46 Hottest Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Short Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re ready to take a break from relaxers and give yourself a big chop, you’re in the right place! Short natural hairstyles for black women are trending right now. You’ll find short hairstyles ranging from twist-outs, blowouts, puffs, sponge curls, afro’s, finger coils, finger waves, flat twists, and all-natural looks!

All you need for many of these are just an inch of hair. If you’re bold, you can go for a super short cut or TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). If you want to get edgy, try some popular short haircuts like an undercut, shaved and faded sides, surgical lines, and patterns.

When going all-natural with your African-American short hair, moisture will be key, ladies. You’ll need to often condition your hair with natural products like olive and coconut oil.

Flaunt your natural beauty! Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of short natural hairstyles for black women:

Short Natural Curls Afro for Black Ladies
Instagram @gabriellejanay

#1: Short Natural Curls Afro

Short natural Afro curls are a must-try for anyone with natural hair. This hairstyle balances masculine and feminine looks, embodying androgyny well.

#2: Twisted Out with a Side Part

Are you searching for a stylish and adaptable haircut for your short, unprocessed hair? Think about a twisted-out style with a side parting. This look involves making small twists all over your head and then undoing them to get a springy and well-outlined texture. The side parting provides an elegant detail and depth to the whole appearance.

#3: Gorgeous Short Black Curls

Flaunt your natural black curls, and let it complement your square-shaped face. For maintenance, your hair must stay hydrated or moisturized for a healthier-looking finish.

Short Natural Highlights for a Curly Afro for black women
Instagram @novaperruquers

#4: Highlights for a Curly Afro

Hair highlights are a great match for a curly Afro! Opt for a purple shampoo or conditioner to prevent your hair highlights from yellowing too quickly and use as needed between salon visits.

#5: High-Density Natural Curls

Consider a short, precision cut if you have high-density natural curls. In many cases, it’s good to avoid longer styles for high-density curls as they can bell out quickly.

#6: Short Textured Kinks

Consider short textured kinks if you’re a black woman with textured hair. Short textured kinks, or ‘shrunken coils,’ offer a low-maintenance look that’s stylish and practical for those always on the go. The hairstyle is perfect for busy people without much time or patience for daily styling. You can achieve a defined, natural look with proper conditioning and a good curl-defining product like Cantù’s coil and curl-defining cream.

#7: Amazing Relaxed Pixie Cut

Looking to embrace your natural texture with a chic and low-maintenance hairstyle? If you are a black woman, consider the trendy, low-maintenance pixie cut. This stylish haircut suits women who have more wavy than curly natural hair. This haircut is an empowering choice for black women wishing to flaunt their naturally beautiful hair. But don’t forget to moisturize regularly to avoid a dry scalp.

#8: Kinks with Curtain Fringe

Looking for a fresh new twist on your short natural kinks? Look no further than a curtain fringe. This face-framing hairstyle doesn’t compromise your natural texture. Ideal for black women with round faces, give your hair a playful and youthful vibe with this style. If you keep up with maintenance, this hairstyle can be a low-maintenance option. It still maintains its bold and stylish appearance.

#9: Natural Taper with Curls

Are you searching for a new hairstyle that is both chic and low maintenance? Consider a short natural taper with curls. This style is perfect for black ladies who desire a low-maintenance yet trendy look. The tapered cut provides shape and definition to the hair, while the curls add texture and volume. Adding a short curly weave may help get more volume. The great thing about this style is that it’s versatile and suits all face shapes. If you have a busy schedule or prefer less time on hair care, this style is perfect for you.

#10: Cute and Tight Ringlets

The best way to flatter your face is with cute and tight ringlets. If you’re new to shorter curly styles, booking a styling session before and after your cut can be helpful.

#11: Naturally Dense Curls

You’re luckier than most if you have naturally dense curls! When you go to the salon, ask for a wash-and-go style that allows your natural curl pattern to shine.

#12: Cornrows and Passion Twists

Ask about mixing cornrows and passion twists if you want a hairstyle that isn’t fully braided. Passion twists are a beautiful compliment to the ends of cornrows.

#13: Stunning Short Hairstyle for Natural Curls

Rock one of the hottest, stunning short hairstyles for black women with natural curls. This jazzy hairstyle pairs fine texture with your natural curl pattern for freshness. You can add an unexpected hair accessory, like a cool scrunchie or ribbon-like tie, to break it up. If you have an oval face or longer jawline, keep length in the crown to bring balance. It will also further accentuate your beautiful features like cheekbones and eyes. Remember to spritz on some light pomade for extra control and shine!

