64 Sexiest Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40 in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

When you’re in your 40s, it’s the best time to explore new hairstyles to express who you are! It’s no longer about the trends and definitely not about fitting in. It’s all about the confident fabulous YOU.

Check out these inspiring pictures of short haircuts for women over 40 that are flattering, daring, and modern.

Short Black Hairstyle for Ladies in their 40s
Instagram @alisonallvess

#1: Short Black Hairstyle

This flattering haircut is short as a pixie on the back and gradually turns into a bob in the front. It’s styled straight and with texture. Wider face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will suit this hairstyle best. Use Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Spray, it smooths, repairs and protects hair.

Textured short platinum blonde haircut flattering for oval face shapes, ideal for women over 40

#2 Textured Short Haircut

Discover a refreshingly chic style with this textured short haircut in platinum blonde. Tailored for oval face shapes, its choppy layers add vivacious volume, effortlessly framing the face. This shade is audaciously luminous yet versatile, complementing medium-density hair. For women over 40 aiming to seamlessly merge grey hairs or create a bold statement, this platinum choice is impactful. Bear in mind, it demands regular upkeep for lasting vibrancy. Always recommend a personal consultation to guarantee this edgy style’s compatibility and maintenance.

Mid-length layered bob with soft highlights for women over 40

#3 Long Layered Bob

Indulge in a long layered bob that blends seamlessly into your lifestyle. Perfect for the ladies in their 40s, this cut provides volume with its masterful layers, and the subtle highlights add a depth that enlivens the medium texture of your tresses. Suited for an oval face, the gentle fringe frames your visage with grace. The colors weave through your hair, promising an easy transition for those wary of dramatic changes. While ideal for adding volume, remember that layers require a bit of styling to maintain their shape. Embrace a refreshingly sophisticated, yet understated elegance with this style.

Organic short wavy hair for a woman over 40

#4 Organic Short Wavy Hair

Short hair with organic waves are more youthful through your 40s compared to structured perfect curls. They seem softer, more natural, freer, and most of all, more on-trend! To style, apply thermal protection to hair. Wrap sections of hair around a medium barrel iron. Shake hair with hands to loosen up the curls. Set the hair with a flexible hold spray. Try Alterna’s Caviar Working Hairspray as it gives a long lasting flexible hold while adding fullness and shine.

Auburn Textured Pixie Cut for Women Over 40

#5 Easy Textured Crop

Embrace a fresh, edgy look with this auburn-tinted pixie cut, ideal for oval faces and medium hair density. The subtle highlights invigorate the textured layers, offering a voluminous top with tapered finesse. Perfect for on-the-go maintenance, this style provides easy morning prep, though it may require frequent cuts to keep the shape pristine. Its versatility transitions smoothly from daywear to evening elegance, a bold choice for women over 40 seeking to update their style.

Multi-dimension short hair for women over 40

#6 Multi-Dimensional Style

Short hairstyles for women over 40 are multi-dimensional lots of texture and lines. If you have short hair, make it so it can be worn straight or wavy, leaving you with great options for whatever the day holds.

Short Platinum Asymmetrical Pixie-Bob for Women Over 40 with Oval Face Shapes

#7 Asymmetric Chic Crop

Step into elegance with this striking platinum blonde asymmetrical pixie-bob, tailored for women over 40 with oval faces. The back’s cropped length radiates boldness, as the longer front layers delicately contour your visage. This cut lends volume to straight, medium-density strands through its skillful layering. While the platinum hue adds a dash of daring to your style, it also demands regular care. A superb choice for the fashion-forward woman eager to showcase her distinctive flair.

Medium-length layered silver-blonde hairstyle with soft waves for a sophisticated woman over 40

#8 Soft Waves

Opt for the grace of silver shades with this medium-length, ash-blonde hairdo. A match made in heaven for oval faces, its side-swept waves and strategic layering create a voluminous look suited for hair with medium thickness. Considering going gray? This cut allows for a seamless merger of your natural color with elegant ash undertones for a dignified transition. This look is generally becoming, but be mindful that maintaining the color might involve effort to prevent a brassy tone, and the versatile length will need consistent trims to keep its shape.

