55+ Trendy Curly Bob Hairstyles To See Before You Decide

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A curly bob is a type of bob haircut for women with naturally curly hair or who add curls to their straight hair. You can make most types of bobs work with curly hair. The key is to give it the right shape for natural curls. The types of bobs include inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graduated, and more. This haircut can add more volume to your hair, especially if you include some long layers.

Curly bob hairstyles are feminine, playful, and easy to style. For ages, the standard thought was that curly hair looked better longer because it naturally grew wide first and then down. However, this thought can be tossed out with that tube television. So go on and try out some of these rockin’ curly bob cuts!


#1: Soft and Relaxed Curly Bob

Consider the stunning shape of soft and relaxed curly hair. To achieve this beautiful style, opt for your length to sit just above the shoulder. You’ll want texture cut medium layers for space and movement for this bob. And ask for a face frame angle for softness around your cheeks. To avoid a frizzy finish, touch up the top layers with a curling iron.

Messy Curly Bob for Thick Hair

#2 Messy Curly Bob for Thick Hair

This messy curly bob is carefree with lots of airiness and movement but still with a strong shape.


#3 Sophisticated Silver Curls for Everyday Elegance

This hairstyle showcases silver curls that make a timeless statement. The cut is a well-shaped bob just at the right length to highlight the volume and natural curl of the hair, making it an excellent choice for women with medium-density hair. The curls are defined and well-separated, adding a touch of class to any look. A lightweight curl-enhancing product can keep these curls bouncy and vibrant throughout the day.

Mature woman with elegant silver wavy bob hairstyle

#4 Silver Waves of Elegance

This hairstyle is a perfect example of how silver hair can be both elegant and playful. The waves are cut to add volume while avoiding the common pitfall of appearing too bulky. This style is fantastic for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, as it accentuates the hair’s natural texture. The layers are cut to create a light, airy feel that frames the face beautifully, highlighting cheekbones and softening features. This hairstyle is ideal for those who wish to celebrate their grey hair while maintaining a fresh, youthful look. It requires minimal daily styling; a light mousse or serum can help maintain the curls’ definition without weighing them down. Remember, silver hair might need a bit more care to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

Woman with curly bob and bangs in rocker outfit at a salon

#5 Rocker Chic Layered Curly Bob

This dynamic, layered curly bob is a fantastic choice for those embracing a bold, rocker-chic aesthetic. The layers are cut to enhance the natural curl pattern, creating a voluminous look that adds both body and movement. This hairstyle is flattering for medium to dense hair types, as it allows the curls to form a natural, tousled look that feels stylish. While this style offers significant visual impact and versatility in styling, it does require some care to keep the curls well-defined and prevent them from becoming overly frizzy. Using a defining cream or a light gel will help maintain the shape and bounce of the curls.

Mature woman with a medium-length curly bob hairstyle smiling in a casual setting

#6 Effortless Chic Curly Bob for Mature Women

This is a fabulous choice for mature women looking for a mix of ease and sophistication. The curls are tight and well-defined, showcasing a medium length that elegantly frames the face and emphasizes the jawline, enhancing a youthful appearance. This hairstyle suits a variety of hair densities, thriving on natural volume and texture. Its layered cutting technique boosts the curls’ natural bounce, offering a lively yet manageable look. While this style is low maintenance on a daily basis, it does require regular moisturizing treatments to keep the curls defined and free from frizz. Perfect for those looking for a graceful, wash-and-go type of cut that stays stylish with minimal effort.

Short Honey Blonde Curly Bob with Bangs

#7 Honey Blonde Retro Curl Revival

This short, honey-blonde bob is a nod to retro glam with a modern twist. The rounded bangs and voluminous curls frame the face exquisitely, offering a playful yet elegant charm. It’s a thick hair marvel that maximizes volume and movement. While the style is high on impact, remember, curly hair like this can be high maintenance; it thrives on hydration and regular shaping to keep the bounce lively. The color is gorgeous but requires upkeep to stay brilliant.

