21 Oval Face Hairstyles for a Flattering Look in 2022

Hairstyles for oval shaped faces

Are you ready to see some of the most flattering and popular oval face shape hairstyles? The oval face shape is the ideal shape because it can wear nearly any hairstyle! Other shapes have a limited selection of hairstyles because they want to hide and minimize certain facial features to give the illusion of being the coveted oval shape.

Just because oval shapes are the most versatile shape doesn’t mean you can wear just any hairstyle, however, you’ll want to avoid choosing a style that could make it appear longer or wider.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these oval face shape hairstyles.

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Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for Oval Faces
Instagram @idolapiazzanazionale

#1: Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Go for an edgy modern bob with blunt bangs, cut using clippers and shears. If you’re considering such haircuts for oval faces, be sure you’re ready for upkeep and maintenance. Styling is a must, whether you decide to flat iron or create a soft wave on the exterior. I recommend a product for heat protection, and either a gloss spray or texture spray depending on the final look you’re after. Definitely not the look if you want to wash and go, as the bangs need attention each day.

Modern Mid-Length Bob
Instagram @hugoalves_h

#2: Modern Mid-Length Bob

A modern mid-length bob suits most face shapes, especially oval and round face shapes. What’s best about a long bob is its versatility. The side-parted lob looks elegant with waves and looks classic if straight. Maximize its beauty by exploring hair color, such as a shade of blonde.

Best Haircut for Oval Face Shapes
Instagram @vou_de_vermelho

#3: Best Haircut for Oval Face Shapes

Bobs are one of the best haircuts for oval face shapes. An oval face shape is the only shape that can be complemented by any hairstyle. A bob, is one in particular, that at just the right length can highlight a woman’s best features such as her cheekbones, jawline, neck, and/or collarbone.

Curly Shag with Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#4: Curly Shag with Bangs

The modern-day curly shag with bangs enhances movement and shape in your curls that sit perfectly against an oval face. The layered bangs add volume to your curly hair and draw attention back to the face.

Edgy and sleek pompadour for women with oval faces
Instagram @lynnmpalmer

#5: Edgy and Sleek Pompadour for Women with Oval Faces

An edgy and sleek pompadour for women with oval faces features an undercut that creates a strong look and will need to be shaped up every 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind, products such as gel and hairspray will be needed to defy gravity in the pompadour hairstyles for oval faces.

Layered bob with loose waves for oval faces
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

#6: Layered Bob with Loose Waves

With a minimalist haircut that has a straight base, the layered bob with loose waves combines its characteristic short length, cut at the chin, with the straight and geometric shape of the visual blunt.

Textured pixie in a tousled hairdo for oval faces
Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

#7: Textured Pixie in a Tousled ‘Do

The textured pixie cut in a tousled ‘do is super stylish, modern, and practical. It is the type of cut for those who are not afraid to dare and, contrary to what it looks like, it’s very versatile: you can have smaller, larger, or frayed fringe.

Textured bob for an oval-shaped face
Instagram @kaansayar1

#8: Textured Bob for an Oval-Shaped Face

A textured bob or a lob is a great look for women with an oval-shaped face. The layers will help give extra body and the waves will help balance the shape. Style with a large barrel curling iron for soft waves.

Layered Short Haircut for Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @vitosatalino_official

#9: Layered Short Haircut for Chin-Length Hair

A layered short haircut for chin-length hair is a great cut, that compliments any lifestyle. The side part makes a chin-length bob more dramatic and gives you the option of letting it hang over your oval face.

Medium Length Cut with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @annettewilkinsondesigns

#10: Medium-Length Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Complement your face shape with a sexy long fringe that can accentuate cheekbones. Add a sweet and soft strawberry hair color, and it will suit your everyday needs, like a medium-length cut with side-swept bangs will.

Sleek Ponytail for an Oval Face
Instagram @lukepluckrose

#11: Sleek Ponytail for an Oval Face

Less is more! A sleek ponytail may not be too complicated, but it sure does make a ravishing impression. The flawlessness of a long and sleek hairstyle will help you glow in a formal event. Being one of the styles that suit your oval or oblong face shapes is a plus, too! It works better in your natural long and dark tresses.

