25 Coolest Small Knotless Braids Black Women Are Getting in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Small Boho Knotless Braids with Half Buns

Get into the latest vacation hairstyle and rock small boho knotless braids. Pull up the front in half buns for a fun twist to the design. Boho curls, not to be confused with gypsy curls, have a lot of curls for added movement. All while still appreciating the knotless braids and protecting your natural hair. Prepare to spend good money on high-quality 100% human hair bundles for the best results. This keeps the curls soft and in their pattern, able to endure hair products and heat.

Waist-Length Protective Bohemian Hairstyle with Small Knotless Braids
Instagram @bombblackhair

#2: Protective Bohemian Hairstyle with Small Braids

A protective bohemian hairstyle made of small braids is a great way to add fashionable flair to your look. Ask your favorite braider if you could rock this style!

#3: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Braided Bob

Thinking of tapping into your edgier style side? Consider a side-parted asymmetrical braided bob. While the versatility is limited in styling, the sharp angle brings enough edge to this protective style. Use a strong holding gel at the roots to install the braids for a sleek base. Note that the ends are cut, burned, and bent in the direction desired. For this technique, you must use synthetic hair that is not kanekalon. Kanekalon hair is flame retardant and won’t seal with heat.

Small No-Knots Light Brown Box Braids with Curled Ends
Instagram @ilymbebraids

#4: No-Knots Light Brown Box Braids

No-knots or knotless, light brown box braids are warm and beautiful, especially on Black women with warm skin tones. Seek a professional experienced in precision parting and box braiding to ensure a clean look. For a soft flowing look on the ends, try curling the ends with flexi or perm rods. You can easily re-dip in hot water if you want to return to straight ends.

Super Long Knotless Mini Braids
Instagram @vonsplayhouse

#5: Super Long Knotless Mini Braids

Super long knotless mini braids are a cute summer hairstyle. These braids are for ladies looking to protect their scalp and tresses.

Thick Hair with Super Long Small Knotless Braids
Instagram @rosesbraids1

#6: Thick Hair with Small Knotless Braids

You should try small knotless braids if you have thick hair. Smaller braid styles are perfect for dense tresses due to the volume of hair that exists on the scalp.

Dimensional Blonde for Small Knotless Box Braids in a Huge Bun
Instagram @bombblackhair

#7: Dimensional Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Make a statement with dimensional blonde knotless box braids. Adding depth to your style with color combos takes a strong eye for detail but adds a beautiful charm. I suggest playing around with proportions to mix with colors 27 and 30, then sprinkle a little 613 for a twinkle. Unique color blends can be done with several shades. So ask your braider which looks best with your skin tone.

#8: Sleek and Long Box Braids with Center Part

These sleek and long box braids look great with a center part. This is a sure-fire winner if you want to try a center-parted braided look!

Long Small-Sized Black Knotless Traditional Box Braids with Soft Brown Highlights
Instagram @_.wrightstyles

#9: Small-Sized Traditional Box Braids

Keep it simple! Get small-sized knotless box braids. The simpler a braid style is, the harder it is to execute precision. For best results, your hair should be clean and at least blown out very well from roots to ends. This way, the braid down is seamless and easy to tuck. Keep setting mousse and sheen spray at home to keep your braids managed and well-kept.

Waist-Length Small Knotless Braids with Voluminous French Curls
Instagram @braids_by_noku

#10: Small Knotless Braids with Voluminous French Curls

Thinking of a protective style that’s light and airy? Consider small knotless braids with voluminous French curls. The French curl pattern has been around for ages and was made popular by the late Queen Marie Antoinette. Getting the braids small in size allow for a longer duration of the style with proper upkeep. You may also wash your braids throughout its life. Just avoid scrubbing vigorously and be sure to dry completely.