Short Curly Bob with Full Bangs and Rounded Shape

#8 Curly Bob with Volume and Soft Bangs

For those with dense, tight curls, this short bob offers a chic solution, sitting comfortably below the ears and creating a rounded profile. The full bangs bring a youthful softness to the face, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. Despite its playful vibe, this style requires some upkeep; the volume needs to be regularly shaped to preserve the silhouette, and the curls need hydration to prevent frizz and maintain definition. When chatting with your stylist, express your daily routine to ensure this cut fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Short Layered Curly Bob with Face-Framing Volume

#9 Voluminous Layered Bob for Curly Hair

This cut is an excellent choice for those seeking a style that’s both manageable and fashionable. The layers provide shape and volume above the shoulders, making it ideal for medium to thick curly hair types. The style enhances natural curl patterns, giving a flattering, face-framing effect that works beautifully with the model’s features.


#10 Chic Espresso Wavy Bob

This espresso-hued wavy bob is a match for those seeking elegance with an edge. Cut to chin length, it frames the face beautifully, accentuating the cheekbones and jawline. The model’s hair brings out a voluminous texture, perfect for a soft yet defined look. Ideal for those with a similar hair type, this style requires minimal daily upkeep but may need regular styling to maintain the waves. It’s not the best for very thin hair, as it could lack the desired fullness.

Short Curly Bob with Caramel Balayage Highlights

#11 Caramel Swirl Balayage on Coiled Bob

This coiled bob is a show-stopper with its tight, springy curls cropped to sit just above the shoulders. The balayage blend of caramel and blonde highlights adds warmth and dimension, turning each curl into a standout feature. While this style is gorgeous, those with a similar texture know the commitment it takes to maintain such definition and moisture levels.

Short Asymmetrical Curly Bob with Blonde Ombre

#12 Blonde Ombre Elegance on Asymmetrical Curly Bob

This stylish asymmetrical bob, graced with loose curls, is a chic testament to the modern woman. The blonde ombre color technique adds a playful edge, transitioning from dark roots to light ends, illuminating the face. While the cut is fresh and dynamic, it does need some care; consider a curl-enhancing product to maintain the structure of the curls. Perfect for medium-density hair, it’s a cut that offers versatility for styling. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or an evening out, this hairstyle will keep you looking sharp and sophisticated.

Neck-Length Choppy Waves with Blonde Highlights Curly Bob Hairstyle

#13 Beachy Blonde Neck-Length Waves

Achieve a carefree, beach-inspired look with this neck-length bob. Choppy layers are artfully snipped in to create a beautifully disheveled style that brings out the best in hair. The strategic blend of blonde highlights and lowlights gives depth. For those considering this airy cut, it’s low on styling time, just scrunch and go. Keep in mind that the coloring requires upkeep to avoid brassiness, and waves need hydration to prevent frizz. A light mousse or sea salt spray will enhance the texture without weighing hair down.

Short Above Shoulder Curly Bob with Dark Color

#14 Voluminous Curly Bob with Lustrous Depth

Exuding elegance and vitality, this short, above-the-shoulder bob is perfect for showcasing natural texture. The cut is crafted to enhance the curl’s natural springiness, with layers that add volume and shape. The dark hue intensifies the hair’s natural luster, emphasizing each curl’s depth. While this hairstyle flaunts a ready-to-wear luxury, it does ask for consistent hydration to maintain the definition and prevent frizz.

Medium Curly Bob with Burgundy Highlights Hairstyle

#15 Vibrant Burgundy Curls on a Medium Bob

This medium-length bob embraces the vivaciousness of burgundy hues intertwined with natural curls, creating a playful yet manageable style. The cut sits just above the shoulders, a perfect length for showcasing the bounce and volume of your curls without overwhelming your face. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this cut enhances the natural curl pattern and provides shape while maintaining the hair’s fullness. While the rich, burgundy color adds depth and can be a striking change, be mindful of the maintenance required to keep the color vivid and the curls hydrated. For best results, use color-protective products and hydrating treatments to prevent dryness. This hairstyle is a striking choice for those looking to add color and life to their look.

