60 Super Flattering Haircuts for Round Face Shapes to Appear Leaner & More Oval

Best haircuts for round face shapes

The ideal haircut for round face shapes offers an illusion of length and slimmer face shape. It must create an angle that draws attention away from the symmetry of the face, breaking up the roundness.

Stylist Brittain of Nashville, TN shares her go-to rule. “Create a semblance of a diamond face by choosing the proper haircut,” she states.

One way to go with it is to opt for bangs, especially the faux ones.

Brittain explains, “A fringe adds a little bend and movement right around the cheek. It’s versatile to part in different ways and will leave you cute pieces to let out when your hair is pulled back.”

If you fear having a faux fringe, probably due to a past experience, think of it as shorter layers rather than bangs.

The downside of faux bangs for round faces is that they don’t fit every hair texture.

“Not everyone is blessed with luscious hair. Ladies with thin, fine locks will find a faux fringe flat and difficult to style. In this case, I would do a thicker layer up front,” Brittain advises.

If you’re not a big styler at home, ask for styling tips, including what products and tools are best to use.

The right cut and style can definitely enhance your overall appearance and confidence. Proof? Check out these photos of gorgeous and trendy haircuts for round face shapes!

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Shagged Wavy Bob With Choppy Layers for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#1: Shagged Wavy Bob With Choppy Layers

Try a shaggy wavy bob if you have a lot of hair but also want style and movement. A shag is one of the most flattering haircuts for round faces because it opens up the face with soft layering giving you an elongated look. This is the perfect hair length because it’s not too short and still long enough to easily pull up. In the end, you will look fresh and radiant with your new choppy cut.

Off Center Part Layered Cut with Long Curtain Fringe for Round Faces
Instagram @mikayladruhair

#2: Off Center Part Layered Cut with Long Curtain Fringe

You should try an off-center part layered cut with a long curtain fringe if you’ve been wearing a deep side part. Middle parts have been trending for the last couple of years, but not everyone can rock a middle part. Parting a little off-center makes this 90s classic a little more charming. When styling this mid-length, do try a blow dryer brush. You’ll get the best results in half the time. Amika, Hot Tools, and Dry Bar make great blow dry brushes.

#3: Textured Shaggy Haircut with Wavy Bangs

Consider a textured wavy shag haircut paired with bangs. If you’re rockin’ a shag, you’re rockin’ a perfect haircut to flatter a chubby face. Think of it as highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. Tame your wavy shag with some medium hold hairspray like “Set Spray” from Cult King to keep your bangs and frizz at bay.

Layered Curly Cut for Round Faces with Thick Hair
Instagram @cabelolivre_

#4: Layered Curly Cut For Thick Hair

A layered curly cut might be just what you need if you have thick hair. If your hair texture is curly and you need a change try some square layers to modernize your strands. The hair tendrils surrounding your features are very flattering. You’ll definitely want to air dry or diffuse in place with a curl product to keep your curls from frizzing.

Medium Razored Shag with Micro Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @bareeminimum

#5: Medium Razored Shag with Micro Bangs

Go for an edgy cut with a medium razored shag paired with micro bangs. With shaggy stacked layers and micro bangs, your face will appear more balanced. Finding flattering haircuts for women with round faces can sometimes be challenging. I recommend you save pictures of your favorite ones and show them to your stylist at your next hair appointment. They’ll be able to help you pick out the best one for you.

Curled Mid-Length Hair with Straight Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @bexdahhair

#6: Curled Mid-Length Hair with Straight Bangs

You should consider curled mid-length hair with straight bangs. Ask your stylist for layers that surround your cheeks and you’ll have a haircut that will make you feel beautiful. Your hairstyling regimen will require soft curling around your face unless you have a natural wave. You’ll want to blow dry your bangs with a round brush and avoid turning them under too much for a trendy finish.

Soft Shag with Wavy Layers and Money Pieces for Round Faces
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#7: Soft Shag with Wavy Layers and Money Pieces

A soft shag with wavy layers and a money piece looks beautiful. A shaggy layered haircut that looks soft and has volume elongates and slims your face. Add in a bold money piece to frame your face for the perfect hair trend.

#8: Wavy Medium-Length Hair with Textured Ends

Give your lovely locks a lift with wavy medium-length hair with textured ends. Your beautiful blonde tresses will look so romantic with soft flowing textured waves. Hair with soft waves at medium length is one of the best hairstyles for round shape faces because it will instantly slim and elongate your face shape for a beautiful appearance.

#9: Rooted Blonde Medium Hair Parted In The Middle

Rooted blonde medium hair that has been parted in the middle is an incredible choice. Not only will the shadow root allow for more time between appointments, but the medium-length cut with a middle part will help balance any asymmetry you may have in your face.

