24 Amazing Haircuts You’ll See Everywhere for Summer 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best summer haircuts can be short or long, and the cut can be opted with layers, bangs, or undercut. Summer is all about feeling comfy, young, and free. Pixies and bobs are at the top of the list when thinking of a perfect chop for the hottest season. You’ll feel the breeze on your neck, and these short haircuts take lesser time to prep in the mornings.

Long hair would be great, too, if you love trying different looks every day. Explore various styles with ponytails, buns, and braids. Voluminous and airy hairstyles are also trendsetting. You might need to learn how to use heat tools.

Switch up your style and have fun in the sun. Check out this inspiring photo collection to see the most popular summer haircuts you should try!

The wet bob summer haircut trends
Instagram @ms.poisoncosplay

#1: The Wet Bob

The head-turning haircut that has cemented its place as one of the top summer haircut of 2024 is the “The Mid-Wave Hydration.” It rests just above the shoulders, The pièce de résistance of this cutting-edge hairstyle is its signature wet look, achieved with a glossy finish that gives off an enticing, fresh-off-the-beach vibe

#2: Mid Back-Length Hair with Strawberry Blonde Color

Switch up the average cool blonde for a beautiful, warm strawberry blonde color on your mid-back-length hair. Shades of red and copper are trending and you will definitely want to try one of these shades on your locks. Opting for a strawberry blonde in your style for the summertime will offer the brightness of blonde while also giving a rich warmth to the hair and skin tone. To keep your hair looking fresh, ask your stylist to book you a toner every 4-6 weeks to help rejuvenate the color.

Braided space buns hairstyle with intricate braiding detail for swimming

#3 Braided Space Buns for Swimming

This unique hairstyle features two intricately braided space buns, perfect for staying cool and stylish during summer activities, especially swimming in the pool. The braids add texture and interest, making it an ideal pool hairstyle for swimming with medium to thick hair types. This look is fantastic for those with an active lifestyle, keeping hair securely in place while adding a playful twist. However, it requires some skill or assistance to achieve the neatness of the braids and buns. Great for younger individuals or those with a penchant for fun, sporty styles.

Summertime Golden Balayage on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @bixiecolour

#4: Golden Balayage on Mid-Length Hair

Consider trying a golden balayage on mid-length hair if you have a darker, olive, or golden skin tone. Warmer, richer skin tones need warmth in their hair color to best enhance their natural color and features. A golden balayage will look natural and sun-kissed and is extremely easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for people who love low-maintenance hairstyles. Opt for this color if you have brown or hazel eyes, as it will enhance them and make them stand out.

Long Messy Wavy Hair for Summer
Instagram @rom.concept

#5: Long Messy Wavy Hair

Long messy hair with beach waves is the quintessential hair cuts of summer. Beach waves in hair embody the days spent in the sun or at the beach which makes it a perfect style for summertime. Keeping your hair long during summer is perfect for people who love low-maintenance styles that can be easily thrown up into a bun or ponytail.

Straight Face-Framing Bangs and Layers for Summer
Instagram @marisacuts

#6: Straight Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

If you have naturally straight hair, try some face-framing bangs and layers to give you a fresh, fun look. Bangs and face-framing layers are a perfect summer style because they help to keep your hair out of your face while also giving you accent pieces to make your ponytail even more beautiful. If blow drying, use a large round brush and roll the hair away from the face to keep your fringe looking perfect and out of your face.

#7: Long Layers and Caramel Highlights

Try long layers with caramel highlights for a natural, refreshing look. Long layers reduce the volume of the hair without having to compromise on the length and give versatility to the style of the hair. Caramel-toned highlights are a warm, rich tone that helps to enhance not only your hair but also your skin and eye colors. Try styling hair into loose curls or waves to enhance the dimension in the highlights and hair.

Summer Warm Peach Wavy Hair
Instagram @karin.wella

#8: Warm Peach Wavy Hair

If you like having fun in the sun, consider warm, peach hair with waves. Golden and peach tones are great for enhancing warm, tan skin tones which makes it an ideal summer color. Adding waves will create a beautiful, relaxing, sunset vibe to the hair color. For a more temporary option, try celeb luxury’s viral color shampoo in coral to boost your color at home in the shower.

Summertime Sleek Face-Framing Haircut for Straight Hair
Instagram @moyo_ijoma

#9: Sleek Face-Framing Haircut for Straight Hair

Consider trying face-framing layers in your next summer cut if you have straight hair. Starting the face-framing layers at the corner of your mouth and slowly blending into length is universally flattering and will help to enhance your best facial features. This will also help to keep your layers long enough to tuck back or away from the face when needed. Face-framing layers help to add shape and definition to otherwise flat and straight hair.

#10: Razored Shaggy Cut with Heavy Curtain Bangs

A shag haircut with razored texture and curtain bangs is a perfect option for women with a lot of hair. A shag haircut is great at keeping your hair longer while also helping to keep you cool, which makes it a great haircut for summertime. Curtain bangs are the perfect accessory to a shag they blend into the shag while also creating a beautiful silhouette of the face. Try opting for more texture and razoring in your bangs to help keep them light and airy during the summer’s warm months.

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Long Bob with Choppy Ends for Summer
Instagram @romeufelipe

#11: Long Bob with Choppy Ends

One beautiful summer haircut is a long bob with choppy ends. Blunt ends are an ideal option for people with fine to medium hair because it helps the hair to look more full. Try adding hidden or internal texture to a long bob to less layering but more movement and volume. Add waves to create an on-trend look for the summer.

