46 Cute Weave Hairstyles Trending in 2022

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Nowadays, doesn’t it seem like everyone has been stung by the hair weave bug? It’s extremely evident that hair weaves have become more and more mainstream in the past 15 years or so.

This sudden boost in popularity is due to a large amount of exposure hair weaves are receiving from celebrities. These celebs can’t seem to get enough, and in some unfortunate situations, they can’t seem to get it right. But we’ve got their back, and yours too!

There’s a huge trend in the number of women coming into salons for hair weaves for their weddings, so we’ve included a few bridal weave hairstyles if you’re here for inspiration!

What better way to protect your hair and change up your style than by rocking a weave?! Check out what’s new for this upcoming season for weave hairstyles.

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#1: Chich Braided Weave

Look at you all looking snazzy and simply cute with your braids! And it’s that easy to get too for hairstyles with a weave.

Wavy Ombre Hair Weave
Instagram @hairbywhit_

#2: Wavy Ombre Hair Weave

Nail a perfect weave hairstyle and you can basically transform yourself to any style, hair color, and length that your heart so desires.

Edgy Bob Weave Hairstyle with Highlights
Style by SHAKIA ALLEN, 10 Gems Salon, Beaufort, SC

#3: Edgy Bob Black Hair Weave

Weave hairstyles do not have to be a single color but can combine lowlights and highlights like this fantastic combination of blue hair color. This edgy angled bob spices things up with a pop of color in the bangs and a very detailed razor cut.

Sleek Side Cut Weave Hairstyles
Style by Chondra Wilson, Diversity Hair and Nail Salon, Charlotte, NC

#4: Sleek Side Cut

Sexy, sleek side cuts are perfect for any special event. These weave hairstyles can also be worn with a soft flat press for an everyday look.

Curly Bob Weave
Instagram @glambykibbzie

#5: Curly Bob Weave

Think about a curly bob weave if you’re considering a natural haircut, but aren’t ready to commit just yet. The most natural look is to have a bit of your natural hair blended with the weave. You might want to gently relax your edges to keep them manageable. My advice is to obtain a stylist who is an expert in weaving and cutting so that they can help you maintain the style.

#6: Sexy Shoulder-Length Beach Waves Weave

Easy, breezy, a cover girl look for you! The chocolate highlights add a popping effect to the already gorgeous cut of the weave.

#7: Fun Black Layered Weave

Take a chill night with a bob weave all in midnight black. The elegance is unmatched for any woman who wears this crowning glory!

Colorful Short Weave
Instagram @alesia35

#8: Colorful Short Weave

A colorful short weave is definitely sweet! This bright red bob weave does look all natural.

Weave with Black Color and Lowlights Hairstyle
Style by Kanitra Barrett, Micah Thomas Studios, Covington, GA

#9: Weave with Black Color and Lowlights

This is a medium-length quick weave with a touch of bold black color infused with some red. Weave hairstyles can infuse color combinations as well for an added touch. This voluminous haircut provides some flair.

Medium Bob Hairstyle with Highlights
Style by Angela Vickers, Staci Salon and Boutique, Oklahoma City, OK

#10: Color Frenzy

This color frenzy is the perfect medium, glued in a weave style. This weave hairstyle suits heart and round face shapes.

Short Natural Weave Hairstyle with Curls
Style by Sonja Barclay, Casal Aveda Institute, Youngstown, OH

#11: Natural-Looking Weave

This is a natural look short cut weave hairstyle with soft curls. Weave hairstyles are a great alternative to styling your own natural hair, especially when you’re ready for a new look without causing any damage to your own hair. Try any one of the weave styles above to add some sizzle to your look!

Copper Bob Weave Hairstyle

#12 Cooling Out With a Copper Bob

This style features a copper hue that compliments any skin tone. Colored weaves are the safest way to test a color before committing to it. This is an in-between color of copper and caramel tones. For a bob weave, coloring can really lighten up the overall effect.

