22 Most Amazing Ways to Get Poetic Justice Braids

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Poetic Justice braids are a variation of box braids that was hyped by the popular 1993 movie “Poetic Justice” where renowned actress Janet Jackson glamorously wore them. These protective braids are long, rope-style pieces usually worn down and matched with a bandana, just like how Janet popularized it in the film.

Her voguish style set this epic trend and kept it in the spotlight for decades. With their ease of wearing and versatile styling options, these braids have taken many versions. Modern styles include braided updos, thin and thick braids, highlighted braids, top buns, and undercuts!

VIP braid gang includes Jada Pinkett-Smith, Danai Gurira, Tessa Thompson, and Jessica Williams, who tried dope Poetic Justice-inspired plaits and have never looked more epic! Sesha Robinson, a Florida-based expert braider, also designs insanely hot braided locks in different lengths and colors worth checking out.

Not only do they make you look glam, but they also protect natural hair and slash off minutes from your morning styling routine. These braids can last up to 3 months if you use scalp moisturizers and wear a scarf at sleep.

When you can own an amazing hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, why wouldn’t you? Below are the most popular Poetic Justice braids this year!

short poetic justice braids
Instagram @estudioblessed

#1: Short Braids

Ready for these stylish short braids embellished with a golden string and a cuff? This neck-length style offers the right balance of simplicity and gorgeousness. Keep its color as black as your natural hair for a fuller-looking edge that matches your tan skin tone.

#2: Poetic Justice Braids with Cuffs

If you prefer to accessorize your braided hairstyles, try the poetic justice braids style with cuff accessories. Add only a few cuff accessories to enhance your look, but if you prefer a heavy accessorized style, add as many as you like. Cuff and beaded accessories look stunning when paired with poetic justice braids.

Middle Part Black Poetic Justice Braids
Instagram @prettystylx

#3: Middle Part Black Braids

We love a middle part with jet-black braids. Opting for a middle part with your braided style adds a satisfying level of symmetry to your overall look.

#4: Mid-Sized Poetic Justice Braids

Mid-sized poetic justice braids will always be a classic protective style. The poetic justice braids, named after Janet Jackson’s iconic look in the movie Poetic Justice, offer styling versatility and durability of up to 8 weeks. They are a great choice if you want to avoid hair styling tasks for some time. For maintenance, wash your braids gently when buildup starts. This keeps your hair and roots healthy.

Long Poetic Justice Braids with Curly Ends
Instagram @bella_hairpage

#5: Long Braids with Curly Ends

Add some extra style to your long braids by adding curly ends. You can easily do this at home, and it’s a style choice you can add to your large knotless braids anytime. Expert tip: do not braid the very ends before curling with hot water and rods. Braided ends are heavier than loose hair, so the curls will lose shape faster (unless that’s the look you’re going for)!

Large Poetic Justice Box Braided Style
Instagram @hairbylanaa_

#6: Large Box Braided Style

A large box braided style is ideal for all ages because it has a subtle design, precise parting, and consistent appearance. If your hair is tightly coiled or kinked, it should be straightened before braiding for the best look. To maintain this style at home, apply an edge control product, like Edge Booster, to your hairline every few days. This will keep your braids smooth and shiny.

Large and Sleek Poetic Justice Box Braids
Instagram @wzalika

#7: Large and Sleek Box Braids

If you want a fast and easy means of having a protective style, think about large, sleek box braids. This style is easy on your hairlines and appears classy when done carefully. To make sure the braids are thick, use hair that’s at least 28 inches long. For the best outcome, your hair should be straightened from the roots to the tips before starting. This will give you a sleek look.

Butt-Length Poetic Justice Braids
Instagram @braidsbyvera_

#8: Butt-Length Poetic Justice Braids

Ask for butt-length poetic justice braids if you prefer a longer, more robust style. The style is beautiful when worn down, but it also creates amazing buns when worn up!

poetic justice braids wig
Instagram @myhairgold

#9: Poetic Justice Braids Wig

Yes, you can achieve a lovely braided hairstyle in a snap! It’s stunning how natural this side-parted Poetic Justice braids wig seems. Combine a dark brown hue and a collarbone-length chop to keep your hair looking fuller than ever.

white girl with poetic justice braids
Instagram @braid_salon

#10: Charming for White Girl

Who says protective styles are only for black beauties? These hip-length Poetic Justice braids are charming for a white girl like you. Your natural bright blonde hair will make it look so trendsetting and gorgeous. Remember to keep your scalp moisturized by using a leave-in conditioner at home.

#11: Cute Bun

Who loves something simple and neat? If you do, achieve fuller-looking hair by opting for long Poetic Justice braids. This style is so versatile that you can do a cute bun. Utilizing a shine spray is always effective if you need to add glossiness to your black locks.

poetic justice braids with triangle parts
Instagram @hairbymiloo

#12: Triangle Parts

See that pattern on the scalp? How beautiful! These Poetic Justice braids in triangle parts are worth the try. It’s a protective style, which needs low maintenance, and you get to throw a pop of brightness in there, too! A few vivid blonde strands can make a slight but chic difference.

#13: Bob Poetic Justice Braids

Who’s excited about these bob Poetic Justice braids? This is a collarbone-grazing style, which appears great if parted on the side. Finish off the look by allowing a few curly strands to hang for added texturized effect. When it’s your first time trying weave braids hairstyles, poetic justice plaits can be your go-to.

janet jackson poetic justice braids
Instagram @_ibraid

#14: Janet Jackson Style

Are you looking for a black protective hairstyle with timeless glamour? If so, you must give these poetic justice braids a go! How thick and long it appears makes this Janet Jackson style a head-turner.

thick poetic justice braids
Instagram @erica_braidss

#15: Thick Braids

Explore a new hair color without damaging your natural curls. These thick braids will look great in black and red shades for a different touch of stylishness. It’s always exciting to have these lengthy poetic justice plaits so you can fix it in numerous updos.

#16: The Very Long Look

It features a very long look that offers a lengthy hairstyle with jumbo box braids! The poetic justice trend is everywhere, and you shouldn’t be out of the craze. These so-called Janet Jackson braids have a sassy vibe that can go with your foxy attitude.

blonde poetic justice braids
Instagram @_crownsbyvee

#17: Blonde Braids

Get inspired by Janet Jackson’s look from the Poetic Justice film, and level it up depending on your taste. These long blonde braids will not only give you a protective style but also grants you chicness.

#18: The Big Braids

Pulling off the big braids, achieve a fuller Poetic Justice style, and you’ll be a queen! The white string wrapped around a plait adds the right amount of radiance to your black hair.

#19: Medium Poetic Justice Braids

This is the only long protective hairstyle as precise and neat as this one. Opt for medium poetic justice braids; you can jazz them up with hair accessories. The versatility to part to whatever side of your face will convince you to go for these poetic justice box braids.

#20: Side-Swept Braids

Look cute and sweet with these long side-swept braids in poetic justice style. The payoff offers a classic beauty that will complement your genuine smile. You can also put the right brightness to your dark locks with a white rubber band!

poetic justice jumbo box braids
Instagram @hairbykneetay

#21: Cool Jumbo Box Braids

These are the cool jumbo box braids that you must wear if you’re pining for something extra. The length is extremely long that reaches both thighs. The red and yellow colors add flair to a typical black protective hairstyle. These poetic justice braids look so neat and worth every penny.

#22: Small Braids

Protective styles, like the poetic justice plaits, work for various hair lengths. Doesn’t want long but doesn’t want too short? Then, go what’s in between. Black small braids are guaranteed to match your desired mid-length chop.