50+ Hottest Natural Hairstyles for Black Women in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

There’s never been a better time to rock your natural coils, kinks, and curls. Keep up with the latest trends in natural hairstyles for black women, and check out these awesome photos below for your next hairdo. You’ll find your next favorite hairstyle here, whether your natural hair is short, medium, or long.


#1: Light Brown Kinks with Orange Highlights

Light brown kinks with orange highlights are a great choice. This look is perfect for those who want to show off their texture and color in an eye-catching way. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to braid out your hair or use a relaxed technique around your locks. Proper care and maintenance allow you to enjoy this style while keeping your hair healthy.

Pink-Inspired Natural Fro for black women
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#2: Pink-Inspired Natural Fro

Looking for a fresh and vibrant hairstyle that shows off your natural beauty? Think about a pink-inspired natural ‘fro. This enjoyable and striking hairstyle needs you to love your curls and add a bit of pink color to your hair. Whether you choose a short-lived hair dye, colored extensions, or a wig, the pink shade will add a playful and unique spin to your afro. This lets you put your personality into your style! This look is great for those who want to stand out and show their uniqueness.

Natural Style for 4C Hair Types
Instagram @thedemarah

#3: Natural Style for 4C Hair Types

Styling natural 4C hair type doesn’t need to be tough. Try a sleek, face-framing braid that culminates in a high, Afro-centric ponytail, emphasizing your natural hair texture.

Natural Icon Balayage Hairstyle for Black Women
Instagram @romeufelipe

#4: Icon Balayage

Be the star of your own show with an icon balayage! This balayage style is perfect for natural hair as it highlights the body and volume, as well as the shape, of your crop.

Caramel + Milk Chocolate Natural Curls for Black Women
Instagram @romeufelipe

#5: Caramel + Milk Chocolate Curls

Looking to enhance your natural curls with a touch of sweetness? Consider a blend of beautiful caramel and milk chocolate shades for your hair. This stunning combination of warm tones creates a natural look that complements black women perfectly. The caramel highlights lend depth to your curls. The milk chocolate undertones provide a rich hue.

#6: Perfect Coils and Curls

Having trouble achieving flawless curls? Don’t hesitate to seek advice on getting the perfect hairstyle. Your hairdresser can give you a great wash-and-go routine plus a protective method to attain outstanding curls daily!

Natural Tropical Brown Curls for black women
Instagram @trusshair

#7: Tropical Brown Curls

If you’re seeking effortless yet stunning curls, consider natural curls. Natural tropical brown curls are ideal for those wanting a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks great. The best part about it is that it embraces your natural curl pattern and requires no heat or chemicals to achieve. These curls can be a fit for all hair lengths and types, whether your hair is short or long.

#8: Natural Kinks for Women with Glasses

For black women with glasses, finding a compatible natural hairstyle can be a challenge. A great choice is a ‘twist-out,’ a style that gives defined curls and texture with no heat tools needed. Start with clean and conditioned hair, use your preferred curl-enhancing product, and flat twist hair in small parts. Allow it to dry, then untwist and fluff it up for a full, voluminous look.

Best Natural Long Curls for Black Women with curly hair texture
Instagram @tiagocachosbsb

#9: Best Natural Long Curls

Achieving long, luscious curls can seem daunting for black women with naturally curly hair. But fear not, as there are simple yet stylish ways to enhance the best natural long curls. Use products suited to your curls and keep your hair moist. These helpful tips will allow you to achieve the finest natural long curls. It doesn’t matter if your hair forms tight coils or loose waves. Using special hair care methods can maintain your healthy natural curls. And the result? She is a confident, beautiful woman who can rock her natural hair.

Natural Soft Mini Passion Twists for Black Women
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#10: Soft Mini Passion Twists

Soft mini passion twists make it so you can go from the office to a night out in a pinch!

Cado Method Curls for Black Women with Natural Hair
Instagram @hairbyreema

#11: Cado Method Curls

Cado method curls will take your coils to the next level! The cado method makes cutting and styling easy for curly hair. This method creates balanced shapes in short and long locks due to cascading layers.

Easy Curls and Bangs for Black Natural Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#12: Easy Curls and Bangs

Searching for a look that screams, “Yes, I woke up like this?” Opt for these easy curls and bangs.

#13: Naturally Shaped Kinks

If you like to wear your hair as it is, ask about how to create naturally shaped kinks and curls. Your stylist can give tips and tricks based on your hair type to help shape your natural texture for style.