Short pixie undercut for women over 40

#9 Fresh and Young Pixie Cut

For a daring yet polished look, consider this super short hairstyle, which brings an air of youthful exuberance. Perfect for oval face shapes, the textured pixie features tapered sides leading to a voluminous crown, offering a contemporary twist on classic cuts. Ideal for medium-density hair, the deep black hue adds drama, while the strategic layering enhances natural volume, making it a low-maintenance choice for busy routines. While this cut is edgy and time-saving, it does require regular salon visits to maintain its shape, and it may not suit those who prefer longer, more versatile styles.

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#10: Neck-Length Bob for Thick Hair

A neck-length bob is an ideal option for ladies with thick hair. Sitting in between the chin and the shoulders, the neck-length bob can be worn wavy or smooth with a bit of a flick. If the hair is very thick consult with your stylist if some secret layers can be put in to remove weight.

Chic bob with a deep side part giving an asymmetric short look to copper-colored hair, ideal for women over 40

#11 Short Copper Colored Hair

Darling, embrace the transformation with this chic bob, which is styled with a deep side part that effortlessly transitions into an asymmetric short look, adding a trendy twist that’s just perfect for our fabulous 40-somethings. This style not only frames the face beautifully but its vibrant copper hue will also give your skin a lovely glow. Ideal for fine strands, the textured layers will pump up the volume without becoming high-maintenance.

#12: Short Choppy Side-Parted Haircut

Show off a short, choppy, side-parted haircut. A choppy pixie cut is a great choice for women over 40 seeking edgy styles. This style works well for those who have straight, easy-to-manipulate hair textures. Side parting a longer pixie cut adds a side swoop. This variation compliments a variety of face shapes.

#13: Pixie with a Side Part and Bangs

If you have thick or coarse hair, a pixie cut with a side part and bangs might suit you! If you’re considering a short haircut, try a longer pixie cut. It gives you some length around the face and ears, which is extremely flattering. If you want to add texture to your hair, focus on the crown while maintaining volume and length around the face.

#14: Blunt Barbie Blonde Bob

Go bright with a blunt Barbie blonde bob! If you’re worried the shade would turn too brassy, don’t dismiss it before trying. To avoid a brass-like look, add a purple toning shampoo to your routine. This can help achieve brighter hair.

#15: Above-the-Shoulder Straight Bob Cut

You should consider an above-the-shoulder straight bob cut as a versatile and timeless hairstyle if you’re a woman aged 40 and over. With its clean lines and sleek appearance, this haircut is perfect for those looking for a polished look. The bob’s length frames the face beautifully, accentuates your features and provides a youthful charm. This hairstyle works best for women with straight hair, allowing for easy maintenance and a smooth finish.

Short Auburn Bob Makeover for Ladies Over 40
Instagram @piatupop

#16: Short Auburn Bob Makeover

If your aging hair needs a major revamp, go for a short auburn bob. Pairing a super-textured short bob with a warm hair color can give you a new look.

#17: Side Parted Makeover

The side-parted makeover gave the textured bob hairstyle a fresh update! If you’re considering a shorter hairstyle, this might be the best choice for you. The blunt style can add fullness and depth to your flat, lifeless hair. Add some layers at the crown to prevent the bob from becoming too triangular.

#18: Short Tapered Long Pixie Cut

A short tapered long pixie cut is a versatile and stylish haircut option for women aged 40 and over. This cut features shorter hair on the back and sides, gradually tapering into longer layers on top. The length in the front can be customized to suit personal preferences and face shape. This haircut suits people who want a stylish look that is easy to maintain but still modern and youthful.

#19: Straight Blonde Bob with a Sweeping Bang

Using a good smoothing balm is the easiest way to achieve a straight blonde bob with a sweeping bang. These products will keep the straight bob ultra shiny and controlled. Plan regular salon visits to maintain the blonde bob at the right length.

#20: Low-Maintenance Asymmetric Bob

Love short hair but worried about the upkeep? Your best bet is to ask for a low-maintenance asymmetric bob. This popular cut grows nicely between appointments so that upkeep won’t be as intense as a pixie or other short chops.

#21: Short Wispy Crop and Bangs

Consider a short wispy crop with bangs. Shorter textured hair is good for women who want an edgy yet feminine style. A crop with bangs will allow crown volume and facial framing to accentuate your features. And it looks great on long & square face shapes.

