Wet Hair, Don’t Care: 7 Easy Hairstyles for Damp Hair

No time–or energy–for your regular blowout? Hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’ve just got to run out the door with damp hair.

What you don’t have to do, however, is run out the door looking like a drowned, frazzled rat. Just peruse, and employ, these “wet hairstyle” ideas we’ve rounded up for you. They work for damp and/or wet hair and may even earn you a compliment or two. Oh, and keep all these hairstyles for damp hair in your back pocket should you ever get caught in a torrential downpour and need to work a little hair magic.

Psst. During the cold months, we do recommend covering your wet head in a scarf while outdoors, lest you catch a cold. Colds look good on no one.

Low, Figure-8 Bun

This twisted, figure-8 bun featured on Refinery29 is definitely approved for the workspace. It’s sleek, clean-looking and truly beautiful. There are two additional wet hairstyle tutorials featured in this Refinery article, as well, so make sure you don’t stop after the first one! According to the article, each hairstyle was inspired by Alexander Wang and Chanel runways. In other words, they’re super duper chic. Like we’d suggest anything but!

Low Figure 8 Bun Hairstyles

Triple Twist with Damp Hair

This wet-hair approved hairstyle by YouTube user Kayley Melissa is a super sweet option that works in a variety of settings. We think it’s perfect for the office, the sidewalk or even errand running. Plus, it works on all sorts of hair textures, be they uber curly, fine, thick or stick straight. Kayley’s tutorial is full of helpful tips, so listen up. Oh, and she has some more video tutorials for wet hairstyles on her YouTube channel if you want to check them out.

Twist & Tuck, Bohemian Braids and Chignon

This PopSugar video tutorial packs three wet hairstyle how-to’s into one. And the best part is that all three work well on both wet and dry hair. First is the twist and tuck, which uses a headband to create a twisted crown around your entire head. Next is a tousled, bohemian braided hairstyle. Dress it up or down to your liking. Last is an “easy chignon” with statement accessory bobby pins, which is sophisticated and simple to recreate.

Rope Braided Bun

If you’ve got long hair, this rope braided bun by Bella at the Locks and Locks of Hairstyles blog is the wet hairstyle option for you. It gets all your hair up and out of your face, which nixes any potential frizz. Bonus: it only takes a few minutes to complete. If you have bangs, you can style them or, alternatively, pin them up with the rest of your hair.

Wet Rope Bun Hairstyle

Wet Look Hair

Embrace your already wet/damp hair with this wet look hair tutorial from Bobby Glam. You’ll want damp hair to start out with, plus a few products that’ll preserve that sleek and wet appearance. You don’t have to have super long hair to pull this look off. In fact, this style looks just as good on really short hair as it does long hair.

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