Medium Length Tousled Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights

#16 Shoulder-Brushing Curls with Mixed Highlights

This shoulder-skimming bob with its tousled curls offers a fresh, beach-ready look. The mix of blonde highlights warms the complexion and adds depth to your hair’s natural movement. When it comes to maintenance, this hair is all about balance; it’s long enough to pull back but short enough to dry quickly. Regular moisturizing is key to keeping these waves supple and the color vibrant. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers to highlight your features.

Jaw-length dynamic curly hairstyle with honeyed highlights

#17 Honeyed Highlights on Dynamic Curls

This hairstyle is a stunner with its dynamic curls highlighted by honeyed tones. The contrast with the model’s darker roots adds depth, making this a great choice for those looking to add dimension to their curls. It’s jaw-length, which beautifully accentuates the neck and shoulders. This cut is perfect for round and heart-shaped faces, though those with fine hair might struggle to achieve the same fullness. To maintain the shape, a light mousse or gel can help define curls without weighing them down.

Attractive bob with wavy layers

#18 Wavy Bob with Layers

This is a one-length curly layered bob. This style is very versatile. It works well for wavy and curly hair that is thick, thin, fine, or coarse hair.

Curly A-Line Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

#19 A-Line Bob with Short Bangs

This is a take on a layered, A-line bob with a short fringe. The exaggerated fringe and face-framing pieces are especially good for finer hair types because it creates the structure that finer hair lacks.

#20: Side Part Bob with Bouncy Curls

Consider the liberating shape of a side-part bob with bouncy curls. No matter what hair type you have, a layered bob will work for you. Medium layers will add volume to thin hair and release weight from thick hair, giving you the cut that you always dreamed of. Remember that shorter hair means less dry time, so this chic style will be easy to manage. Whether you choose to dry it straight or curl it into loose waves with a 3/4-inch iron, this hairstyle offers versatility.

Jaw-Length Curly Bob Haircut

#21 Jaw-Length Curly Bob

This curly bob can be worn in many ways and always look great. That’s the perfect thing about this bob. It’s fun no matter what you pair it with. The soft pastels make this bob a very versatile style that anyone could rock. It’s chic and ultra-femme.

#22: Barbie Blonde Ringlets

This is a Barbie style curly bob with lots of definition in the curls and is perfect for a night out.

#23: Barbie Blonde Curly Bob

You’ll feel pretty in a curly Barbie blonde hairstyle. The bright blonde tones catch your eye, and they enhance the appearance of the cute curls. You’ll want to ask for highlights on a natural brown root. Adding lowlights will give a dimensional glow.

Stylish Bob that is Inverted and Curly
Instagram @eujayrodrigues

#24: Stylish Inverted and Curly Bob

A stylish, curly bob is perfect for natural hair. Dry your bob naturally and use a curl amplifier for an even, uniform finish. Tell your stylist to give you a shorter back and longer front haircut to achieve a stylish, modern look.

Spectacular Curls on a Bob for women with thick hair
Instagram @novaperruquers

#25: Spectacular Curls on a Bob

You’ll love the way your curls look after getting this haircut. Consider trimming your hair for a better shape and removing dead ends. This is also known as dusting. Doing so will significantly improve your curls.

Classic Short Bob Haircut with Curls
Instagram @celebs.salon

#26: Classic Short Bob with Curls

This is a classic curly bob. It’s a contemporary take on a textured, low-maintenance, easygoing style. This short, fun bob has plenty of volume that opens up their face and highlights their rad, beautiful waves.

Softer Waves on a Curly Bob
Instagram @aoki_hair

#27: Softer Waves

This is a softer bob for the tight wavy texture. It is easy for the shape to fall flat in a few months and turn into a triangle shape, but with these layers, she can grow her length out longer without feeling too heavy at the bottom.

#28: Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut

This is a specialized bob for curly hair by Deva Curl Haircare called a Deva Cut. This bob would be great for anyone with medium to tight curl patterns.