Very full natural curls for black women
Instagram @novaperruquers

#14: Very Full Curls

If you have very full curls, it’s best to let them run wild and free! These coils can be easily maintained with a good product regiment and diffuser.

Precision Textured Cut for Black Women with Natural Hair and oval faces
Instagram @joemiguel_

#15: Precision Textured Cut

The benefit of a precision textured cut is that the style is tailored to YOU and your hair type. Easy to wear and effortless to style, haircuts like these make daily maintenance a breeze. Book regular follow-up appointments to keep your cut in check.

Extra Jumbo Twists for Black Women Natural Hair and for ladies in their 20s
Instagram @curls.republic

#16: Extra Jumbo Twists

These twists are perfect for natural hair because they require minimal manipulation. The thick twists are the best option for protective styling when your hair isn’t strong, as there is little tension. They are versatile and can be styled in many ways, including updos, half-up, and half-down styles.

#17: The Cutest Highlighted Kinks

Looking to switch things up with your natural hair? Consider adding some cute highlights to your kinks! When you want a subtle touch of color, highlighted kinks can provide a gorgeous, playful look. Plus, if you have greys, highlights can help camouflage or cover any dullness in your hair.

#18: Textured Natural Curls

Looking to showcase your natural curls and update your short hair game? Consider textured styling for a fun look highlighting your locks’ texture. This low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for the busy black woman on the go. It’s a simple wash-and-go process that preserves the hair’s natural health and beauty.

Natural Rezo Cut-Inspired Voluminous Curls with a Middle Part for Black Women
Instagram @curlsbyashly

#19: Rezo Cut-Inspired Voluminous Curls with a Middle Part

The best way to wear naturally curly hair is with rezo cut-inspired curls with a middle part. If you’re unsure how to tackle this style, I suggest finding your local curly hair specialist. They can take your mane on the right styling journey.

#20: Rezo Cut for Tight Curls

Rock a trendy yet practical haircut that highlights and enhances your natural curls. This technique involves cutting your hair dry while in its natural state. This emphasizes your curls’ shape and texture. The Rezo cut is perfect for those who want to embrace their curls while keeping their hair stylish.

#21: Wild and Crazy Side Part ‘Fro

Ask for a wild and crazy side part ‘fro if you want to show off your personal style! For this hairdo, you’ll want to spend time caring for your curl pattern so that each coil and curl really pops.

Natural Thick Coils for Black Ladies with voluminous hair
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#22: Natural Thick Coils

With great styling, big hair, like rocking natural thick coils, can be gorgeous. Best for hair that has a natural 3c or 4a curl pattern. Product choices are important in the execution and making it soft and light. Instead of a twist out, use flexi rods on damp hair to help define your curls. Once dry, add a light serum, such as Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, and a finishing spray for shine and flyaways.

Natural Curls with a Side Part for black women with a long face
Instagram @irlaineee

#23: Natural Curls with a Side Part

Natural curls with a side part will surely add some edge to your natural styling. An easy way to achieve this look at home is to put flat twists with a curl cream on your damp hair. Then, untwist them once dry. Many ethnic hair textures have different tolerance levels to creams and oils. So, ask your natural hairstylist what products are best for you.

Very Full and Thick Tight Ringlets for Black Natural Hair with highlights
Instagram @joahhmendes

#24: Very Full and Thick Tight Ringlets

Natural highlights add dimensions of depth and distinction. They frame the entire look with an edge that won’t go unnoticed. You should use curl-enhancing products to maintain spirals full of body and shine. For easy styling at home, opt for twist-outs after shampoos. They keep your curls beautiful and natural without heat.

#25: Round and Fluffy

Looking for an easy, versatile hairstyle that works on any length of natural hair? Try a round, fluffy style – it’s perfect for black women with thick tresses. Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Then, brush out sections and create large-barrel curls for instant spirals. Give a few extra strands of padding to add volume around the crown area. Use springy rollers or do light teasing. Finally, finish with heavy-duty hairspray to ensure your ends look fluffed up all day!

Natural Gorgeous Long Hair with Layers
Instagram @aoki_hair

#26: Gorgeous Long Hair with Layers

Gorgeous long hair with layers is the perfect style for black women wanting to look natural and chic. This hairdo can flatter any face shape and lends itself to various easy styling options. For added volume and texture, ask your stylist to add multiple layers. They should be graduated lengths throughout the hair’s length.

