38 Best Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair Trending Right Now

bob haircuts for fine hair

Bob haircuts for fine hair is a short cut done with hair cutting techniques that add volume to the hair. Cutting and styling fine hair can be a challenge, but these bob cuts will give you your next inspiration.

You can give movement and body to your fine strands with the right length and adding layers.

If you are looking for short bob hairstyles for fine hair, consider shaggy cuts with lots of layering.

If you have fine and thin hair, bob haircuts can make your hair appear thicker with these styling and cutting techniques. These include wispy curls, blunt cut ends, angled cuts, asymmetrical arrangements, layering, and more.

When it comes to bob hairstyles for fine hair take note of how Hollywood beauties Zoe Saldana, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mindy Kaling keep their short and fine locks looking volumized and dimensional!

The best bob hairstyles for thin hair are all about the edges, and the texture when working with less dense hair.

Here are pictures of the best bob haircuts for fine hair!

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Tousled Bob with Balayage for Fine Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#1: Tousled Bob with Balayage

A tousled bob paired with a balayage is one of the most trendiest, go to style for so many women. The balayage technique give the illusion of ribbons that creates the most beautiful combination. Try to curl this look, giving you a beachy, edgy, and a well put together style.

#2: Chic Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Blended Flipped Blonde Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#3: Blended Flipped Blonde Bob

#4: Jaw-Length Champagne Blonde Bob

Pretty Light Brown Neck-Length Bob Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#5: Pretty Light Brown Neck-Length Bob Cut

#6: Gorgeous Blonde Ombre Bob

Straight Blonde Lob with Dark Roots for Fine Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#7: Straight Blonde Lob with Dark Roots

Allow your stylist to take your look to the next level with a stylish blonde lob. You must start this style with a blunt line and add long layers. This will give movement without losing thickness. Add babylights to brighten your hair without having a dramatic line of growth.

#8: Modern Lived-In Bob Cut

From mature to a mommy makeover, a modern lived-in bob cut is one of the best styles to transition with. Avoid colors that look unnatural in order to keep maintenance low. Instead, ask for a tone 2-3 shades in variation.

#9: Sweet Long Curly Bob

Try a long curly bob if you want body and movement. You will typically want to avoid debulking or causing too much shrinkage. You must seek out a stylist that can cut curly haircuts.

Natural Blonde Bob with No Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @tassojames

#10: Natural Blonde Bob with No Bangs

A natural blonde bob with no bangs is a simple but elegant style to try. I suggest styling this cut by using a flat iron to create effortless waves for a dressier feel. You’ll want to ask your stylist for texturizing at your ends if you’re looking for a more tousled type of look.

Light Blonde One-Length Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @dinh_hairsalon

#11: Light Blonde One-Length Bob with Bangs

If you have fine hair, ask your hairstylist about a blunt bob. This is a great haircut to bring instant fullness to fine/thin hair. If you’re considering bangs, it is important to ask your stylist if they would compliment your face shape. Also, keep in mind that bangs require a little more effort when styling, so ask your stylist for some tips.

#12: Beautiful Lived-In Bob

A lived-in bob is a trendy style, and perfect for fine hair. Having a bob shape will add thickness to finer hair types, while the texture and waves give limp hair body and volume. A great product to use to achieve this style is called I Want Body Texture Spray by Eleven.

Modern & Chic Bob with Choppy Ends for Fine Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#13: Modern & Chic Bob with Choppy Ends

A modern and chic bob with choppy ends works well for any face shape! When in doubt, ask a professional for advice on length and layering. For fine hair, the only drawback would be keeping up with frequent trims. Trims help to keep the choppy ends from looking too thin. Styling will be a breeze. Blow dry using a volumizing mousse and your hands. You can finish the style with a round brush or flat brush to tame frizz.

#14: Sleek One-Length Bob with a Side Part

A sleek one-length bob with a side part is a stunning and classy look. If you’re confused about how to style your bob, the best person to ask is your stylist. They will give you the best tips on how to look your best!

Modern & Fresh Brunette Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#15: Modern & Fresh Brunette Bob

Wanting a fresh, new style that feels modern? Remember that bobs, especially natural brunettes, can be customized. Try highlights, balayage, or an ombré color if you need to. However, one color all over can be an option, depending on the maintenance that you’re wanting to commit to.

