29 Gorgeous Long Black Hair Ideas to Consider Right Now

Long Black Hairstyles

Long black hair has a dark, rich and shiny color with a length that provides versatility. It’s definitely a vibe, which has a lot of benefits.

Amber Joy Rogan is a salon owner and master stylist in Winnipeg, Canada. She’s happy to share tips on how you can achieve this look.

“First, have a starting level of 5 or darker, like medium to dark brown. If starting from a lighter base such as blonde, commit to staying darker for a minimum of a year or more,” Rogan states.

It’s important that you take time to consider how much you want this shade. Rogan explains, “Black is hard to remove, especially if you’re blonde. Your hair would require a fill tone—either copper, gold, or red—to create longevity. If you’re no longer committed to the color, both the black hue and fill tones would need to be removed. This calls for a color correction.”

Before obtaining the look, a consultation with your hairstylist is an ideal move. It’s the best time to ask about the cost of initial sessions and touch-up appointments.

Don’t forget to talk about at-home maintenance, too. Rogan recommends using color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. “My favorite product right now is Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color Wash & Rinse,” she adds. Find out if cold water is good for your hair.

If you want a classic yet outstanding look, this is the one. Images here show the trendiest long black hair ideas for you to try!

Partial Blonde Highlights on Soft Curly Hair

Partial Blonde Balayage Highlights on Soft Curly Hair
Instagram @iamjcurls

Try a chestnut brown with bronde balayage if you want to warm up your color and add definition. The highlighted pieces around your hairline will show the curl pattern of your hair. Because your curls open as your hair dries, it gives the illusion that you have your whole head balayaged. When scanning your client’s head, consider which way their hair lays. That way, you can foil or paint in the areas that show the most.

Caramel Balayage on Darker Hair

Soft Caramel Balayage on Long Darker Black Hair
Instagram @nxnezbeauty

Subtle highlights such as a caramel balayage look great on black hair. These highlights become more stunning when styled into a ponytail or a half-up, half-down style.

Long Black Tresses with Partial Highlights

Long Black Tresses with Partial Highlights for women with long wavy hair
Instagram @mizzthuy

Try this long black hair with partial highlights! Talk with your stylist and ask for a good recommendation for a blue or purple shampoo. That will be the best way to maintain this color at home.

High Contrast Color Block

Long High Contrast Color Block for Black hair with platinum face-framing highlights
Instagram @mattrazook

This is a high-contrast color block style. It’s for the edgy-inspired, so try to get some chunky pieces of color in your hair. This is called color blocking, which is bold panels of color throughout the hair. If you can, ensure the color is a good contrast or complementary color scheme.

Long Black Butterfly Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Long Black Butterfly Cut with Long Curtain Bangs and Layers
Instagram @hair.by.gabby.g

Add some drama to your look with a long black butterfly cut! With long curtain bangs and layers, this hairstyle takes classic to the next level. If you can, try this hairstyle for a polished look that will make you the center of attention. I recommend using a blow dryer and a round brush to add volume and bounce to this look. For added shine, finish off with light hairspray. This butterfly hairstyle will be the showstopper of the night.

Black Hair with Subtle Layers

Black hair with subtle layers is always rich and sultry looking. The best way to take care of your dark hair is to use low heat, not wash too often, and have regular glossing appointments. If you’re looking for a long style with layering ask your stylist what layering will work best for your face shape. You can’t go wrong with long, subtle layers but can always ask for more face-framing as well.

Long Black Hair with Bold Yellow Highlights

Long Black Hair with Bold Yellow Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_love

If you are looking for bold, contrasting colors, consider black and yellow. The darkness of the black will make the yellow highlights pop as if they were fire from a flame! Vibrant colors like this need a little extra TLC to keep them bright. Did you know that warm water opens up the hair cuticle? You’ll want to wash your hair with cold water to keep that cuticle closed. This allows your color to last as long as possible.

Long Feathered Layers and Side Bangs

Long Black Feathered Layers and Side Bangs
Instagram @hairlove.dp

Long feathered layers and side bangs are always on trend. If you have long, blunt hair and want a change ask for some longer layering. If you have thick hair, your stylist might use a razor to get a more feathered effect. If you are wanting long layered black hair, ask your stylist if this will work with your hair texture and thickness.

Beautiful Long Black Shaggy Cut

Beautiful Long Black Shaggy Cut
Instagram @salsalhair

Ask for a solid black color if you enjoy the intensity of dark colors. This is the best color if you can go without changing your color for a few years or need to give your hair a break. It will help you to keep yourself disciplined from transitioning to different colors. Black does not remove easily, so it’s best to let it grow completely out. Black color adds shine, and contrast to a dark skin tone.

Sleek Black Hair with Textured Ends

Sleek Long Black Hair with Textured Ends
Instagram @keratinmagik

Sleek black hair with textured ends is a really beautiful soft touch to a finished haircut. If you don’t love layers, but hate the chunky feeling of thick ends, try texturizing your haircut. On long straight black hair, it’s easy to see every cut that’s made. Instead, opt for a more textured, soft finish. Ask your stylist to do a dry cut on the ends for finish details.

Middle Part Long Hair

Black Middle Part Long Hair
Instagram @iamjanaa.a

Middle parts paired with long wavy black hair are chic and elevated. Try shifting your deep side part slightly, to create a little more balance in your haircut’s shape.

Long V-Cut Hair with Loose Curls

Long Black V-Cut Hair with Loose Curls
Instagram @manesbysoph

Try a V-Cut if you have long hair because it helps you keep the length long but takes off weight throughout your haircut. You can style your hair in loose curls to emphasize the layering in the haircut. The face frame and long layering help keep this v-cut haircut lightweight while keeping a considerable length.