#10: Side Part Style on an Extra Long Bob Haircut

Try an extra long bob haircut with a side part style for its complimentary shape. The sexy side-swept part is a great choice for your face shape. Hair coming forward around your features will make your face look skinnier. A long bob is a perfect length to give your hair style and make it look super healthy.

#11: Cute Short Shag Haircut with Ombre

A short shag haircut with an ombre color is one of the most flattering haircuts for full faces. If appearing more youthful is your inspiration, then this cut will accomplish your goals!

Wavy Lob Haircut with Highlights for Women Over 50 with Round Faces
Instagram @torixhair

#12: Wavy Lob Haircut with Highlights for Women Over 50

Go for a wavy lob haircut with highlights if you are a woman over 50. A lob is a great haircut for a round face to look more elongated because the longest length around your face helps conceal a double chin and makes your face appear slimmer.

Blue-Highlighted Bob with Short Bangs for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @__k_vu__

#13: Blue-Highlighted Bob with Short Bangs

Try rocking a blue highlighted bob with short bangs for a chic look. A bob with bangs is a spectacular choice. Having bangs and blunt, shorter hair around your jaw will balance out the roundness of your face. Try a bold pop of color to liven up your locks. The vibrant color options are endless.

Long Wispy Layers and a Face Frame for Straight Hair and Round Faces
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#14: Long Wispy Layers and a Face Frame for Straight Hair

If you’re a woman with straight hair consider long wispy layers and a face frame. Long wispy layers are magnificent at volumizing your locks and will liven up your strands. Long and wispy hairstyles will elongate your face for a slimmer-looking appearance.

Alluring Long Choppy Hair with Soft Waves for Round Faces
Instagram @cutnj

#15: Alluring Long Choppy Hair with Soft Waves

Try a long choppy haircut styled with soft waves. Hairstyles for round faces should help to balance your face shape. To style your hairdo, use a barrel curling iron directing your curls away from your face.

#16: Trendy Shaggy Wolf Cut with Feathered Layers and Bangs

The prettiest hairstyle for chubby faces is a shaggy wolf cut with feathered layers and bangs. If your goal is making your face look slimmer, then this is a cut you should try!

#17: Flattering Middle Part Layered Bob with Curls

A middle-part layered bob for curly hair is a flattering hairstyle for a round face. When wearing your naturally curly hair, try using a mousse or a gel-based product to help your curls last all day. Styling your curly bob with a middle part will make you look more natural and makes getting ready easy, perfect if you want to have a quick easy styling routine in the morning.

Modern Razored Cut Mid-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#18: Modern Razored Cut Mid-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Razored mid-length hair with bangs is one of the best haircut for round face shape. Having curtain bangs is a remarkable way to great texture when styling your hair with curls. Ask for a razored cut if you are wanting a lot of texture.

#19: Medium Curly Shag with Bangs to Make Face Appear Longer

A medium curly shag with bangs is a great option to draw attention away from the roundness of your face. A shag is always a unique cut, they are cut specifically for your face shape and natural curl pattern. If you have coarse hair you will want to use a smoothing cream that doesn’t have to be heat activated so you can air-dry your curls without the frizz. Be sure to ask your stylist for advice on how to style your new shag at home.

Slimming Center Parted Medium Hair with Layered Curls for Round Faces
Instagram @lolassworldxx

#20: Slimming Center Parted Medium Hair with Layered Curls

A center-parted medium haircut with layered curls is a great, slimming haircut for chubby faces. If you have thick hair, you’ll want a medium to long length cut to keep your curls from creating a triangle shape. Whether you want to go dressy and blow out your hair or go casual and natural curl, this is a great cut. Be sure to ask your stylist for recommendations on products and how to style at home.

Front Layered Cut with Middle-Parted Long Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#21: Front Layered Cut with Middle-Parted Long Bangs

A front layered cut paired with middle-parted long bangs is a wearable, classy look. The way the bangs frame your face creates a nice shape and shows off your cheekbones. If you are looking for a good haircut for a chubby face, this is a great option. Your stylist can tailor the face-framing to show off or hide certain facial features.

Blunt Medium Haircut with Waves for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @cutnj

#22: Blunt Medium Haircut with Waves

A blunt medium haircut paired with soft waves is a fantastic option. The best hairstyles for round faces should help to elongate your face and give it a slim appearance. Blunt cuts are always a great option because it doesn’t frame your face. You never wants to accentuate the roundness of her face with a face frame of any sort.

