30 Long Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Super Sexy Style

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long stacked bob is a neck-length haircut that features shorter layers in the back. This dramatic chop creates an angled cut with a rounded, full-bodied shape, perfect for thin tresses.

Hailed from the ’60s classic trend, a stacked bob is a go-to look for women who love something edgy and stylish.

When choosing the best stacked long bob for you, talk with your stylist about your hair texture, length, and facial features. Your stylist can alter the cut slightly to make it look its best on you.

Kansas-based stylist Faith Kauer believes that this lob is flattering on everyone, though. “Just tailor the length and side profile, and you’re good to go!” she says.

Kauer confirms that layers aren’t always the answer to achieve volume. She continues, “I’d suggest a little less layering and more texture on the top layers. This will create a weightless look with a beautiful side profile.”

According to Kauer, maintenance is one crucial factor to consider. To keep stacked lobs in shape, visit the salon every 5-7 weeks.

When styling, she loves Volume Envy by Techni Art while blow-drying. But for finishing touches, she uses Next Day Hair Spray for added texture or Super Dust for a maximum lift.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these images of the most popular long stacked bob haircuts.

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Long Inverted Stacked Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#1: Long Inverted Stacked Bob for Straight Hair

Pull off a long inverted stacked bob if you have straight hair and look very pretty and feminine! The first thing to love about this chop is how flattering it turns out on most ladies. This neck-grazing cut is so trendy it will never go out of style. It creates volume for thin tresses, too!

Shoulder-Length Stacked Bob
Instagram @alex.moiseeva

#2: Shoulder-Length Stacked Bob

A shoulder-length stacked bob is a timeless haircut with a dash of edgy flavor. This chop is easy for ladies with straight, black tresses to pull off. The style is straightforward, but it gives the hair a healthier, more polished payoff. No one says no to a classic look, right?

#3: Longer Stacked Bob with Graduation

A longer stacked bob with graduation is perfect for those with difficult hairlines or who don’t like to expose too much of the neck area. The longer stacked shape keeps its length but still has its graduated shape that maintains fullness and structure.

#4: Stacked Lob with Graduation

A stacked lob with graduation is a gorgeous, sleek haircut. This haircut has many layers in the back and a few in the front with precisely cut ends. The back is significantly shorter gradually getting longer in the front. Stacked lobs are stunning on all face shapes and can be styled in many ways.

#5: Long Stacked Wavy Bob

A long stacked wavy bob is a beautiful medium-length hairstyle. It can be parted in the middle or parted to the side to suit every face shape. Tousle it with beach spray for your Saturday night out or use smoothing cream for your early Monday work meeting. This is the perfect cut for women on the go who cherish comfortability and versatility but aspire to appear stylish at the same time.

Long bob with a stack in the back
Instagram @gelton1

#6: Long Bob with a Stack in the Back

A long bob with a stack in the back is a classic. It appears fantastic at any age but is growing in popularity for women in their 30s. Particularly those women who aspire higher level of comfortability and versatility. You may opt to have your stylist do a stacking bob or a graduated bob. The longer layers reflect the light and make your hair look glossy.

#7: Long Stacked Bob Haircut for Women Over 50

A long stacked bob haircut for women over 50 is a well-suited cut for this particular age group. It is simple, versatile, and looks flawless on almost all face shapes. A long stacked bob has few layers, if any, beautifully rounded in the back combined with bluntly cut ends.

Long stacked choppy bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#8: Long Stacked Choppy Bob

A long stacked choppy bob entails movement, texture, and wispy ends. A bob cut is gorgeous worn curly or straight and suitably frames almost all face shapes. Adding in a few blended low lights will create an extra layer of dimension.

#9: Stacked Lob with Purple Highlights

A stacked lob with purple highlights is a must-try if you want to show off a bit of your wild, fun side. Curl your stacked lob and brush through it to achieve that tousled bed-hair appearance. Highlighting with a purple hue instead of doing an all-over is a smart choice. It grows out without roots and makes you look cool and stylish.

Stacked long bob for thick hair
Instagram @syracusehair4u

#10: Stacked Long Bob for Thick Hair

A stacked long bob for thick hair is an amped-up version of the classic bob. If you are bored of your regular bob, get a stacked bob and make it long to be more dramatic. It can be worn straight or curled and expect to get a cut every 6-8 weeks making this an easy haircare winner.

