100+ Stacked Hair Ideas for Women

Here, you’ll find pictures of all the ways you can stack your hair for your next haircut.

trendy stacked haircuts
Fan of volume and texture? Click here to see the various looks.
Stacked bob hairstyles
These are some of my favorite stacked bobs haircuts and hairstyles for this year! Come see which one will suit you best.
Stacked inverted bob
Amp up your inverted bob haircut by stacking the back high!
Stacked bobs with layers
Stack your bob cut with layers for an amazing new hairdo!
Short stacked inverted bob haircut
Short, stacked, inverted... what more could you ask for in a bob haircut?
pixie short stacked bob
Give your locks a fresh hair makeover with one of these gorgeous pixie bobs that have elevated stacking.
Fine hair stacked bobs
Fine-haired ladies should opt for a stacked bob if needing to bring life back into your tresses.
Long stacked bob
Stacked long bobs are super trendy right now.
stacked short curly bob
Go for a this short bob and enhance your natural curls!
high stacked inverted bob
Stylists have combined stacked and inverted bobs to create a super trendy hairstyle. Check them out!
Are you tired of your same old boring bob? Turn it into a stacked bob and add bangs for extra oomph!
stacked with an undercut
Stacking a bob with an undercut is a great way to add lift and volume! Check out these super chic looks!