34 Bob with Curtain Bangs Hairstyle Ideas for Modern, Beachy Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A bob with curtain bangs is a combination of a bob paired with a fringe that parts in the middle are swept to the side. Parting the bangs like this makes it look like curtain windows pulled open, giving it the term curtain bangs. When you get a short hairstyle like a bob, adding a fringe frames the face, making it suitable for ladies of all ages with any face shape. This short-length cut is sure to enhance your facial features!

When getting a new haircut, especially with bangs, you must know how to maintain and style it.

Here’s a piece of advice from Australia-based stylist Matthew Jones about the trend. “Bangs will always require some kind of styling. Whether with a blow-dryer and round brush or a hot tong, they won’t sit well without effort,” he notes.

Jones recommends the Virtue Labs Refresh Dry Shampoo. He explains that “it soaks up excess oil, helps to hydrate the hair, and leaves hair feeling full again.”

“There’s one thing that people get wrong about this trend,” he adds, “it’s the balance in lengths between the bangs and the baseline of the bob. With a shorter cut, you’ll have less hair to play with the fringe without ruining the integrity of the bob.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the best bob with curtain bangs hairstyle ideas.

Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs Hairstyle
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Layered with Bangs

A cut blending with your curtain bangs creates a striking look. Consider a long curtain bang that aligns with a French bob. You achieve a tousled style by having textured layers and tapered ends. With a middle part, the style suits round, diamond, and oval face shapes well.

Textured Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Textured Bob with Fringe

Adding bangs to a bob can transform your appearance and define your facial shape. Adjust the style of your bangs lightly to get the look you desire. It doesn’t have to be demanding. Lastly, you can modify the size and form of a bob based on your preference for easy or high upkeep.

Choppy Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @eastonhair

#3: Choppy Bob with Fringe

Adding curtain bangs to a choppy bob is a trendy haircut right now. Curtain bangs face the face which helps women with round or long face shapes.

Above-the-Shoulder Bob Hairstyle with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @ritatamer

#4: Above-the-Shoulder Bob with Fringe

A short cut with a fringe is now in style but needs care. Cut this bob every month to avoid messy hair and keep it neat!

#5: Jet-Black Curtain Fringe on a Bob

A cut with a jet-black fringe creates a stylish look. Dark-colored, straight hair always appears shiny because it reflects light. Ensure your fringe is thick so it accentuates your features. Also, cut the bob with fewer layers to make it look smooth. Blow dry your fringe flat and towards your temples. Use a large round brush to maintain a straight and sharp haircut.

#6: Straight Bob with Balayage

A straight bob with a balayage is a soft and elegant style that is easy to style with a hairdryer. To achieve this shape, your layers should be almost one length with texture in the ends for a beautiful blend. The long layers will provide a good base for your balayage, allowing you to see the blonde highlights spread across the hair. The long, middle-parted fringe will accent your features perfectly. You can style your hair with a round brush, and if you have a narrow face, you may want to add more volume to balance your facial features.

#7: Straight Bob Makeover

You should try a straight bob makeover with curtain bangs, a modern and versatile hairstyle perfect for women looking to update their look. This haircut features a sleek and clean bob that falls just around the chin, creating a polished and sophisticated appearance. The addition of curtain bangs adds softness and framing to the face and will enhance your natural features. This style works well for women with straight hair as it allows for easy maintenance and styling. Whether you have thick or fine hair, this haircut can be tailored to suit your individual needs. You can style this haircut by simply blow-drying your hair using a round brush to achieve a smooth and sleek finish.

#8: Cute Curtain Bangs on a Bob

Curtain bangs on a bob is a versatile and trendy hairstyle that can elevate a bob haircut. This style is a great option for women who want to frame their faces. They can soften sharp jawlines and bring attention to your eyes. When in the chair, ask about creating a parted curtain effect. This way, the bangs can blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair or stand out to make a statement.

Tousled French Bob with Wispy Curtain Fringe
Instagram @cemilirez

#9: Tousled French Bob with Wispy Fringe

The popularity of the wispy-fringed French bob is increasing due to its elegant look. Tell your stylist you prefer a natural-looking bob with layers up to your jawline that adds movement to your hair. Let your hair air-dry naturally at home. Apply a styling cream like Malin Goetz Sage evenly from your hair roots to the ends for the best look.