Long Bob (Lob) with a Deep Side Part and Soft Curls
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#12: Long Bob (Lob) with a Deep Side Part and Soft Curls

A long bob (lob) with a deep side part and soft curls is a sexy look. The curls can be achieved with an iron and might take a little more of your time to style if you have straight hair. Subtle layers in the cut create a soft movement for oval faces with thick or thin hair.

Long Layer Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @alexandrmaslovsky

#13: Long Layer Cut with Curtain Bangs

A long layered cut with curtain bangs is perfect for enhancing long hair because the layers can be made in different ways and without removing the length of the locks. It’s an excellent haircut for oval faces.

Long Hair with Layers on Oval Face Shape
Instagram @hairbydezzides

#14: Long Hair with Layers on Oval Face Shape

A long, straight hair features long layers which keeps the hair nice and full. It was created by hairstylist Desiree Rendon of Fullerton, CA. “My favorite part of an oval face hairstyle is how silky, sleek, smooth, and shiny it is. However, you can add soft waves to style it like Jessica Alba’s hair.”

The products Rendon recommends to recreate the style are Morrocan Oil, Pureology leave-in conditioner, and Pureology blowdry cream.

Layered Pixie Bob Haircut for Wavy Locks
Instagram @andreabhair

#15: Layered Pixie Bob Haircut for Wavy Locks

The bowl haircut for oval face shapes and wavy hair is a very traditional cut that has recreated itself and time again. This particular cut was done by hairstylist Andrea Bramchtein of Austin, TX.

“My favorite thing about this cut is the versatility in the way you can style it. It’s a fun way for a girl to have short hair that isn’t a regular pixie cut,” says Bramchtein.

“I first recommend assessing your hair type,” she explains. “You may have thick hair, but it may also be fine, so you need to know what products work with what. In general, you do want to use a product that has a medium hold and will give you the flexibility to move the hair around.”

Bramchtein says she personally loves mixing hair creams or oils such as Milk by Revere and Sumo Clay by Bumble and bumble. “Gauge the amount you use according to your hair type,” she states.

Shoulder-Length Bob with Middle Part for Women with Oval Faces
Instagram @vero_benwell

#16: Shoulder-Length Bob with a Middle Part

A platinum blonde colored bob hairstyle with a middle part on an oval face is very trendy this year. Achieve the classy shoulder-length style by having a long blunt bob with blunt ends. It flatters oval-shaped faces, so you should avoid it if you have a long or square-shaped face.

The Perfect Pixie Cut for Women with Oval Faces
Instagram @liana_khachikyan

#17: The Perfect Pixie Cut for Women with Oval Faces

Oval face haircuts look amazing on a pixie cut. It’s a style everybody would like to try but few dare to attempt. What’s great is that it suits oval faces, even on the first try!

#18: A Super Short Cut

Featuring a super short cut for every chic and edgy lady in town! Almost every hairstyle goes well with a long, oval face, even chopped hair. It’s the short cut that indicates boldness, which matches a strong personality. You’ll love how low-maintenance it is and the way it looks in a classic black shade.

Medium-Length Hair with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @meg.hair.atx

#19: Medium-Length Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Choose a medium-length hair with side-swept bangs for an easy-to-style hair trend. Give locks a few choppy layers for a softer movement. The fringe does the job right in bringing out a sexy-looking finish. A medium hairstyle with side bangs complements both a round and an oval face shape the best.

shoulder-length shag with waves for an oval face shape
Instagram @desanj1

#20: Shoulder-Length Shag with Waves for Oval Face Shape

A shoulder-length shag cut with waves goes well on oval faces when paired with a soft curtain fringe. Keep the length around the collarbones to give this tousled ‘do a fuller-looking result. If you have limp or fine hair, but also wavy, ask for a modern shag with waves. Invisible layers will create volume and it’s easy to style for on-the-go ladies.

Asymmetrical Bob with Face Framing Layers
Instagram @hair.roullete

#21: Asymmetrical Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A short asymmetrical bob with face-framing layers looks ultra-chic and edgy! It’s an optimum angled cut for oval faces, creating emphasis on the cheekbone! The unevenness of the hair is what frames and accentuates the jawline, too.

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