Waist-Length Bohemian Small Knotless Box Braids with Top Bun
Instagram @only1jass__

#11: Bohemian Knotless Box Braids with Top Bun

Bohemian knotless box braids look gorgeous worn down or up with a top bun. The boho curls give the knotless braids volume and softness, making the braids stand out in any crowd. Proper upkeep at home is critical to ensure that your braids last longer than a few weeks. Use a bonnet at night to protect, and use setting mousse and tea tree oil on your scalp and braids to prevent itch and flyaways. For the curls, use a little oil and finger comb through to keep them from getting frizzy.

#12: Butt-Length Small Box Braids without Knots

Be dramatic with your next braid style and get butt-length small knotless box braids. Extra length can allow you to appreciate an ombre color choice or multi-tone color combo. Longer-length braids can give you more styling choices with curls and buns, and more. Consider this eye-catching length the next time you think you may want to go long.

Butt-Length Dark Brown Smaller Knotless Braids with Curls on Ends
Instagram @ea.ambition

#13: Dark Brown Knotless Braids with Curls

Dark brown knotless braids with curls are a reserved color choice for a protective style. Seek a braider who can execute seamless plaits and braid downs for a polished look. A popular accent is curled ends, which can be done with flexi or perm rods for a whimsical finish.

Side-Parted Long Goddess Brown Small Box Braids without Knots
Instagram @stylezby_lexy

#14: Long Goddess Box Braids without Knots

Long goddess box braids without knots have become a popular go-to for added texture and volume. If you want some curls that are not too heavy, ask for boho curls in your braided style. Expert tip: use 100% human hair so that the curls don’t become tangled and matted easily and can be washed and styled.

Long U-Shaped Small Knotless Brown Stitch Braids and Curls
Instagram @jt.styles_

#15: Knotless Brown Stitch Braids and Curls

Try wearing brown knotless braids for a protective style full of versatility. There are several shades of brown and brown mixes available. Shade #30 is quite popular. For longevity, ask your braider to tuck your natural hair under the braid hair. This way, it’s fully protected for the duration of the style and allows the color to stand out. I suggest curling the ends without them being braided all the way down so they don’t lose shape.

Long-Length Small Knotless Braids with Soft Red Tips
Instagram @saspecialtouch

#16: Small Knotless Braids with Soft Red Tips

A hot braid look to consider is small knotless braids with soft red tips. Keeping the color subtle with a cool ombre effect on the ends gives you an edge without being too loud. Difunee Pre-stretched Braiding Hair T530 is the specific color number to get a burgundy ombre. Try using a strong hold loc and braid gel in your sections for a sleek base and longevity. This gel offers you neatness and stability.

Long Small Knotless Goddess Box Braids with Curled Ends
Instagram @angelshairco_

#17: Small Knotless Goddess Box Braids

A cute protective style to wear over the next month or 2 is small knotless goddess box braids. It’s important to seek a professional braider to ensure neat parting and execution. Adding wavy hair strands for the goddess look gives the plaits a feminine touch. It also adds softness to the styling. Note that 100% human hair or a human hair blend is best for longevity and the ability to hold products.

#18: Center-Parted Small Knotless Braids

Sleek and modern are all characteristics of these center-parted small knotless braids. The all-black or 1b (natural black) keeps the look simple and polished. When considering individual braids, remember that knotless tend to be pain-free. This is because the plaits begin with your natural hair and require little tension to add to the braid hair. To keep the ends sleek and smooth, re-dip in hot water when needed.

Black-Blonde Ombre Small Knotless Braids for Chest-Length Natural Hair
Instagram @hairbyprin

#19: Black-Blonde Ombre Braids

Black-blonde ombre braids are a nice way to add flavor to braids without braided designs. This gorgeous color combo is 1b/27 and works well with yellow and lighter skin tones. For a flattering ombre effect, I suggest using a braid hair combo. It should mix 1b and 27 at the roots and gradually fades into solid 27. This way, there is no line of color demarcation in the braids when they’re worn down.

#20: Mid-Length Small Braids with Curly Ends

Keep it fun and flirty by getting mid-length small braids with curly ends. This is a great option for ladies wanting a long-lasting protective style without sitting in the salon chair all day. The best thing about this style is the ability to switch up the curl pattern on the ends whenever desired. Flexi rods and perm rods are typically used to get the curls. But you can re-dip the ends in sections in hot water to make them straight again at any time. Use tea tree oil or a little sea breeze on your scalp for itch.