Natural Thick Bronze Curls
Instagram @romeufelipe

#27: Thick Bronze Curls

Create effortlessly beautiful looks with thick bronze curls. This natural hairstyle is perfect for black women of varying hair lengths. It will help frame the face shape nicely. Start by getting your curls professionally shaped. Keep up a healthy routine to prevent your curls from falling dull. When styling, you may use humidity-resistant products to elongate your curl pattern.

#28: Long Natural Curls Without Bangs

While long natural curls are beautiful, they need extra maintenance. The biggest advantage is that this style works for many hair lengths and textures. But, the drawback is that it requires frequent styling and hydration to keep the curls fresh. To get this look, use a curling wand or rods to create big, bouncy curls with lots of volume. For added moisture retention, add in some curl-defining cream. Try Coconut Curl Cream by Cantu. Or, use an oil-based product such as Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell before you begin.

#29: Gorgeous Coils with Blonde Tips

Coils with blonde tips are one gorgeous style for black women with any hair length. A natural hair twist will stand out if you want an eye-catching look! The combo of dark and light colors creates a contrast that adds dimension to the hairstyle. Use a curling wand or perm rods for natural black hairstyles, and add some blonde highlights at the ends for extra shine. For best results, use products designed for natural hair so that your curls stay healthy.

#30: Face-Framing Middle Part Curls

Embrace your big hair with face-framing middle-part curls. Natural falling curls can be easy to achieve at home. Try un-twisting your twists from a twist out the night before. Apply a moderate curl cream to manage frizz, then take it to Instagram for beautiful selfies.

Natural Curly Crop Cut with a Shaved Design
Instagram @adrianfanus

#31: Curly Crop Cut with a Shaved Design

Prove that long hair isn’t for everybody by rocking a curly crop cut with a shaved design. A black woman can tailor her natural curl or kink to a short soft style. Forming the perfect balance with a clipper cut and pixie cut.

Natural Layered Kinky Hair with Blonde Accents
Instagram @fiahamelijnck

#32: Layered Kinky Hair with Blonde Accents

You can stylishly rock layered hair with blonde accents with your natural kinks. Many black women’s natural hair tends to shrink into tight afros. This makes it difficult to style. But for a full and styled afro, have a stylist specializing in natural hair and cuts to give you the perfect shape. You’ll also want to consult them for the best product to maintain this voluminous result.

#33: Mini Puff on Short Natural Curls

Mini puff on short natural curls is a timeless style. The puffs can be achieved with many styling options. For example, using a sponge or a twist technique on a comb. I suggest using a bonnet overnight and sometimes a sponge at the top of your head to keep them from falling flat.

#34: Side Part Style on Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

Consider wearing your black curly hair in an invisible side part style for a little extra. Keeping the part invisible allows your natural hair movement to flip from one side to the other. And you can switch it up whenever you want. To keep a beautiful curl pattern for days, put your hair into a bonnet at night for protection. Tie it loosely when you’re active, or untie it and let it flow freely.

Sexy Natural Long Curls with Long Bangs for Black Ladies
Instagram @hairbyreema

#35: Long Curls with Long Bangs

Long curls paired with long bangs on naturally curly hair give you all the body you need! Add layers to remove extra weight and keep the volume to keep your look from falling flat. Ask your stylist if this is the right cut and style if you have naturally loose curls.

Gorgeous Natural Curls with Volume for Black Women
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#36: Gorgeous Curls with Volume

How about some gorgeous curls with volume this weekend?! Best on short natural hair, this can be achieved with either a small curl rod set or a small twist out, depending on your natural curl pattern. To maintain your style and volume at home, keep a set of foam rods to re-wrap your curls sometimes, as well as a light finishing spray without the stronghold of a freeze spray.

#37: Romantic Thick Long Curls

Some romantic thick long curls compliment women with consistent natural curl patterns and a ton of hair. If you need to visit the salon for routine maintenance, I suggest you keep up with trims and moisturizing care. Healthy hair is the key to keeping this style gorgeous.

Naturally Twisted 4c Curls for Black Women
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#38: Twisted 4c Curls

Get into twisted 4c curls if you’re unsure how to style your tightly kinked hair. For my 4c clients, I flat twist their damp, wet hair with a twist cream by Cantu. She can let the flat twists dry naturally or sit under the dryer for a few days. When creating this style at home, try the “freestyle” part, meaning no hard parts, so there aren’t any lines of demarcation. And remember to untwist carefully with your hands only.

