15 Bussin’ Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Weave Bob

Try this jaw-length bob cut if you like a new hair transformation to your usual weave. The thickness and delicate layers on this weave bob create an elegant round shape.

Very Short Bob Hairstyle for Black Woman
Instagram @deliciousdom12

#2: Very Short Bob

A classic look, this very short bob hairstyle for black women showcases poise and elegance in a very convenient way. Here, you can manage your edges beautifully while showing off various glittered accessories. Short natural hairstyles like this are super hot right now.

short curly bob hairstyles for black woman
Instagram @zax_hair

#3: Curly Bob

This dark curly bob is the short hairstyle cut to complete your elegant look. It is styled on a frontal lace wig, which appears very natural and classy as ever. This is the natural bob haircut black women would love!

short blonde bob hairstyle for black woman
Instagram @glamurkitty

#4: Blonde Bob

Black ladies are usually seen with braids on their hair, but little did we know, they can slay blonde bob, too. This short bob for black women features natural healthy hair that does not need a weave to look pretty.

short bob braids hairstyle for black woman
Instagram @ann_braids

#5: Braided Bob

Braided short bob hairstyles for black women are a great protective style. Add spice to your round bob by merging it with box braids. This plait style short bob locks or braided bob flawlessly maintains the shape of the hair that emphasizes the face by the framing effect.

#6: Cute Bob

When it comes to cute short bob haircuts for black women, this blunt bob cut is perfect. It might be the most uncomplicated style and cut any black lady can get, but this is one of those that can be partnered with any clothes. The sleek, shoulder-grazing bob hair cuts for black women are classic!

short bob hairstyle for black woman with round face
Instagram @browniekoloure

#7: With Round Face

Sporting a short bob cut with a round face can be tricky. Good thing this bob appears to elongate your face with longer locks upfront and a thicker, rounder backside.

#8: Feathered Bob

You can now brush back your top layers using a hairdryer to create this feathered look. Your short bob, black hair strands now look extra fly!

short thick stacked bob hairstyle for black woman
Instagram @rasheda_t

#9: Thick Stacked Bob

Short bob cuts this bouncy is worth obsessing over! Do it by chopping up layers at the back to get the stacked look.

#10: Natural Looking Bob

Most short bob hairstyles for black women aim to make them look natural even though they’re not. The caramel locks look lovely on the short curly bob, flattering African-American women.

short bob hairstyle with side part for black woman
Instagram @kbbsalon

#11: With Side Part

This is a simple short bob with a side part. When considering changing to a bob for short hair, it’s really important to pick the style and length that’s good for you. In this case, it’s nape length, so it won’t be easy for her to throw it back in a convenient ponytail when needed, and we do need ponytails no matter if it’s for working out, running to the market, or switching up hairstyles.

I love bobs in all lengths. The first time I cut mine, I decided to start with a lob (long bob) and then chopped it up as I went along. By month 3, I cut it up to my nape and had layers to make it full of volume. Something about the perfect short cut gives you bold confidence that other hairstyles don’t.

It would be best to consider textures because the shorter, the more maintenance it will require. If you are natural in rocking your curls or coils, you have to be aware of the shape you choose that will look good, both textured and straight, if you make the switch from time to time. Those that keep it straight could use a lot of heat, so try to keep that under control to ensure the hair stays healthy while you enjoy your cut!

#12: Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Beatrice Galiot
Hair Stylist @ Styles by Beatrice in Plantation, FL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a fringed, short blunt cut bob. I like everything about this look – you have the jagged bangs with a blunt cut. A blunt cut is “to mean what you say/go to the point with no excuses,” while a jagged cut is like saying, “I play by my own rules/confidence.”

Any advice for someone considering it?

Short bobs for black women like this are what I consider to be a signature style, so you can’t be afraid to own it. The upkeep is very low maintenance, and I suggest bangs during fall/winter because the hair against your forehead will be less irritant. You can easily wrap it and tie it down with a scarf or put it in a hair bonnet. Extra hair product from what has already been used is unnecessary.

short bob hairstyle for black woman over 40
Instagram @salonstudio32

#13: For Over 40

Q&A with style creator, Tamika Nelson
Hair Stylist @ Salon Studio 32 in Louisville, KY

How would you describe this look?

This short bob haircut is a modern way to wear a classic style while protecting your natural hair! Our guest is rocking a custom-colored unit with a sleek tailored A-line bob.

My favorite thing about this look is that it’s timeless and versatile for any African-American woman.

Any advice for someone considering it?

These short bobs for women may be styled in every way imaginable. Soft waves – you got it. Topknot – you bet.

short middle part bob hairstyle for black woman
Instagram @knkhairstudio

#14: Middle Parted Bob

Q&A with style creator, Keyanna Byrd
Hair Stylist @ KNK Hair Studio in Philadelphia, PA

How would you describe this look?

Here’s an idea for a short bob, black hairstyles parted in the middle. My favorite thing about this look is the cut. It’s super clean and also edgy.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look works out for just about any black woman. It could be an everyday look, or it could be your going-out look. Whatever you prefer, this look brings so much chicness and edge.

Black bob hairstyles don’t need a lot of product. This is for everyone, as it brings so much personality out after getting out of the chair and having this cut.

short layered bob hairstyle for black woman
Instagram @hairbydanniell

#15: Layered Bob

Q&A with style creator, Danniell
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Salon Kj D’nell in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a tousled, beachy-wave textured look. My favorite thing about this short bob cut for black women is that even though it’s very tousled and textured, it brings a lot of softness and femininity to your overall look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This can be a very work-appropriate look, but when needing to change it up, keep a travel-size holding spray on hand so that when it’s a happy hour or after-5 outings, you can tease, spray, and go!

Short bob hairstyles for black women are haircuts of any texture designed to complement your face shape and work with your natural hair type. Get ready to meet these impressive black bob haircuts that will make you forget your fear of getting your strands cut short!

Some fantastic styling features you can add to your chopped tresses include bangs, waves, curls, colors, and braids. NYC-based bob expert DeAndrea Kamille cuts and installs her African American clients’ manes in various noteworthy and edgy styles – from thick curls to sleek and straight or asymmetrical, from shiny jet-black strands to candy-colored ones!

Get more ideas from African-American celebrities and beauty icons Michelle Obama, Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowland, and Taraji P. Henson’s attention-grabbing bob cuts on short hair. As long as you have a proper consultation with your hairdresser, you’re guaranteed a fabulous look that can draw the spotlight to yourself without effort!

Maintenance requires regular salon visits to trim those ends, especially if you desire to keep the length short and sassy. There are countless ways to wear a short bob, and you might worry about what to choose for yourself!

Cast all those worries aside and shine to the fullest with this stylish collection of popular short bob haircuts for black women!