20 Youthful Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women Over 50

short natural haircuts for black women over 50
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Have you seen Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, and Alfre Woodard wearing short hair styles? Aren’t they so iconic? Short natural haircuts for black women over 50 are flattering and easy to style and maintain. It’s the best way to show how you embrace your natural hair texture.

But first, you must consider if a short natural cut fits you and your hair care needs. Vernita Ali, a Hawaii-based stylist says, “My go-to rule is picking the right cut for the woman’s head size, lifestyle, and health issues, if any. Consult with someone you trust and value in the hair field to give you feedback.”

When styling short black hairstyles, Ali’s fave products include her own all-natural olive hair oil. She recommends both Nairobi Foam and Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Shampoo, too. She also loves Tea Tree Shampoo and Awapuhi Shampoo and Conditioner by Paul Mitchell.

Ali’s advice to black women in their fifties is it’s okay to be bold and have short hair. She adds, “It’s okay to be happy with short haircuts for natural hair without validation from others.”

So before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of youthful-looking short natural haircuts for black women over 50.

Natural twa hairstyle for black senior women
Instagram @theloftmedford
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#1: Natural TWA for Black Senior Women

A natural TWA for black senior women has the perfect balance of hair shape and it’s perfect for African-American women with thinning hair. The stunning shape of TWA hairstyles flows with the head and needs a low amount of styling.

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#2: Straightened and Natural

Do you want a short haircut but are reluctant to lose your long, sleek hair? If you’re open to experimenting, consider trying straightened natural hair. You can quickly achieve a sleek look with short, natural hair by using a flat iron, hot comb, or blow dryer.

Natural Grey Pixie with Soft Sweeping Bangs for Black Women Aged 50
Instagram @lhsbeautysalon
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#3: Grey Pixie with Soft Sweeping Bangs

Spice up your grey pixie with soft sweeping bangs. A nice fringe really adds sophistication to a pixie. Going grey doesn’t have to be scary. Just be sure to take care of your aging hair. Grey hair tends to get more coarse and frizzy. So ask your stylist for a recommendation to keep the frizz controlled. Typically this will be a smoothing serum on wet hair and a pomade on dry hair.

Natural fohawk with low fade for older ladies
Instagram @s_eff_jaye
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#4: Natural Fohawk with Low Fade for Older Ladies

Try a natural fohawk with a low fade for black women over fifty. First, the short sides are a low-maintenance style. Second, the natural coils on top take all the attention. Add volume by picking out the coils a little for extra shape. Allow some coils to fall around the front of the face to contour the forehead.

Natural Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut for Black Ladies 50 and Over
Instagram @imagebyshanae
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#5: Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut

You can’t go wrong with a salt and pepper pixie cut. Aging hair can be tough to deal with. But, keeping it this short definitely helps. Do not forget, short hair is sassy too!

Crochet braids for short, thin hair
Instagram @braids_by_san
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#6: Crochet Braids for Short, Thin Hair

Crochet braids for short, thin hair are best installed as small and short in length to minimize tension on already fragile hair. For women over 50, an asymmetrical braided bob is a chic style that can easily be managed from home by simply wearing a bonnet at night and keeping your scalp moisturized as needed.

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#7: Short Box Braids for Natural Hair

Short box braids for natural hair on women over 50 are ideal for low styling maintenance. Lightweight and simplistic, this braid style is a perfect go-to for something quick and cute. See more styles of box braids.

Shaved head for gray haired women over 50
Instagram @mrs_tahirah
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#8: Shaved Head for Gray-Haired Women

Short natural African-American hairstyles like a shaved head for gray-haired women don’t need to be extreme. Clippers have different levels of length and keeping the guard on a higher number can create a beautiful head-hugging crop. Your silvery gray hair will make it even more of a show-stopping style. Plus, there’s no styling time involved.

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#9: Short 4c Curls for Older Black Women

Short 4C curls for older black women lift the face and adds a fun playful feel to your black hair type. Wearing your hair natural helps you to embrace your texture. Pulling the coils out gently adds height and opens up the face to let your features, such as your glasses, shine.

Very short tight coils for older women
Instagram @hydrabarsalon
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#10: Very Short Tight Coils for Older Women Over 50

Try wearing very short tight coils for older women in their 50s if you need a fresh new natural short haircut. Let some tendrils fall around your forehead and have the shape layered to create a softer rounded bevel on the length. This will elevate your face shape.

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#11: Defined Curls for Short Natural Hair

When looking for natural hairstyles for short hair, opt for defined curls for your 3C hair. Natural curls will always be timeless and classy. Although, it can take some experimenting with products and styling to get your curls right. Also, consider a shorter length to let the curl bounce up and frame your face.

👉 See more natural hairstyles for black women.

natural short coils for black women over 50
Instagram @curlfactor
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#12: Natural Short Coils for a Youthful Haircut

Natural short coiled hair create a youthful haircut. When considering natural haircuts for short hair, play around with a side parting to give a little height to the hair. If you have a chubby face, then when the length sits at the cheek, it emphasizes your beautiful features.

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#13: Undercut Designs for Black Women Over 50

Consider undercut designs for black women over 50 since there are no limits to the options available. With a nice tapered natural shape to your sides, different designs add a little interest. They can enhance the shape of the haircut and give a fresh, sleek look to a classic cut.

Naturally coiled short hairstyle
Instagram @pamshair_tea
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#14: Naturally Coiled Short Hair

Wearing naturally coiled short hair enhances and defines the shape of each stunning coil. Don’t be afraid to pull out the curl a little more to add life to the hair, and embrace the volume for an incredibly fun and sassy style. This is one of the best short hairstyles for natural hair.

Short natural twists hairstyle for 50-year-old women
Instagram @theloftmedford
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#15: Short Natural Twists to Look 10 Years Younger

Short natural twists are a hairstyle that can define your natural texture. You may prefer to work with dry hair for a looser effect or wet for the more springy coil. The twists are sure to boost definition and add life back into your natural short hairstyle.

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#16: Natural Afro for Curly Hair

Wear your hair in a natural afro if you love short, curly hair with some bounce. Keeping the shape rounded will make your afro curls pop. Don’t be afraid to let some tendrils fall around the face to enhance the eye area.

Short afro for natural hair haircut
Instagram @sybilelie
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#17: Short Afro for Natural Hair

A short afro for natural hair is a low-maintenance style. Wearing your stunning locks shorter will knock down styling time. You’ll have fewer salon visits, too.

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#18: Cornrows Hairstyle for Mature Black Women

Salt and pepper cornrows for mature black women are stylish and will never grow old. Add a side part to short braids and you’ll have a shape-enhancing style made just for you, grandma.

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#19: Grey Pixie for 50+ Black Women

Rock a grey pixie haircut for 50-year-old black women and achieve a fabulous tonal haircut. Grey hair is never just one color tone and really sets off a pixie cut. Feel free to keep a little length on top for extra dimension and volume.

Loose ringlets for natural african american hair
Instagram @chez.luisa
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#20: Loose Ringlets for Natural African-American Hair

When it comes to short natural hairstyles for black women over 50, embrace loose ringlets for natural African-American hair. With a shorter layered style, you’ll add a soft bounce to your shape. Don’t be afraid to softly layer around the curvature of the face to bring more detail to your style. Allow the blonde hair to air-dry for a looser curl compared to diffusing for volume.