Sassy Side-Parted Textured Curly Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @colormechula

#23: Sassy Side-Parted Textured Curly Bob

A side-parted textured curly bob creates a nice shape for your face. Short hair on a chubby face can be difficult, you’ll want to make sure the length isn’t too blunt if it’s right at your chin. Your face’s roundness can appear more oval with a side part that leaves the front pieces falling forward and framing your face. A great styling tip is to find the right curl cream for your curls, every curl is different. Ask your stylist what they recommend and ask if they can try a few products in your hair before purchasing.

#24: Medium Feathered Haircut with Flipped Ends

A medium feathered haircut paired with flipped ends is not only cute but practical. The flipped ends give off a sassy, feminine vibe, that is easy to style. One of the best hairstyles for wider faces is a medium-length with layers that fall in all the right places. When in the salon, be sure to ask your stylist what kind of layering and lengths will best suit you.

#25: Trendsetting Long Choppy Pixie Bob

We love a good long choppy pixie bob because it’s a fun and fabulous look that is versatile and easy to style. It’s one of the most beautiful haircuts for round faces, and your stylist will be detailing the face frame to suit you. If you have wide cheekbones, your stylist can minimize them with a swoopy face frame. Your choppy pixie bob can be styled straight or curled, but should always be finished with a texture spray to give it movement and hold.

Mini Mullet with Shaggy Layers for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @toriwiget

#26: Mini Mullet with Shaggy Layers

A mini mullet paired with shaggy layers is a head-turning, lovely cut. The layers make it not only easy to style but able to style in so many ways. Whether you want beach waves, straight, or rocker-chic natural waves, this is a great cut. And it’s one of the most flattering haircuts because it’s tailored and detailed to frame your face and show off your favorite facial features.

#27: Shaggy French Bob with Swoopy Bangs

Be the coolest girl on the block and go for a shaggy French bob with swoopy bangs. An inspiring shaggy bob has soft stacking layers that will give your hair the most wonderful body and movement. Use a styling mouse to get some fun texture. Your fabulous new haircut will give you confidence.

#28: Voluminous Side Parted Curly Lob Cut

Though many women with curly hair are fearful of a short haircut, a side parted curly lob cut can give your curly hair new life. A side part produces a desirably voluminous crown for curly-haired women. The trendiest natural curls are soft, defined, and bouncy and a stylish lob will bring out the best of your curly tresses.

#29: Fabulous Medium-Length Layered Waves With Curtain Bangs

A medium-length layered haircut styled with waves and curtain bangs is a fabulous option if you have a slightly chubby face. It’s impressive how a haircut and color can affect the shape of your face, so always be sure to ask your stylist if that haircut will suit you best.

Balanced Long Wavy Hair with Choppy Ends for Round Faces
Instagram @glorified.hair

#30: Balanced Long Wavy Hair with Choppy Ends

Consider wavy hair with choppy ends if your hair is long and thick. This long hairstyle has a variety of layers and textures, which helps the style stay balanced. Long wavy hair is incredibly timeless, sophisticated, and striking. Choppy, straight ends take this chop to a more modern shape.

Medium-Length Layered Style for Round Faces
Instagram @glamourbycee

#31: Medium-Length Layered Style

Rock a medium-length layered hairstyle to shake up your look. A pretty cut like this is ideal because the face-framing layers and curtain bangs open up your face to see more of your beautiful eye and cheekbone area. Ask your stylist for a long layered hair cut with face-framing layers and long curtain bangs that are long enough to be tucked behind the ear.

#32: Gorgeous Loose Curls with a Center Part

Try some gorgeous loose curls with a center part if you’re unsure how to style your amazing natural curls. The style is nice and low-maintenance and can be achieved by using mousse and other curl products and defusing your hair. Ask your stylist for some tips on how to make your natural curls bounce!

Chic & Subtle Face-Framing Side Part for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @richiemiao

#33: Chic & Subtle Face-Framing Side Part

A chic side part is a great way to open up facial features and give your face some symmetry overall. Contrary to popular belief, an asymmetrical hair part can make your face appear more symmetrical, while a middle part can draw attention to differences in your facial features. A side part can also be used to help create an ideal face shape by customizing the face-framing layers.

#34: Fresh Curly Bob

Give your wavy hair shape with a fresh curly bob cut. If you have a rounder face shape, a medium-length bob will work well. Layering should be done in a way to shape your curls keeping them from being too heavy at the ends. Styling will include a curling cream and curling gel mixture, air dry, then finish with a diffuser.

