50 of the Best Stacked Haircut Ideas Trending This Season

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A stacked haircut means it’s a women’s haircut done with layering techniques to create a full-bodied, rounded shape at the back. Stacking the hair forms a ton of volume that’s perfect if you want to have more density and a fittingly shaped body for your mane.

The amount of layers determines how voluminous you want your locks to be. Even for lengthy hair, stacking by layering works equally as in short haircuts to contour the hair.

This genius method is worn by TV stars Kris Jenner, Kerry Washington, Kristen Stewart, and Victoria Beckham in and out of the camera! With all the other edgy elements, you can add to a stacked cut – texture, color, bangs, parting – the outcome is satisfactory without fail!

Arkansas hairstylist Kiera Faries displays her medium and short-length works that use stacking and layering. With the precise skills and execution and the right angle suitable for her clients’ face shapes, she expertly creates confidence-boosting looks!

Are you dreaming of hair that screams of volume and depth?

If so, before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of popular stacked haircuts.

Stacked Angled Bob Cut with Wavy Texture
Instagram @v3hairstudio

#1: Stacked Angled Bob Cut with Wavy Texture

This is one of the best short stacked haircuts right now. This short angled haircut comes out like this plump, especially at the back. Thanks to multiple layers and the wavy arrangement in this angled bob, you can still let hair loose around the face for a flattering effect.

Stacked Curls with Brown Balayage for women with thick curly hair
Instagram @max_kachos

#2: Stacked Curls with Brown Balayage

Ditch the extra weight and watch your curls thrive with a stacked haircut with a golden brown balayage. Ask for a more intense stack or angle if you have very tight curls. The hair will shrink a lot more, and if you have wavy hair, ask for a less dramatic angle, as the hair won’t shrink as much. Opt for balayage for your highlights. This will create a more subtle and sun-kissed look. It will create beautiful, natural-looking dimension and definition in the curls. Try Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray for curly hair for voluminous, defined curls.

Woman with medium-length stacked haircut and blonde brown balayage

#3 Balayage Waves on Stacked Medium Cut

Featuring a balayage that blends lighter and darker tones, this haircut is a fantastic choice for those looking to add volume and movement to their style. The stacking at the back is subtle, creating a full-bodied look that enhances the natural waves of the hair. This style works well for those with medium-density hair, offering a balance that’s not too heavy yet voluminous enough to maintain the stacked structure. It’s perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces, as the layers can be adjusted to frame the face attractively. Maintaining this look might require some styling products to define the waves and preserve the volume, especially if your hair tends to fall flat or become frizzy.

Woman with short stacked bob and balayage highlights in a salon

#4 Balayage Highlighted Stacked Bob

This stacked bob is perfect for anyone seeking a stylish yet manageable hairstyle. With medium to thick hair, this cut offers a voluminous look thanks to its clever layering at the back. What really sets this hairstyle apart is the balayage highlighting, subtly woven into the layers to accentuate the stacked effect and add a sense of depth. This technique is ideal for adding visual interest without the need for frequent color touch-ups, making it a low-maintenance option for busy lifestyles. However, the precision required to maintain the shape means you’ll need regular salon visits. Styled here with a smooth finish, it enhances the natural flow and highlights the dimensional color perfectly.

Woman with asymmetrical stacked bob and platinum waves

#5 Asymmetrical Stacked Bob with Platinum Waves

This asymmetrical stacked bob features a daring cut with platinum blonde waves that effortlessly convey a modern and edgy aesthetic. The shorter side contrasts with the longer, textured waves on the other, adding a visual element that enhances the movement of the hairstyle. This style is flattering for those with angular face shapes, as it draws attention while balancing facial symmetry. The platinum color adds a striking highlight, though it requires maintenance to keep the tone vibrant and free from brassiness.

