45 Hottest Ways to Have Short Brown Hair in 2023

Short brown hair colors
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short brown hair is the ultimate canvas for any dye job or cutting style without worrying about upkeep. From balayage highlights to subtle ombrés, you can take your basic brown hue to the next level.

Who wouldn’t want a look that could save you time and budget without sacrificing your sense of fashion? Although, styling and maintenance depend on your lifestyle. If you plan on keeping a short brown haircut, then regular visits to your hairdresser are a must, but if you’re up to adjusting with the grow-out, then this look would be a wonderful choice for you to try.

The marvelous thing about a short chop is the edgy and dramatic change it gives to its wearer. A brunette-based pixie or bob makes the cut even more voguish and dimensional, providing a natural shadow.

Give yourself a lovely treat by clicking through this updated compilation of different ways to cut and style short brown hair of various textures, lengths, and colors!

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Short Ash Brown Wavy Bob
Instagram @sergennercan

#1: Short Ash Brown Wavy Bob

One of the best ways to add interest to a haircut is to add dimension with color. Balayage is hand-painted pieces of hair that can bring lightness or depth depending on the look you’re going for. I always like to pop a few hand-painted pieces in front of my clients with blunt cuts to brighten the face and give the cut more interest.

Straight, Neck-Length Brown Bob
Instagram @nacirsomera

#2: Straight, Neck-Length Brown Bob

Consider having a straight, neck-length haircut styled as a bob. If you wish to enhance your shiny brown hair, try a sleek bob. Request a bob cut that’s subtly angled with a graduated length. This style provides a tight hairline around the back of the neck and gives a classic bob shape. This bob cut is ideal for those with fine, straight hair.

Short Graduated Chocolate Brown Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @nacirsomera

#3: Graduated Chocolate Brown Bob Hairstyle

This chocolate brown bob hairstyle is short, graduated, and chic. It’s a versatile option for women who want a fresh and modern look. The graduated cut creates layers in the hair, providing movement. This layering is a great way to add volume, and it flatters long face shapes. The rich, chocolate-brown color adds depth and dimension to the hair, giving it a polished appearance. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, this bob hairstyle is easy to manage and can be styled in many ways. For hair care, use a smoothing serum to control frizz and add shine. To maintain the bob’s shape, schedule regular trims.

Short Chocolate Hazelnut Brown Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#4: Chocolate Hazelnut Hair

This chocolate hazelnut hair color is superb! If your hair is naturally brown, this style will add depth. You could also go darker for a richer look. Use a curling iron if your hair is straight or thin. It adds volume to bob hairstyles. For an elegant look, use volume powder.

Short Brown Bob Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#5: Short Brown Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

If your hair is thick, that doesn’t mean you can’t go short! This short brown bob haircut is perfect for thick hair due to its precise length and texturizing.

Short Stacked Light Brunette Bob
Instagram @nacirsomera

#6: Stacked Light Brunette Bob

The stacked light brunette bob is a trendy hairstyle. It has layered cuts at the back for a full and textured look. Requesting a curved edge at the back of this hairstyle is vital. This will result in a smooth, sleek appearance. This chic bob is simple to upkeep and can be changed to match varied face types and hair forms. The hairstyle length around your face should be chosen based on your face shape.

#7: Short Brunette Hair with a Side Part and Long Bangs

A short haircut with brunette color, a side part, and long bangs is chic and versatile. It can help you get a modern and sophisticated look. The side parting boosts the height of the haircut. At the same time, the long bangs showcase the face, giving a fashionable and pleasing effect. For a fuller style, set your hair with velcro rollers after blow-drying. Then, let the hair cool on these rollers.

Short Stacked Bob with Brown Tones for women with straight hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#8: Stacked Bob with Brown Tones

stacked bob highlighting brown tones is an excellent choice if you’re trying to lessen the volume and emphasize your natural hair hue. I advise you to consult with your stylist to decide the best length and optimal degree of layering that aligns with your hair density and texture.

Brown Highlights on Short Hair for brunettes with straight hair
Instagram @galina220657

#9: Brown Highlights on Short Hair

Adding brown highlights to short hair can transform a plain style. Brown highlights on straight hair create depth and dimension. They add interest to the hair without looking too overdone. Consider asking about adding highlights to frame the face to give a pop of color and shine. This look is best for those with short, straight brown locks who want to enhance their hair with a touch of color. Ask your stylist for fine highlights that blend into your natural hair color.