Short Bob with Curtain Bangs and Beach Waves for women with messy hair
Instagram @thebesshair

#10: Short Bob with Bangs and Beach Waves

If you want a hairstyle that’s stylish for your unruly locks, consider a short bob with curtain bangs. If you do not want to spend a lot of time styling, this cut is perfect. Especially for women with messy hair who want a low-maintenance look. The curtain bangs frame the face beautifully. And the waves give a playful and effortless vibe. It’s important to get this cut done by a stylist who can balance the choppy layers. All without making it look too severe.

#11: Bob with Blended Curtain Bangs

Reinvent your bob with blended curtain bangs. A simple bob takes on a cute new shape when curtain bangs are added. The advantage of choosing a brushed-back bang is that it opens up your face shape. But this can be a drawback if you have wide cheekbones. Talk to your hair care professional to see if the style is right for you.

Copper Bob with Curtain Bangs and Waves
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#12: Copper Bob with Bangs and Waves

A copper bob is best with bangs and waves. Curtain bangs are a trendy way to wear your hair in the current style. A bob haircut is great for any age woman. You can style this look either straight or curl your hair to add fullness and texture.

Chic Medium Blonde Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#13: Chic Medium Blonde Bob with Fringe

A medium blonde bob with curtain fringe has been an ultra-trendy haircut. It will help you to have found a stylist in your area to work with you to achieve this look. If you can manage routine salon visits and maintenance, this haircut can wear very well. Try it both smooth or tousled.

#14: Short Bob with Bangs for Women Over 50

Try a bob that’s short with curtain bangs for women over 50 to soften and lift your facial features. Curtain bangs are a great alternative to full-on bangs due to the softer movement which is gently swept on either side. Add this to a short bob to give a flick of shape to a one-length style.

#15: Pixie Bob with Curtain Fringe

The latest and hottest haircut trend this season is the pixie bob aka the “bixie” featuring curtain fringe to balance square faces. The bixie cut can work on most hair types but does especially well for fine and medium hair. The layers and texture in this cut help add volume to the crown. Try Rabbit Brush Shag Spray to add more volume and texture to your pixie bob.

Bob with curtain bangs for older women
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#16: Bob with Bangs for Older Women

A bob and curtain bangs for older women needs texture, layers, and wispy, razor-cut ends. Styling bobs curly looks extra playful and gives an illusion of fuller hair.

Shaggy bob with long curtain bangs hairstyle
Instagram @yokii.san

#17: Shaggy Bob with Bangs

For women with fine hair, consider a shaggy bob with long curtain bangs to activate texture and volume, by having a stylist add soft invisible layers, and gentle point cutting to achieve choppy bangs. Style your layered bob with R+Co Trophy for added shine and texture.

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French blunt bob with curtain bangs
Instagram @ziggyazeigler

#18: French Blunt Bob with Bangs

A french blunt bob with curtain bangs works beautifully on those who love a sleeker feel to their tresses. The sharply cut length keeps fullness in the bob that hits the jawline just right. Adding curtain bangs to a bob gives shape, giving an element of softness. The curtain bangs can be pushed around that they graze the eyebrows and give a symmetrical feel to the face.

Brown bob cut with curtain fringe
Instagram @drethings

#19: Brown Bob Cut with Fringe

Try a cut with curtain fringe to professionalize your style. If you are looking for a style to impress everyone at work, a bob has that put-together look that is also a great transformational piece for medium-length hair. The length can be versatile and can work with any hair type. You can choose anywhere from the lip to below the chin. A bob works well on women of any age.

Angled bob with curtain feathered bangs
Instagram @o.le.oni

#20: Angled Bob with Feathered Bangs

An angled bob with curtain feathered bangs is a classy and elegant cut. To give your hair more movement, invest in texture sprays and pomade that will add texture and volume to your haircut.

