The 15 Best Stacked Haircut Ideas Trending Right Now

trendy stacked haircuts

A stacked haircut means it’s a women’s haircut done with layering techniques to create a full-bodied, rounded shape at the back. Stacking the hair forms a ton of volume that’s perfect if you want to have more density and a fittingly shaped body for your mane.

The amount of layers determines how voluminous you want your locks to be. Even for lengthy hair, stacking by layering works equally as in short haircuts to contour the hair.

This genius method is worn by TV stars Kris Jenner, Kerry Washington, Kristen Stewart, and Victoria Beckham in and out of the camera! With all the other edgy elements, you can add to a stacked cut – texture, color, bangs, parting – the outcome is satisfactory without fail!

Arkansas hairstylist Kiera Faries displays her medium and short-length works that use stacking and layering. With the precise skills and execution and the right angle suitable for her clients’ face shapes, she expertly creates confidence-boosting looks!

Are you dreaming of hair that screams of volume and depth?

So before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of popular stacked haircuts.

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Super Short Stacked Haircut

Super Short Stacked Haircut on Sleek Black Tresses
Instagram @chemicallychristina

A super short stacked haircut can still mean lots of long strands that form the body of the style. Stacked layers on a chin-length short bob serve as the base for the shape. The long fringes in this sleek stack hairstyle give a relaxed look to the prim stacked cut.

Stacked Layers with Side Bangs for Straight Hair

Stacked Layers with Side Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @gbhdesign

Long strands on this short and stacked cut make a remarkable balance for the look. This stacked bob with bangs works perfectly with straight hair, especially if you don’t want a sleek blunt cut anymore. Layered stacked haircuts look best when paired with multiple layers and hanging bangs for a soft effect on the face. Such a bob with side bangs is guaranteed to give ladies a fresher, edgier style.

Stacked Angled Bob Cut with Wavy Texture

Stacked Angled Bob Cut with Wavy Texture
Instagram @hotsaucehair

This is one of the best short stacked haircuts right now. This short angled haircut comes out like this plump, especially at the back. Thanks to multiple layers and the wavy arrangement in this angled bob, you can still let hair loose around the face for a flattering effect.

Stacked Asymmetrical Haircut

Stacked Asymmetrical Haircut
Instagram @hairby_stephh

This stacked haircut up hair at the backside gives this whole look its structure while the growing short trims at the temple area make for an exciting feature. This is a short asymmetrical bob with stacked layers, which makes a great hairstyle for thick hair.

Layered, Stacked Cut for Short Curly Hair

Layered, Stacked Cut for Short Curly Hair
Instagram @sorensenkelly

A natural bed hair full of texture to appease the wild child in you. Now’s the time to give your locks the extra edge they need by opting for a high stacked cut! Create a fluffy rounded backside with your layered, curly stacked hair accessorized with soft curls. When wearing stacked haircuts for curly hair, know that you must avoid using a dry shampoo on top of a styling product.

Stacked Graduated Haircut

Stacked Graduated Haircut
Instagram @lilyandlocks

Bring out the bounce with stacks and stacks of layered hair paraded around your hair, mainly concentrated at the backside. Add some feathered bangs to lighten the whole stacked hairstyle for a balanced figure. This stacked layered bob is sure to flatter older women with round face shapes.

Short Stacked Pixie Haircut

Short Stacked Pixie Haircut
Instagram @colorbyriley

A pixie bob is one of the best stacked haircuts for women who have silver and thinning hair. This short stacked pixie cut can make your thin hair appear longer and healthier. Layer it up for more texture and structure, with the platinum and caramel blonde colors helping the presentation even more.

Stacked Inverted Haircut

Stacked Inverted Haircut
Instagram @hairdesignbysonya

Inverted cuts just show longer frontal hair than at the stacked back. Shorter locks at the bottom layers make this stacked inverted bob haircut’s fuller form possible. Such stacked bobs work on medium to high hair density.

Chic Long Stacked Haircut

An increase in volume and length makes a fabulous long stacked haircut! Layers add body to the hair and give your long hair more character, complete with soft waves and a dashing balayage highlights.

This long stacked haircut is a beautiful blended caramel blonde balayage with long layers and angles around the face.

Hairstylist Nikki Fasano from Katmarie Salon in Middletown, NY suggests, “use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your stacked blonde balayage from looking dull and faced.” She goes on to say, “using purple shampoo at least once a week will cancel out any brassiness that may appear. To make the layers pop, style with a dryer and a curling iron.”