#39: Natural Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Try some color as a natural brunette with blonde highlights. With natural curls and some simple twist-outs for styling, add to your look with some warm highlights. To maintain your healthy hair and curl pattern, look into using Olaplax bond repair products at home between salon visits.

Natural Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @ambertamaraa

#40: Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part

If you have little time to spend on your hair in the morning, wear a big fluffy afro with an off-center part. All you need is a light product such as shea butter and a little sheen spray to refine the curls and texture in your fluffy hair.

#41: Short Natural Afro

The afro is a timeless style that African-American women have worn for decades. Use the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to keep your curls bouncy and beautiful.

#42: Fluffy Natural Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights

Check out this fluffy natural bob. Over the past several years, more black women have opted to go natural without chemical relaxers. No chemical straightening equates to thicker and healthier hair, making this style a frequent go-to to show off your healthy hair. Ask your stylist for light colors or highlights to add depth and jazz to your natural curls.

Full Natural Pineapple Updo
Instagram @inhale_mycurls

#43: Full Pineapple Updo

You can get finessed with a full natural afro ponytail. Braids and beads are your best friend when this style comes up. For black women, hairstyles with such fullness and volume are worth flaunting!

Bantu Knots for Natural Hair
Instagram @himenatural

#44: Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

Bantu knots for natural hair have become one of my favorite protective styles since I started transitioning my hair from perm damage. It can be done with short or long hair, and it can be done with different hair ranging from type 2 hair to type 4 hair.

Healthy and Natural Top Knot
Instagram @jennuinehair

#45: Healthy and Natural Top Knot

This look would best be described as a half-up and a half-down hairstyle. The intricate bun style at the top comprises ten years of growth, long, beautiful, healthy, natural locs. My favorite thing about this style is showing the length of hair and the versatility of styles the length of hair can do. I recommend purchasing a jumbo size Marley Cap for that hair length to keep your style fresh and decrease frizz from your fresh retwist. I also like Wild Grow hair oil to keep the scalp moisturized, and the locs so your hair does not dry over time.

#46: Carefree Jumbo Box Braids

Sometimes, you don’t want to wait hours on top of hours to get a head full of box braids done on your head. Sometimes, you want to get out the door and go about your day but still look alluring and conversational. This is the protective hairstyle to do just that! Jumbo box braids, which consist of approximately 18-21, look beautiful, carefree, and effortless. My favorite thing about this style is the fusion of colors, size, and length of the braids. I love the freedom of weight with 21 braids instead of 80-100 braids, which can be too much!

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Edgy Tapered Fro for Naturally Short Hair
Instagram @mrs_tahirah2

#47: Edgy Tapered Fro for Naturally Short Hair

You can go for a dark tapered fro with natural curls. I recommend this style if you have three to four inches of hair. It can be achieved with longer hair but will require more work. A leave-in moisturizing lotion is great and a curl sponge to achieve your natural twist. The sides are then laid down with a small comb or soft brush.

#48: Straight Braided Style

Try a crochet braid style that was created with Freetress Pre-Looped Crochet Braid. I love that it’s straight, not curly, like most crochet styles. To style, I recommend a hair polish and a hair sheen. All hair types can wear this look. I do not recommend it to any woman that is a gym addict because too much sweat will affect her style.

Fashion-forward natural curly bangs for black women
Instagram @eupattyl

#49: Fashion-Forward Cute Curly Bangs

Be proud and flaunt your roots, literally! Look majestic while fashioning tight curls.

Natural Two-Strand Twists
Instagram @slayedby_r4y

#50: Natural Two-Strand Twists

Protective and stylish, this is a classic natural hairstyle that will live on. The term “silk press” is mainly associated with and used in the African American community as it describes the art of pressing your hair until it is silky straight. This style is suitable for all hair textures, as the key component is the shampoo process and products used before styling.

effortless and voluminous curls for naturally black hair
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#51: Effortless and Voluminous Curls

These voluminous curls are effortless. They have tons of volume up top with just the right amount of face-framing curls. You can maintain natural hairstyles like this by doing a pineapple or mini pineapple at night. In the morning, release your curls and spray a curl refresher to shake everything back into shape. This hairstyle is for women with a looser curl pattern (Type 3a-4a).