#11: Stacked Bob + Long In Front

A combo of a stacked bob that’s long in the front offers a versatile, modern, and even fresher haircut. With tousled waves, the finish looks romantic and chic. This stacked hairstyle is ideal for ladies with dense hair. It’d be cool to paint the locks with a red copper tone to bring out that extra wow factor.

#12: Long Length Stacked Bob

While wearing a long-length stacked bob, growing it out will be the least of your concern. This chop is easy to maintain, and it still looks impressive as time goes by. It won’t hurt the result if you jazz it up with shadow-rooted blonde hair color, too. The finish will be dimensional and astonishing!

Long Stacked Inverted Bob
Instagram @danibarroshair

#13: Long Stacked Inverted Bob

What this long stacked inverted bob offers best is a sexy, dramatic angle. It’s shorter at the back, and it gets longer towards the front. To really show off the perimeter, pair it with straight, black locks.

Brown Stacked Lob Haircut
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#14: Brown Stacked Lob Haircut

Consider a brown stacked lob if you have a gorgeous oval or heart face shape. This stacked haircut can frame the face very well. Parted on one side, it gives the face an alluring angle, and such a style helps achieve instant volume. Being an easy-to-style haircut, this is perfect for ladies who have a busy lifestyle.

#15: Stacked Bob for Longer Hair

A stacked bob for longer hair is simple yet looks fresh and cute. It’s easy to wear, maintain, and grow out. It does a great job in making thin hair look thicker. Part the hair on one side, and you’ll achieve extra root volume.

Back View of a Stacked Lob
Instagram @lilyjacobshair

#16: Back View of a Stacked Lob

The back view of a stacked lob creates an illusion of soft movement, especially on the edges. Women with straight locks must give it a try! It removes a slight bulk from the hair ends. As the layers add movement, they also give an impression of weightless hair.

#17: Long Stacked Curly Bob

Opt for a long stacked curly bob to give the hair’s natural texture a chic, eye-catching shape. This stacked bob cut brings the tresses back to life! It has a short length that boosts the texture, volume, and even movement. It looks fun to wear, especially on older ladies.

#18: Stacked Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

This stacked pixie bob with long bangs is edgy from any angle you look at. It’s a fresh, exciting haircut that shows off confidence. What to love about this short hair is how low-maintenance it is. The long side-swept fringe is a huge plus for a square face shape, too. The bangs can soften the corner of the jaw.

Long Stacked Asymmetrical Bob
Instagram @profechanell

#19: Long Stacked Asymmetrical Bob

Rocking a long stacked asymmetrical bob makes a lasting first impression. It looks bold, ravishing, and flawless if the hair is straight and has a fine density. A chop like this allows the face to have a much alluring angle, too. It’s sure fun to wear every day!

Stacked Lob with Bangs
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#20: Stacked Lob with Bangs

What this stacked lob with bangs can offer is a sweet, flattering shape that suits a round face shape. It features a fringe to accentuate beautiful eyes. This haircut appears more polished with a shoulder-grazing length. Curl the edges inward to achieve a classic style.

#21: Stacked Lob for Older Women

A stacked lob for older women must be low-maintenance, just like this one! This haircut looks stunning as it grows out. It requires little to no effort when it comes to styling.

The best thing about it is it complements the glam vibe of a stunning older woman. Opt for a cool blonde shade to cover up unwanted gray hair for a more youthful vibe.

Stacked Angled Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @lenina_yin

#22: Stacked Angled Bob for Fine Hair

Featuring a chic stacked angled bob for fine hair! With a little texture, it creates a fuller density. This chop is beneficial in framing the face, too. It gives a round face shape the impression of a slimmer edge. And since it has an angled perimeter, it shows off an illusion of a sharper jawline.

Messy stacked lob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#23: Messy Stacked Lob

A messy stacked lob is great for fine tresses that need a lot of texture. Stylist Sheridan Holyoak was even able to upgrade this haircut with a rooted blonde tone.

“Make sure you have the time it takes to style this cut,” says Holyoak. “It’s not a wash-and-wear cut. Invest in a good mousse and root booster.”