#22: Layered Short Haircut

Try a short, layered, pixie haircut if you’re looking for an edgy style but have fine hair. To get that ultra-piecey look, you need to use a styling wax or balm.

Jaw-Length Rooted Blonde Bob for Ladies Aged 40 with a deep side part
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#23: Jaw-Length Rooted Blonde Bob

Lots of ladies aged 40 are looking for a jaw-length bob. It’s a great choice as your hair ages, and I suggest a deep side part to give it a modern look. To style it, use your wide-tooth comb to detangle it. Then use a heat protectant to protect your hair from heat-styling tools. When it comes to using a blow dryer, keep it on a low heat setting and use a round brush to help create volume and movement. Finally, finish by curling the ends of your hair with a curling wand.

Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Fringe for Ladies 40 and Up
Instagram @belximenes

#24: Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Fringe

Women over 40 look stunning with this shaggy mullet that features a choppy fringe. For extra body and volume, wear your hair with short layers at the top. You can tousle the choppy fringe for even more face-framing texture.

Short Highlighted Tight Blonde Curls for Ladies Over Forty
Instagram @joemiguel_

#25: Highlighted Tight Blonde Curls

Tight blonde curls are making such a comeback this year. It’s a beautiful dimensional hairstyle that brightens and freshens your face features. Ask your colorist to use a bond builder such as Smart Bond, Olaplex, or K18, for instance, to protect and prevent your curls from breakage.

Cute Side-Swept Pixie for 40-Year-Olds
Instagram @dinh_hairsalon

#26: Cute Side-Swept Pixie

One of the most low-maintenance haircuts to deal with at home is a pixie. They’re easy to style, quick to wash, and generally, always look good. The easiest way to style is with a quick blow dry and I suggest getting a wax or pomade to make your style stay in place.

Short Mini Mullet Shag for Ladies 40 and Over
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#27: Mini Mullet Shag

Consider a mini mullet shag haircut if you want to feel more feminine with a bit more length. You can add curls and volume for that retro but classy look. You will love how confident this hairstyle will make you feel!

Short Beautiful Undone Braids for Ladies 40 and Over
Instagram @foodwineluv

#28: Beautiful Undone Braids

Beautiful undone braids are the perfect go-to style when you are wanting something quick, yet put together. Undone braids give a very beachy wave curl illusion and they help to tame natural frizz, and help to avoid having to take the time to fully style your hair!

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Dark Red Tousled Short Hair for Women Over Forty
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#29: Dark Red Tousled Short Hair

Transform your entire hairstyle by trying this tousled short hair. This is a classy hairstyle that is very versatile in the ways that it can be styled. Coloring your hair a dark red will enrich your tresses and give you a breathtaking new appearance. If you’re looking for the perfect new cut and color, don’t skip out on tousled short hair paired with a rich dark red color.

#30: Edgy Pixie

Women in their 40s have hair that’s starting to thin, so a short haircut cut into a pixie is perfect. Keep your hair short and fun by adding subtle yellow highlights that are still flattering but not too much!

Feathery curls short haircut for women over 40
Instagram @romeufelipe

#31: Feathery Curls

Super feminine hairstyles and haircuts feature big, bouncy, feathery curls for women over 40.

#32: The French Bob with Bangs

This stylish hairstyle is soft and blended can be worn on straight or curly hair and is very low maintenance. For women over 40 with grey hair, adding babylights with shadow roots helps to conceal the rapid regrowth.

#33: Carefree and Whimsical Bob

This short-length hairstyle pops with fun! This style is a great way to style your hair. It’s a great way to make your hair look shorter, carefree, and whimsical. Take into account your lifestyle, maintenance, personality, hair texture, and face shape. The most important things to consider for short haircuts are hair texture, neck, and face shape. This bob haircut looks great on women with an oval or heart-shaped face.

perfectly trendy long pixie cut for ladies past 40
Instagram @sacaumut

#34: Perfectly Trendy Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie is a trendy short haircut that is the perfect edgy style. For women over 40 looking for something short and sassy, this may be the look for you. This cut is low-maintenance due to its convenience of quick and easy styling. Short haircuts for women should be easy to maintain at home.