#14: Cornrows and 2-Strand Twists

Skip the fuss of long natural hair! Try a playful hairstyle like cornrows and 2-strand twists with subtle highlights. Cornrows are an iconic protective style. It’s perfect for those looking to maintain their short, natural hair. You can also add some spunk in the form of two-strand twist highlights and spirals. It will give style and color without overwhelming minimal length. Both looks provide plenty of creativity for black women when they want to keep it cute, especially if you’ll need a low-maintenance style.

Short Natural Afro Permed Hair for Black Ladies with a Long Face
Instagram @hikmetorhan

#15: Afro Permed Hair

Afro-permed hair is perfect for black ladies without tightly kinked curl patterns. The short natural afro-permed hair adds volume while framing the face in all the right places. Consider spiral techniques to get short black hairstyles like a perm or Jerry curl. Both offer flattering textures and bring your personality to life! Avoid too much shampooing, as your hair and scalp can dry out.

Gorgeous Makeover for Short Natural Hair for Black Women with 4c hair
Instagram @love.your.hair.byelise

#16: Gorgeous Makeover for Natural Hair

Say goodbye to damaged hair and welcome a gorgeous makeover for natural hair! Update your look and embrace all the beauty, texture, and volume 4c curls bring. Short cuts for black women may be as fun to play around with by adding different braids, head wraps, and accessories. And even highlight those kinky tresses to complete any head-topping masterpiece.

#17: Rounded Afro

A naturally rounded afro is one of the trendiest hairstyles for black women with short hair. This haircut can be achieved with low-maintenance conditioning and styling. And this cutting technique makes it easier to keep your hair looking fresh. The cut also allows for more versatility, especially in different styles, since every curl pattern stands out. When you can, opt for an undercut around the edges. It will create softness around facial features. Or, keep a round cut all over for a playful, confident aura.

Natural Ear-Length Tendrils with Bangs
Instagram @aoki_hair

#18: Ear-Length Tendrils with Bangs

Ear-length tendrils with bangs create the perfect frame for your features. This style works especially well on oval and oblong face shapes, as it adds definition to the edges of the face. To achieve this look, you must seek an experienced stylist. They will use strategic braiding techniques or textured shears. Whichever is best for your hair type. Aim for balance in your curly fro and leave the chair looking stylish and chic.

#19: Super Cool Low Undercut Pattern

Short black haircuts with a low undercut never fail to draw attention. For such haircuts, a shaved line will better emphasize the low-cut effect.

Short coily bob for black women
Instagram @nessashani

#20: Short Coily Bob for Black Women

A short coily bob for black women is the perfect style that can be done at home. Plus, it appreciates the natural curl pattern without the frizz. Twist your hair while damp with a styling mousse. Then, allow it to dry overnight while sleeping or under a dryer. Once it’s untwisted, some finger styling and your natural hair will fall right into place.

Short Natural Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut for Women
Instagram @joyouscurlss

#21: Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut

Not all short natural hairstyles require a lot of styling and upkeep. I’ve found that a low-maintenance buzz cut can be stunning and easy to maintain.

#22: Amazing Protective Style

An amazing protective style that isn’t as common is tree braids. This technique allows you to wear your hair in softer styles while wearing braids. Remember to consult your braider about the best braid hair to keep up at home easily.

Short Natural Hair Bob
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#23: Short Natural Hair Bob

When talking to your hairstylist about this look, tell them you want something low-maintenance but stylish. They must consider your face shape and style preferences to get the perfect shape and texture. If you need to decide on bangs or layers, communicate that, too.

Chin-length natural haircut with bangs
Instagram @amirahjaye

#24: Chin-Length Natural Haircut with Bangs

Get a chin-length haircut if you’re not afraid of mixing bangs and curls! Best for women with level 3 curly hair, a simple 2-strand twist out will deliver. Try using Cantù products for twists and coils when styling.

Perfect Side-Parted Bob for Natural Short Hair
Instagram @fifi_cm

#25: Perfect Side-Parted Bob

You can still wear a perfect side-parted bob with fully natural hair. You’ll typically French braid your natural hair while damp. Then, once dry, you can unbraid it and let your natural hair style. Pair this technique with the most natural hair textures, and it’s sure to be a winning natural style!

#26: Simple Tapered Pixie for Natural Curly Hair

A simple tapered pixie for your natural curls is an excellent choice if you aren’t afraid of a short cut but still want to rock your natural hair. After a cut from your barber, this mature style can easily be maintained at home. Use a curling mousse and your fingers to get your natural curls into place.

#27: Cute Natural Tight Coils

The world needs to see more beautiful natural haircuts like these short, tight coils. The volume and definition enhance the texture of the curls.