#16: Black Lob for Finer Hair

A long bob for finer hair will add the look of thickness and volume. Fine hair always does better when cut more blunt and short. Ask your stylist if your current layers will support this type of lob. Styling will be minimal, using a flat brush and dryer. For added volume, round brush the crown area.

Tousled French Bob on Fine Hair
Instagram @giboazhair

#17: Tousled French Bob on Fine Hair

A French bob on fine hair is the best option for making strands look thicker. Typically, shorter length cuts, like bobs, allow fine hair to bounce up and appear fuller with more body.

#18: The Angled Bob for Fine Tresses

The angled cut is great choice for bob haircuts for thin hair if you want to add more volume. Ask for a shorter cut at the backside and let those longer, fine strands fall more naturally at the front.

blunt bob short hairstyle
Instagram @pedrorioshair

#19: The Blunt Bob Short Hairstyle

This look is a soft blunt bob for fine tresses and is shorter than shoulder length with fewer textures and layers. The most important thing is to keep the heavy line on the bottom of the bob. Enjoy this awesome example of the ’90s bob haircuts for fine hair!

#20: A Chin-Length Choppy Bob Angled Cut

An angled chin-length bob cut for thin hair along the side of the head points attention towards the face while the timid trims neatly keep the stray hair away.

#21: A Long Layered Bob with Textured Ends

Waves and layers will boost volume and texture to medium bobs for thin hair. The A-line bob cut for thin hair gives the body of the cut, as the backside is uplifted due to stacked layers. A layered lob is perfect for women who fear short hair and want their locks to be a little longer. So if you have fine hair, consider this bob.

Sassy asymmetrical bob for fine hair
Instagram @ivanaluxe

#22: The Sassy Asymmetrical Bob

This sassy bob haircut for thin hair makes use of your hair’s fineness to create a silky curtain of a bob hairdo. Add the angular cut that shapes the face and enhances your facial structure in a more flattering way. This is an asymmetrical bob for women with thin locks who love a classic look with a twist.

#23: The Short Choppy Pixie Bob

Short bobs for fine hair show boldness to have the courage to infringe on absolute freedom.

This choppy bob haircut was cut using the Demetrius technique that allows you to control the progress of work at each stage. While using shears, each of the sections of the hair was laid and refined while dried to perfection. At any stage, you can adjust the idea, based on the characteristics of the client.

The coolest thing in the Demetrius technique for women with thin hair is that the daily styling does not take much time, and growing the haircut does not deform but retains its shape. For styling this bob style for thin hair, I recommend using paste waxes and stronghold products. Rub directly into the roots and hands to create any accents. You can ruffle the hair on top, and frame the face with long thin strands.

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The Jaw-Length Inverted Bob with a Slight Stack for Thin Hair
Instagram @barwickhair

#24: Jaw-Length Inverted Bob with a Slight Stack

Try a jaw-length inverted bob for fine hair with a slight stack in the back. This is a great example of bob haircuts for fine, thin hair to look like your hair has fullness. The beauty of bob haircuts for fine hair, if it’s done correctly, it’s very easy to style whether you blow it dry or not. You can easily dry it over, directing your brush to get more volume, not over-directing to get minimal volume.

#25: The Medium A-Line Bob for Straight Hair

This soft bob hairstyle for medium-length fine hair is a cute cut that’s very versatile, as you can wear it straight but also wavy or messy. A blunt cut makes bobs for thin hair appear fuller.

For this medium-length bob add some kind of salt spray to add volume to the roots, and if you want a little more undone look, then you can use it all over. Use a good heat protectant for the blow-dry and finish with a lightweight oil in the ends to give it shine and get rid of frizzy hairs.

The Shaggy Bob with Waves for Round Faces and for fine hair
Instagram @gingerfarnham

#26: The Shaggy Bob with Waves for Round Faces

For women with round faces, try chopping your fine hair and turning it into a feathered jaw-length shaggy bob haircut. Not only is your face shape in the best light, but it’s also an avenue for more creativity in your bob hairstyle, like these short bangs, for example!