Woman with shoulder-length stacked haircut and honey blonde highlights

#6 Honey Blonde Highlights on Shoulder-Length Stacked Cut

This shoulder-length haircut beautifully demonstrates the versatility of the style with its smooth, flowing layers that subtly lift at the back to create a fuller look. The honey-blonde highlights bring warmth and dimension to the base color, enhancing the natural movement of the hair. Ideal for square and round face shapes, the length and layers help elongate the face and soften angular features. Regular salon visits are recommended to keep the highlights fresh and the layers well-defined.

Woman with sleek stacked bob, balayage, and side-swept bangs

#7 Sleek Stacked Bob with Balayage and Side-Swept Bangs

This sleek stacked bob has a chocolate and blonde balayage, accentuated by stylish side-swept bangs that frame the face beautifully. The precise stacking at the back provides substantial volume and lift, ideal for those with fine or medium hair textures. Regular maintenance of the cut and color is necessary to keep the style fresh and vibrant. This hairstyle merges practicality with a flair of sophistication, making it a great choice for those who desire a fashionable yet manageable look.

Elegant short stacked bob hairstyle with ash blonde highlights

#8 Elegant Ash Blonde Stacked Bob

This is a classy choice for anyone looking to balance sophistication with easy maintenance. The subtle stacking at the back adds volume at the crown, creating a beautiful silhouette that enhances the natural curve of the head. The color melds ash blonde with lighter highlights, offering depth and the illusion of thickness, which is fantastic for medium-density hair.

Woman with edgy undercut and textured stacked bob

#9 Edgy Undercut with Textured Stacked Bob

This edgy undercut paired with a textured stacked bob is a perfect blend of bold and stylish. The undercut adds a modern flair and makes the stacked layers on top stand out, giving the hair extra volume and an airy feel. This cut works well for those with fine hair, as the texturing creates the illusion of thickness. The multi-tonal blonde highlights enhance the dynamic texture, adding depth and vibrancy. This hairstyle is best suited for oval and elongated face shapes, as it brings balance by adding width at the sides. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the undercut sharp and the layers defined. Ideal for someone who loves a statement look that’s still versatile and easy to manage.

Woman with curly stacked bob and natural highlights

#10 Dynamic Curly Stacked Bob with Natural Highlights

This dynamic curly stacked bob is cut to enhance the natural bounce and texture of curly hair, layered to add volume and shape without weighing down the curls. The natural highlights in various blonde and brown tones highlight the depth and richness of the curls, adding a sun-kissed effect that is both striking and subtle. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for those with naturally curly hair, providing ease of maintenance while keeping the curls defined and lively.

Woman with dramatic wavy stacked bob and bold highlights

#11 Dramatic Wavy Stacked Bob with Bold Highlights

This dramatic wavy stacked bob features bold contrasting highlights that create a striking visual impact. The expertly stacked layers in the back add significant volume and lift, ideal for individuals with fine to medium hair seeking more body and texture. The waves are enhanced by the multi-tonal blonde highlights, which add depth and dimension, illuminating the face. This hairstyle offers a chic, sophisticated look with an edge, perfect for making a bold statement.

Woman with choppy stacked bob and multi-tonal highlights

#12 Chic Choppy Stacked Bob with Multi-Tonal Highlights

This chic choppy stacked bob features multi-tonal highlights, blending shades of brown and blonde to create a vibrant, textured appearance. The clever use of stacking at the back of the head builds volume, making it an excellent choice for those with fine or thin hair looking for a fuller look. The choppy layers contribute to a modern, edgy feel, while still being very wearable and easy to style. Frequent styling with texturizing products is recommended to maintain the lively, piecey look of the layers. This hairstyle combines functionality with flair, offering a low-maintenance yet fashionable option.

Woman with sleek graduated stacked bob and multi-tone highlights

#13 Sleek Graduated Stacked Bob

This sleek graduated stacked bob features subtle multi-tone highlights that add a layer of depth and dimension. The layers graduate from shorter in the back to longer at the front, enhancing the natural flow and movement of the hair. This stacking technique not only adds volume to the crown but also provides a chic, contoured shape that flatters oval and heart-shaped faces by drawing attention upward, enhancing the facial structure. Ideal for fine to medium hair, this style increases perceived hair density while remaining stylishly low maintenance.

