16 Short Faux Locs That Are Straight Lewk

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short faux locs is a medium-tension protective hairstyle achieved by wrapping extensions around the hair. Locs are usually done long, but you’ll be surprised how they also appear stylish in chopped styles!

Getting back on-trend, Rihanna wore these pieces in her recent film Oceans 8. Everyone’s been lining up to copy her look since then. Having them short in a bob, pixie, or lob is one unique way to make you stand out of the crowd!

Don’t like to commit long-term? Unlike dreadlocks, faux locs are easy to maintain, especially no matter your hair type. You can choose many patterns and colors to save time styling your strands daily!

Michigan-based Shanique Grant creates her versions of the look with yarns and cuffs. She reminds me, “you should have at least 3 inches of hair before installing locs for less tension.”

Don’t forget your roots! This is our expert braider’s number 1 tip when getting faux locs. “This is the optimal time to get those roots moisturized and massaged to stimulate the scalp, promoting new growth,” she tells us.

Although short, she assures that these hairstyles are still super versatile. Shanique shares her top products – a water-based leave-in conditioner and oils such as avocado, castor, or olive.

Who says you can’t do much with shorter hair? Prove them wrong when you try one of these popular pictures of short faux locs hairstyles!


#1: Thick Faux Locs

Look your best with these thick faux locs protective styles on your hair that lengths beyond your shoulders. Each loc is neatly done and looks so flattering on natural black hair.

short crochet faux locs

#2 Crochet Faux Locs

A bob style crochet faux locs on short hair stand out by adding loops at the ends. This is one of her newer signature looks. For short loc styles for women, my best advice is always to try to aim after long-lasting Marley hair brands like Jamaican twist or Cuban braid. Long-term faux loc lovers even use human hair, and it’s smart to use all-natural loc products like Tropical Roots to help your hair grow while enjoying this hairstyle.

individual crochet faux locs on short hair
Instagram @lateriahope

#3: Individual Crochet Faux Locs

Creating an icon and short faux locs takes time and steady hands. Wear those individual crochet locs with sass and accessories if desired.

short red faux locs
Instagram @ronitrawalker

#4: Red Faux Locs

Are you loving your naturally curly hair? Color it vibrant red, then turn it into sided dreadlocks to spice things up. These red faux locs for short hair will surely match your edgy spirit.

short faux locs with curly ends
Instagram @boholocs

#5: With Curly Ends

Let your faux locs down to your shoulders, jazz it up with curly ends, and next thing you know, you are the star in a fun boho-themed party. These yarn-like and protective short locs hairstyles look fascinating on ladies with fiery ginger hair color on dark roots.

#6: Braided Faux Locs

Imagine how strong your vibe will be when having these braided faux locs on your naturally black and short hair. The fusion of almost undercut, the box braid, and excellent starter dreadlocks are admirable enough. Short faux locs styles like this will match your boldness!

short curly faux locs
Instagram @baje_hair

#7: Curly Faux Locs

Stylist Lois Astrid is undoubtedly right when she says that “curls give a different glow.” This starter curly faux locs style is one of the best ideas to do on your short black hair. Try it and let people know how unique your taste is.

#8: Crochet Goddess Faux Locs

Nothing is better than this crochet goddess short faux locs hairstyle on pure black hair. Match it up with your goddess-looking face; you are ready to be on all big occasions in the neighborhood.

Short bob faux locs
Instagram @theangiedior.co

#9: Bob Faux Locs

What a youthful look for ladies who like to rock a short bob and faux locs! An awesome faux dreadlocks hairstyle is a great protective style for women’s hair.

short blonde faux locs
Instagram @nneunfiltered

#10: Blonde Faux Locs

If you’re bored with your current look, try a new one with blonde short faux locs hair!

short curly faux locs crochet hair
Instagram @cutelooksdar

#11: Curly Crochet Faux Locs

One-of-a-kind curly crochet faux locs make for a stunning short hairstyle. The crocheted roots ending in a nice loose curl give a dynamic approach to the hairstyle. Such round, full, and voluminous styles for short locs will surely get you noticed.

#12: Very Short Locs with Shaved Sides

Emphasize your very short faux locs with shaved sides! This style brings out your masculinity, a nice touch of charming look for a cool gal like you. Keeping your small faux locs short is a wonderful idea.

short bob goddess faux locs
Instagram @loxxbymoii

#13: The Goddess Faux Locs Bob

The spiraled ends put a nice twist to the short, Goddess faux locs bob. Such loc styles for short hair are super glam and unique in the most convenient way!

#14: Jumbo Faux Locs

Jumbo short faux locs are a great protective black hairstyle for ladies with thick hair.

According to freelance hairstylist Xta Agyei, “You can have it messy. It can be shampooed, styled, and kept very long. You can cut it off when you no longer want this look or style and still have your natural hair back.”

Agyei warns that it’s not a style for tender-headed persons. “Your hair type should be around 3a/3b to 4a/4c. A person who doesn’t like messy hair should not consider this style.”

short faux locs with marley hair
Instagram @uriahbelle

#15: Small Locs with Cool Marley Hair

Small, short faux locs are very similar to dreads.

“These locs are very lightweight and breathable to wear during the summer while still being able to protect your natural hair underneath,” says its hair stylist Annabella Ulysse of Queens, NY.

Ulysse recommends this hairstyle to someone looking for a protective hairstyle and if your lifestyle involves lots of workouts and for the busy professional. The benefit of this look is that “you don’t need to deal with the struggle of having lots of hair to tie up or in their face,” advises Ulysse.

short bohemian faux locs
Instagram @youngmedusas_

#16: Bohemian Faux Locs

Shorter faux locs can also work as dreadlocks without locking your hair. A protective style that allows you to experiment with dreadlocks without locking your hair.

The beauty about short loc styles, according to stylist Camella of Fort Lauderdale, FL, is that “the older they get, the better they look over time. If installed properly, there’s less tension on your hair, resulting in no damage, just protection.”

Camella’s most important advice is for you to know that “hair care starts before the installation. I cannot stress this enough. You have to take care of your hair before installing the faux locs simply because you will not have access to your hair shaft, only the roots. This will prevent your hair from drying out.”