#27: The Stacked Bob Cut

The best stacked bobs for fine hair definitely have layers! The numerous stacks give dimension and the needed bounce for your fine hair. Consider adding side-swept bangs if you plan on growing your bob out.

#28: The Undercut Bob Short Haircut

An undercut seems to be an exciting addition to any chin-length bob for thin hair. This will add texture and grit to your smooth and silky appearance.

#29: A Trendy Mid-Length Bob for Women Over 50

A graceful take on simple mid-length bob styles, this one boasts color, shape, and ultimate flattery for a woman over 50 with thin hair.

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#30: The Classic Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle

A trim like this gorgeous medium bob cut for women with fine hair is natural-looking. This bob falls organically above the shoulders, providing a neat look and showing off your fantastic blonde balayage hair.

#31: The Straight Bob Haircut

Go simple and neat with this straight bob for fine hair, achieved by using your favorite flat iron. If you want to spice up your style even more, ask your stylist for a blunt bob with bangs. It may appear too geometrical but it actually cuts more angular face shapes in a flattering way.

a flattering short layered bob for women over 60
Instagram @hairbymeghans

#32: A Flattering Short Layered Bob for Women Over 60

In your maturity and with thin hair, you can still look your best with a layered short bob for older women. Maximize those thin strands by having a jaw-length stacked bob, with multiple layers contributing to a rounder, bouncier gray hair style.

A Cool and Edgy Short Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @styledbysamrae

#33: A Cool and Edgy Short Bob

This is an edgy, cool bob haircut for fine hair. My favorite part of this cut is the texture within the bob. Fine hair can really thrive in a short cut when you create some movement. Thin hair bobs with undercuts are a lot of maintenance, so it’s not the move for everyone unless you are willing to keep up with the look.

A short blunt cut bob is great for women with strong facial features and will help bring those features to life. My number one styling tip for bob cuts for fine hair is using texturizing sprays or cream to add a little bit of grit and volume.

#34: The Messy Choppy Razored Bob

Opt for a choppy medium graduated, layered bob cut for fine hair. If you have naturally straight thin hair, you can style a bob hairdo with GHD irons to create smooth waves and a more polished look. Adding layers around the face can soften the face, and so do waves and the blonde color of the ends.

This bob cut is great for busy ladies, often moms who don’t have time to style their hair for very long and who are looking for an easy but flattering and feminine bob style for fine hair. For women with fine curly hair, you can leave it to dry naturally using a bit of a curl-defining lotion or serum.

#35: A Wavy Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Consider bangs if you have thin hair because it’s a classic, go-to look that ladies love! It never goes out of style and can grow out gracefully. To enhance the hair’s movement, ask for a few subtle layers.

This is a wavy bob with bangs for thin hair. It’s a shaggy version of your classic lob. It air dries beautifully with built-in texture and layering. Women with naturally straight hair should invest in a good texturizing or sea salt spray. This helps to encourage the natural wave and emphasize the shagginess.

A Very Short Bob with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @layde_j

#36: A Very Short Bob with Face-Framing Layers

This haircut is a long pixie cut or short bob for fine hair with face-framing layers. It’s a low-maintenance bob hairstyle for thin hair and takes no time to style, whether it’s worn sleek or tousled. The undercut on this bob with side bangs may require more frequent visits to the salon but for usually little time and little money.

#37: The Graduated Bob with Layers

The graduated bob with layers is great at giving the hair more volume. It’s a mid-length hairstyle that’s ideal for fine, thin tresses. The best thing about short hairstyles, such as graduated bobs, is the versatility. They can be worn tousled with a little bit of a hair product in them.

The slightly angled bob was cut wet for the blunt line and then dry to add light texture. A bob with layers is great for fine hair because it adds volume without being overly layered. It’s perfect for straight hair and round, oval, or square face shapes because it elongates the face. This graduated bob isn’t recommended for a long face.

#38: The Textured Messy Long Bob

The textured messy long bob offers both an edgy and glamorous finish. Medium bob haircuts and women with fine hair can easily rock the versatility of this style. So, if you’re one of those lovelies, don’t miss out on this one. Try these fine hair bobs for a fuller, livelier hairstyle.

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