25 Stunning Ways To Do Grey Blending for Dark Hair

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Long Waves with Beige Blonde Balayage Highlights

Long waves with beige-blonde balayage highlights are perfect for adding extra depth to your hair color. The modern balayage technique will keep your lighter tones looking naturally sunkissed against your darker base color.

#2: Silver Ash Blonde Ombre

If you want to stand out, silver ash-blonde ombre is a great choice. It’s a bright blonde color. This hair color combines bright blonde with a slight dark root. To achieve the best results, your hair must be bleached to a certain level to bring out the icy tones.

#3: Grey Bob with Brown Underneath

Adding grey highlights to a brown bob cut is a good way to include grey in your hair color without changing it completely. Placing dark hair tones under the top layer will hide grey hair that grows in between salon visits.

Dark Brunette Ash Tone for Long Hair's Grey Blending
Instagram @hairbydevita

#4: Brunette Ash Tone for Grey Blending

Use a brunette ash tone for blending grey hair. People with naturally dark hair who are starting to have grey hair might want to consider a subtle coloring technique like babylights. The babylights technique will create a soft blonding blend throughout the hair and give it a beautiful lift. Silver ash tones during toning can effectively blend in the new grey hair.

Dark Grey Blended Babylights with Chest-Length Soft Waves
Instagram @oyabeauty

#5: Dark Grey Babylights with Soft Waves

You can enhance the appearance of your grey hair with dark grey babylights and soft waves. Adding a silvery hue gives this old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle a modern edge.

#6: Low-Maintenance Soft Grey Blending

A low-maintenance soft grey blending is trendy. If you want to blend your grey but cannot visit every 4 weeks, consider getting highlighted with a rooted blend. A blend with the greys is created by using overall lighter highlights. A low-maintenance look is achieved with a root smudge and finer highlights, not chunky ones.

Soft Grey Blending on Dark Shoulder-Length Hair
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#7: Soft Grey Blending on Shoulder-Length Hair

The soft grey color blends well on shoulder-length hair. Dark hair looks great with color blocking. It also helps to blend grey patches. Warm ash tones for dark hair can give a unique, edgy, and stunning tungsten effect.

Grey Blended Silver Platinum Highlights on Medium-Length Dark Hair
Instagram @salon_koje

#8: Platinum Highlights on Dark Hair

A platinum highlight adds a trendy punch to dark hair. For those desiring grey blending, brighter ends, and dimensional highlights, request babylights throughout your hair with tipped outs ends. Babylights create a soft blended transition which enhances emerging greys. Blending with a cooler ash tone or silver tone works well additionally. This method joins the regrowth area with the grey color and adds depth and dimension to the overall hair color.

Blended Grayish Silver on Chest-Length Layered Dark Hair
Instagram @shearlass

#9: Blended Silver on Layered Dark Hair

Blending pesky greys on dark hair can be daunting. Grey hair contrasts clearly with dark hair, so adding blending blonde highlights can help. Applying more highlights will make your grey hair less noticeable. It’s enjoyable to match the patterns of your grey hair with the highlights. Create varied thicknesses in these sections to make your blending pattern unique.

Grey Blended Mid-Length Straight Dark Hair with Silver-Toned Ash Brown
Instagram @lay______van

#10: Straight Hair with Silver-Toned Ash Brown

Silver-toned ash-brown color is a perfect subtle tone for fall to style your straight hair. The cool combination of silver-toned ash brown and natural brown hues, paired with violet-ash highlights, is perfect. I recommend using a full highlight method to first lighten your hair. Then, tone it with a cool, ashy tone like violet.

Icy Grey-Blonde Blended Teasylights with Dark Base for Mid-Long Hair
Instagram @styledbyrandy_

#11: Icy Grey-Blonde Teasylights with Dark Base

Icy grey-blonde teasylights with a dark base is a great color choice for those with medium and olive skin tones. The warmth in the skin balances perfectly with icy strands, creating an overall balanced look.

#12: Dark Brown Hair with Grey Highlights

Deep brown hair with grey streaks offers a subtle contrast and adds a fun touch of color. The neutral gray hue works well for those who prefer cool over warm tones. This style requires bleaching. Please consult a color specialist who is skilled at hair lightening.

Blended Lowlights on Medium Natural Dark Grey Hair for Older Ladies
Instagram @swiftbstyling

#13: Lowlights on Natural Grey Hair

Consider adding a lowlight to naturally grey hair. A great way to add some dimension to grey hair is by incorporating lowlites. Choose a lowlight that matches the darkness levels of the darker parts of your grey hair. This ensures a beautiful blend, even as your hair grows out.

#14: Jet Black with Warm Ash Grey Blending

The hair is a jet black color blending with warm ash grey. Warm ash color is a mix of gold and blue tones, designed to match your skin tone. It’s a good way to incorporate any grey hairs that are appearing. Adding highlights using the foilyage technique makes the grey blending look trendy while maintaining low-maintenance hair roots.

