a great under-beveled blunt bob for medium to thick hair textures.

#16: Blonde Balayage Bob with Wispy Layers

Try the stylish shape of a blonde balayage bob with wispy layers. The short bob cut suits all hair types. It’s also easy to style. Having long layers at the top of your head and textured layers at the ends shapes your hairstyle beautifully. The long layers also provide a good base for balayage highlights. A slight graduation in the nape will add even more impact to your bob. To style your cut, blow dry and add a slight bend in the ends with your curling tool.

#17: Short Angled Cut with Choppy Layers

The style involves a short, angled cut with choppy layers. People with finer hair and looking for a blunt, textured end will benefit from the shattered bob. Creating a blunt, choppy end still allows you to retain a full hair outline. You can add some additional chops for texture. Fine hair doesn’t need layers. The texture created around the outline provides all the necessary movement.

Platinum Stacked Wavy Sassy Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @passion_carre

#18: Platinum Stacked Wavy Bob

You might consider a platinum stacked angled bob. Adding color will boost the style of your bold, shattered bob. A spotless platinum shade always adds a touch of elegance. A graduated cut adds modernity to the classic look. Lots of texture at the ends and a slight crown layer boost movement and volume.

#19: Colorful Blunt Bob with Full Bangs

Make your blunt bob ultra-colorful with full bangs. The bold, blocky colors make the bob look heavier. They also create an illusion of movement.

Sassy Collarbone Lob with Waves and Layers
Instagram @mychel33

#20: Collarbone Lob with Waves and Layers

The hairstyle is a collarbone lob with waves and layers. Show off your unique style with beach waves. The fashionable bob cut has lots of thin strands that have been cut and styled to reduce weight and bulkiness. This is vital for a light and easy style of hair.

Low-Maintenance Soft Brown Sassy Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @meganaileen_

#21: Low-Maintenance Soft Brown Bob

Keep your natural soft brown color and opt for a low-maintenance bob cut. The shape of your bob cut is designed to naturally fall into place without any extra effort. Enjoy the shorter back for an additional lift!

Sassy Soft Textured Bob with Loose Waves
Instagram @whitneyl.sorrells_stylist

#22: Soft Textured Bob with Loose Waves

Loose waves on a soft bob give you a fuller look without adding more color. Adding a bend to your hair displays the textured cut and intertwines your current colors for a lively, three-dimensional appearance.

#23: Side-Parted Wavy Copper Lob

Opt for a side-parted, wavy, copper-colored lob. Give your copper hair color a boost using a glossy bob hairstyle. By styling with textured ends and layers around the crown area, you can give your hair more movement. Use a curling iron to add texture to your hair and enhance the glossiness with a shine spray like the one offered by Kenna.

Wavy Layered Neck-Length Sassy Bob Cut

#24: Wavy Layered Neck-Length Cut

For short hair inspiration on wavy hair, try a neck-length haircut. Keeping the length above the shoulder will eliminate hair getting stuck in your collar during busy workdays and keep you cooler in the warmer months. Adding a gentle curve or wave to your hairstyle offers a versatile look and enhances texture.

Very Short Razored Stacked Sassy Bob with Micro Bangs
Instagram @hdspcstudio

#25: Razored Stacked Bob with Micro Bangs

Transform a structured graduated bob into an unstructured look. Do this by making a precision cut around the edge and adding razor-cut layers. Give the hairstyle a flirty touch with a bold micro bang. This element adds artistry to the style. Use a round brush to style, and then add Afterworld Organics Grip powder, enhancing body and texture.

A sassy bob haircut can transform your look. But how do you choose the right style for your hair and face type? Hairdresser Stela Ilijevski shares her expert advice.

Meet The Expert

Stela Ilijevski
Stela Ilijevski
Sarah is a hairstylist with over 8 years of experience.
You can find her at The Beauty District in Naples, FL

Suit Your Hair Type

Stela explains a bob isn’t just one size fits all. “Not every bob haircut is the same,” she says. Your lifestyle, hair texture, length, face shape and neck length come into play. For fine hair, go for some layering. It gives the illusion of fuller hair. Or opt for a straight blunt cut for a sleek look. Have thick or curly hair? Stela recommends some layering and thinning. This will stop hair growing out into a triangle shape.

Fit Your Face Shape

Your cut should also flatter your face shape. “For rounder faces, let the bob fall past your jaw line. It will elongate your face,” says Stela. A fringe and some layers will give fuller appearance to longer face shapes, making it appear rounder.

Styling Tips and Tricks

When it comes to styling your bob, personal preference rules. But Stela gives this bit of advice. “Always start with some heat protection spray and leave in moisturizer.” She also recommends a fast blow-drying spray for thick hair. “Then pick a product that will help you control what you don’t want your hair to do.” This could mean using a smoothing lotion for waves or curls. Or a root booster for volume. Want to enhance your curl? Use a moisturizing lotion and curl-activating sprays. Stela’s final tip? Experiment to find the best look for you.

Pictures of the Best Sassy Bob Haircuts