#10: Short Brunette Layered Pixie Bob

A short brunette layered pixie bob may be the perfect choice if you want a new look for your chin-length hair. This versatile cut provides a modern and fresh take on traditional bobs. It works best for those with finer hair, as the layers will create the illusion of more volume. One of the best things you can do when it comes to styling is to apply a light volumizing mousse to damp hair. Then use a blow dryer with a round brush to add volume and texture. Finish with a light-hold hairspray that can help you achieve the perfect look. This cut works well for busy women who want a stylish but easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

#11: Soft Mushroom Brown Bob Cut

The number one, most requested hair color is a natural hue. If your hair has a medium color, your best bet is a soft brown. Cut your brown hair short to achieve a chic style like this bob cut. This short brown hair with curtain bangs would accent your features and showcase your color.

#12: Sleek Golden Brown Bob

A sleek golden brown bob is a professional yet fun style. It’s a good idea to add a little warmth to your hair in the winter months when you’re getting less color in your skin. Going from a dark brown or a light blonde to a warm brown will give your skin a glow and your hair a break. You must use a professional color care shampoo and conditioner in between appointments. It will help to keep any hair color for short hair fresh.

#13: Adorable Brown Bob Cut

If you plan on warming up the color of your short cut, ask for a soft-toned ombré. Only go 2-4 shades lighter than your natural base color for the most natural look. If you’re a stylist, consider melting your toner for a more seamless look.

Short Brown Messy Angled Bob Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#14: Messy Angled Bob Cut

Give your brown-colored bob a subtle pop of dimension with a golden balayage. When styling, use a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. Only curl the midsection of your hair to achieve a wave. Look for a texture spray like Kenra 6 dry texture spray to add more definition to your waves.

#15: Light Brown Bob with Feathery Layers

Did you know it’s a myth that short hair is low maintenance? A light brown bob is best suited for the guest with a maintenance schedule and styling routine. Disadvantages are using varying water temperatures and certain haircare formulas. Creative methods of styling may be a disadvantage, too. This is a polished and artfully crafted style.

Short Brown Cut with a Middle Part
Instagram @mpobedinskaya

#16: Short Brown Cut with a Middle Part

Short brown hair paired with a middle part is a cute style for the mom on the go. Effortlessly adorable and easy to style with air drying and a little round brushing at the crown of the head for some volume. Let your stylist know if you’d like to cut it long enough to wear in a low or high pony/bun or a trendy claw clip.

Short Tousled A-Line Brown Bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#17: Tousled A-Line Bob

Tousled bobs are trendy and always look like effort has been made, even if you’re unsure how they did it. This haircut looks good straight but generally looks the best wavy. Give your stylist pictures of how you would like it styled and ask them to teach you how.

short brown sleek bob with no bangs
Instagram @temin_space

#18: Short Brown Sleek Bob with No Bangs

A short brown sleek bob with no bangs is a great style for ladies that want to keep it simple and easy to maintain. It suits more face shapes except for round because it creates the illusion of fullness to the sides. Style using a round brush flicking the sides inwards.

#19: Ash Brown Pixie Undercut

An ash-brown pixie with a faded undercut is gorgeous. Unlike most brown hair colors, ash brown is a gray shade that will bring out the cool tones in your complexion, making it best for neutral to cool-toned ladies.

#20: Lived-In Light Brunette Balayage

Be a trendsetter with a lived-in, light brunette balayage. To ensure this short brunette hair with highlights stays low maintenance, the balayage should be placed softly at the root and blended to perfection for the softest grow-out. If you want to kick it up a notch, do a bold money piece around your face to brighten your complexion and make that color pop.

Caramel Brown Ear-Length Cut with Bangs
Instagram @hair.cutcolor

#21: Caramel Brown Ear-Length Cut with Bangs

Embrace a caramel brown ear-length cut with bangs, as it’s fun to wear! Its creamy color can enhance a lady’s fair skin tone. The haircut would look natural on a fine, wavy texture. It sets out a movement to make tresses seem fuller. These cute short caramel brown tresses aren’t complete without the fringe.

Short Brown Bob
Instagram @angelo.baiunco

#22: Short Brown Bob

A short brown bob as beautiful as this turns out lustrous on fine, straight hair. The vibrant brown hue gives the tresses a thicker illusion. Like any classic bob haircut, this one displays a simple yet glamorous finish. It works as a go-to hairstyle.

short dark chocolate layers
Instagram @fodrasz.viki

#23: Short Dark Chocolate Layers for Thin Hair

Perfect texture comes from an exquisite short haircut with a dark chocolate brown base. With little to no effort, you’ll have a chic look instantly.

