Wield That Wand: 4 Ways to Use a Curling Wand

For some, the curling wand tends to be this mystifying tool that’s somewhat difficult to figure out. And, once you do figure out how to finesse it until you’ve got perfect curls, it’s easy to get stuck in a “curling wand rut” where you repeat the same style ad¬†nauseam day in and day out. Confession: I’ve totally been there!

Join me in an effort to pump up my hair creativity and learn more about the glorious, though somewhat perplexing, curling wand. Today I’m dishing on four different ways to use a curling wand, so listen closely.

1. Soft, Loose Waves

Pretty blonde Christina of the Hair Romance blog shows you how to get relaxed, loose curls in this easy tutorial. She uses a 32 mm large barrel curling wand, which she says is the best size for long hair. This breezy hairstyle could easily become a go-to option for you since it looks unfussy and sophisticated at the same time. I envision it on the sidewalk, in the office, at the fair or at even a swanky cocktail lounge.

soft waves hair tutorial

2. Vintage Hollywood Waves

These lush, vintage curls are the epitome of glamour, making them ideal for formal events or anytime you want to feel and look amazing! This tutorial comes from Megan Moore at The Beauty Snoop, who uses NuMe’s Reverse Curling Wand. She says this wand “gives a smooth crown, then a twisted spiral throughout the lengths of your hair.” That whole “smooth on top” and “voluminous waves” on the bottom is so 1950s I can hardly stand it!

3. Messy Beach Waves

These messy, beachy waves are perfect for any season. YouTube user “MakeupWearables” also refers to them as “Victoria’s Secret Hair Curls,” and that they are. Sexy, voluminous and drop-dead gorgeous! For this look, she starts out with a heat protectant, which keeps hair healthy and shiny looking, then applies an even coating of flexible hold hairspray. Ooh, and a tip she gives that I love: Using a little eyebrow or eyeshadow powder on the scalp to make hair appear fuller. To keep things messy looking, she doesn’t use her wand on the last two inches of hair. Check out the full tutorial for more great tidbits.

4. Taylor Swift-Inspired Spiral Curls

You don’t have to love her music, but who can’t help but love the head of hair attached to country music’s reigning princess, Taylor Swift? This starlet is known for her lovely, glossy ringlets and there’s a whole gang of ladies trying to emulate her staple ‘do, myself included! YouTube user ForeverYours0727 walks you through the steps in her super helpful video tutorial. She uses a tapered curling wand, which makes curls tighter toward the bottom for that “ringlet” look.

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