24 Hottest Blonde Box Braids for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Blonde box braids are a protective braiding style with a square or box-shaped division and colored blonde. There are plenty of edgy and stand-out ways to wear box braids, but going blonde beats them all!

First seen on trendsetting A-listers Solange Knowles, Angela Simmons, and model Eva Marcille looking flawless and super hot with extra-long pleats, box braids can take you anywhere.

Chicago braider and hairstylist Amarie puts up her version of blonde pleats in various looks – ponytail, half-up, half-down, and even jumbo braids, proving how versatile this protective style is!

All you have to do to maintain this low-upkeep hairstyle is moisturize and protect those fabulous pieces overnight while you sleep! You can get up to 10 weeks of a superb African-inspired hairdo by doing these religiously.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the trendiest blonde box braids!

Honey blonde bob braids for black women
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#1: Honey Blonde Box Braids

Protect your natural hair from natural damage and bad styling with these honey-blonde box braids. If you have a natural brown hair color, you may find more options here—bronde box braids.

#2: Rooted Blonde Box Braids

If you want to combine lighter, brighter shades into your hairstyle, choose rooted blonde braids. This box braid style lets you add color shades beyond your natural hair shade.

#3: Small Blonde Braids with Curls

Knotless box braids are always a classic and popular protective hairstyle. However, small blonde braids with curls offer a fresh bohemian twist.

#4: Box Braids on a Long Bob

Those box braids in a lob will surely offer Willow looks and vibes. The puffy ends give this look a remarkable twist.

Warm Blonde Short Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#5: Warm Blonde Short Box Braids

Consider wearing warm blonde short box braids if you want something lightweight. I suggest installing them with kanekalon braid hair so you can bend the ends. Ensure your edge line is healthy so you can comfortably wear box braids.

#6: Blonde Box Braids with Front Cornrows

Blonde box braids with front cornrows will reduce your installation time and slay! Add some light to your life while protecting your hair with blonde braids. Many options for blonde cornrows can be personalized to suit your face shape and personality.

#7: Box Braided Bun in Half Updo Style

Try a box braided bun in a half updo style. It’s a style that women can wear by simply pulling the hair half up while leaving some hair down. This hairstyle is perfect for fresh blonde and black braids as it requires minimal tension. If wanting more dimension, a combo of brown and blonde box braids is perfect!

Box braids with undercut
Instagram @mz_sofly

#8: Box Braids with Undercut

Box braids with undercut are a braided style with a shaved portion on the side or behind the head. Undercuts shorten your braid installation time and add an edge to your hairstyle. Stand out with blonde braids and molded sides.

#9: Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Blonde knotless box braids can be installed without that bulb at the roots which can cause tension. These honey-blonde braids with no knots are great for women who want flexibility when styling. Plus, blonde makes it more enjoyable!

#10: Caramel Blonde Box Braids

Caramel blonde box braids are a sun-kissed protective hairstyle. Brown-eyed girls with golden glazed undertones can install these color braids. Carmel brown works well with dark roots. There’s no need to color-match your natural hair.

#11: Blonde Box Braids in a Top Bun

Blonde box braids in a top bun are timeless pieces. Go blonde and have fun with your braids swept up, showing off clean partings of braiding perfection. Tilt your head to gather hair for a quick and easy top bun.

Long Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @qthebraider

#12: Long Blonde Box Braids

Golden blonde box braids are the perfect match for your bronzed skin. These long-length box braids make you look and feel like royalty!

Burgundy and Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @cae.creations

#13: Burgundy and Blonde Box Braids

Individual braids can have those colors, making the style all the more creative. The streak of blonde, the locks of brown, and the burgundy box braids in one hairstyle. That’s no exaggeration: red and blonde braids are a sight!

Dirty Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @kurlykellzhair

#14: Dirty Blonde Box Braids

Why not try these dirty blonde box braids to give your locks a lot of dimension? This blonde hair color and style are truly beautiful!

Blonde Braids with Triangle Parts
Instagram @bluehairguru

#15: Blonde Braids with Triangle Parts Hairstyle

Geometric-wise, I think this blonde box braid style on black hair is a good idea. The drip, the finesse, the swag- what more can you ask for if your style is as gorgeous as these honey blonde braids on black hair? See more incredible box braid with triangle parts.

#16: Box Braids with Platinum Blonde Color

An icy drip on long braids that’s too cool for anyone to carry. The ombre effect in this platinum blonde box braids is getting more creative every day. Platinum blonde and black box braids are quite appealing to the eye.

#17: Crochet Box Braids

Freedom comes in all forms and volumes. With these crochet braids, it comes from having to wear your style through hair extensions and weaves. A whole range of colors to pick from, but this choco blonde box braids are on top of the list.

Big and Blonde Box Braids
Instagram @hairbynodia

#18: Big and Blonde Box Braids

Try braiding large chunks of hair one at a time for an easier variant of the box braids but equally flattering. These long blonde braids may be similar to your usual style but subtly different.

Jumbo Blonde Braiding Style with Black Roots
Instagram @braidupp

#19: Jumbo Blonde Braiding Style with Black Roots

These blonde box braids with black roots offer a nice contrast that’s casual and stylish. Achieve the look using the blonde braiding hair extensions added to your natural black hair.

Blonde ombre box braids
Instagram @jenestyles

#20: Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Creamy and dreamy, this blonde box braid hairstyle has it all. These long blond box braids also feature an ombre for that color-melting effect.

Black and blonde box braids
Instagram @okoyebraids

#21: Blondish and Black Box Braids

Juxtaposed colors on long box braids are highly rare. Only a few women can pull these black and blonde braids off. Whether you’re going for really dark and light colors or shades close to one another, remember that it’s important to wear your hair like you don’t care!

Blonde and Brown Box Braids
Instagram @voodoobraids

#22: Blonde and Brown Box Braids

Blonde and brown micro box braids are a convenient, low-maintenance style yet very stylish. Louisiana-based braider Andra’el thinks that the best thing about these micro braids is the endless options of colors and styling. The look also lasts up the three months!

Andra’el notes, “These blonde and brown braids are for busy, hard-working women with little time for hair. It’s a great protective style for kids and adults. Remember to oil your scalp regularly.”

Red and Blonde Box Braids with Curly Pieces
Instagram @jlowedabraider

#23: Red and Blonde Box Braids with Curly Pieces

These small boho braids were created by salon owner Jocelyn Lowe of Richmond, VA. These are red and blonde box braids with curly pieces, which can be achieved with extensions or a human hair wig.

“I love the curls that are mixed with the braids. The curls give the braids a new look that everyone gets excited about,” Lowe notes.

This style typically lasts 8-10+ weeks, and you don’t have to do too much. Lowe adds that “it only requires a braiding scarf for coverage at night and a little holding foam from time to time.”

Jumbo Box Braids with Bright Blonde Color
Instagram @shez_ready

#24: Jumbo Box Braids with Bright Blonde Color

These blonde jumbo box braids are bold and beautiful and were created by stylist Tanaishia Phillips from Charlotte, NC. The color makes it bold, but it’s a beautiful protective style that can be worn in many ways. Take a look at more trendy jumbo box braids here.

If you’re considering this style, Phillips explains, “I will let you know that the color will make you stand out. You could do this style in any color. This style can be done on all hair types, but it works best on coarse hair.”

Depending on the size and length, this blond braids style can take a while. These big braids took Phillips 3.5 hours to complete.