21 Ways to Slay Jumbo Box Braids Like a Queen

Jumbo box braids
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Jumbo box braids are a bigger and thicker variant of the famous African-rooted protective hairstyle that divides natural hair into boxy shapes. They surpass other braided protective styles for several notable reasons.

They are totally low maintenance because fewer pieces are produced when creating bigger and thicker braids, and they can last up to three months, ultimately saving you time and money. These braids are stylish and attention-grabbing when paired with any outfit or styled with any fashion color and sparkling hair accessory.

Plus, these sexy versatile braids can be pulled into any hairstyle you want! Just remember to have a daily moisturizing routine for healthier and more fabulous results.

Walk like a diva with these striking pieces flowing down your back! Here are awesome jumbo box braids hairstyles to recreate for your next protective style.

Attention-Grabbing Jumbo Box Braids
Instagram @thamy_melchior
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#1: Attention-Grabbing Jumbo Box Braids

Highlights are a creative method to put interest and movement into your super long box braids. With this much length, you’ll surely have plenty of options for styling your ombre jumbo box braids and compliments received.

Box Braided Jumbo Twists
Instagram @adannamadueke
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#2: Box Braided Jumbo Twists

Looking for a voluminous yet sleek style? Ask for box-braided jumbo twists! This high and mighty hairstyle is a gorgeous way to show off your crown.

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#3: Stunning Boho Style Box Braids

Tap into an Egyptian-inspired design with a stunning set of boho-style box braids. Opt for a deep wave curl pattern for the loose curls throughout. They give the braids a flowing vibe and plenty of movement. Give your braid style an elevated look with accessories. Try gold clasps and wooden beads to embrace the goddess styling.

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#4: Double Twisted Jumbo Box Braids

Get your fabulous jumbo twists in an XL size for a more stunning upgrade. The fewer pieces you have, the easier maintenance and styling will be. Keep your jumbo box braids long for versatility.

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#5: Blonde Jumbo Braids

Are you ready to switch it up with a new look? Blonde knotless braids are the perfect way to add instant glamour and versatility. These plaits make an excellent choice if you have an oval, round, or heart-shaped face. For long-lasting jumbo braids styles, it helps to use hair extensions at least 24 inches in length. Also, use mousse to keep a nice curl in the boho curls. Have your stylist accessorize with hair jewelry for instant retro vibes. Get creative! You’ll be amazed at this style’s versatility, with limitless possibilities.

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#6: Fresh Black Big Box Braids

The way these exquisite pieces are laying makes us fall in love more with this protective jumbo box braid style! Grab two to three strands from the front and tie them at the back for an easy feminine look.

Long Hair with Chunky Braids and Cuffs
Instagram @hairbydtx
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#7: Long Hair with Chunky Braids and Cuffs

These blonde jumbo box braids are three thick pieces braided to perfection with double weaves in between for superb contrast. Notice how the shimmering golden strands decorated with metal rings make this whole look unique!

Perfect Top Knot
Instagram @locsbylexx
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#8: Perfect Top Knot

A stunning example of how braids and updos always go together. The bright red braids are coiled into a crowning high bun and decorated with cute golden cuffs.

high ponytail with long box braids
Instagram @tyrahstouch
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#9: High Ponytail with Long Braids

Accent an exquisite design with contrasting thickness, and wear your pieces into a neat and eye-catching jumbo box braid!

Gorgeous High Bun Updo
Instagram @stylesbydaniij
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#10: Gorgeous High Bun Updo

This one’s a dope top knot using jumbo box braids. It’s ideal for you who want to show off your pretty face and accessories. These jumbo braids hairstyles will make you feel fresh all day!

Cool Triangle Parts
Instagram @hairby.liyah_
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#11: Cool Triangle Parts

Take your big jumbo box braids a level higher with these cute triangular box braids that will catch everyone’s attention!

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#12: Asymmetrical Lob Box Braids

These thick uneven long bob of decorated pieces certainly is fabulous! This jumbo box braid hairstyle is perfect for working and business ladies.