Long Dark Weave Hairstyle with Curls

#13 Dark and Lovely Weave Curls

This fierce look features gorgeous curls that will keep heads turning. The black hair combined with some shine spray really brings out the curls in this hairstyle. Long weave hairstyles are easy to style because there is more to work with. Simply Stylin-Light Silk Spray is made with pure silicone ingredients that have shining, smoothing, and straightening qualities. For black hair, it provides great reflection. It’s light and doesn’t create build-up on weave hairstyles.

Peekaboo Highlights with a Weave

#14 Peekaboo Highlights with a Weave

This weave featuring peek-a-boo highlights adds that funky fun to your hair in a matter of seconds. If you are using bonding agents instead of needle and thread to secure extensions the Pre-Bonding Special Cleansing Shampoo is great to use because it is compatible with all bonding products.

Ombre Weave Hairstyle

#15 Absolutely Ombre Weave Hair

Ombre colors are all the rage right now and combining them with weave hairstyles makes the perfect sense. No need to bleach and dye your hair if you want the look. An ombre weave full sew-in is the way to go!

Asymmetrical Weave Bob Hairstyle

#16 Asymmetrical Weave Bob

A bob always makes for a perfect summer ‘do and this asymmetrical bob is no exception. Since extensions are sewn onto a weft, it’s best not to use small tooth combs since they may rip your hair out which can cause a lot of shedding.

Bold Blonde Hairstyle with Bangs

#17 Blonde Beauty

Embrace the bold blonde color this season. This blonde weave will keep your face looking bright and glorious. An alternative for this one is to go with platinum blonde for your hair color. If your hair loses its luster a little bit of argan oil can go a long way.

Long Wavy Weave Hairstyle

#18 Rocking that Rapunzel Weave

Long hair, don’t care! This style features extra long, wavy locks for that “Repunzelesque” look. Leave-ins are great for freshening up dry weaves. Be sure to use a dime size amount.

Natural U Part Weave Hairstyle

#19 Unique U-Part Weave

For a more natural look, try a u-part weave. Juvexin’s hair-taming system is perfect for keeping the top and perimeter hairs soft and manageable.

Short Pixie Haircut with Clip On Tracks

#20 Short and Sweet Weave Pixie

This style features an asymmetrical pixie cut with an added track. In addition to a wrapping lotion, Mega wrap strips will help keep the back smooth and lay flat.

Classic Weave with Red Ombre Highlights

#21 Class and Beauty Weave with Red Ombre

This reddish ombre will have you looking like a queen with class. Because your hair is trapped under a full head of weave, washing it every 2-3 weeks is necessary.

Funky Short Pixie Hairstyle

#22 Funky Fresh Pixie Cut

Short pixie cuts will have you looking cool and collected. Use low temperatures when curling the weave to prevent damage to your hair.

Curly Weave Updo Hairstyle

#23 Curly Weave Updo Style

I can’t get enough of this curly weave up-do style! For a more natural look, blending your curls with the weave is key. To maintain the integrity of your own hair underneath the weave, use natural oil at least once a week.

Mohawk Weave Hairstyle with Curls

#24 Make It Hot Mohawk

This style features an over-the-top mohawk look that will have all your girlfriends swooning.

Curly Hairstyle with Crochet Braids

#25 Raving Red Crochet Braids

This style features crochet braids for a full and sexy set of curls. Don’t shy away from asking questions and talking to your trusted hair stylist to ensure a perfect look.

Long Curly Hairstyle with Braided Crown

#26 Grecian Greatness

This style features a simple braided crown for a Grecian Goddess look. To cut down on the styling time purchase curly hair instead of straight.

Style by Jennifer Foster, Hair Favor by Jennifer, Greensboro, NC

#27: Glamorous Side Bun

I love the simplicity and beauty of this hairstyle. This hairstyle requires a clip-on hair bun, a hair band, a brush and just 10 minutes of your time.

Vintage Hairstyle with Finger Weaves
Style by Regina Balowin, Fayetteville Beauty College, Fayetteville, NC

#28: Glitzy Finger Waves & Curls Hair Weave

I’m totally about that 1950’s life, the fabulous clothing, the natural makeup and of course, the glamorous hairstyles. I love the fact that this hairstyle can be created without having to finger waving the hair.

