29 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Any Hair Length

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

There’s never been a better time to rock your natural coils, kinks, and curls. Keep up to date with the latest trends in natural hairstyles for black women and check out these awesome photos below for your next hairdo. Whether your natural hair is short, medium or long, you’ll find your next favorite hairstyle here.

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Sexy Natural Long Curls with Long Bangs for Black Ladies
Instagram @hairbyreema

#1: Sexy Long Curls with Long Bangs

Long curls paired with long bangs on naturally curly hair are giving you all the body you need! To keep your look from falling flat, add layers to remove extra weight and keep the volume. If you have naturally loose curls, ask your stylist if this is the right cut and style for you.

Gorgeous Natural Curls with Volume for Black Women
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#2: Gorgeous Curls with Volume

How about some gorgeous curls with volume this weekend?! Best on short natural hair, this can be achieved with either a small curl rod set or a small twist out depending on your natural curl pattern. To maintain your style and volume at home, keep a set of foam rods to re-wrap your curls sometimes, as well as a light finishing spray without the stronghold of a freeze spray.

#3: Romantic Thick Long Curls

Some romantic thick long curls compliment women with consistent natural curl patterns and a ton of hair. If you need to visit the salon for routine maintenance, I suggest that you keep up with trims and moisturizing care. Healthy hair is the key to keeping this style gorgeous.

Naturally Twisted 4c Curls for Black Women
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#4: Twisted 4c Curls

Get into twisted 4c curls if you’re unsure of how to style your tightly kinked hair. For my 4c clients, I flat twist their damp wet hair with a twist cream by Cantu. She can let the flat twists dry naturally for a couple of days or sit under the dryer. When creating this style at home, try to “freestyle” part, meaning no hard parts so that there aren’t any lines of demarcation. And don’t forget to untwist carefully with your hands only!

#5: Natural Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Try some color as a natural brunette with blonde highlights. With natural curls and some simple twist-outs for styling, add to your look with some warm highlights. To maintain your healthy hair and curl pattern, look into using Olaplax bond repair products at home between salon visits.

Natural Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @ambertamaraa

#6: Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part

If you haven’t much time to spend on your hair in the morning, wear a big fluffy afro with an off-center part. All you need is a light product such as shea butter and a little sheen spray to refine the curls and texture in your fluffy hair. Big hair can seem like one of the most challenging hairstyles to take on, but it’s actually one of the easiest! I always encourage my natural-haired clients to allow their hair to just be and use minimal product for a touch of shine and moisture.

#7: Short Natural Afro for African-American Women

The afro is a timeless style that has been worn by African-American women for decades. It’s a simple and beautiful way to show off your natural curls. Use the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to keep your curls bouncy and beautiful.

#8: Fluffy Natural Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights

Check out this fluffy natural bob. Over the past several years, more black women have been opting to go natural without chemical relaxers. No chemical straightening equates to thicker and healthier hair, making this style a frequent go-to to show off your healthy hair. Ask your stylist for some light color or highlights to add a little depth and jazz to your natural curls.

Full Natural Pineapple Updo
Instagram @inhale_mycurls

#9: Full Pineapple Updo

Get finessed with a full natural afro ponytail. Braids and beads are your best friend when this style comes up.

Bantu Knots for Natural Hair
Instagram @himenatural

#10: Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

Bantu knots for natural hair have become one of my favorite protective styles since I started transitioning my hair from perm damage. It can be done with short or long hair and it can be done with different hair ranging from type 2 hair to type 4 hair. I mostly like it because I can wear it for a couple of days without it getting messy. Before unraveling my Bantu knots I usually just do some small accessorizing with a cute set of earrings and rock it all day just like that. I get my best curl definition when I use a product that is lightweight leave-in cream for example, “ORS Olive pudding.” Just make sure you use a small amount, so just a fingertip full is enough. I usually cover my hair with a satin scarf when I sleep so that my hair is protected.

Healthy and Natural Top Knot
Instagram @jennuinehair

#11: Healthy and Natural Top Knot

This look would best be described as a half up and a half down hairstyle. The intricate bun style at the top is made up of ten years worth of growth long beautiful healthy natural locs. My favorite thing about this style is showing the length of hair but also being able to show the versatility of styles the length of hair can do. The advice I would give is to purchase a jumbo size Marley Cap for that length of hair to keep your style fresh and decrease frizz from your fresh retwist. I also like Wild Grow hair oil to keep the scalp moisturized as well as the locs so your hair does not dry out over time.