Black Balayage Hair with Brown Highlights

Black Balayage Long Hair with Brown Highlights
Instagram @luxyhair

Highlighted dark tresses transforms jet black into soft black. Hand-painted balayage with low contrast dimension will give you a two-toned, seamless finish to your black hair. Styling your long locks with waves or throwing them in a messy bun will get you so many compliments. And your ribbons of sandy blonde highlights on your jet-black hair will be gorgeous.

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Shiny Black Thick Hair

Long and Shiny Black Thick Hair
Instagram @alexyaschair

Shiny thick hair can be achieved by regular treatments and demi-permanent blackest, black hair color. Ask your stylist to add blue to your color formula for an extra dose of intensity. Long tresses can be grown and managed by regular treatments. Try a Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing Treatment for shiny and healthy results.

Soft Shag with a Fringe for Long Fine Hair

A soft shag on long black hair with bangs will give your limp, thin hair an extra boost of volume. If you want this soft brunette style, ask your stylist for dark matte natural brown with a subtle shag and a softly crafted fringe. This will bring out your stunning brown eyes. Finish with beachy waves for a simple yet drastic change.

Waist-Length Curly Black Hair

Waist-Length Curly Black Hair
Instagram @alex._stevam

Waist-length curly hair gives you the perfect big bouncy style. Don’t forget to keep your long black curly hair looking and feeling its best. You will want to go for regular haircuts to avoid split damaged ends. This will do no good for your finished style, the fresher the ends the better for the overall style.

Very Long Black Layered Hair

Very long hair creates movement and weightless volume. Adding face-framing layers is perfect for women looking to add shape while keeping their hair long. If you need to remove weight from your hair, ask for face-framing layers. If you add a black color instead of highlights, the layering in the cut will still give you a dimensional style.

Straight Black Hair with an Off-Center Part

Straight Black Hair with an Off Center Part on Long Hair
Instagram @__pink.y.__

Straight hair with an off-center part is a perfect way to transition into a middle part. You should try a slightly off-center part if the middle part is hard for you. Straight hairstyles can have a tendency of getting flat. If you slightly shift your part line it will add a bit of volume and lift around your face.

Side Part Long Sew-In Hair for Black Women

Side Part Long Sew-In Hair for Black Women
Instagram @dolledby.nn

If you’re a black woman looking for something glamorous and side-swept, you should consider a long sew-in hairstyle. Sew-ins are a great option when you want to try something new with your hair while keeping your natural hair protected.

Voluminous Blowout on Long Black Hair

Voluminous Blowout on Long Black Hair
Instagram @kelleyscanvas

A voluminous blowout can be achieved using proper styling products and tools. Try prepping your hair with Colorproofs Lift It Volume Mousse before blow drying for optimum control. A haircut with layers can also be helpful when aiding in a voluminous blowout on the darkest, thick hair types.

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Long Textured Curls on Black Tresses

Long textured curls are a beautiful romantic style for any wedding occasion. Try a 1-inch curling iron to achieve romantic soft waves. The pairing of black hair color creates gorgeous shine and beautiful texture.

Long Loose Waves for Dark Hair

Loose waves combined with dark hair are effortless yet chic. If you want to stay away from heat with your long hairstyle, try Kitsch’s Heatless Curling Set to achieve a gorgeous wave. However, it isn’t the only option, try a 1 1/4 inch iron for loose waves.

Choppy Black Hair with Waves

Choppy Long Black Hair with Waves
Instagram @_croftstudio_

Layered black hair with shiny waves is the definition of hair goals. Healthy waist-length hair is not something you see often, it’s what most young girls strive to have. One of the best things to help you grow luscious long mermaid hair is to go for regular trims to get rid of your split ends. Also, weekly hair masks and using less heat are definitely key to maintaining your style.

Long Deep Waves on African-American Women

Long Deep Waves on African-American Women
Instagram @eullair

Long deep waves are a style you can have for a while. Black hairstyles are made to have a long-lasting duration as it takes hours and a lot of effort to get to this final stage. To achieve this masterpiece, patience is the main factor.

Mid Back-Length Hair with Soft Permed Curls

Mid Back-Length Black Hair with Soft Permed Curls
Instagram @blackhairsalon

Soft permed curls are ideal for thick straight hair types. If your hair has a hard time holding a curl, this service is for you! Ask your stylist for a body wave, a perfect in-between of a traditional perm, and a loose curl, perfect if you are wanting a bit of texture.

Long Layered Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Long Layered Black Hair with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @lius.setiawati

Show off your luscious locks with long layered hair paired with long curtain bangs. Add some softness with curtain bangs on your black hair for more movement around your face. Layers will give your long locks more body. Avoid cutting your layers too short so your ends don’t appear thinner and straggly.

Long Jet Black Wavy Hair

Long jet black wavy hair is a brunette moment that will give you healthy-looking tresses most women dream of. Long waves are such a trend at the moment. With an effortless finish, it’s one of the best ways to jazz up your luscious long locks.

Long-Length Black Tight Curls

Long-Length Black Tight Curls
Instagram @dbphair

Long-length curls are a great long cut if you have coiler hair. If you have curly hair, you can opt for shorter crops. But, if you can allow your hair to grow out, taking advantage of this cut will give you the styling advantage you need to accomplish any look.

Bouncy Blowout on Black Hair

Long Bouncy Blowout on Black Hair
Instagram @pureaveda

A bouncy blowout can be styled and maintained all week. When it comes to blowouts, the key is using the right products that won’t weigh your hair down.

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