Woman with blonde stacked wedge haircut and highlights

#14 Voluminous Blonde Stacked Wedge with Highlights

This voluminous blonde stacked wedge haircut exemplifies a sophisticated yet playful style, perfect for those seeking both shape and movement. The strategic stacking creates a beautiful rounded silhouette at the back, while blonde highlights introduce a lively contrast against the darker undertones, enhancing the textured layers. This cut is suitable for fine to medium hair types as it adds significant volume and body. The style flatters most face shapes, with the layers and volume at the crown extending to frame the face attractively. Regular maintenance, including trims and color touch-ups, is essential to preserve the shape and vibrancy of the highlights.

Woman with trendy stacked bob in blonde with dark roots

#15 Trendy Blonde Stacked Bob with Dark Roots

This trendy stacked bob features a stunning blend of blonde highlights and dark roots, creating a gorgeous depth and dimension. The precision of the layers at the back builds a voluminous profile that is both chic and functional. This hairstyle suits a variety of face shapes, especially round and square faces as it elongates the face and highlights the cheekbones. Maintenance involves regular touch-ups for the roots and trims to keep the stack sharp.

Woman with straight precision stacked bob and blonde highlights

#16 Straight Precision Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

This straight precision stacked bob is a hairstyle that enhances the hair’s natural straight texture. Blonde highlights are strategically placed throughout the layers, adding depth and dimension that accentuate the graduated stack from the nape to the chin. This haircut is ideal for those with straight hair looking to showcase a polished, refined style. The stacking technique creates a voluminous appearance at the back, which is good for women with fine to medium hair density aiming for a fuller look. Suitable for most face shapes, it especially complements oval and long faces by adding width and balance. Regular salon visits are necessary to maintain the precision of the cut and the freshness of the highlights, making it a great choice for those seeking an elegant, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Woman with blonde stacked choppy pixie cut for fine hair

#17 Stacked Choppy Pixie for Added Volume

Opt for this choppy pixie if you have fine hair and are seeking a fuller look. The cut’s short, layered stacking at the back not only enhances the hair’s volume but also provides a stylish, modern edge. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its ability to make thin hair appear thicker and more textured, which is ideal for those who struggle with flat, limp locks. Regular trims are needed to maintain the sharp, structured silhouette of this cut.

Senior woman with sleek silver stacked pixie cut

#18 Sleek Silver Pixie for Elegant Seniors

This sleek silver pixie cut is tailored specifically for women over 70 with thin hair, utilizing a delicate stacking technique at the back to create an illusion of volume and fullness. The fine layers are crafted to add texture while keeping the style manageable. This haircut is ideal for those with fine or thinning hair, as the shorter length minimizes the appearance of hair loss. The style is especially flattering for heart and oval face shapes, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Medium-length hairstyle with subtle stacked layers and natural volume

#19 Subtle Stacked Layers for Medium Hair

This subtly stacked medium-length cut is perfect for those seeking a style that combines lift with simplicity. The layers are cleverly stacked at the back to enhance volume and create a fuller look, ideal for medium-density hair. This technique is excellent for adding body to fine hair while maintaining a smooth and seamless appearance from the front. Maintain this style with regular trims to keep the layers distinct and the shape intact. Styling with a volumizing mousse and a round brush during blow-drying will emphasize the stacked effect.

Woman with shaggy stacked bob and subtle purple highlights

#20 Shaggy Stacked Bob with Subtle Purple Highlights

This shaggy stacked bob features a lively mix of choppy layers and subtle purple highlights, providing a contemporary and edgy look. The hair is cut shorter at the back and progressively lengthens towards the front, enhancing the natural volume and texture. This hairstyle is perfect for those with a creative and dynamic personality who want a style that’s both stylish and easy to manage. The purple highlights add a hint of artistic flair without overpowering the natural dark base, ideal for adding dimension and interest. The shaggy layers work well to soften angular facial features, making this style particularly flattering for square and heart-shaped faces. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the shaggy look fresh and color touch-ups to maintain the vibrancy of the purple. This cut is a fantastic choice for someone looking to combine fun colors with a functional and fashionable haircut.