#12: Carefree Jumbo Box Braids

Sometimes you don’t want to wait hours on top of hours to get a head full of box braids done on your head. Sometimes you just want to get out the door and go about your day, but still look alluring and conversational. This is the protective hairstyle to do just that! Jumbo box braids, which consist of approximately 18-21 braids, look simply beautiful, carefree, and effortless. My favorite thing about this style is the fusion of colors, size, and length of the braids. I love the freedom of weight with 21 braids as opposed to 80-100 braids, which can be too much!

I believe the hairstyle doesn’t make you, but you can make the hairstyle. For example, this beauty has naturally curly, waist-length hair, so it’s cool to see extensions that can be worn, despite hair differences. You would just need more packaged hair extensions so that they can exceed your own naturally long hair. It’s all about confidence. As long as you have enough hair, speaking to my short-haired women, at least four to five inches of hair to grip and weave into your hair extensions, you’re good to go!

Edgy Tapered Fro hairstyle for naturally short hair
Instagram @adrianfanus

#13: Edgy Tapered Fro for Naturally Short Hair

Opt for a dark tapered fro with natural curls. I recommend this style if you have three to four inches of hair. It can be achieved with longer hair but will require more work. I recommend a leave-in moisturizing lotion to prep your hair and a curl sponge to achieve your natural twist. The sides are then laid down with a small comb or soft brush.

#14: Straight Braided Style

Try a crochet braid style that was created with Freetress Pre-Looped Crochet Braid. I love that it’s straight, not curly like most crochet styles. To style, I recommend a hair polish and a hair sheen. All hair types can wear this look. I do not recommend it to any woman that is a gym addict because too much sweat will affect her style.

Fashion-forward natural curly bangs for black women
Instagram @eupattyl

#15: Fashion-Forward Cute Curly Bangs

Be proud and flaunt your roots, literally! Look majestic while fashioning tight curls.

Natural Two-Strand Twists
Instagram @slayedby_r4y

#16: Natural Two-Strand Twists

Find a hairstylist that knows her way around black locks. Protective and stylish, this is a classic natural hairstyle that will live on. The term “silk press” is mainly associated with and used in the African American community as it describes the art of pressing your hair until it is silky straight. This particular style is suitable for all hair textures, as the key component to this particular style is the shampoo process and products used before styling.

effortless and voluminous curls for naturally black hair
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#17: Effortless and Voluminous Curls

These voluminous curls are effortless. They have tons of volume up top with just the right amount of face-framing curls. You would maintain natural hairstyles like this by doing a pineapple or mini pineapples at night. In the morning, release your curls and spray a curl refresher to shake everything back into shape. This hairstyle is for women with a looser curl pattern (Type 3a-4a). Any face shape can wear this because the face-framing can be customized. This is the perfect look for women who have minimal time to do their hair and need three to four days of wear before restyling.

#18: Bouncy Curls for Natural Hair

Opt for a Deva Cut. Curly girls that have never tried a Deva Cut before usually lose some length with their first cut. This shape in particular helps you feel like your hair is more manageable, but still has some length to it. I love that this cut for natural hair gives your hair some shape and style, but keeps you feeling like the stylist didn’t cut a ton of hair off.

Another positive to this haircut is that it’s versatile for a lot of face shapes and hair types ( i.e. curly, super curly)! It’s for girls that do spend some time styling their hair and don’t like to wear it up much. It’s a very fun and bouncy cut that can be styled in many different ways by simply changing the part or amount of volume you choose to have that day with your hair.

Super Versatile Crochet Twists hairstyle
Instagram @allmixdupaz

#19: Super Versatile Crochet Twists

Try a super quick hairstyle for natural hair that is very versatile. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, completely down, half up/half down…the options are endless! This style is very low maintenance. I recommend wearing a silk bonnet or sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night to prolong the longevity of your hairstyle.

To recreate this look, you’ll need a crochet hook and six bags of Janet Collection Havana Mambo pre-twisted crochet hair, also called Havana Hair. Your hair needs to be braided in eight to ten straight-back cornrows before using the crochet hook to hook the pre-twisted hair onto your braid.