Short light to dark brown ombre
Instagram @oceaneavakian

#24: Short Light to Dark Brown Ombre

A short light to dark brown ombré has a beautiful brunette base with lighter ends. Ask your stylist to leave dimension in the hair by leaving out some dark with the light pieces. After the lifting process, a color melt will give the perfect blend from brown to blonde.

Neck-Length Cut for Brown Curly Hair
Instagram @aboutthecurl

#25: Neck-Length Cut for Brown Curly Hair

Here’s an astonishing neck-length cut for brown curly hair. Applying a combo of moisturizing curl cream and control gel can define the curls and add shine to the brown hue. Get regular trims, as a short brown hairstyle like this requires shaping and layering.

This curly short brown hair is super voluminous for women with naturally thick, curly texture. The color is a medium warm, auburn brown – perfect for autumn.

Determining what products work best on your hair takes a little time. What works for one curly girl may not work for another. Use a sulfate-free shampoo or a co-wash (a cleansing conditioner).

If you decide to embrace the curly girl method, give it time. It takes a few weeks to a few months for your hair to transition.

Honey brown hair with beachy waves
Instagram @johnnyramirez

#26: Honey Brown Hair with Beachy Waves

A honey brown hair with beachy waves is a gorgeous blend of warm blondes and browns. Alternating foils or a balayage can achieve this color and a brown root smudge for that lived-in low-maintenance color. A shoulder-length short brown and blonde hair with textured ends works great with medium to thick tresses.

#27: Mocha Brown Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Look at this mocha brown textured cut for thick hair— it appears chic and bold! A mocha brown dye job makes a short layered bob look richer. Adding all the layers is perfect for women with thick hair. They keep it in shape and with the body. Hair like this is simple, easy to maintain, and effortless to style!

Balayage chin-length textured cut
Instagram @fergalwella

#28: Balayage Chin-Length Textured Cut

Combining balayage with a chin-length textured haircut adds dimension and fullness to your cut and color. Warm-toned balayage highlights on brown hair are subtle yet striking, adding shine to renew your hair color. Together with balayage, a chin-length bob haircut with layers adds texture and fullness to fine hair. Blow-dry your hair upside down to add volume and smoothness. This short brown hair with highlights looks great with texture, so use a flat iron to give your hair messy waves.

#29: Short Brown Hair for Women over 50

This short brown hair for women over 50 is a fun, stylish short haircut with styling versatility. It features plenty of layers for a more textured finish. This short hairdo is easy to maintain and perfect for an everyday look.

#30: Light Brown Asymmetrical Pixie

Pick a light brown asymmetrical pixie if considering going from a longer length to a shorter one. When wearing short hair, styling products are necessary. Sea salt or thickening spray offers texture and grit. A pomade or wax, meanwhile, gives life to a lived-in, messy hairstyle.

This light brown short hair is an undercut pixie. It’s a short style suitable for most hair types. You could adjust the size of the undercut to tailor it to different hair thicknesses. If you have thicker hair, you could have a bigger undercut. For finer hair, have less of an undercut.

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#31: Dark Brown Edgy Pixie Cut

A dark brown edgy pixie cut is sophisticated and timeless. An edgy undercut pixie is a great option for women looking for a shorter cut that shows you’re not afraid to try out a funky haircut. When cutting your dark hair short, ask your stylist to use clippers to undercut your hair from below the parietal ridge and curved below the occipital bone, and then use a razor to cut the remaining hair to add texture to your haircut.

#32: Brown Choppy Crop with Highlights

The dark brown short cut is perfect if you’re growing out an old pixie cut. Ask your stylist to shape up the back to meet the length in the front.

To style, use a flat iron to craft the waves and finish the look with Joico Beach Shake, a texturizing spray to break up the waves and give it a very lived-in look!

This short hairstyle was created to slowly and safely remove box dye from the hair.

If you have super straight, thick hair, adding a wave texture adds drama. It’s for ladies who have a sassy personality and needs a sassy short cut!

#33: Chocolate Brown Jaw-Length Bob

A chocolate brown jaw-length bob requires a small amount of maintenance. This dark brown short hair benefits dark-haired bombshells the most. Use a shine spray or oil when going out to keep and boost its gloss. That should also give hair a sleeker effect.