Super Cute Jet Black Shaggy Cut for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @similakchyld

#35: Super Cute Jet Black Shaggy Cut

A shaggy brunette cut is the epitome of the ’70s rock girl. The shag has made a powerful comeback in the last decade and seems to not be going anywhere anytime soon. We love the versatility of the look which can be styled rougher for an edgier look, or sleeker with a curling iron or hot rollers. It’s always best to style your hair with mousse before drying and a texture cream to finish.

Eye-catching soft shag with heavy curtain bangs for round faces
Instagram @saltybangs

#36: Eye-Catching Soft Shag with Heavy Curtain Bangs

A soft shag with heavy curtain bangs is a great, eye-catching hairstyle. Wispy layers paired with a heavy curtain bang spotlight your eyes, and soften the cheekbones of ladies with fuller face shapes. Use a spray wax from Reference of Sweden on dry hair to piece out the ends and amplify texture.

Razor Cut Short Bob
Instagram @freche.frisuren

#37: Razor Cut Short Bob with an Angled Part

A razor-cut short bob is perfect for rounder facial features. The very subtle piece-y style is what makes it an ideal hairstyle. Opt for a razor cut like this to provide the ends with a little texture. If your hair is thick, ask your stylist for an undercut to remove bulk from your short hair.

Soft and Slightly Graduated Bob
Instagram @arsentovmasyan

#38: Soft and Slightly Graduated Bob

A soft and slightly graduated bob is a flattering haircut for round faces. This is because the elongated shape creates a sleek vertical line softening the shape of your face. And the light copper tones bring out the color in your eyes.

Jordin Sparks' bold and natural curls
Instagram @nubiarezo

#39: Jordin Sparks’ Bold and Natural Curls

Jordin Sparks’ bold and natural curls are best for ladies who want to embrace their innate curls. There are many different ways, but a curly cut is designed to cut your hair dry and in its natural, curly state. This allows your stylist to cut your hair to best suit your face. Ask your stylist for a beneficial cut and style that will help give the illusion of a longer face shape.

#40: Easy Long and Layered Haircut with Long Bangs

A long layered haircut is another complimenting haircut. Soft tresses around your face make it appear shapelier. Add cute curtain bangs to really set it off. The benefit of haircuts like this is that a long layered haircut grows out easily and will not require a lot of maintenance.

#41: Cute Rose Gold Pixie Cut with Heavily Layering

You may want to add a striking contrast to your soft circular face shape with a bold short pixie cut just like A-lister Ginnifer Goodwin. Short haircuts like this are fun and easy to jazz up, and can make stunning hairstyles who are looking for a short cut with a hidden fade.

Messy Short Curly Hair for Round Faces
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#42: Messy Short Curly Hair with Curly Bangs

A sassy curly pixie cut can work with your face shape by keeping the volume on top of your head, where your hair can sometimes lay flatter than you’d like.

Long Platinum Blonde with Bangs
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#43: Long Platinum Blonde Hair with Bangs

Long layers and bangs are another great option. The bright bangs really pop and frame your eyes, and the long layers around your face lengthen it. To style, use a one-inch wand in alternating directions and leave the ends out to create waves and height in your crown area. Then, style it with the Oribe’s Texture Spray for texture and volume.

Gorgeous Medium Length Waves
Instagram @karla.salonkiin

#44: Gorgeous Face-Framing Medium-Length Waves

Medium-length waves work so well to balance a rounder-shaped face. The one-length style can sit below the collarbone, grazing the cheeks, to automatically balance your face. However, adding waves to this classy, balayage style will add volume to your hair. The volume elongates your face and also adds a glamorous texture to your medium hair.

Bright Collarbone-Length Middle Part Hairstyle for Women with a Round Face
Instagram @romeufelipe

#45: Bright Collarbone-Length Middle Part Hairstyle

The collarbone-length middle part has a slimming effect, which makes it a great choice! These two styles go hand in hand. Look for the middle part to narrow your face. The collarbone length keeps your hair grazing the sides of your cheeks. Don’t be afraid the go for a messy center part to add some lift to the roots, too. Doing so creates one of the most flattering hairstyles for women with rounder face shapes.

Soft Neck-Length Choppy Bob with a Middle Part for Round Faces
Instagram @hirohair

#46: Soft Neck-Length Choppy Bob with a Middle Part

Instead of a longer cut, try a neck-length choppy bob to slim down a face shape that is wider at the cheekbones. The lighter feel of the choppy length helps the bob avoid becoming too blunt and harsh, which looks stunning when worn textured and undone. You can pull this off by having the length below the chin and keeping the front one length to graze the sides of your face.

#47: Blended Face-Framing Layers

Blended face-framing layers on medium hair bring a flow of shape, which is perfect for visually slimming down your face. Face-framing a round-shaped face is effective due to its elongating effects. The layers that start under the chin allow for the length to skim the sides of the face. The flowing movement then curves around the jaw to add width below your face for balance.

