21 Hottest Ghana Braids Hairstyle Ideas for 2022

Ghana braids hairstyles

Ghana Braids are an African style of protective crownrow braids that go straight back. They’re also known as Cherokee braids, invisible cornrows, banana braids, straightbacks or pencil braids. What makes them exceptional from other protective braids is that they involve the use of hair extensions for a denser result. No matter what face shape you have, these braids can be modified creatively into different patterns that can soften, elongate, or balance your features! Just don’t forget to apply hydration products first to your hair for an easy braiding process.

This on-trend weave hairstyle allows you to flash your fierce hair with colors, patterns, and cuffs while keeping your natural one protected right beneath. You don’t need to go booking salon appointments every now and then, as these can last for weeks up to months depending on how much TLC you give to these beauts! Below are the most sought-after Ghana braid styles you can easily recreate right now.

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Chic Ghana Braids for Short Hair
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#1: Chic Ghana Braids for Short Hair

This is a fun yet sophisticated Ghana braids style for short hair. It can work perfectly for African-American women in almost any age group with different hair types (coarse, fine, straight, or curly). I love the fact that you can make it tame or crazy and outrageous and have the beadwork on the edges. In order to avoid dry scalp and flakes, you also need Braid & Conditioning Spray (3 in 1 Spray Treatment Mizani) which is a leave-in conditioner that soothes your scalp, as well as anti-dandruff giving you a healthy scalp and hair.

#2: Ghana Braids with Beads and an Afro

Ghana braids with beads paired with an afro is perfect for black women who want to show off every bit of their natural healthy hair! Women who need their hair pulled back from their face daily can get simple or designed braids in the front, braided only with their natural hair, and add some hair decorum for some pizazz. Wear your hair with minimal product and manipulation by simply keeping it cleaned and moisturized regularly.

Light Brown Ghana Braids with Beads
Instagram @beautyspaceke

#3: Light Brown Ghana Braids with Beads

Get into these light brown ghana braids. Ghana braids sometimes referred to as banana braids, look slightly different up close. Your braided hair is wrapped around the braid, unable to see all of the 3 strand brand techniques. That said, the ghana braid technique protects your braid style for far longer than other techniques and continues to look neat long-term.

Cute ghana braids for medium length hair
Instagram @silverhairgh

#4: Cute Ghana Braids for Medium-Length Hair

While most black girls settle for lengthy Ghana weaving braid hairstyles, short lengths that have an intricate finish always look superb.

Unique Ghana Braids With Pink Color
Instagram @futibraids

#5: Unique Ghana Braids With Pink Color

Go unique and cool with a one-of-a-kind braid style that falls just below your shoulders for easy management. Take note of the spiral pattern and how it shows the dark roots for a gorgeous contrast. Ghana weaving hairstyles can be enhanced with either braiding or unique coloring like this one.

Jumbo ghana braids
Instagram @studio.aprigio

#6: Jumbo Ghana Cornrows

Try extra huge ghana weaving braids to make a bold statement that flatters all hair textures. Long thick braid styles often promise very low upkeep with the few pieces of hair available.

Ghana braids with ombre hair
Instagram @myrebraids

#7: Ghana Ombre Hair

Wake up in the morning feeling ready to go with a super sexy high ponytail paired with an ombre. This long hair comes with the versatility of styling . Ghana braids combined with ombre hair color create a powerful hairstyle.

#8: Zig Zag Ghana Braids

This fantastic Ghana weaving style pattern consists of skinny cornrows braided in a neat zigzag design. Give this a try if you’re searching for a unique way to have your hair in a trendy protective style.

Bold and chunky ghana braids
Instagram @trancadapathy

#9: Bold and Chunky Ghana Braids

With just a few exquisitely done braids, you can enjoy the benefits of having a low-maintenance protective style. Alternating jumbo braids with thin ones, painted with a vibrant blonde, adds contrast to your whole Ghana look.

Ghana braids in a high ponytail
Instagram @sleek_stylz

#10: Ghana Twist in a High Ponytail

If you’re a fan of high ponytails, try this pattern that gives you a sleek easy ponytail held by a glam accessory. The finished look creates a sexy aura that still works as a friendly and casual style. Ghana weaving braids hairstyles are often done in varying ponytail styles, so talk to your braider about your options.

Sleek 2 strand Ghana braids
Instagram @rodi_beauty

#11: Sleek 2 Strand Braids

Jumbo 2-strand ghana braids offer an eye-popping way to get your hair out of your face and protect your hair in as they transition between relaxed and natural styles.

Half updo ghana braids
Instagram @trancadapathy

#12: Half Updo Ghana Braid

This exquisite braided style involves thick braids and skinny cornrows that alternate them. Finished in thick Ghana weaves, this hair can be worn in an attractive half updo.

Adorable feed in ghana braids
Instagram @tantalstyles

#13: Adorable Feed In Ghana Braids

In this thin braiding style, the braids are onto the scalp down the back of the head. The loose thin pieces give you more creativity to style your hair and the choice to wear your Ghana braids up or down.

Popular big ghana braids
Instagram @slayedbymelb

#14: Popular Big Braids

Ghana braids are still popular for being easy maintenance and for the exceptional looks they give! One of the trendiest styles is to alternate super thin and jumbo braids for a more noteworthy look.

#15: Ghana Braiding on Blonde Hair

These outstanding vanilla sunshine Ghana jumbo braids are absolutely a must-try! You can add in some alternating thin braids to give more emphasis.

Straight back ghana braids
Instagram @savsstyles

#16: Straight Back Ghana Braids

These lengthy on-point braids offer unlimited styles for you to try! From a half-up, a low bun, or a pretty ponytail to simply letting them down with some accessories, these Ghana braids will absolutely show you the true meaning of versatility!

Trendy blonde braids with beads and cornrows
Instagram @hairbykey___

#17: Trendy Ghana Braid with Beads

Get tribal quick by trying this braided Ghana style using stylish beads at the end of your radiant blonde long braids! Super fun and flirty!

Goddess ghana braids
Instagram @@art.d.elis

#18: Goddess Ghana Braids

These braids are goddess and boho-inspired. I love the elegance that is created when the style is executed properly on Ghana-weaved braids. A thorough styling consultation is recommended before installing these types of braids. The longevity of these goddess braids depends on many factors. From my experience, these twists can last between 3-6 weeks.

The size of the braids you choose also contributes to how long the twists will last (smaller twists lasts a bit longer). You are able to have an active lifestyle, such as dancing and light swimming. However, because you are only using two strands of silky braiding hair, the twists may slip down or even out prematurely.

Ghana updo hairstyle
Instagram @blackhairideas

#19: Ghana Braided Updo

Natural black hair looks stunning when styled up and high. It’s easy to style Ghana braids into a bun hairstyle.

Skinny ghana braids
Instagram @silverhairgh

#20: Skinny Ghana Braids

Skinny Ghana braids like these start with intricate cornrows that meet from the sides and back into the middle. It’s a gorgeous effect!

6 braid ghana hairstyle
Instagram @arti_tude

#21: 6 Braid Ghana Hairstyle

Take your braids to the next level with 6 braids and add cuffs for a more ornate hairstyle.

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