Drop Curl Hair Weave with Side Part
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#29: Extra Low Side Part with Drop Curl Hair Weave

This hairstyle takes me back to the 80’s. It’s very playful and sexy. I love that the curls are different sizes and lengths.

Straight Sleek Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#30: Straight & Sleek Side Part Hair Weave

This look is extremely easy to fashion and is absolutely wonderful for any professional woman. I love how sleek and smooth your hair is and the way your hair falls.

Side Swept Curls Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#31: Side-Swept Curls for Weave Hairstyles

I absolutely love this look for a bride on her wedding day.

Waterfall Curls Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#32: Middle Part with Water Fall Curls Hair Weave

I’m absolutely crazy about this look. This a simple, yet glamorous and elegant look. It’s one of my faves! Plus, it can be worn by any bridal member (the bride, bride’s maids or the mother of the bride).

Hair Weave with Side Swept Curls
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#33: One-Sided Swept Curls Hair Weave

This is another great bridal look that’s easy to create, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of your time or patience. I love how the curls twist and curve neatly towards one side of the head.

Descending Waves Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#34: Middle Part with Descending Waves Hair Weave

This look is everything: glamorous, sexy, stunning, attractive, and beautiful. I love how clean the curls are, and how the hair falls.

Wild and Curly Hair Weave
Style by Antoinette Floyd, All Power Barber & Beauty, Pensacola, FL

#35: Wild & Free Curly Tresses Black Hair Weave

This look is totally Chaka Khan. I really love this look. All face shapes can rock this style, but we love it on round faces a tiny bit more.

Rebel Curls Hair Weave
Style by Rasheeda Berry, Godly Image Hair Studio, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

#36: Rebel Curls Hair Weave

With more and more women becoming weave natural, natural hairstyles like the one below are becoming more and more requested by women like you. I love this natural look and its tight spiral curls, and its afro shape.

Tight Drop Curls Hair Weave
Style by Araina Griffith, Nuwbns Natural Hair, Fayetteville, NC

#37: Short, Slim & Sweet Tight Drop Curls Hair Weave

This look is a wonderful evening look. It’s very clean and polished.

Pixie Hair Weave
Style and Makeup by Vicki Lynn Kelley

#38: Side-Swept Fringe Pixie Hair Weave

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this hairstyle. The layers are awesome and just the right amount of hair has been taken off the sides.

Long Straight Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#39: Sleek & Smooth Looks with Side Part Hair Weave

If you’re in need of an evening look that could compliment any outfit, this look is it.

Free Fall Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#40: Side Part with Free Fall Waves Hair Weave

This look is so Beyoncé. The part is perfectly centered, it’s just the right amount of layers, and the curls are very airy and light.

Aaliya Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#41: The Aaliyah Hair Weave

I’m calling this look Aaliyah because she totally coined this look back in the 90’s. This look is popular at my private beauty studio in New York. I love the huge and voluptuous curls and I love that it’s just the right length. Not too long or too short.

Slanted-Length Bob Cut Hair Weave

#42 Slanted-Length Bob Cut Hair Weave

This look is great for those who aren’t sure if a long or short hair weave works best for them. Technically speaking this look wouldn’t really be classified as bob cut due to its length, however, because of the way the hair has been tightly curled, it gives an illusion of a bob cut.

Hollywood Curls Hair Weave

#43 Hollywood Curls with Side Part Hair Weave

When I first saw this hairstyle, I immediately thought about Kendra from the housewives of Atlanta. I’m sure when you create this look you will look and feel as gone with the wind fabulous as Kendra does.

Curly Pixie Hair Weave
Instagram @wigdealer

#44: Curly Pixie Hair Weave

This hairstyle is super sexy and fashionable. The layers in the hair allow the direction of the curl to become well-defined.

Multi Curl Hair Weave
Style By Denise Granberry, L3 Salon, Spring Lake, NC

#45: Multi Curl Weave Hair Weave

If you’re into multiple curls, then you’re going to absolutely love creating this look.

Straight Hair Weave
Style by Tanika Torrice, Tanika Torrice Private Studio

#46: Side-Swept Fringe on a Weave Hairstyle

This is the perfect hair weave hairstyle for work or play.

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