18 Stacked, Short Curly Bob Haircuts to Enhance Your Natural Curls

stacked short curly bob
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A stacked, short curly bob is a textured, voluminous haircut with shorter layers in the back. If looking for a fashionable look to flaunt your naturally curly texture, you’re in the right place!

Hairstylist Helen Thomson of Melbourne, AU finds short, curly stacked haircuts perfect for finer locks.

“This stacked bob offers fabulous shape and volume in the tresses,” says Thomson. “But for thick hair, the stack would only make the hair appear like a mushroom.”

Face structures and features are a massive factor in determining if the haircut works for you. Some short stacked curly bob haircuts aren’t ideal for round, square, or any smaller-shaped faces with double chins.

“Tresses cut to the jawline shortens the face shape unless you opt for a curly asymmetrical bob. It would open up one side of the face, creating an illusion of length,” Thomson explains.

Proper upkeep is paramount for textured hair. These beautiful curls need products that offer moisture without losing their bounce. Talk to your stylist for recommended brands that don’t weigh the hair down.

Be proud of your natural hair texture. Check out these images of the trendiest stacked, short curly bobs for inspiration!

Permed Short Stacked Bob
Instagram @dogancammm
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#1: Permed Short Stacked Bob

Perms are popular again, and a short stacked, layered curly bob looks amazing with this hair texture! A short curly stacked bob hairstyle is great for showcasing the perm texture. The elevation of layers leaves room for each and every curl to really POP!

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#2: Dark Curly Bob with Beige Blonde Highlights

Try a dark curly bob with beige-blonde highlights. You’ll love the beautiful texture and eye-catching dimension in this short, curly, stacked bob. The key to achieving this bob shape on curly hair is an elevation in the back with minimal layering. Remember, you’ll want the highlights on longer lengths. This way, they flow through your hairstyle naturally. Use weekly conditioning treatments and curl cream for such short curly hairstyles for women. Both keep your colored ringlets moisturized and frizz-free.

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#3: Short Angled Stacked Curly Bob

Ladies with a heart-shaped face, looking for volume, and having curly or wavy hair should consider an angled, stacked bob. Curly hair will need layering to look fuller, and these short curly haircuts for women are great for that.

Grey Stacked Short Curly Bob for Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @_motionblur_
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#4: Grey Curly Bob for Women Over 70 with Glasses

Women over the age of 70 with glasses, should consider a gray curly bob. Short haircuts for curly hair help keep dead ends away and make your texture look fresh and healthy. Avoid thinning your curls out too much or using a razor when cutting curls. Your hair will become too frizzy and hard to control. Remember that when styling your short curly stacked bob, only use the diffuser until your hair is 70% dry and let it air dry the rest of the way. Your hair will dry with less frizz and more of a defined curl for a beautiful and natural style.

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#5: Short Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

Curled hair types can be enhanced when cut into a short, stacked bob haircut. If your hair is super heavy in the back, stacked layers will remove weight and give your curls more life. Style a curly layered bob with a curl-enhancing creme or hydrating gel for hold.

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#6: Short Curly Stacked Bob with Bangs

A short, stacked curly bob with bangs is a choice that defines one’s personal style. Curly bangs, layers, and lengths are all customizable elements in this choice of curly hairstyles. Photos of a curly bob with a fringe for inspiration during a consultation can help create a unique style along with establishing routine salon visits to maintain the ideal structure and style.

Curly Stacked Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @kittyvarco_mod
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#7: Curly Layered Stacked Bob for Round Faces

A curly stacked bob for a round face can vary in haircut options. Short hairstyles for curly hair distribute weight, creating balance in length and feature ratio. It allows for a swift styling routine and a graceful grow-out.

Salon visits for such a stylish short curly stacked bob can vary from 8 to 12 weeks. It can be worn diffused or air-dried. The length, stack, and fringe area can be customized during service with a few choices of photos of stacked bobs for inspiration, discussed during consultation.

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#8: Shorter Stacked Bob with Loose Curls

A shorter stacked bob with loose curls is a flattering way to showcase natural texture. When void of weight, the classic short curly stacked bob springs into a full silhouette and can be customized during the curly cuts service.