Long Stacked Pixie Bob
Instagram @amyspencerhair

#24: Long Stacked Pixie Bob

Reimagine your look with a long stacked pixie bob. Fresh and modish, this hair idea makes a great option as a go-to style. It’s easy to recreate if you have thick tresses. Ask for stacked layers, and let your natural texture do the job.

This long stacked pixie bob has a great shape for growing out a pixie. This cut was done by salon owner and stylist Amy Spencer of Draper, UT.

“It’s an a-line with an undercut in the back with a softness at the neckline using a razor,” says Spencer. “This works well with the natural growth pattern. Having a shape to your hair whilst growing it out is key.”

The stacked pixie lob works well with many face shapes. Using the correct styling products and tools is very important. Spencer recommends Olaplex #6&7 for smoothing and the Olivia Garden 65 XL round brush to smooth and give volume. “Also, add texture by removing bulk with texture shears,” she notes.

Long Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @borntodohair

#25: Long Stacked Bob with Bangs

Opt for a long stacked bob with bangs if your hair needs to look extra voluminous. This cut is optimal to reinforce the volume of the hair, especially at the crown area. It wouldn’t hurt to add pieces of bangs to result in a younger look.

This particular long stacked bob hairstyle was created by hairstylist Abby Born of Columbus, OH. “This is a long stacked bob with bangs and an a-line. The wispy bangs help complete the style,” she describes.

This long stacked bob is for women who are used to short hair, but are wanting to spice up their look!

Born says, “you would definitely need to take some time to style this haircut in the morning. Use mousse at the roots to help create volume and some shine spray throughout the ends to keep it sleek!”

Long Angled Stacked Bob
Instagram @herpowderroom

#26: Long Angled Stacked Bob

“This long angled stacked bob has a chic style. The angled cut is playful but very edgy,” says master stylist Neri Oakley of Chesapeake, VA.

Oakley says, “women believe this long stacked bob hairstyle is somewhat of a low-maintenance look, and it can be! But that depends on the texture of your hair and what you ultimately want it to look like.”

This style requires the right blowout products after washing, the proper tools. If you are a woman who enjoys investing time in styling your hair, this is a great option!

#27: Long Layered Stacked Bob

This long layered stacked bob was created by stylist Yvonne Sweet of West Palm Beach, FL.

“The thicker the hair the better the stack in the back will look,” she explains. “Leaving the front longer will create the angled look which gives this amazing look!”

If you’re looking to have a stacked layered bob hairstyle, Sweet says you’ll want to take into consideration what type of hair you have.

“The amount of hair, thickness, and texture will play a big role in achieving this layered cut. You also need to take into consideration how much time you spend styling your hair. You’ll need to blowdry the hair to achieve a smooth and silky look, but having some natural curl can also be worn. The diversity of this stacked bob hairstyle is what makes it such an amazing haircut,” she adds.

#28: Long Curly Stacked Bob

This long curly stacked bob is an angled bob cut with minimal stacked layers. It was created by hairstylist Taylor Morgan of Harrisburg, PA.

“Use a diffuser to bring out the natural curls. Then place wand curls throughout to give more emphasis to the curls,” explains Morgan.

She continues, “this stacked curly bob is definitely meant for natural waves. Use PulpRiot’s Copenhagen as the leave-in conditioner on wet hair to help to hydrate the curls. Follow that up by applying Pulp Riot’s Hanoi curl cream and scrunch that into the hair. You can let it air dry, or blowdry your curly hair with a diffuser. Then use Pulp Riot’s Tripoli as a heat protectant before using your hot tool.”

#29: Longer Stacked Bob

“This is a longer stacked bob that’s perfect for women with a great neckline,” says hairstylist Lisa Ostrout of Plantsville, CT.

“A stacked bob cut works with waves even if you want to blow it out most of the time,” she notes. “Long stacked bob hairstyles are very easy and sassy for on-the-go moms who still want to have some style.”

#30: Very Long Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

This is a very long stacked swing bob for thin hair. Master hairstylist Lisa Bradshaw of Denison, TX created it. “It will have an amazing grow-out and it’s extremely low maintenance,” she states.

Bradshaw believes long stacked bobs work great on women with thin hair who are looking to add volume! “You can style using a round brush with mousse for extra volume and finish it off with hairspray,” she adds.

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