Textured Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

A textured stacked bob for fine hair should feature a classic graduated style. This particular stacked bob haircut has clean lines, and it never goes out of style.

Hairstylist Tara Stallings from Salon Lever in Claremont, CA believes that when you are looking for a stacked cut, your stylist should “first assess your hair and then ask about your lifestyle.” She adds, “I’m always honest with my clients and encourage them to be realistic in how much time they not only have, but how much time they want to devote to their bob stacked haircut.”

Ask your stylist about specific hair products and how much you would like to work with the product. Always use a heat protectant. It’s something that will help keep the health and integrity of the hair, as well as help with styling. The best thing about this stacked bob hairstyle is its versatility! It looks great on all kinds of hair textures, thicknesses, and colors.

Medium-Length Stacked Cut in Messy Style

Medium-Length Stacked Cut in Messy Style
Instagram @missyshair.yyc

Medium stacked haircuts are carefree and natural. This shoulder-length lob got style and spice, yet it’s very low-maintenance.

Stylist Melissa Mossfeldt of Calgary, CA believes, “This medium-length stacked haircut works for many face shapes and hair types. The volume in this medium stacked bob cut can be created or taken out depending on thickness.”

Chic long bob hairstyles like this also look stunning on brown locks with a blonde balayage hair color or just the blonde highlights. The extreme texture in this long stacked bob can emphasize those radiant tones.

Short Stacked Wedge Haircut on Ash Blonde Hair

A short stacked wedge haircut should have contrast.

Stylist Crystal Dawn from Crystal Weiss – Hair and Makeup in Suffolk, VA has this to say about a wedge stacked haircut, “I feel this style is more suited for medium to finer hair. It can still be done with thick hair – it just takes longer and you have to thin it out. Thinning it helps it collapse to get the look you want.”

She adds, “This haircut can fit any face shape and hair texture. I’d recommend making it longer in the front depending on face shape, and it may need to be cut a little different so that it falls how you like it!”

Stacked bob haircuts like this are a little more high-maintenance, though. The underneath tends to grow out faster, and you’ll have to come into the salon more often to keep it up.

Stacked Haircut with Bangs

A stacked haircut with bangs is fun and playful, and you can do so many fun color shades to accentuate the cut! Peekaboos are for women who like low-maintenance colors with these types of haircuts.

Always bring a picture like this to your hair appointment. Also, be sure to let your hairstylist know what your daily hair routine is. The beautiful thing about short hair is if it is cut right, you can rock it messy, curly, or smooth!

Salon owner and stylist Miranda Asadoorian from the Black Sheep Salon in Mesa, AZ says, “The right products are always necessary to achieve the goal you want. For this woman, we did a quick blow dry then finished off with Amika’s vandal volume spray to give her some height and some texture!” She adds, “Stacked haircuts with bangs is perfect for a girl who’s on the go and wants to look put together with minimal effort.”

Cute Stacked A-Line Haircut

Cute Stacked A-Line Haircut
Instagram @faithmarie223

This is a stacked A-line haircut. By adding some texture with various shaping techniques and tapering the nape, it creates the illusion of volume, not to mention a sexy silhouette! You’ll love this short stacked bob because it’s a modern take for stacked haircuts.

Hairstylist Faith Parsons from the Eclektica Salon in Kansas City, MO offers a bit of advice for women considering an a-line bob and a stacked hairstyle. “I’d suggest a thorough consultation with your stylist. There are so many beautiful styles on the internet. It’s hard not to want all of them, but we have to be realistic and do what is best for each head of hair.”

After a consult, consider the hairline in the nape. Is it something that will need to be covered? Is there enough hair density in the front to create a clean angle?

Also, when cutting this short, the main styles are half up, styled fringe (braid, twist, etc.), straight or textured. Women who love putting their lock up in a messy bun and getting stuff done should avoid this cut.

After considering everything before the chop, this cute a-line stacked haircut is easy to style. It’s super hot and flattering on almost anyone! Use Techni Art Transform texture gel-en-mousse for lift and Techni Art Liss Control to lightly smooth and define. Two products. So easy!

Haircut with Stacked Back for Thick Hair

A stacked haircut for thick hair is so sassy, trendy and fun! Mimic the look by asking for a stacked bob with wispy layers.

Style creator Erica Branch at the Impressions Hair Studio in Saraland, AL believes, “Stacked haircuts for thick hair are a bit more maintenance, but it’s so worth it! Go in every five weeks for a touch-up and haircut.” She goes on to say, “With short hair, trims are a must, since it grows out of the style when it gets too long.”