Angled stacked lob with textured waves

#21 Elegant Angled Stacked Lob with Texture

This elegant angled stacked bob is a good choice for anyone looking for a modern twist on a classic cut. The precise stacking at the back creates a beautiful volume and structure, making it a great option for those with medium-density hair. The longer front angles frame the face gracefully, suitable for highlighting cheekbones and softening jawlines. This cut is particularly flattering for oval and square face shapes. To maintain the shape and volume of this bob, regular trims every 6-8 weeks are recommended. Styling is simple with a round brush to blow-dry the hair smooth and mousse to keep the volume intact throughout the day.

Short stacked bob haircut with precision tapering and face-framing layers

#22 Precision Stacked Bob for a Polished Look

This precision-stacked bob is perfect for anyone looking for a sleek, easy-to-manage style. The layers add volume at the back, which enhances the shape of the cut and creates an elegant profile. This style works exceptionally well for straight, medium-density hair, as it showcases the sharpness of the cut and the smooth tapering at the nape. It’s a great choice for those with an oval or round face, as it elongates the appearance and draws attention upwards. To maintain this look, a regular trim every 6-8 weeks is necessary to keep the edges sharp and the shape intact. Styling is straightforward; a light smoothing serum and a quick brush-through are all it takes to keep this cut looking fresh and polished.

Short stacked bob with red highlights and textured layers

#23 Dynamic Textured Bob with Playful Highlights

This dynamic stacked bob is ideal for those seeking a playful yet manageable hairstyle. The textured layers are crafted to enhance natural wave, adding significant volume at the back while smoothly tapering towards the front. This style suits anyone with medium-density hair wanting a voluminous look without excess bulk. The short length eases daily styling, while the red highlights bring a fun twist to the natural brown, great for highlighting the animated texture of the cut.

Short curly stacked bob hairstyle for thick hair with defined curls

#24 Curly Stacked Bob with Defined Volume

This curly stacked bob is an excellent choice for those with thick, naturally curly hair looking for a style that offers both shape and volume. The stacking at the back lifts the curls, allowing them to form beautifully around the head, creating an airy, voluminous look that feels as good as it looks.

Beautifully Feathered Stacked Bob for older ladies with thick hair
Instagram @legacysalon1

#25: Beautifully Feathered Stacked Bob

A feathered stacked bob haircut can be a stunning choice for older ladies with thick hair. This cut involves stacking layers on top of each other to create volume and shape. All while feathering the ends to give a soft, airy finish. One of the best benefits of this look is the age-defying effect it can have on the face. It lifts and frames the cheekbones. The feathered edges create a softening effect on the overall look. To style, opting for a volumizing mousse and styling spray can help build volume and texture in the hair. Gentle blow-drying with a round brush will aid in styling the feather.

#26: Cute Stacked A-Line Haircut

This is a stacked A-line haircut. By adding some texture with various shaping techniques and tapering the nape, it creates the illusion of volume, not to mention a sexy silhouette! You’ll love this short stacked bob hairstyle because it’s a modern take on stacked haircuts.

When cutting this short, the main styles are half up, styled fringe (braid, twist, etc.), straight, or textured. Women who love putting their lock up in a messy bun and getting stuff done should avoid this cut. After considering everything before the chop, this cute a-line stacked haircut is easy to style. It’s super hot and flattering on almost anyone!

#27: Two-Toned Pixie Mullet

A two-toned pixie mullet is a perfect mix of short while allowing length at the nape. I suggest keeping your neckline wispy and textured so the style stays soft. My favorite pixie mullets have a soft texture around the ears and hairline.

#28: Stunning Chocolate Stacked Layers

If you like to wear your hair short, try these stunning chocolate stacked layers. However, if you prefer the front of your hair to look modern, try to stay true to the stacked back for a boost of volume and texture.