Stacked curly bobs
Instagram @alinefiosearte

#29: Short Stacked Curly Bob

This curly stacked bob is timeless and ultra-feminine. This stacked bob works best with fine hair, a medium curl pattern, and a high neckline.

Lightened Up Graduated Bob and Curls

#30 Lightened Up Graduated Bob and Curls

This look is a slightly graduated bob on curly hair with a few long layers. This bob is great on naturally curly hair.

Curly Bob Haircut for Round Faces
Instagram @aohair_

#31: Curly Bob for Round Faces

This trendy, easy-to-style bob is perfect for women with some natural texture. The bob gives a 1920s feel with the hair length sitting at the neck. This versatile curly bob can suit many face shapes by adjusting where the length and weight sit.

Choppy Curly Bob
Instagram @florence.hair

#32: Choppy Bob

This look is the classic bob on curly hair. Consider if your face shape is right for this cut; if it’s not, perhaps it’s just the length that is not suited for the face shape. For example, consider doing a longer bob if your face is rounder.

Inverted curly bob hairstyles
Instagram @takihodi

#33: Curly Inverted Bob

Spruce up classic styles by opting for an angled cut. This chin-length curly inverted bob keeps maintenance minimal for curled hair. Highlights would also be great if you prefer adding more texture and movement.

Medium length blonde bob
Instagram @nieseyshair

#34: Curly Medium-Length Bob

This graduated medium bob is cut in a ‘deva haircut’ method which is totally dry cutting and shaping curl by curl without using a comb or brush. The shape needed to be structured externally but textured and layered internally to create something which would encourage your hair to naturally do what it wants to do and maximize your curls.

Remarkable Frizzy Curls on a Bob Cut
Instagram @svetlana.stylist

#35: Remarkable Frizzy Curls

Don’t be afraid and show off your remarkable frizzy curls. Your curls will bounce with the perfect bob length, making your locks look healthier. Don’t be afraid to have a little frizz and show off your natural texture.

Curly Lob Haircut for Women
Instagram @jessica.salonoriana

#36: Lob Haircut

This is a curly long bob (lob). It’s shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front, with some layers for added volume and movement. This haircut and length is a classic and could be symmetrical. This cut gives you some volume without your locks getting too big.

Weave and Curls
Instagram @mindyhair1

#37: Weave and Curls

This look is a crochet curly layered bob with a water wave curl pattern that is fun, flirty, & versatile. This bob will allow you to work out and still have fabulous hair!

Angled Curly Bob
Instagram @takihodi

#38: Angled Curly Bob

This is a curly-angled bob that’s best done with a razor. A curly hair bob (with the right texture) can be beautifully enhanced with a razor haircut, which allows for weight removal to help curls bounce! This haircut is great for wearing curly or straight.

#39: Splendid Curly Angled Bob

Try a curly angled bob with graduated layers only from behind the ears, from the nape to the crown, to give height and remove bulk.

#40: Sophisticated Curly Bob for Over 40

This curly bob is glamorous and sophisticated. The curls have the perfect definition and shape because they’ve been properly hydrated and individually defined. This hairstyle is for all curly gals who embrace their natural texture and are unafraid to show it off. It’s edgy and sophisticated. Notice how the right hair color can really enhance a naturally curly bob.

must-try naturally curly bob
Instagram @giboazhair

#41: Must-Try Naturally Curly Bob

This curled bob is gorgeous and smart at the same time! Remove the bulk off the back and keep the length in the front with some curly bangs for an easy and fresh look.

#42: Modern Curly Bob

Loose curls are trending for natural haircuts, especially when they have so much definition and shine! Simple and easy to achieve, don’t forget to have the best curling products!

#43: Medium Curly Tresses

Some blonde tones would accentuate your dynamic locks and simultaneously make you look fabulously stylish!

short curly bob with bangs
Instagram @tbtbsalon

#44: Short Curly Bob with Bangs

The key to keeping your natural curls beautiful and moisturized is proper home care and salon maintenance. Cutting them short would be helpful if you want to repair your damaged strands.

#45: Curled Bob for Over 50

A hairstyle like this is still very popular and flattering. Curls are the loveliest answer when you’re looking to make your bob look thicker and more dimensional without changing your natural texture and color.