Princess Cut
Instagram @georgiykot

#35: Princess Cut

Women over 40 can look like a royal with this classic Princess Diana-inspired haircut.

chin-length bobbed dimension
Instagram @yukistylist

#36: Chin-Length Bobbed Dimension

This gorgeous chin-length bob with a middle part is enhanced by its dark dimensional color.

#37: Sleek Bob

This sleek long bob features layers that are shorter in the back and longer in the front.

teased bob hairstyle for women in their 40s
Instagram @david.oshell

#38: Teased Bob

Bobs with layers are one of the best short hairstyles for women in their 40s. Another way to wear a bob is smooth with volume. This bob has layers that fall below the occipital bone in the back and gradually get longer in the front.

black shaggy cut with no bangs
Instagram @giboazhair

#39: Black Shaggy Cut with No Bangs

Try an iconic black shaggy cut without bangs to really freshen up your overall style. The shaggy cut combined with the crisp, dark color like black allows for a very healthy and voluminous appearance to the hair. A black shaggy cut can do a lot to revitalize an aging face in terms of lifting, brightening, and accentuating face shape and key facial features. Avoiding bangs means you keep the face open and brighter while reducing the amount of horizontal lines for the eye to follow which keeps the eyes focused on following a vertical line on either side of the face. This then beautifully frames it while enhancing the focus on key features such as eyes.

#40: Gorgeous & Textured

This is very short hair with short layers. With these haircuts, it is very important to create volume and shape it to highlight their features.

Chic short medium bob cut

#41: Chic Short-Medium Length Bob

Cut your hair short into a bob as a good in-between cut for ladies who want to go shorter but not “too short.” One of my favorite things about this cut is that it has longer layers that make it possible to wear it fun and flirty with some waves, or sleek and straight.

#42: Fun & Sassy Pixie Haircut

This super short hair looks fun and sassy that you can wear all down, all up, or super messy. I recommend these short tresses for any lady looking for something low-maintenance that is versatile and a little edgy.

Neck-length inverted bob for ladies over 40
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#43: Neck-Length Inverted Bob

Since this sleek and stunning short haircut’s graduation/stack has a steep angle, it gives volume at the crown area instead of the occipital bone area. This helps boost fullness for older women over 40. For styling products, try Alterna’s Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Micromist Spray gives the hair a weightless shine while taking out frizz.

#44: Cute Asymmetrical Pixie

This trendy short haircut and style is tighter and shorter on one side, and longer and bigger on top and the other side.

Long Asymmetrical Pixie
Instagram @seville_hair

#45: Long Asymmetrical Pixie

This short asymmetrical haircut and style is a pixie on one side and gradually gets longer into a bob on the other side. All face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will suit this hairstyle best.

short micro bob with bangs for women over forty
Instagram @_wewearblack_

#46: Short Bob with Bangs

This micro bob with bangs haircut is as short as a pixie would be just in the back, but gradually gets longer in the front. It’s styled with messy stylish organic waves.

#47: Flattering Long Layered Bob

This is a universally flattering long layered bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front.

#48: Side-Swept Fringe

Bangs hide wrinkles and they typically ask for them to look like the type of bangs most women get to hide wrinkles — straight across and wispy. Those bangs do cover wrinkles, but they also send a message that you are hiding something!

Short hairstyle with deep side part for women over 40

#49 Deep Side Part

A deep side part gives short to medium hair lengths an asymmetric look. It immediately changes your look without having to do much! All face shapes with any hair type will suit this hairstyle.

#50: Tousled Bob

Bobs are so chic, modern, and stylish. This would definitely be the power suit of hair! On days we want to feel a little more feminine, organic soft waves are the perfect finish for short bob hairstyles.

short shag hairstyle with volume
Instagram @jomcintyrehair

#51: Touchable Short Shag with Volume

Short-length shags are the best short hairstyles for women over 40 because they add a lot of volume and are even teased up a bit. But, it remains very soft, feminine, and touchable. The volume, fullness, and softness of this hairstyle make it very youthful.

Straight A-Line Bob with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @rebelhairaz

#52: Straight A-Line Bob with Wispy Fringe

This is a short A-line bob with shorter layers and a wispy fringe. For being 40 years old, the layers can be pushed forward for a fun and edgy look or round brushed back for the typical short stacked bob.