#21: Shag Bob with Swoopy Fringe

Try a shag bob with a swoopy curtain fringe that rests just below the eyebrow. It features texturized shorter layers for instant body and effortless styling. Spritz with sea salt spray and diffuse with low heat for quick out-the-door styling.

Blonde Bob for Thin Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#22: Blonde Bob for Thin Hair with Bangs

A blonde bob for thin hair with curtain bangs is a great shag haircut for women of all ages. It instantly creates fullness and thickness. Soft curtain bangs help frame the face and are easy to maintain and style. Style with a 1 ¼” curling iron for soft waves.

Lob with curtain bangs
Instagram @stebunovhair

#23: Lob with Curtain Bangs

A lob with curtain bangs is perfect for women with fine hair who want to emphasize certain facial features and slim the face. The commitment level is low and gives a balanced and soft look. Style with Trophy texturizing spray from R+CO.

Bob with textured curtain fringe hairstyle
Instagram @stebunovhair

#24: With Textured Curtain Fringe

A bob with textured curtain fringe flatters women with a round face shape. Add soft waves with a 1” curling iron to give movement and body for a chic yet casual look. Spritz Haze by Evo into your wavy hair for activated texture and messy bangs.

Inverted bob with curtain bangs hairstyle for dark hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#25: Inverted Bob with Feathered Bangs for Dark Hair

The inverted bob with feathered bangs has a frayed finish, leaving the ends of the dark hair more uneven. To enhance the movement, try spraying a leave-in texturizer on the strands and kneading them with the palms of your hands to add more texture to the look.

#26: Cute Bob with Short Tousled Bangs

With the length that goes up to the chin or a little below it, this cute bob with short curtain bangs is a tousled and powerful cut with light layers.

#27: Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

If you’re wanting to get rid of your long hair, opt for a long bob with curtain bangs. It’s shoulder-length and has a straight base, but depending on the desired effect, the cut can be styled in different ways. Use dry shampoo to give a messy and modern texture.

#28: Lob with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

A lob with face-framing curtain bangs is a great option for those who want to try the reduced length with a versatile and elegant profile. More and more women opt for short hair cuts to combine a trendy look with more practicality. This cut looks particularly great on women with straight hair, too.

Wispy curtain bangs on a bob cut
Instagram @stebunovhair

#29: Wispy Curtain Bangs on a Bob

Wispy curtain bangs on a chin-length bob are bold. Its main characteristic is how the cut is close to the nape of the neck, which helps to lengthen the neck. With wispy bangs, it gains even more originality.

Bob with layers and curtain fringe haircut
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#30: Platinum Bob with Layers and Curtain Fringe

A platinum bob with layers and curtain fringe peaks from the nose, diverting attention from the face. Bet on the long bangs to complement the cut with elegance and style.

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Curtain bangs on a bob haircut
Instagram @stebunovhair

#31: Curtain Bangs on a Bob Haircut

Classic, curtain bangs on a bob haircut are one of those shorter hairstyles that are always on the rise. Plus, it combines with all types of hair.

Short bob with curtain fringe
Instagram @hannahs_hairxx

#32: Short Bob with Curtain Fringe

A short bob with a curtain fringe is a hairstyle recommended for ladies with a square or oval-shaped face. Use scissors and razor techniques to do this chop. I etched the back section to create texture and remove bulk at the same time. I personalized the cut using a combo of point cutting and etching.

fiery wavy short bob with curtain fringe
Instagram @hairabee

#33: Fiery Wavy Short Bob with Bangs

For those that love warmth, try a fiery wavy short bob with curtain bangs. A deep, copper base with strawberry-toned face-framing pieces is a gorgeous, rich color that pairs amazingly well with a piece-y bob. Style with a large barrel curling iron or add texture and definition with a flat iron for the perfect lived-in look.

Chin-Length Bob with Razored Layers and Face-Framing Bangs for Girls
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#34: Chin-Length Bob with Razored Layers and Face-Framing Bangs

All face shapes are unique, as are the haircut made for them. You see the difference in their confidence when they rock a chin-length bob. A hairstyle that will work for you may come with a few adjustments made to showcase your features. However, with a few inspiration photos, your stylist can piece together the best style for you.