#29: Soft Light Grey Bob with Dark Roots

Style up with a soft light grey bob with dark roots. A bob is a perfect canvas for dimensional color. And, if you can leave the bangs long it will make your cut flow seamlessly. You might be able to wear your hair with grey and dark shading naturally. If not, highlights and dark roots can be added to compliment your own hair. This a great choice for low-maintenance coloring.

#30: Stacked For Thick Hair

We love a bob that is layered and stacked for thick hair. The stacked back is helpful in supporting the shape of your hair and keeping it from being weighted down. Some good advice I can give would be to keep it simple and blow dry with a flat, Denman brush going back and forth across the curve of your head. This will keep the volume at the root and smoothness at the ends. Be prepared to be stying every day, as this short hair will get major bedhead. A simple misting in the morning and re-styling will do.

#31: Blonde Stacked Cut with Dark Roots

A blonde stacked cut is a bit hard to maintain but totally worth it. This look is youthful and has a modern grunge vibe about it that we love. Make sure you talk to your stylist about how to maintain this style before taking the plunge.

#32: A Very Short Stacked Bob

A very short-stacked bob works well on all hair types. It especially looks great on round face shapes. It’s a versatile haircut and can be worn straight, curled, or tucked back behind the ears.

#33: Stacked Layers with Side Bangs for Straight Hair

Long strands on this short and stacked cut make a remarkable balance for the look. This stacked bob with bangs works perfectly with straight hair, especially if you no longer want a sleek blunt cut. Layered stacked haircuts look best when paired with multiple layers and hanging bangs for a soft effect on the face. Such a bob with side bangs will give ladies a fresher, edgier style.

#34: Stacked Feathered Bob Cut

A chin-length stacked feathered bob cut is great for slim face shapes. The hair flows away from the faces, creating width. The stacking in the back gives a classy look. Blowdrying this short bob with a round brush creates softness.

#35: Purple Tones on Stacked Hair

Add some purple tones to your stacked bob hairstyle to really accentuate the cut. Purple hues can be added with a semi-permanent color, that is super low-maintenance. Stacked haircuts are fabulous and work on any hair type or age group. If your looking to update your stacked style, this is a winner.

#36: Stacked Choppy Bob with Red Highlights

A stacked choppy bob looks much more dramatic with red highlights. Blonde highlights might be needed underneath the red, depending on the color of red you want. Reds fade fast, so a color shampoo will be required for at-home maintenance.

Shaggy Stacked Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#37: Shaggy Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair a shaggy stacked bob has your back. Longer than a pixie but shorter than a conventional bob, this length makes your hair appear thicker. Ask your stylist for a little point cutting with scissors and you’ve got a winner. Styling paste can add texture to this look.

#38: Brown Highlighted Bob with Stacked Layers for Brunettes

A brown highlighted bob with stacked layers for brunettes is a great cut for mature women with grey hair. While the highlights help hide the grey regrowth, the stacked brunette haircut adds interest. Want a chic haircut? This one is for you.

Short Stacked Pixie Haircut
Instagram @igor_yggor

#39: Super Short Stacked Haircut

A pixie bob is one of the best super short haircuts for women. Tons of stacking in the back and texture throughout a cut makes it both unique and edgy. One of the best things about having a short pixie bob is the versatility, you can style it easily by adding a different product, curls, etc.

Sassy Stacked Asymmetrical Haircut
Instagram @hairby_stephh

#40: Sassy Stacked Asymmetrical Haircut

This stacked haircut up hair at the backside gives this whole look its structure while the growing short trims at the temple area make for an exciting feature. This is a short asymmetrical bob with stacked layers, which makes a great hairstyle for thick hair.

Layered, Stacked Cut for Short Curly Hair
Instagram @hair_by_marlo

#41: Layered, Stacked Cut for Short Curly Hair

Layered, stacked haircuts for curly hair are ideal for girls with natural textured locks. Longer layers will keep your curly stacked hair from puffing out. Throw some gel in and let your curls dry into spirals.

