39 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Black Women in 2023

Short hairstyles for black women
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hairstyles for black women hair when you want to appear or stand out in a crowd are the perfect go-to for natural. Pixie and bob cuts are perfect for an everyday hairdo, and a few curls added can keep you looking fun and fierce. You can wear any color with a short haircut, whether highlighted with blonde, purple, or red.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of this year’s most popular short hairstyles for black women.

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#1: Stunning Waves & Curls on a Black Pixie Cut

The waves and curls are great for spicing up your standard black pixie cut. Short hair cut for ladies, especially African-Americans, is a way to stand out and express themselves.

Dimensional Ringlets for Short Haired Black Women
Instagram @novaperruquers

#2: Dimensional Ringlets for Short Hair

If you want to add more bounce and body to your hair, consider dimensional ringlets for short styles. Add highlights and extra tones to short curls for a fuller look without changing the length or style of your hair.

#3: Extra Short Cut for Curly Hair

An extra short cut is a beautiful way to show off curly hair’s natural texture. Coloring your hair at this length also takes less time than coloring longer curls.

#4: Fierce Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut

A fierce salt and pepper pixie cut is a trendy, low-maintenance hairstyle perfect for black women with short hair. The style features a close cut with longer lengths on top, creating a bold and edgy look. The salt and pepper tones embrace your natural greys, providing a unique touch. They can also complement a variety of skin tones. This hairstyle is the best for individuals looking for a chic, effortless look that doesn’t require daily styling. For easier regular maintenance, you can apply a relaxer. This relaxer helps soften your natural curl pattern and texture. As a result, it becomes easier to style with a curling or flat iron.

Short Braids with Beads for Natural Hair on black ladies in their 20s
Instagram @naturallycurly

#5: Braids with Beads for Natural Hair

Dare to accessorize with braids and beads for natural hair! Beads and hair adornments are easy to include in any natural hairstyle. And they’re a great way to compliment your makeup or outfit.

Egyptian-Inspired Fringe for Short Black Hair
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#6: Egyptian-Inspired Fringe

For short hair cuts for black women, try an avante-garde twist on braids because it’s an Egyptian-inspired fringe. A combination of braids and twists, one of the best ways to soften the fringe and make it fuller is by two strand twisting the ends to create the look. Wear your hair like this, and you’ll be sure to turn heads in awe!

Beautifully Blonde Textured Short Bob
Instagram @epictotalsalon

#7: Beautifully Blonde Textured Bob

It would be best to consider a blonde textured bob for your next hairstyle. Its modern shape shows off your natural hair texture while keeping things chic. This is the perfect look for a low-maintenance style that still looks fabulous! Remember to ask your stylist for light layering around the face to keep it fresh.

Curly Pixie for Black American Women
Instagram @nieseyshair

#8: Curly Pixie for Black American Women

Described as a short curly pixie cut, it’s incredibly feminine yet radical. This is an excellent example of short cuts for black women that works with any face shape. Although texture plays a significant role in how the curls lay, it can be achieved with a flat iron and minimal product.

Beautiful Brush Piece Pixie for Black Short Hair
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#9: Beautiful Brush Piece

A beautiful brush piece is an option for ladies who wear wigs or quick weaves. If you opt for the quick weave, be sure your stylist is a razor-cutting guru. That will help to give it an edgy and jazzy style. But my favorite, a wig, is the option that allows you to remove it when you want and gives you versatility in wearing any short hair styles for black ladies.

#10: Naturally Tapered Short Cut with Lightning Bolt Design

If you love curly pixies, try a naturally tapered short cut with a lightning bolt design. If you have natural curls, you will love this crop as its shorter to longer shape flatters kinkier, coiled hair and keeps the heat off your neck with the tapered design. It’s one of the best black short hairstyles right now.

#11: Natural Wavy Pixie

Consider a pixie if you want to start your hair care journey from the beginning. By chopping short black haircuts in the mid-strand and ends, you can focus on the new growth of your roots for healthy hair. Now, unless your hair is naturally wavy, salon visits are frequent at this length for most black women to help maintain a good look.

#12: Sexy Natural Tight Curls

Embrace your kinks with naturally tight curls! The key to wearing short black hair styles with tight curls is keeping them moisturized. When curls dry, they tend to tighten up more and cause breakage. Ask your stylist for the best take-home moisturizer based on your hair porosity. A daily comb-out with moisturizer will easily have you turning heads in admiration!