#15: Chocolate Bob with Subtle Grey Highlights

When you have naturally dark hair and those grey hairs start to show up, there is no need to stress. We are in the days of celebrating grey now. Complimenting those greys by adding babylights to give a more even look to your color and toning with a grey toner. This gives your overall look some balance instead of having a cluster of grey and dark.

Face-Framing Blended Grey Highlights and Long Layers on Dark Hair
Instagram @lanateam.hair

#16: Face-Framing Grey Highlights and Layers

If you want an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, consider one with face-framing grey highlights and layers. It can give you a fresh look. This style includes well-placed highlights and soft layers that frame the face. If you want color depth without constant maintenance, this style is ideal. I’d suggest refreshing these highlights every 12 to 14 weeks.

Dark-Rooted Silver Grey Blended Balayage on Long Hair
Instagram @glamdoll1

#17: Dark-Rooted Silver Balayage on Long Hair

When blending greys, the aim is to keep the color close to your natural hair color to simplify the growing-out process. This technique is perfectly demonstrated in the dark-rooted silver balayage on long hair.

#18: Layered Lob with Soft Grey Tones

A layered lob with soft grey tones provides a light and playful way to enhance your natural greys. The cut at lob-length can make grey hair appear healthier, particularly if it becomes wiry. A medium-length cut ensures the hair strands are long enough to lie flat yet short enough to prevent a stringy look.

Blended Ash Grey Highlights on Long Wavy Dark Brunette Hair
Instagram @salonhaze

#19: Ash Grey Highlights on Brunette Hair

Contrary to popular belief, brunette hair does not need to have warm or caramely shades. In fact, adding ash-grey highlights can make brunette hair look stunning.

#20: Dark Layered Hair with Subtle Silver Strands

If you have dark hair and grey strands, a dark-layered hairstyle is a great option. With this style, your natural grey strands will look purposely mixed with the expertly set silver strands.

Long Dark Hair with Blended Ashy Grey Highlights
Instagram @lay______van

#21: Dark Hair with Ashy Highlights

Dark hair with ashy highlights is a beautiful and flattering way to blend your greys. You can maintain this cool and sultry hair color at home using a shower toning shampoo or conditioner. Use a purple shampoo once a week to maintain the perfect ash-gray tones in your hair.

Medium Tousled Dark Hair with Grey Blended Money Piece
Instagram @colorbyashly

#22: Tousled Hair with Grey Money Piece

Blending silver strands into tousled hair with a grey hairpiece is stylish. Adding a grey hairpiece can emphasize the area around the face, accentuating your eyes and cheeks.

Grey Blending on Mid-Length Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @jhan.hair

#23: Grey Blending on Brown Hair

Grey blending on brown hair is possible! The key is to maintain a harmony between the hues of brown and the tone of your grey strands. Does your grey have a warmer tone? You can consider a more flaxen blending. Is your grey cooler in tone? An ash blending may be better. With either warmer or cooler gray tones, your hair will look blended and beautifully fashionable.

Muted Blended Grey Streaks on Long-Length Black Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#24: Muted Grey Streaks on Black Hair

On black hair, muted grey streaks can enhance the appearance of your naturally dark but greying strands. Many shades in muted grey can seamlessly mix with your greying strands, so you don’t need to lighten your hair completely.

#25: Silver-Grey Balayage on Medium Hair

A silver-grey balayage on medium-length hair is a natural-looking, subtle way to incorporate grey into your overall hair color.

Embracing the trend of grey blending for dark hair can be a style game changer. It requires understanding your unique hair pattern and the art of enhancing it. Renowned hairstylist Gloria Han shares her sterling expertise on achieving this elegant look.

Meet The Expert

Gloria Han
Gloria Han
Gloria is a hairstylist with over 8 years of experience.
You can find Gloria at her own suite in Arcadia, CA.

Mastering the Art of Grey Blending

Gloria approaches grey blending with an aim – making the look fun, ageless, and low on upkeep. “Each person’s gray hair pattern is unique,” she shares. She first studies each pattern and adds accents for a modern twist.

Considerations go beyond just the skin tone. Gloria says, “I try to achieve the brightest gray possible… If a light bright gray is not possible, then I opt for a smokey gray.” If a client resists the gray look, Gloria suggests exploring blondes or vivid hues.

Maintaining the Grey Blend

To keep a grey blend looking perfect, Gloria suggests investing in hydration for your hair. She urges to avoid excessive use of pigmented toning shampoos and heat. Regular trims and gentle handling of wet hair also help a lot.

According to Gloria, must-have products for maintaining gray blending are the following:

Prep Talk with Your Stylist

Before getting your hair styled, Gloria urges honesty with your hair expert. “Be upfront and honest with your hairstylist about your hair history and whether services have been done in a salon or at home,” she says. Sharing your lifestyle helps them gauge what you can maintain.

Gloria suggests gauging whether hair health, achieving a certain look, or the number of sessions needed is your top priority. If your hair has had color before, consult with your stylist to check the health of your hair. She reminds us, “Gray blending can be costly but saves on salon visits in between.”

Photos of Most Beautiful Grey Blending Ideas for Dark Hair