#34: Shorter Layered Cut with Mahogany and Caramel

A mahogany-brown short layered, textured bob is low-maintenance due to the mahogany and caramel balayage. You can style it straight, curled, or with just a quick bend with the curling iron, which is nice for ladies who don’t want to spend a ton of time styling their hair every day!

It can be chic, flirty, and low-maintenance, depending on how you want to dress it up or down for your day or occasion!

very dark chestnut short shag cut
Instagram @julepdoeshair

#35: Very Dark Chestnut Short Shag Cut

A very dark chestnut short shag cut will look good on any face shape by detailing the front face-framing pieces to the individual’s facial structure.

The color and cut in this short dark hair with bangs also help accent certain aspects of your face. If you decide to get this cut, it’s so low maintenance. All you need is a good sea salt spray or dry texturizer spray for that lived-in look.

#36: Brunette Pixie Shag

Notice how this brunette pixie shag results in a chic, trendsetting hairstyle. This shag is a great choice for women who don’t want to commit to a short pixie cut. It makes a nice wash-and-go style that only demands low maintenance. A short pixie shag can look great on all hair types but is best for women with medium to thick hair.

very short medium brown pixie cut
Instagram @giboazhair

#37: Very Short Medium Brown Cut

Opt for a very short medium brown cut to add interest to your appearance. A little product always helps to define and polish a brown crop like this. A light pomade, wax, or texturizing product would all work depending on the hair type and style.

Long Pixie on Natural Brown Hair
Instagram @randa.rivera

#38: Long Pixie on Natural Brown Hair

Look at this long pixie with natural brown hair. Breathtaking, huh? The texturizing on this short brown hair requires a lot of slide and point-cutting techniques. If you want a more lived-in look, Paul Mitchell’s Invisible Wear Pump Me Up hair powder is a good product.

#39: Short Brown Bob with Bangs Haircut

Consider a short brown bob with bangs haircut if you’re looking for a sleek and dramatic change to your look. Perfect for medium to thick hair densities, a short brown bob with fringe is great for a sophisticated, polished, low-maintenance look.

short brown pixie cut with bangs
Instagram @saras_stylings

#40: Short Brown Pixie Cut with Bangs

A short brown pixie cut with bangs is perfect for the woman ready for an effortless look. A pixie cut shows off cheekbones and gives a youthful style. Pixies are great for any age and easy to style. Bangs are a great way to softly frame your face, too.

#41: Extra Long Pixie with a Deep Side Part

Try an extra-long pixie with a deep side part if you have shorter, fine, or thin hair. A deep side part can help create a fuller, voluminous look to the hair and complement all face shapes. An extra-long pixie cut will also help to create a fuller effect in the hair.

short brown blunt bob haircut
Instagram @nikcabral

#42: Short Brown Blunt Bob Haircut

Try a short brown blunt bob haircut with tousled waves for that perfectly undone contemporary bob. The key to such short brown hairstyles is extra texturizing in the interior for movement and softness. Tell your stylist that you prefer a lived-in cut and want lots of texture. To style, apply an air-dry cream to wet hair and use your hands to add waves as it dries, or mimic the same wave style with a flat iron and texture spray on dry hair.

#43: Brown Short Bob with Micro Bangs

Consider a brown short bob with micro bangs for a modern twist on a classic shape. Great for fine hair, such low-maintenance short brunette hairstyles give the appearance of density and volume. Blow-dry with a texture cream and spritz in a sea salt spray for the perfect lived-in texture.

healthy and dimensional brown bob
Instagram @studio_wolf

#44: Healthy and Dimensional Brown Bob

A rich, dimensional brown bob hairstyle can make stressed tresses appear healthier and fuller. This color and length change will do wonders for damaged hair. The depth of color alone will help fill strands and give them a new life, while the shorter length ensures that any dead ends have been removed.

cute sleek bob with a side part
Instagram @maggiemh

#45: Cute Sleek Bob with a Side Part

A sleek bob with a side part is cute while still serving classic and polished energy. The sleek look is easy to maintain and style, and the bluntness of the bob looks thick, healthy, and striking when cut properly. Having a side part with a sleek bob opens up your “good side” and can take attention away from facial asymmetry. Use a heat protectant blow dry cream and dry hair smooth with a round brush and a slight bevel under the chin for best results.

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