Sexy Curly Frohawk With Plait Designs
Instagram @beautyspaceke

#28: Curly FroHawk With Plait Designs

If you need a special style for your natural hair, try a curly frohawk with plait designs. It would be best to ask your braider to use plastic rubber bands with this design. This will help to avoid breakage. Short haircuts demand a mousse and finishing spray to maintain a consistent curl while out and about that won’t frizz.

Natural tapered pixie
Instagram @jennifer_pixie

#29: Natural Tapered Pixie

A natural tapered pixie is perfect for the edgy girl. While short hair around the sides and nape has limited styling options, the longer hair at the top has various styles. Curls one day and straight hair the next, this style can look great for any occasion. For the easiest management, chemically relaxed or soft textured hair is best.

Twist out haircut with shaved temples
Instagram @kennybarbeiro

#30: Twist Out Haircut with Shaved Temples

Consider a twist out haircut with shaved temples if you’re going for the punk rock or street edge. Your barber can even get crazy creative with freestyle designs on the sides. For women with naturally coily hair, style it out with moisturizer and a highly diluted foam wrap to keep the curls loose and soft.

easy twa hairstyle for black women
Instagram @krewkutz

#31: Easy TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

The teeny weeny afro for natural locks is an easy and stylish way to flaunt your texture. Confident African-American women will be OK with wearing gorgeous short haircuts with designs.

Short natural tapered curls
Instagram @juliedavette

#32: Natural Tapered Cut on Curls

Protective hairstyles are a great idea, but a tapered fade for naturally coiled hair is a must-try, too! To achieve this tapered cut, the cut will require shaping and layering.

natural spirals on a short haircut
Instagram @krewkutz

#33: Natural Spirals on Short Haircut

Opt for a springy short cut with shorter sides to keep a round shape at the top. Use hair products that offer moisture without weighing them down for such curls, so they don’t lose their bounce. Ask your stylist or barber for a trendy design on the side to glow up your style.

Sexy Short Mohawk Fade on Afro Natural Curls
Instagram @espacodshair.beauty

#34: Mohawk Fade on Afro Curls

The shaven lines on a mohawk for curly hair create a super edgy style that everyone will love! Ask your stylist about adding a shade of blonde highlights that will bring out a softer finish.

Short caramel blonde with an undercut
Instagram @stepthebarber

#35: Funky Caramel Blonde Undercut

A caramel blonde undercut is a stylish way to show off the fullness and texture of your natural curls. The shade of blonde matches women with a bronze skin tone. Jazzing up this natural undercut with a shaved design creates a fierce element.

Naturally short type 4 hair
Instagram @juliedavette

#36: Natural Type 4 Hair Coils

Here’s a striking natural hairstyle for black women with type 4 coils. The sides look clean, emphasizing the curls on top. What’s great about this chop is that the shape and height are customizable to match any face shape.

Short Hairstyle with Blonde Twists
Instagram @damnthatschev

#37: Short Hairstyle with Blonde Twists

This short twist-out haircut gives natural hair a good amount of definition. For an extra dimension, add a shade of blonde! If you’re bored with the usual short coily bob, it’s a nice upgrade.

#38: Elegant Updo with Side Cornrows

Show creativity and uniqueness by wearing this elegant updo with side braided cornrows. It looks neat but textured at the same time.

#39: Edgy Curly Faux Hawk Coils

An African-American hairstyle that has a short faux hawk with twists is a head-turning fashion statement. This hair with defined curls offers nice definition and shape.

short pixie cut for natural hair
Instagram @krewkutz

#40: Short Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Here’s a simple but stunning pixie cut, which most black women can rock the best! Opt for this black pixie cut if you have an oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped face with thick or thin hair.

Very short natural undercut with shaved designs
Instagram @stepthebarber

#41: Very Short Undercut with Shaved Designs

Very short natural hairstyles are versatile, too. Feel free to add shaved lines for an eye-catching finish or a fade for a low-maintenance hairstyle.

#42: Bright Blonde Curly Hair with Surgical Line

Partner your curly hair with a surgical line to create disconnection, allowing the hair texture to pop. For sassy haircuts like this, a bright shade of blonde would look so eye-catching.

#43: Shaved Sides with Rainbow Highlights

Play with rainbow colors as you wear a short, natural haircut. The shaved sides allow for an edgier and stronger finish, while the highlights make it fun and younger-looking!

#44: Natural Afro with Shaved Side Designs

This short natural hair isn’t the same tapered natural haircut you usually see. The shaved lines on both sides make this more striking and charming.

#45: Short and Natural Undercut with Longer Hair On Top

A natural curly undercut works best on thick hair that seems unmanageable when short. The undercut removes bulk from tresses, keeping them in a nice shape.

#46: Crown Braid Style with Short Natural Curls

A crown braid style with short natural curls makes a fun and modern look perfect for any occasion. Such a hair type would work like magic with a bright blonde hue.