Long Bob Braids
Instagram @elyssetl
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#13: Long Bob Braids

Unleash your groovy side with this cute jumbo box braided lob cut that goes on point with oval faces! Making your braids jumbo in size with colorful rubber bands creates a unique and bold payoff.

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#14: Big Box Braids

Go large and square! This jumbo braided work shows how neat and easy this funky protective style can be. You can never go wrong with such classic big braids styles.

Unique Updo Bun
Instagram @taylordddd._
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#15: Unique Updo Bun

Get the best of both worlds when you go halfway with a top knot! This look is a marvelous example of how you can style and personalize your jumbo boxy braids. Braiding has become an art form.

Beautiful Thick Braids
Instagram @mshollywood919
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#16: Beautiful Thick Box Braids

A different and cute look perfect for the new year – these jumbo layered feed-in box braids will make you feel fab all day!

Protective Big Box Braids
Instagram @hairbykneetay
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#17: Protective Big Box Braids

Rock this jumbo protective hairstyle with box braids by going classic. A simple side part for large box braids styles accents an oval face and leaves you with a cute and easy-going vibe.

Classic Braided Ponytail
Instagram @bunnybraids
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#18: Classic Braided Ponytail

If you have no time to maintain your natural hair, these fabulous jumbo feed-ins are for you! Add box braids in between for contrast and some cute metal cuffs for a unique touch.

Fun Braided Top Bun
Instagram @home.braids
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#19: Fun Braided Top Bun

Q&A with style creator, Tulie Francois
Braidstylist in Québec, Canada

How would you describe this look?

This look is a jumbo box crown braid! It is beautiful and elevated with a classy touch. You have to wear it with pride and grace. I love its versatility. You can wear it with different sizes of braids, design it as you wish, and add a little touch to it with hair jewelry or colored braids without damaging your hair. It doesn’t take too much time to do, and it allows your hair to rest.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look can fit any type of hair. It shows your face very well. Therefore, you have to be confident to wear it. It is also a very mature and professional hairstyle. Perfect for a busy lifestyle because once it’s done, you do not need to worry about it or add anything to it.

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#20: Half Up Bun

Q&A with style creator, Tiffany Shuler
Braider @ Box Braids By Tiffany in Columbus, OH

How would you describe this look?

This style is considered as jumbo box braids. It’s a trendy take on large box braids, a popular hairstyle in African American culture. What I like about this style is its versatility. It can be dressed up or down. It is all about braiding.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Big box braids hairstyles of any kind are considered protective styles. They are not only for fashion but are meant to tuck your hair away and aid growth and retention. It also saves time with getting ready in the morning since you will not need to do your hair. This style can feel heavy during the first week of wearing it. There can be some tension when getting this style, but it’s important to communicate with your stylist to avoid being uncomfortable or in pain. Achieving this style took approximately eight packs of pre-stretched hair (brand: Lock’N Hold).

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#21: Half Updo

Q&A with style creator, Imebet Thompson
Manager / Natural Hairstylist / Professional Braider @ Beth Defines Beauty Salon in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look?

I called this the half-up/half-down braid style or jumbo box braids in the back/cornrows in front. These can be done much smaller or longer if the client wishes. It’s always up to them to decide on the braiding. They are beautiful jumbo box braids created on half of the head with feed-in cornrows in the front. The big and small braids give the hairstyle a cute contrast and design. What I love about this style is that it is versatile, besides having cornrows.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Big braids hairstyles are suitable for any occasion, the working class, and party time. Women with any hair type or texture can rock this look. Sleep in a silk bonnet or scarf; It’s easy to maintain and lasts up to 4-6 weeks. Also, the scalp can be moisturized daily for extra protection and to prevent dryness.

It can be worn as it is in the picture or all down. It also can be braided into one braid and be accessorized. We can also create a full ponytail with the ends hanging for exercise moments or into a bun for a more corporate classy, professional look.