#52: Bouncy Curls for Natural Hair

Opt for a Deva Cut. Curly girls who have never tried a Deva Cut usually lose some length with their first cut. This shape, in particular, helps you feel like your hair is more manageable but still has some length to it. I love that this cut for natural hair gives your hair some shape and style but keeps you feeling like the stylist didn’t cut a ton of hair off.

Super Versatile Crochet Twists hairstyle
Instagram @allmixdupaz

#53: Super Versatile Crochet Twists

Try a super quick hairstyle for natural hair that is very versatile. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, completely down, half up/half down…the options are endless! This style is very low maintenance. I recommend wearing a silk bonnet or sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night to prolong the longevity of your hairstyle.

Graduated Curly Bob hairstyle on Natural Hair
Instagram @beyondcurls

#54: Graduated Curly Bob on Natural Hair

This haircut is an asymmetrical graduated curly bob on natural hair. I love his look because the layering lets you see the beautiful curl patterns. The layering prevents your curls from falling flat and looking bottom-heavy while enhancing volume. Curly hair naturally lacks moisture, so you must use hydrating curl-friendly products to restore moisture and define your curl pattern.

Natural and Elegant Updo hairstyle
Instagram @bri_twotees_any

#55: Natural and Elegant Updo

Go for a simple, elegant updo that can also be worn as a casual, day-to-day hairstyle if you have natural hair. My favorite thing about this look is how both buns are intertwined, creating a rope-like formation. The thickness makes them very prominent.

#56: Rainbow Curls for Short Hair

Try a fun style and a sophisticated and gentle way to wear your rainbow hair. My favorite thing about natural hairstyles for black girls like this is how seven colors can blend perfectly in a big full Afro. I recommend using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo to maintain this look. It gently cleanses and conditions your hair, and overwashing won’t affect your color, giving it more longevity.

Jumbo Loc Plaits hairstyle
Instagram @jahlocsofficial

#57: Jumbo Loc Plaits

These are “jumbo loc plaits” or simply “plaits.” I love this natural style because it allows you to wear your locs down without being in your face and tied back to give a neat and professional look. This style lasts a long time; your hair will have a beautiful crinkly pattern once taken out. Locs can be done on loose to very tight coily hair so that the styling can begin once your locs are established!

#58: Senegalese Twists for Gorgeous Long Natural Hair

One of the many protective styles for Afro hair, these rope Senegalese twists can be further enhanced by including extensions within your kinky twists.

Blended Fade hairstyle for Women
Instagram @amcpherson39

#59: Blended Fade for Women

Opt for a very simple and easy yet sophisticated natural haircut! My favorite thing about this style is the uniform blended fade. I recommend this style to the natural woman who is constantly on the go and wants a style with minimal maintenance! Use a light moisturizing oil sheen to style your hair for shine and moisture.

Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids
Instagram @truvanity_

#60: Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids

Also known as latch hook braids, this natural hair style involves weaving hair extensions at your roots. Fuller hair with the desired styling may then be achieved.

#61: Voluminous Natural Curls

Go for some voluminous natural curls if you’re ready to show off your natural hair without any extensions. Black women with 3c hair texture or close to can achieve this look with healthy and maintained hair. You and your stylist should consistently keep up with healthy hair and trimming practices for the best results and reactions when you let your curls out.

#62: 3b Curls with Blonde Highlights

3b curls look incredible with highlights, especially blonde highlights. Curly girls will notice increased texture definition when the lightness is added to their hair. Each strand twists and turns as the blonde is pulled through, causing light to bounce in different directions. This creates pops of movement within your coils, allowing light to reflect rather than retract.

natural kinky coils
Instagram @curls_byjoy

#63: Natural Kinky Coils

Wear your natural kinky coils and be proud of how beautiful they are. Keeping up on regular trims helps to keep your hair healthy and your curls defined and beautiful. Curly hair is the driest of all hair types, so keeping washing to a minimum is ideal, and a good care regimen is a must. Try curl-defining LEAVE-IN conditioner for added moisture and the coil, kink, and curl styling cream for hold and nourishment.

Box Braids with Junky Twists
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#64: Junky Twists

If you’re considering junky twists, know this style is flattering and edgy. To get the look, ask your hairstylist for a cut that allows the braids to be installed easily and securely. My advice when installing these styles is to ensure they are done by an experienced professional who can ensure the braids are tight enough but not too tight. Ask your stylist about their experience with box braids before you get started.