Perfect taper fade for natural curls
Instagram @flemingolivier

#13: Perfect Taper Fade for Natural Curls

A taper fade for natural curls is the perfect cut to maintain the edges of your natural hair while giving the longer top hair a place to shine. Your hair appointments every three weeks are necessary to keep the sides tapered. Hydration is vital to maintain the intricacy of the curls. Use oils to keep curls from drying out when rocking this hair cut style for black ladies.

A picture of a finger wave weave
Instagram @karennoel_

#14: Chic Short Finger Waves with a Weave

Short haircuts for African-American women are chic but don’t always look modern as they age. These short black finger waves make a more modern and younger-looking hairstyle for black women in their 40s.

#15: Sleek Modern Bob with a Side Part

A modern bob with a side part always stays in style and can be modified to suit your preference. Many modern bobs don’t have layers. If you’re looking for fuller black women short hairstyles, ask your stylist to add texture and layers!

#16: Short Afro Mohawk with Designs

Look fresh and fun with these designs on a short afro mohawk. The curly hair twist hairstyling with dark tips achieves that short hair cut for black ladies.

Naturally Full Curly Bob
Instagram @pekelariley

#17: Naturally Full Curly Bob

Let your envy-inducing locks go wild with a natural short bob hairstyle for a black woman! Use your stylist-recommended products to show off your natural hairstyle’s structure and volume effectively! With plenty of volume, a short haircut for black women looks gorgeous.

Sweet Ear-Length Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @thecutlife

#18: Sweet Ear-Length Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Go for an ear-length rounded bob haircut with side-swept bangs that are very sweet and sassy. The dark maroon hair color showcases the smooth strands and complements the complexion perfectly! Ask your stylist about styling options for this short hairstyle for black women!

Vivid Short Purple Balayage Feathered Hair
Instagram @gigidoesmyhair

#19: Vivid Short Purple Balayage Feathered Hair

Add some major pop into your life with a gorgeous short feathered style with purple hair color. It’s one of my favorite vibrant short haircuts for black women!

#20: Simple Short Weave Bowl Cut

The straight hair texture on this short weave hairstyle gives ladies a simple, everyday look that’s easy to wear. For both younger and older black women, short hairstyles like this are quite fashionable.

Black woman with a short pin curl hairstyle
Instagram @hairhype_

#21: Pin Curl Black Hairstyle

These short pin curls are chic with their white-blonde color. The short style sure gives your hair fullness and a unique definition. For black women, short haircuts like this are the easiest to maintain.

Short black razor cut pixie
Instagram @lmhairstylistt

#22: Stylish Razor Cut Pixie for Black Women

A perfect stylish short razor cut never goes wrong on girls as long as you have the confidence to rock it. Keeping it simple makes a textured, layered pixie cut, which you all need to look sexy in any outfit.

edgy undercut with a shaved design
Instagram @alishea_fades

#23: Edgy Undercut with a Shaved Design

The undercut designs on this short black hairstyle are a perfect example of new trends that go well with a curly pixie cut. The natural black base plus the black color in this short hairstyle with a shaved design looks dope, too!

copper pixie bob cut for black women
Instagram @moodday_ph

#24: Copper Pixie Bob Cut

A copper pixie bob is a bold look for black girls with bold personalities. Do you have what it takes to rock these natural curls in the chocolate rose gold color?

#25: Faux Locs Bob Crochet

This neck-length cut has unique crochet tresses that only black ladies can pull off.

#26: Cute Tapered Crochet Pixie Cut

A naturally curly short black haircut like this is a unique mix of bleach blonde tresses. It’s a natural tapered cut for short black hair that any black girl can pull off.

#27: Amazing Disconnected Faux Hawk Fade

A curly pixie faux hawk for black hair does a great job balancing the volume up on top with those playful ringlets while keeping the sides short with edgy surgical lines and designs. Keeping your short natural haircut like this is a great way to amp up your hair. Ask your stylist for a taper fade to get the sharp edges.

Side-Parted Pixie
Instagram @helensofierce

#28: Versatile Side-Parted Pixie with Layered Bangs

It’s a traditional choppy pixie haircut with layered bangs and a side part for more drama. You’ll surely love the bangs in these short black haircuts for women. This pixie is one of the best cuts if you’re looking for short hair ideas. Choose to loosely curl your bangs or flip them back for a versatile style.

Gorgeous Blonde Pixie Cut for Older Black Women
Instagram @thecutslayer

#29: Gorgeous Blonde Pixie Cut for Older Women

This is a gorgeous choppy pixie cut for older women with gray hair. The best thing about this short hairstyle is that it’s lightly curled and goes in any direction you want. Keeping your cut simple doesn’t require too much maintenance. It’s a great hairstyle for older ladies on the go. You must wear a silk scarf at night, wake up and add just a little oil. Oil will be necessary if you bleach your hair to achieve this look.