Cute Stacked Graduated Haircut
Instagram @lilyandlocks

#42: Cute Stacked Graduated Haircut

Bring out the bounce with stacks and stacks of layered hair paraded around your hair, mainly concentrated at the backside. Add some feathered bangs to lighten the whole stacked hairstyle for a balanced figure. This stacked layered bob is sure to flatter older women with round face shapes.

Healthy-Looking Short Stacked Pixie Haircut
Instagram @colorbyriley

#43: Healthy-Looking Short Stacked Pixie Haircut

A pixie bob is one of the best stacked haircuts for women who have silver and thinning hair. This short stacked pixie cut can make your thin hair appear longer and healthier. Layer it up for more texture and structure, with the platinum and caramel blonde colors helping the presentation even more.

#44: Stacked Inverted Haircut

Inverted cuts just show longer frontal hair than at the stacked back. Shorter locks at the bottom layers make this stacked inverted bob haircut’s fuller form possible. Such stacked bobs work on medium to high hair density.

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#45: Chic Long Stacked Haircut

An increase in volume and length makes a fabulous long stacked haircut! Layers add body to the hair and give your long hair more character, complete with soft waves and a dashing balayage highlights. This long stacked haircut is a beautiful blended caramel blonde balayage with long layers and angles around the face.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your stacked blonde balayage from looking dull and faced. Using purple shampoo at least once a week will cancel out any brassiness that may appear. To make the layers pop, style with a dryer and a curling iron.

Textured Stacked Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @ton_schmidel

#46: Textured Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, a textured stacked bob haircut is a great choice. The longer layers help keep bulk at the bottom so your hair looks thicker. This stacked bob for fine hair gives fullness to the crown. Highlights also help to give fine hair body.

Medium-Length Stacked Cut in Messy Style
Instagram @missyshair.yyc

#47: Medium-Length Stacked Cut in Messy Style

Medium stacked haircuts are carefree and natural. A shoulder-length lob has style and spice, yet it’s very low-maintenance. This medium-length stacked haircut works for many face shapes and hair types. The volume in this medium stacked bob cut can be created or taken out depending on thickness. Chic long bob hairstyles like this also look stunning on brown locks with a blonde balayage hair color or just the blonde highlights. The extreme texture in this long stacked bob can emphasize those radiant tones.

#48: Short Stacked Wedge Haircut on Ash Blonde Hair

A short stacked wedge haircut should have contrast. In a wedge stacked haircut, the style is more suited for medium to finer hair. It can still be done with thick hair – it just takes longer, and you must thin it out. Thinning it helps it collapse to get the look you want.

The haircut can fit any face shape and hair texture. I’d recommend making it longer in the front, depending on the face shape, and it may need to be cut a little differently so that it falls how you like it! Stacked bob haircuts are a little more high-maintenance, though. The underneath tends to grow out faster, and you’ll have to come into the salon more often to keep it up.

#49: Stacked Haircut with Bangs

A stacked haircut with bangs is fun and playful, and you can do so many fun color shades to accentuate the cut! Peekaboos are for women who like low-maintenance colors with these types of haircuts. Always bring a picture like this to your hair appointment. Also, be sure to let your hairstylist know what your daily hair routine is. The beautiful thing about short hair is if it is cut right, you can rock it messy, curly, or smooth!

The right products are always necessary to achieve the goal you want. For this woman, we did a quick blow dry then finished off with Amika’s vandal volume spray to give her some height and some texture. Stacked haircuts with bangs is perfect for a girl who’s on the go and wants to look put together with minimal effort.

#50: Haircut with Stacked Back for Thick Hair

A stacked haircut for thick hair is sassy, trendy, and fun! Mimic the look by asking for a stacked bob with wispy layers. Stacked haircuts for thick hair are a bit more maintenance, but it’s so worth it! Go in every 5 weeks for a touch-up and haircut. With short hair, trims are a must since it grows out of style when it gets too long.