13 Hottest Fulani Braids to Copy Right Now

Best Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a braided protective hairstyle that’s usually styled with a center braid and one to two pieces braided from back to front at the sides and accessorized with beads. Also called Bo braids, this classic hairstyle from Africa’s beautiful history made it one of the most versatile looks.

You saw these glorious pleats first from Fulani braid queens, Alicia Keys, and Bo Derek – but several celebrities have been following their steps ever since! Hollywood stars Jordyn Woods, Amandla Stenberg, and Taraji P. Henson just recently wore their Fula originated braided hair on the red carpet.

With the use of hair extensions and accessories, you’re sure to find various unique patterns and styles you can choose from that’ll suit your lifestyle. From high buns to ponytails, mini to jumbo braids, and even cute and easy styles for little girls – women all over are wearing this ethnic trend and achieving their ultimate hair goals!

Protective hairstyle expert Nene from Los Angeles does extra beautiful Fulani braids with her patterns that give her clients an extra boost of confidence. Dyed extensions and technicolor ombres are also the best options to add more swag to this attention-grabbing hairstyle.

If you’re in serious need of more inspo, forget your worries! Keep on reading as we unravel the trendiest Fulani braids hairstyles on the internet this season!

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Short Fulani Braids

short fulani braids
Instagram @naturalhairloving

Simplistic yet one of a kind, Fulani braids are very much in the now. The dangling masterpiece in this short version is still beautiful as ever, with the contrasted monochromatic-colored beads in full attention.

Fulani Ombre

ombre fulani braids
Instagram @tara_braids

Having an ombre is a tricky one, but putting it into a braided pattern offers tidiness, still displaying a lot of flair with your long locks. The highly contrasting colors are to make them look more dynamic.

Bun Braids

fulani braids bun
Instagram @afro.feex29

After putting your hair into locks, secure them in a nice high bun for better presentation. This gathers them into a centerpiece-like look that you can decorate and arrange however you like.

With Afro Puff

fulani braids with afro puff
Instagram @pearlthestylist_

Having the fluffy puffs at the middle can balance out the scalp braids as it offers some looseness and vibrancy to the look. With everything neatly organized, this look is a must-try for our colored ladies out there.

Short Braids with Beads

short fulani braids with beads
Instagram @tshanimarithe

Make your braids into a bob by letting it down and closing the edges off with colorful beadwork. Like other braids, these accentuate the look even more and can even be customized to your mood and personality.

Goddess Braids

goddess long fulani braids
Instagram @destinedcreationz

This brilliant ethnic style models various patterns that are suitable for your personality. A leaf-like style such as this one is among the many braiding patterns that you can get, along with the sleek edges that you can get with it.

Tribal Braids

fulani tribal braids
Instagram @braidsby_mahawa_

A notable homage to your heritage, these tribal braids are not just for style but also to represent culture. The close to skin braidings with across patterns is one of a kind look that is pure beauty.

Egyptian Braids

Fulani egyptian braids
Instagram @mimissaaa

The signature braid style of Queen Nefertari takes you back to ancient Egyptian times. Good thing that you can now access those striking intricate braids all donned with gold accessories and the unmissable single, center braid. Perfect for bringing out the royalty in you while parading your unique long locks.

Blonde Braids

blonde fulani braids
Instagram @relentless_beauty

To counterattack the damaging factors of turning your hair blonde, you can maintain moisture by prepping it up into small braids.

The Fulani Ponytail

fulani braids ponytail
Instagram @gazagirl00

What a great way to make use of the intricacy of the braiding by utilizing it as its hair tie! Complete with beadwork and red highlight braids, a simple high ponytail like this could make you an instant head-turner.

Cornrow Braids

fulani cornrow braids
Instagram @nitrashair

Patterns are the highlight of this braid as they cover the head intricately. You can even add accessories to glam out the look.

Fulani Braids for Kids

fulani braids kids
Instagram @coleproducts

Start the young girls early by keeping the culture at bay with your very devoted braiding techniques. Great way to keep neat hair for their daily activities while maintaining cuteness through those chunky, colorful beads.

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Williams
Cosmetologist / Colorist @ Cole Health and Beauty in Akron, Oh

How would you describe this look?

This look features Fulani style braids into two pigtails. What I like most about this style is how the colorful beads complement both the finished look and the bright personality of my beautiful model.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a protective style that can be done on all textures of hair. With any protective style, it is important to keep the hair moisturized with a braid moisturizing spray. Also, use a protective satin scarf or bonnet at night to help keep the style fresh and to protect the hair from breakage.

Braided Updo

The wonderful patterns that the braiding technique creates are even more displayed with this weaved together updo. All texture and style in the rope-like appearance of your centered braids that resembles a mohawk style.

Q&A with style creator, Addiah Omary Maduhu
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Addiah Naturals & Beauty Bar in Dar es Salaam, TZ

How would you describe this look?

Flat twist hair has been a go-to style for African American women for generations. However, with today’s trends, these twists have evolved into a multitude of stunning, captivating styles.

Flat twist hairstyles creativity knows no bounds when it comes to natural hairstyles for long hair or those with extensions. My favorite thing about a flat twist updo is that it’s an easier alternative to protective style for natural hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For better results, hair has to be on proper maintenance (treatment wise) and a bit fuller for a nice looking result. This hairstyle goes with a simple and a more reserved person who is youthful, but it’s also great for even older people.