Stunning Ways to Highlight Your Hair

When you hear the word “highlight” in regards to hair, most of us immediately conjure up images of high-contrast blonde pieces running through the top of your hairstyle like train tracks. Nuh-uh! Not anymore! Check out these stunning ways to highlight your hair.

Expect the Unexpected

Unexpected tones like copper reds in dark brunette hair look ultra cool when coupled with non-traditional placement.

brunette red highlight your hair

Color Melt

Ombre or color melting is a pretty, modern and low-maintenance way to add highlighting to your hair. This technique is usually done with 2–3 shades lighter than the base color, though non-conformists might want to take it a bit more extreme.

Think toffee, cinnamon and caramel for brunettes, and try pastel blondes for lighter colors. If you want a bit more brightness around the face, place just a few pieces right up front.

highlight your hair casually casual highlights in hair

Subtle is Sexy

Sometimes, less is more. Staying within a shade or two of the base color is subtle and has an overall softening, sexy effect. Make sure to protect your color investment with the right products and UV protection to prevent all that lovely color from fading or becoming brassy.

subtly highlight your hair

Blonde With Dimension

Multi-dimensional blondes are always in style, and these days are more blended and natural looking thanks to modern highlighting techniques like balayage. Try buttery blonde with pale crème highlights.

highlight your hair with dimension

Color Pop

Fashionistas everywhere are getting pink in their hair.  Join the trend, or do them one better and mix pale pink with a brighter fuchsia! Hair color chemistry has enabled us to create jewel tones with much more longevity than in the past, but if you’re not wanting to commit, try a temporary option like chalking, or a colored hair shadow like Kevin Murphy Color Bug or COLORSMASH.

pink highlights in your hair

Lighten up, brighten up, and have some fun with your hair this season – get some gorgeous highlights!