No-Knots Mini Plaits with Longer Length
Instagram @_.wrightstyles

#21: No-Knots Mini Plaits

No-knots mini plaits are simply small knotless braids. No knot at the base creates a flatness that is highly desirable. They have the ability to be able to move and pull the braids in any direction without pain. Keep it cute at home with edge control and a brush.

#22: Traditional Protective Small-Sized Box Braids

Traditional protective small-sized box braids are perfect for women of all ages. Easy to maintain and easy to style, this protective style will keep you cool during any season.

Very Long and Chunky Small Black Knotless Braids with Middle Part
Instagram @goatedbraids

#23: Very Long and Chunky Black Knotless Braids

Super neat and long knotless braids done in jet black makes this style polished. Precision parting is very much a part of making this style so neat. It requires a steady hand and an eye for small details. Keeping the thickness of these braids to a more slim size helps you easily pull the braids into ponytails and buns. So keep this in mind during your next braid appointment.

Long-Length Micro Knotless Braids with Square Shape Part
Instagram @switplanetar

#24: Micro Braids with Square Shape Part

Micro braids with a square shape part are a great small braid style. They allow you to flip your part in any direction you want.

Super Long and Small Knotless Middle-Parted Braids
Instagram @topmodelstylesby.jayla

#25: Small Knotless Middle-Parted Braids

Bring boldness to your next braid style by rocking jet-black small knotless braids. Thickness varies between different braiders. So keep the thickness of the braid to a minimum. It allows you to style your individuals in ponytails and buns easily. This low-maintenance style can be kept up for 8 weeks without damage. Use a setting mousse and sheen spray for shine.

Small knotless braids have become increasingly popular as a protective hairstyle, and for good reason. Aramide Dada, a skilled hair braider with extensive expertise, explains the benefits of this style and offers valuable advice for various hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyle types.

Meet The Expert

Aramide Dada
Aramide Dada
Aramide is a natural hair specialist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find her at Curlz of Glory in Orlando, FL.

Knotless Braids for Every Hair Texture and Thickness

Knotless braids offer numerous benefits over regular box braids, putting less tension on the hair and scalp. This versatile style can be adapted for every texture of hair. For those with thin hair, small knotless braids can add fullness, but caution should be exercised with the amount of extension hair used to prevent excess weight and tension.

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, use just enough extension to add length, as your natural thickness will account for the braid’s thickness.

Avoid excessive tension on the scalp to prevent hair loss and thinning. If dealing with hair loss, it’s advisable to focus on treating the hair follicles before getting any protective hairstyle.

For individuals still opting for braids, choosing mid-back or Bob-length braids can help reduce tension. Adding curls between the braids adds volume and conceals thinning areas. A nourishing hair growth oil like Curlz Of Glory Restorative Hair Serum is highly recommended.

Flattering Knotless Braids for Different Face Shapes

Knotless braids complement all face shapes beautifully. To style knotless braids effectively, remember that it differs from styling natural hair. You cannot cut or curl the braids to frame your face, so creativity is key. Various simple styles include a side part, middle part, ponytail, and half up, half down.

For those looking to frame their faces and add layers, incorporating curls between the braids is the way to go. For round faces, a middle part with long layers from the jawline suits well. An oval face shines with a long bob or shoulder-length braids. A heart-shaped face benefits from a side part with long layers.

Essential Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Maintaining knotless braids is vital for their longevity and appearance. Oiling the scalp at least once a week nourishes follicles and promotes scalp health. Protecting the style with a silk scarf or bonnet during sleep is crucial to prevent frizz and wear.

Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo is an excellent option for gently cleansing the scalp when it feels dirty and itchy. To tame flyaways, apply mousse to the roots and secure them with a scarf. Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Styling Mousse is a highly recommended product.

Pictures of the Most Stylist Small Knotless Braids