Graduated Curly Bob hairstyle on Natural Hair
Instagram @beyondcurls

#20: Graduated Curly Bob on Natural Hair

I would describe this haircut as an asymmetrical graduated curly bob on natural hair. I love his look because the layering allows you to see the beautiful curl patterns. The layering prevents your curls from falling flat and looking bottom-heavy while enhancing volume. Curly hair naturally lacks moisture, so it’s essential that you use hydrating curl-friendly products to restore moisture and define your curl pattern. It’s important to note that when choosing products, look for ones that are sulfate and silicone-free as these ingredients dry your hair. The beauty of this cut is that it can be worn by both wavy and super curly hair. The most important thing is to maintain healthy curls by ensuring your curls are cleansed and deep conditioned for at least a week and by applying the correct styling products.

Natural and Elegant Updo hairstyle
Instagram @bri_twotees_any

#21: Natural and Elegant Updo

Go for a simple and elegant updo that can also be worn as a casual, day-to-day hairstyle if you have natural hair. My absolute favorite thing about this look is how both buns are intertwined, creating a rope-like formation. The thickness makes them very prominent.

The products I recommend to recreate this look are two packages of Kanekalon Braiding Hair, hair Pins and bobby pins, medium-sized rubber bands, a rattail comb, a brush, Eco Styler Gel (with no alcohol), and jumbo styling wraps. Maintain your look day to day with Edge Control and a silk or satin hair wrap. I recommend this look for a woman who has medium to long hair. It would be suitable for a natural hair lady with hair types 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, and/or 4c. Heat does not have to be applied to your hair to recreate this style, but the choice is optional.

#22: Rainbow Curls for Short Hair

Try a fun, in style, and definitely sophisticated and gentle way to wear your rainbow hair. My favorite thing about natural hairstyles like this is how seven different colors can blend perfectly together in a big full Afro. To maintain this look, I recommend using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo. It gently cleanses and conditions your hair and your color won’t be affected by overwashing, definitely giving your color more longevity. Always keep in mind to shampoo as little as possible.

I recommend this look if you have healthy hair. These beautiful colors require pre-lightening your hair to blonde, and that can affect the texture and pattern of your curls. The style you see in the picture was created with a leave-in conditioner and a diffuser to disperse air evenly around the curls, gently drying the hair and improving definition.

Jumbo Loc Plaits hairstyle
Instagram @jahlocsofficial

#23: Jumbo Loc Plaits

These are “jumbo loc plaits” or simply “plaits”. I absolutely love this natural style because it allows you to have the freedom of wearing your locs down without being in your face, as well as tied back to give a neat and professional look. This style lasts a long time and once taken out, your hair will have a beautiful crinkly pattern. Locs can be done on loose to very tight coily hair, so once your locs are established, the styling can begin!

The product I recommend to recreate this look is called LocN Gel. LocN Gel is the best product that I’ve come across thus far. This product doesn’t leave your scalp itchy or dry and it leaves any style looking perfect for weeks. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t contain any unwanted or harmful chemicals that most other brands have.

#24: Senegalese Twists for Gorgeous Long Natural Hair

One of the many protective styles for Afro hair, these rope twists can be further enhanced by including extensions within your kinky twists.

Blended Fade hairstyle for Women
Instagram @amcpherson39

#25: Blended Fade for Women

Opt for a very simple and easy yet sophisticated natural haircut! My favorite thing about this style is the uniform blended fade. I recommend this style to the natural woman who is constantly on the go and wants a style with very minimal maintenance! To style your hair, use a light moisturizing oil sheen for shine and moisture.

Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids
Instagram @truvanity_

#26: Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids

Also known as latch hook braids, this natural hair style involves weaving hair extensions at your roots. Fuller hair with the desired styling may then be achieved.

#27: Voluminous Natural Curls

Go for some voluminous natural curls if you’re ready to show off your natural hair without any extensions. Black women with 3c hair texture or close to can achieve this look with healthy and maintained hair. You and your stylist should consistently keep up with healthy hair and trimming practices for the absolute best results and reactions when you let your curls out.

#28: 3b Curls with Blonde Highlights

3b curls look incredible with highlights, especially blonde highlights. Curly girls will notice an increase in texture definition when lightness is added to their hair. As the blonde is pulled through, each strand twists and turns, causing light to bounce in different directions. This creates pops of movement within your coils, allowing light to reflect rather than retract.

natural kinky coils
Instagram @curls_byjoy

#29: Natural Kinky Coils

Wear your natural kinky coils and be proud of how beautiful they are. Keeping up on regular trims helps to keep your hair healthy and your curls defined and beautiful. Curly hair is the driest of all hair types, so keeping washing to a minimum is ideal, and a good care regimen is a must. Try curl defining LEAVE-IN conditioner for added moisture and the coil, kink, and curl styling cream for hold and nourishment.

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