#46: Lob with Curls

Be proud of your natural curls and let them flow freely and easily by getting a curly lob.

Curly bob sew-in
Instagram @brendageehair

#47: Sew-in Bob with Curls

These perfect thick gorgeous curls are super worth the upkeep they need.

#48: Curly Lob

This boho style is beautiful for any day of the week. Work some shorter layers into the cut for some texture for more flattering looks. Long curly bobs are perfect for relaxing days out and about.

curly hair with a deep side part
Instagram @love_jamm

#49: Curly Hair with Deep Side Part

A super deep side parted bob and a touch of highlighting bring new life to these gorgeous natural curls.

naturally curly long bob
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#50: Naturally Curly Long Bob

This bob with curls is a waterfall curly cut because each curl falls below the other to showcase each curl. This curly bob is layered to bring life and movement to the tight ringlets underneath and on top. Everything moves freely, complements her facial structure, and gives her that perfect curly shape every girl strives to achieve.

cute perm bob for women over 60
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#51: Cute Perm Bob for Women Over 60

This is a wonderful cut to add life and shape to the haircut and is an easy out-the-door style!

#52: Chin-Length Curly Bob

This look is a curly short bob that’s razor cut into a round shape. It works best on coils but can be adapted for any hair texture – even straight.

#53: Layered Curly Bob

The volume with this layered curly bob is my favorite! When curls are cut dry and in their natural state, you can personalize the shape to each client.

#54: Natural Curly Bob with Waterfall Layers

This is a low-maintenance waterfall layered bob with multi-dimensional highlights in a graduated manner.

#55: Enhanced Blonde Bob for Curly Hair

This hair is soft and manageable. Women with existing curls love it when their curls look soft and effortless.

#56: Voluminous Kinky Bob

This curly bob is screaming volume and character! This haircut shows off the fullness and body of her hair. It has a beautiful rounded bob shape and fun layers. This bob shows off the beautiful dimension in her hair color and brings out the definition of every curl!

#57: Shoulder-Length Bob

This is a shoulder-length bob with lots of layers. The cut and layers keep her hair from having a boxy or triangular shape. Also, the highlights are light enough to make a statement yet natural enough that they don’t scream for attention. One huge benefit of this haircut is putting the bob up in a ponytail.

The nicest asymmetric bob cut
Instagram @curlsbycandace

#58: Asymmetrical Curly Bob Cut

This bob is slightly asymmetrical in which adds more character. This hair is fun, cool, and modern, and it moves. This bob is great for someone with a simple lifestyle. It’s a wash, moisturize, and air dry/diffuse type of style.

The coolest 70s Inspired curly bob black
Instagram @sarzmahal

#59: 70s-Inspired Shaggy Bob

This is a modern take on the 70s curly shaggy bob. The curls create softness and movement within a square shape.

youthful bob for older women
Instagram @loveallcurls

#60: Youthful Bob for Older Women

This short bob cut for older women screams stylish, youthful, and attractive.

#61: A-Line Bob for Thick Curly Hair

This is a layered A-line bob. It’s a classic! This is a great bob for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time styling!

Flattering A-Line hairstyle
Instagram @uptowncurlmpls

#62: Flattering A-Line Spirals

This is a curly A-line bob with plenty of spirals. It’s also nice for active women who want to be able to tie their hair out of their face but also have a short length. This is a fun yet sleek shape that is easy to style.

An outstanding soft wavy bob
Instagram @lam_loba

#63: Soft Wavy Curly Bob

This cut is a natural, soft, wavy bob. The shape has been over-texturized with layering on her heavy side to remove weight, allow volume, and add a pleasing aesthetic shape. The bob is under-layered on her left side to tuck cleanly behind the ear without pieces falling out.

A Trendsetting slightly asymmetrical layered bob
Instagram @mehrhair

#64: Curly Asymmetrical Bob

This bob is short, slightly asymmetrical, and layered. It was cut on dry hair based on her gorgeous natural curl pattern.