Mousse and air-dry creams are common styling aids for such a curly wedge haircut to help enhance texture. Diffusing or wash-and-go are common means of styling.

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#9: Low-Maintenance Stacked Lob with Natural Curls

A shoulder-length low-maintenance stacked lob with natural curls is a style that allows for a natural silhouette to be worn without the need for routine presentation. This choice of a curly haircut is ideal for the natural curl, which is easily defined with a hydrating formula, like creams or lotion. A gel-cream hybrid formula can help provide hold in more humid regions, and diffusing such A timeless short curly stacked bob can help seal the style and hold.

See more curly lob haircuts

Chin-Length Stacked Curly Bob
Instagram @pabloquefez
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#10: Chin-Length Stacked Curly Bob Cut

A chin-length stacked curly bob is a modernized and textured style of the classic French bob. Maintenance can vary with this naturally curly bob on short hair – depending on curl textured into the cut and your desired length. A consultation with a curl specialist can help determine the maintenance and routine for this chin-length curly hair.

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#11: Messy Curly Bob That’s Stacked

A messy curly bob haircut that’s stacked can provide a low-maintenance styling routine for the woman on the go. Enhancing the pattern of tousled curls with diffusing, air drying, or light styling can help achieve the natural texture of the curl. A curl specialist can best help pair a product and routine tailored to your needs and desired stacked short bob hairstyle.

Short Stacked Bob for African-American Women
Instagram @curlsbycat
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#12: Short Stacked Bob for African-American Women

A short stacked bob for African-American women can showcase a natural texture with full body style. Short stacked curly bobs can be a great fit for kinky to afro-textured hair. Photos of reference during consultation can help determine the desired style and ideal maintenance. Texture can be enhanced when styling Bantu knots, two-strand twist, or with the help of a Denman brush.

Edgy Stacked Bob for Curly Girls
Instagram @alice.pagno
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#13: Edgy Stacked Bob for Curly Girls

An edgy stacked bob for curly girls is a customizable style per the curl patterned and desired angle. A short stacked bob for curly hair can create a strong sense of identity through style, especially when paired with color. Products for styling can vary with gels or texturizing mousse, diffusing or air drying. For this curly inverted bob, salon maintenance can vary from 6-10 weeks.

Curly Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @katieperryhair
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#14: Curly Inverted Bob with Stacked Layers

Add stacked layers to your choppy curly bob to remove weight and add volume at the crown. This short curly hairstyle is a great way to lighten up your look. This would fit any curl type from soft waves to super curly.

Very Short Stacked Bobbed Hair
Instagram @curls.and.love
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#15: Very Short Stacked Brown Bobbed Hair

Very short stacked bobbed hair can come in many different shapes. Short haircuts like this are for women of the curly hair community looking to show off their neck and jawline. A little more maintenance is required to keep this shape of a very short curly stacked bob looking sharp, about every 6 weeks.

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#16: Neck-Length Curly Bob with a Stacked Back

If drama is what you’re looking for in your curly hair bob, try a stacked bob at neck length. Keeping length in the front for a curly graduated bob will make any face shape look great. These curly haircuts are perfect for ladies of all ages!

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#17: Stacked Short Curled Bob Hairstyle with Tapered Nape

Try a short stacked bob hairstyle if you want to get the most out of your curls. A stacked, angled bob cut for short hair is ideal to create a flattering shape for women. This adds volume, definition, dimension, and plenty of style. Check out more short curly bobs.

Tightly Coiled Stacked Bob
Instagram @kellyhaircare
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#18: Tightly Coiled Stacked Bob

A tightly coiled stacked bob is a flattering way to distribute the weight of a coiled mane. Add baby bangs for an iconic short curly stacked bob style with a much adorable result.

Short, inverted curly bob hairstyles give a full body silhouette with the coils sprung in a layered shape. An on-trend short curly stacked bob like this relies on styling and definition that can be created with a Denman brush or finger coiling paired with Ouidads Coil infusion Good Shape Defining Gel.