👉 See more short natural hairstyles for black women over 50

A women with short gold pixie haircut
Instagram @baldgirlsonly

#30: Short Gold Pixie with a Surgical Line

Here’s an impressive short black haircut with a surgical line for thick hair. It requires a lot of moisturizing, consisting of regular, weekly deep conditions with an intense moisturizer such as Design Essential’s Almond and Avocado Conditioner and Design Essentials Coconut and a Mono Moisture Masque.

Short black box braid hairstyle
Instagram @magnatabraids

#31: Trendy Bob Haircut with Box Braids

This look features short bob plaits and gives the braids distinct characteristics that will last. Braids are also good for hair growth if properly done and cared for. To maintain its shape, always sleep with a bonnet to keep the short braids to a curve and to prevent frizz. If possible, hair no longer than shoulder-length works best for this style, and preferably it has texture. Ladies must stay away from the perms! Short hair styles for black women like this one look best on ladies with long thin faces.

Beautiful Pixie Waves for Black Ladies with Short Hair
Instagram @jayslay17

#32: Beautiful Pixie Waves

The best way to describe this is as a wavy short hairstyle for black women. This short pixie with waves is universal because it frames your face when styling. This is one of the best short curly hairstyles black women must try to pull off. Stylists can adjust the curls to lay in a certain position to accommodate and flatter any face shape.

Boyish Messy Pompadour Undercut for Black Women
Instagram @akodo1

#33: Boyish Messy Pompadour Undercut

Opt for a short hairstyle like this messy pompadour. Ladies wanting to try this look should be willing to rock this cut! The cut itself supports the style, so there is no need for heavy sprays and spritzes. This is one of the more trendsetting short hairstyles black women must try. If you are adventurous and a live-on-the-edge type of woman, go for it! This style is one of the most flattering short black hairstyles for women with fuller faces because the height and closeness on the sides give a slimming appearance.

Short Disconnected Cut with Full Side Fringe
Instagram @b.tartstyles101_llc

#34: Short Disconnected Cut with Full Side Fringe

A short, disconnected cut is an edgy and interesting trend to try if you’re bored with long hair. The way the strands fall in the front of the face is gorgeous. Also, the layers created for this cropped cut are a soft, feminine touch to complete your look. For a black woman, short hair cut with soft layers can be very low-maintenance without demanding to use many products.

#35: Modern Blonde Pixie Cut with Waves

A blonde pixie cut with waves is bold and vibrant, and it’s a statement! For a lady with naturally curly hair that’s thinking about this look, take a close look at the health of your hair and ask a lot of questions, such as:

How often do you visit the salon?

What is your current care regimen?

Do you have an active lifestyle?

Are you currently on medication?

Do you have any concerns?

Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) for African-American Ladies
Instagram @nymcfly

#36: Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) for African-American Ladies

This is an extra short TWA (teenie weenie afro) crop. African American short hairstyles like this can be rocked by all natural-haired women with or without color in their locks. TWA short hairstyles for black women are perfect for every type of woman. An oval-shaped face is ideal, but if you don’t have that bone structure, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear what makes you happy.

The best thing about the TWA is its different styling styles. It complements a lady in a way that says she’s fierce, serious, and confident. If you’re considering wearing these black hair cuts for women, make sure you are certain you would like a shorter look if going for a big chop because the grow-back process can be bumpy.

Unique cropped cut for natural curls
Instagram @krewkutz

#37: Unique Cropped Cut for Natural Curls

Go for a cropped haircut for natural curls, one of the gorgeous short black hairstyles. A cropped haircut is ideal for a woman with soft features, a reluctance to spend hours styling their hair, and a preference to look and feel unique. Ask your stylist for a sharp design if you want to step this cut up a notch.

#38: Feminine Chocolate Brown Pixie Cut

Go for a curly haircut that is a fun and feminine pixie cut. Many women with natural curls are afraid of short hair because they think it won’t be flattering to their faces or they won’t look feminine. Even with thin hair, these short curly hairstyles for black women would look great if the shape cut is right.

Short locks can take less time to style, but they may need to be styled more often. When your hair is long, it’s easy to throw it up into a bun or puff until you’re ready to wash. Black hair cuts of this length will need more care throughout the week to look their best.

Modern Buzz Cut for Black Ladies
Instagram @adrianfanus

#39: Modern Buzz Cut for Ladies

Women with short black hair tend to have fun and bold personalities to match their looks. Black short haircuts with a shaved line certainly bring a different kind of femininity. This is one of the best short hairstyles for bolder women!

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