22 Best Short Box Braids You Have to See for 2022

Pictures of the best short box braids for black women

Short box braids are a type of hair-braiding protective style where the braids appear “boxy” or have square-shaped sections. Typically in long lengths, this African-originated hairstyle also takes form in short, easy-to-wear versions.

The saying that short hairstyles lack versatility when it comes to styling is a total myth! You could go for cropped extensions for jumbo braids, accessorize with metal cuffs and cute beads, put them up into a fresh ponytail or updo, or have it in vivids.

If your goal is to minimize the time it takes to style your hair in the morning, shorter box braids are a definite go. They’re super easy to maintain and style – the answer to a real woke-up-like-this look!

Hairstylist and braid expert Tekeira Atkins rounds up her quick-and-easy box braids for short hair creations on her feed, and we’re getting serious edgy vibes!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the trendiest short box braids hairstyles!

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Shoulder-Length Crochet Braids
Instagram @janiehairs04

#1: Shoulder-Length Crochet Braids

Sew in some extensions to achieve that perfect shoulder-length box braids hairstyle. They frame your face and refresh your look, all at once!

Jeweled box braids
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

#2: Jeweled Box Braids

Jeweled box braids are a classic braid style for black women. Box braids are simple to install and not time consuming. Keeping them short in a bob also avoids the feeling of heaviness on the neck. Add bling and different jewels for a jazzy feel.

Short bronde box braids
Instagram @ms_ada_stylez

#3: Short Bronde Box Braids

Try wearing short bronde box braids if you’re wanting a braid style that has some versatility and without a time-consuming installation process. Because they’re individual braids, they can pulled up, worn down, tied in a bun, and even curled on the ends.

Bun updo for short box braids
Instagram @emani.marie

#4: Bun Updo for Short Box Braids

Rock a bun updo for short box braids when you want to switch up the bob style. Pulling the braids up in the front shows off your facial features and face shape. Gold clasps on the ends can be added at any time, depending on the occasion and desired style.

#5: Neck-Grazing Knotless Box Braids

Think about neck-grazing knotless box braids for a very light weight braid style. Knotless braids take the bulk out of the braids at the roots and allow for a more flat and sleek braid style.

Ponytail style for shorter braids
Instagram @laurynalexi

#6: Ponytail Style for Shorter Braids

A ponytail style for shorter braids is ideal for active women needing to keep their braids from falling their face. Pulling the braids up in the center is a go-to solution to keep the bob style cute. Use a scrunchie without metal clasps to lightly secure the ponytail and minimize tension.

#7: Pixie Cut with Box Braids

A fun and retro pixie cut with box braids is a trendy style for young black women to try. Box braids on colored hair like a neon yellow will add more edge to the cut and style without having to cause chemical damage.

Short jumbo box braids
Instagram @sherikhair

#8: Short Jumbo Box Braids

Have a go at these short and jumbo box braids! You can accessorize them with beads, strings, and other pieces of jewelry. Like this chunky box braid style? Then come see these popular jumbo box braids.

Short blonde box braids
Instagram @hair_byify

#9: Blonde Bob Braids

To accentuate your face shape, especially the jaw area, try this braided bob. The blonde in short box braids makes it all the more exciting.

#10: Short Triangle Box Braids

A short hairstyle with box braids looks difficult to achieve, but in reality, it’s very easy to do. You’ll see that braids don’t only go well with long hair, but shorter-length hair can be braided, too.

Get more triangle box braids inspiration here!

#11: Small Braids on Short Hair

Detailed box braids on short hair with beads is a different but brilliant approach to wearing a long bob.

#12: Short Bob with Box Braids

Getting a short hairstyle with medium box braids is ideal for creating a bodied bob. It keeps form and style which gives you a wonderful curtain of crowning glory.

Short burgundy braids
Instagram @b.r.a.i.d.e.r

#13: Short Burgundy Braids

Burgundy red box braids on short hair are a beginner’s first step to trying out a new hair color. Black women will look edgy with this kind of red hair.

Braided Hairstyle With Curly Ends
Instagram @booklilcharles

#14: Braided Hairstyle With Curly Ends

Getting creative is the key to spicing up short box braids styles! This one kept it quite loose towards the ends which made for an interesting frilled look.

Short brown box braids
Instagram @afri.coiffure

#15: Brown Box Braids

Caramel box braids on a short haircut show luscious locks in a protective manner. Plus, golden undertones stand out inconspicuously, showing off a bronzed look.

Short Rubber Band Box Braids
Instagram @jazzed.hair

#16: Rubber Band Box Braids

An easier way of doing box braids is by utilizing some rubber bands. Not only is it pretty, but it also is a friendlier way of having patterned locks.

short braids With Loose Ends
Instagram @moni_blessit1

#17: Short Braids with Natural Loose Ends

These are small feed-ins with a curly top by cosmetologist La Trece Ward of Las Vegas.

Ward emphasizes, “I love this short hairstyle with box braids because this style is versatile. It has a classy, elegant, graceful look because of the soft curls at the top.”

According to Ward, any African-American woman would be able to wear this style. It’s a get-up-and-go style with little maintenance. Ward continues, “I inform ladies wanting this look to make sure the scalp has proper moisture, so it won’t get dry and irritated. Products recommended are light oils (example: wild growth oil, unrefined: coconut oil or avocado oil, whatever light oil to your liking but not hair grease).”

#18: Curly Box Braids on Neck-Length Hair

These curly box braids are short, smart, and sassy. Nigeria-based braider Chiamaka Onwualor confirms that it can be worn for any event.

Onwualor says, “The best thing about this look is it was made with a mixture of two attachments, white and gold Darling extensions, which flatters ladies with a dark skin tone.”

This look is suitable for a light-skinned female, so if someone dark-skinned comes for this look, Onwualor advises against it because it might look a bit extra.

#19: Short Box Braids with Purple Color

These box braids with a side part on shorter hair are very stylish. Designed by braider Kel Rawls of Mississippi, this style is the choice of color that definitely catches anyone’s attention!

“The only advice I’d give to black women considering shorter braids is that the burnt ends can be very irritating against your neck, so be mindful,” Rawls points out.

#20: Collarbone-Length Silver Box Braids

This short hairstyle with box braids speaks for itself. It’s one of the looks that outshine a personality, so you really can’t miss it. According to stylist Moikouyah Kamara of New York, anyone can rock this style.

All hair types work, but if your hair is short, Kamara recommends getting the braids a little smaller. She adds, “I would recommend this style to a shy, timid person because once you have this braided hairstyle it would bring out your inner diva. Silver braids are the best!”

Short Braided Bob with Bangs
Instagram @curlzofglory

#21: Short Braided Bob with Bangs

Opt for a short hairstyle that features a short box braids bob with bangs. Wisconsin-based stylist Aramide Dada’s favorite thing about it is the bangs.

“Although her real hair is longer than the bangs, I was able to install it without compromising the hair,” Dada states.

Dada’s #1 tip is to oil the scalp every 2 to 3 days during the first 2 weeks of getting the braids. “Getting your hair braided exposes your scalp and can cause it to become dry and itchy. Oiling the scalp can help relieve the scalp of the dryness and itchiness,” Dada expounds.

#22: Short Thick Braids

A classy protective short box braid style gives a chic look without cutting your own natural hair. Created by stylist Tyler Janae of Delaware, you can go from the boardroom to the beach with its versatility.

“Anyone can pull this braided style off. It’s very classy yet edgy, and very low-maintenance. Tie it up with a silk scarf at night, put light oil in the morning, add some hair jewelry, and you’re ready to go,” Janae explains.

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