#53: Cherry Red Asymmetry

These bold, bright red pieces and asymmetric cut come together to create a really stylish cropped cut. Oval and heart face shapes with hair with any hair texture and density can achieve this look.

Short Peek-A-Boo Black Hair for Women Over 40
Instagram @lrosso531

#54: Peek-A-Boo Black

Here is another asymmetric haircut with bright color! This cropped style has more layers in it with a fun color just peeking through the hair on the surface. Heart and oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density can achieve this style.

Asymmetrical Lob with Dimension
Instagram @hair.by.maura

#55: Asymmetrical Lob with Dimension

Short bobs are perfect short haircuts for women over 40 because they are super flattering. This is an asymmetrical bob that also has some highlights and lowlights to give it added dimension. When styling, try using Living Proof products. Prior to cutting, use their Full shampoo and conditioner. Before blow drying, use their thickening cream at the root and nourishing oil on the ends to keep things nice and smooth.

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Wavy Ombre Bob for Women Aged-40

#56 Wavy Ombre Bob

A short wavy bob hairstyle is perfect for ladies who struggle with thin, fine hair. The best short hairstyles for fine hair have lots of texture to create more volume. Once your hair has been cut into the proper short-length bob for your face shape, have some layers and texture added. How many layers your stylist adds will depend on the thickness and texture of your hair.

Short Spiky Hair with Highlights for Ladies Aged 40
Instagram @kurze.frisur.ideen

#57: Short Spiky Hair with Highlights

This high volume haircut is short on the sides and longer on top. This pixie cut with long bangs gives women over a 40 with a round face a face-slimming effect. Women over 40 with wider face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density wear this look best. For products, try Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Thick & Volume Mousse gives the hair serious volume.

Short Wavy Disconnection Hair for Women Aged 40
Instagram @frauen.frisuren

#58: Wavy Disconnection

Style and fun shouldn’t end at 40. This short, asymmetric and disconnected haircut makes that statement! Wider face shapes with hair that is medium in density and texture can easily pull off this style. Try the product call Spray Wax; it is a wax in a can. It allows for an even and controlled distribution of texture.

#59: Airy Feathered Layers

This pretty hairstyle for women over 40 features volume and an airy texture that sweeps away from the face. Oval and heart face shapes with hair that is fine to medium in texture and low to medium in density can pull off this pretty look.

Pixie Dust for Ladies 40 and Over
Instagram @soubecas

#60: Pixie Dust

This gorgeous pixie draws emphasis to its wearer’s delicate feminine features. Oval and heart-shaped faces with hair that is low to medium in density and fine to medium in texture can rock this pixie. Fast Form is a cream-gel that sculpts the hair the way you want.

naturally fabulous for ladies past 40
Instagram @aoki_hair

#61: Naturally Short Curls with a Subtle Side Part

Maximize the natural beauty of your short curls and get this fabulous haircut! Twirl Around is a crunch-free curl definer that is a mixture of what curly hair needs the most — moisture and hold!

#62: Diagonal Fringe & Disconnected Undercut

The most flattering short haircut is a one-length, short bob with bangs. This cut has a diagonal fringe and disconnected undercut at the nape area. The undercut/disconnection at the back creates more of an edgy look for those wanting something classic with a twist. The diagonal fringe is optional and can also be cut square. You could also opt for no fringe at all, and this style will still look great.

#63: Piecey Blonde Short Bob Cut

This piecey blonde short bob cut is perfect for women in their 40s who want an effortlessly chic and low-maintenance hairstyle. The bob is cut to a flattering length that hits just at the chin, creating a youthful and modern look. The piecey layers add movement and texture to the hair, making it appear voluminous and full of life. This hairstyle works exceptionally well for women with fine or thin hair, as the layers help to create the illusion of thickness.

#64: Short Sweeping Cut for Square Face Shapes

Look at the soft feel of this short layered haircut meant for square face shapes. You can highlight your style by adding uneven length and textured layers to your haircut. These features will soften a square face by drawing attention to the cheeks and eyes. Adding soft, wispy layers into any hairstyle helps to remove any harsh lines from the structure and balance out any strong facial features. Blowdry your hair for more fullness and use a hair volume powder like Hairstory Hair Powder for a textured look and longer-lasting style.