Mid-Length Beach Waves with a Center Part for a Round Face
Instagram @tegs_shaghair

#48: Mid-Length Beach Waves with a Center Part

Consider mid-length beach waves with a center part because it adds contouring to a wider face. Try parting your hair in the center to complement and elongate your face. The hair sits symmetrically on either side, which narrows your cheeks. When styling the beach waves, aim for the curls to sit below your cheek to chisel in your cheekbones.

#49: Flattering Long Layers for Women with Glasses

Long layers will give a contoured effect from the shape of the straight cut, benefitting women who wear glasses and have a rounder face. Haircuts for round faces need longer layers that will sit lower than the widest part of your face, which will help balance your facial structure.

Short Chin-Length Blunt Cut with a Blunt Fringe for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @circlesofhair

#50: Short Chin-Length Blunt Cut with a Blunt Fringe

A flirty chin-length short haircut with blunt fringe is another flattering haircut. It also adds a little body to naturally straight hair. Blunt bobs have no layers and can be worn on fine hair, too.

Dimensional Collarbone-Length Graduated Long Bob for a Round Face
Instagram @tiagosn7

#51: Dimensional Collarbone-Length Graduated Long Bob

A graduated long bob compliments rounder-shaped faces perfectly. Keep your length near your collarbone with the longer pieces around your face. This helps extend your facial features. Getting some over-directed layers also helps shape your face beautifully.

#52: Bouncy Long Hair with Volume

Achieve bouncy long hair if you consider one crucial factor—integrity. Your hair must be healthy and shiny to rock an exciting hairstyle and cut.

#53: Sexy Straight Bob with a Deep Side Part

A straight bob haircut with a deep side part will slim down rounder face shapes. The sleekness of a straight bob contours the sides of your face to elongate your facial structure. You don’t have to keep the length a little longer through the front to streamline this look, but it helps!

Layered Lob Shag with Brown Highlights for a Round Face Shape
Instagram @salsalhair

#54: Layered Lob Shag with Brown Highlights

A long layered bob with some soft beach waves and eye-grazing bangs is ideal for any round-faced woman who wants a change but doesn’t want to go too short.

#55: Sophisticated Textured Layers On Long Hair

Long textured layers can be flattering for women with chubby faces because the layering balances out the face shape. With bangs to cover your prominent forehead, this becomes one of the most ideal haircuts for round faces. A long wispy fringe gives an illusion of more pronounced cheekbones, too. Talk to your stylist about which products to use at home, and which type of comb would be best to achieve these waves.

#56: Darling Shoulder-Length Lob with Side Bangs

A lob with side bangs can accentuate your cheekbones. With a fringe, it makes any shoulder-length haircut or lob do-able. It looks flattering and is easy to style. The internal texture was created with slice cutting, without actually adding layers. Longer fringes at the front of your face add variation to the lob and enhance your face shape.

Versatile Textured Lob with Bangs and Loose Waves for Round Face Shape
Instagram @timm.morrison

#57: Versatile Textured Lob with Bangs and Loose Waves

A textured lob with bangs is a popular haircut for ladies with a round face. If you can’t decide whether to go super short or long, opt for a length that grazes your shoulders or collarbone. It isn’t too long to keep it fuller, yet not too short for versatility.

Long Hair with Long Layers and Side-Swept Bangs for a Rounder Face Shape
Instagram @hirohair

#58: Long Hair with Long Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

Long layers and side-swept bangs indeed complement one another! This type of fringe boosts the movement of your hair for added body. The layers also carry out extra texture to the chop. The structure of this hair idea with long waves frames and will look terrific on your face.

#59: Sleek Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

One of the best inverted bobs for thin hair makes your hair seem thicker and fuller. Such a haircut is also perfect because the gradual layers around the face help to create an illusion of softness and length. If your mane is naturally straight, it makes a flattering go-to style for round-shaped faces.

Gorgeous Textured Bob with Side Part for Chubby Face Shapes
Instagram @risareyeshair

#60: Gorgeous Textured Bob with Side Part

A gorgeous textured bob with a side part is easy to imitate. It looks soft and sophisticated, great for an everyday style. For a girl with a fuller face shape, this piecey bob is suitable. Customize the movement of the waves to accentuate facial features. To boost the volume and texture with a more polished finish, apply dry shampoo.

Bring inspirational photos with you to your stylist if you’re considering textured hair. This is a great cut for women who want a low-maintenance style. Use Davines products, it’s dry texturized. It also helps to expand the waves and define layering.

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