Summer Medium-Length Waves on Copper Hair
Instagram @doganishere

#12: Medium-Length Waves on Copper Hair

Try pairing a medium-length summer haircut with a beautiful copper and red tones for a fun and trendy look. A medium length is a great option for women over 40 who like the option of wearing their hair up in a pony or bun or down. Adding loose waves to medium hair will help to give the illusion of volume and dimension to the hair.

#13: Medium Haircut with Textured Ends

If you have medium-length, thicker hair, try out a medium-length cut with textured ends as your next haircut for summer. The texture and thinning on the ends will help to reduce bulk in the hair and help it to lay more smoothly. Ask a stylist to point cut the ends to give a less blunt and more wispy look to the hair.

#14: Tousled Layers for Round Faces

Consider opting for tousled face-framing layers if you have a round or wider face shape. Face-framing layers will not only help hide fine lines and wrinkles but also helps to create a more slim silhouette of the face. Texturized layers help to enhance your natural hair and are great hairstyles for summer because they keep your hair less weighed down and heavy.

Summertime Long Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves
Instagram @mreeveshair225

#15: Long Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves

A long blunt bob is a great haircut for summertime, especially if you have thin or fine hair. The blunt cut will help to give the illusion of fullness and volume that is usually lacking in finer hair types. Adding subtle waves to a bob helps to show off dimension in the color while also creating more fullness.

#16: Long-Length Haircut with Full Bangs

If you prefer a long-length haircut, try switching it up this summer by adding full bangs. Bangs are perfect to keep hair out of your eyes on sunny days, to create a soft look around your face, and great for accentuating your best facial features. If a full bang is too much for you, try out a more textured or feathered fringe that blends into your layers for a softer look.

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Messy Shoulder-Length Bob for Summer
Instagram @mane_ivy

#17: Messy Shoulder-Length Bob

If you tend to wear your hair up during warm weather to stay cool, try a lightweight, messy shoulder-length bob instead. The messy texture adds a lot of movement to the hair while reducing the bulkiness and heaviness of the hair. A bob is one of the ultimate haircuts for the summer because it helps to keep you cool throughout the warm and hot days. Protect your hair from harmful sun damage by using Joico’s Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray.

Jaw-Length Bob on Ginger Red Hair for Summertime
Instagram @hirohair

#18: Jaw-Length Bob on Ginger Red Hair

If you’re looking for a bold and vibrant summer hairstyle, try opting for a chin-length bob in a beautiful shade of ginger red. A bold shade of red or copper can really show off your vibrant personality in a very fun way. If you have a long face shape, a chin-length bob will help to give the illusion of width to your face to balance your features.

Summertime Soft Waves on Long U-Cut Hair
Instagram @pcxhair

#19: Soft Waves on Long U-Cut Hair

Consider trying a u-shaped haircut with soft waves to enhance your long hair. Longer hair gives many options in terms of styles and a u-shaped haircut allows for length in the back while also allowing for framing around the face. Trying out soft waves to help intensify dimension throughout your hair while also giving the illusion of more volume. The soft layers around the face help to make this a versatile hairstyle for summertime.

Spiky Pixie Hair for Summertime
Instagram @cosmoshelly_

#20: Spiky Pixie Hair

If you’re looking for a change with the new season, try a spiky pixie haircut. A pixie cut is the perfect summer haircut to keep you nice and cool. Keeping the hair short around the back and sides makes it easy to maintain while keeping length on top makes it easy to create different styles. To create a spiky look, try applying Joico joigel firm styling gel to wet hair and blow-dry to create a stronghold to make your spikes last all day long.

#21: Wavy Bob on Low-Maintenance Grey Hair

If you have naturally gray hair and are looking for a more low-maintenance look, try a wavy bob for your next haircut. A bob haircut is an ideal cut for women over 60 who want a style that is easy and manageable. Ask your stylist to add lots of texture to help enhance the wavy style that you wish to achieve.

Mid-Length Soft Shag for Summer
Instagram @avenuesalonkw_

#22: Mid-Length Soft Shag

A mid-length soft shag is the perfect haircut if you’re looking to create shape and definition around the face. The face-framing layers around the face are also an ideal accent for women over 50 to hide wrinkles and fine lines. A shag haircut is very on-trend right now and is perfect for giving a youthful look to each client and their hair. If you have fine lines or wrinkles between your brows or forehead, try opting for a fringe that transitions into your shag.

Effortless Brunette Shag with Feathered Bangs for Summer
Instagram @stonefoxhair

#23: Effortless Brunette Shag with Feathered Bangs

An effortless shag with feathered bangs is a universally fresh cut for the summer. Opting for a shag is perfect for reducing bulk and thickness in the hair while also keeping length. Soft feathered bangs create shape and airiness around your face while also accentuating your best facial features. A lightweight and feathered look is also great to keep you cool during those hot summer months.

Long V-Cut with Beach Waves for Summertime
Instagram @hairbymikaya_

#24: Long V-Cut with Beach Waves

Long hair is perfect for every season but adding some beachy waves into a long v-cut is ideal for summer. Long “v” shaped layers help to keep length in the back while also adding framing around the face. Beach waves are an excellent way of showing off dimension in your hair, especially in blonde hair. Try a beach wave summer style by applying sea salt spray to the hair and scrunching to add some natural waves.