71 Best Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas to Try

The rose gold hair trend is still more popular than ever this year. Created by hair artists based on the popular rose gold-toned jewelry, this surprisingly trending color can be as bold or a subtle as you want.

In the last few years, many celebrities have been a source of inspiration for this trend, including: Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kaley Cuoco, Kesha, Scarlette Johansson, Kylie Jenner and more.

Check out our growing collection of the best pictures of rose gold hair color ideas and see which one suits you best!

Medium Length Rose Gold Hair

make hazel eyes pop
Instagram @kristin_ess

Combine your textured hair with this pink and gold shade that makes those beautiful eyes pop! Rose gold works ideally with light fair skin and dark eye colors.

Pink Champagne Gold Hints

pink champagne
Instagram @myhairmagick

Are you a blonde looking for a bold change? Try this enchanting pink champagne shade that’s a less dramatic and softer version of the trendy rose gold hue.

Rose Gold Weave

rose gold weave for black women
Instagram @_jaszhair

This is a statement-making look that will compel anyone to try it for their own! Side bangs and some waves can even add more feminine and sexy vibes to this sweet gold color.

Unicorn Gold Ombre Hair

Instagram @samploskonka

This dreamy lavender rose gold melt is so mesmerizing that you’ll have the most unique hair in town when you try it for yourself. Style with waves that can showcase this pretty ombre and add dimension to your hair as well.

Desert Rose Gold on Wavy Hair

desert rose
Instagram @thelotusroom_forhair

More casual strawberry hues with peach undertones look great on long waves. Leave your dark roots under for a deep and dimensional look.

Blonde to Gold

blonde to pink
Instagram @ryanalexanderhair

This so luscious lob looks fantastic with a golden blonde with subtle hints of rose gold that showcases the depth of the hair.

Strawberry Blunt Cut

strawberry blunt cut
Instagram @waxxarnhem

Get a cool girl vibe with this easy neat blunt bob for straight hair, painted with this delicious cotton candy. The short layers in front can also serve as cute side bangs that frame the face making it look slimmer.

Dip Dye Hair Purple Rose Gold

dip dye purple rose
Instagram @hairbyesper

If you’re afraid to devote entirely to pink hair, let this rose gold dip dye serve you well. Although it looks like a totally high upkeep style, the natural dark roots prove that it’s not allowing you to have an easy grow out phase.

Charming Ash Grey

charming ash gray
Instagram @jade__ly

This marvelous mermaid silver to pink hair is a must-have! This is ideal on fair to neutral skin tones.

Short Rosy Curls

short rosy curls
Instagram @hairbyhopegolden

Her super hot hair is literally on fire with this lovely rose paint job! No need to style much as these curls provide everything from volume to depth on their own.

Fabulous Long Natural Curls

fabulous long natural curls
Instagram @radicallycurly

Keep your loved natural curls poppin’ with this spicy hue! Rose gold has a wide range of shades, so be sure to choose one that complement your skin color!

Short Pixie

short pixie cut
Instagram @meghanj_hair

This is a perfect example of rose gold for short hair.

Metallic Rose Light Gold

Metallic rose
Instagram @theroguehairstylist

A gorgeous metallic rose gold hair dye.

Pops of Flower Petal Pink and Gold

pops of flower petal pink
Instagram @danielbadzio

This has perfectly placed streaks of rose gold & pink hair.

Dark Rose Gold Hair

Dark rose gold hair
Instagram @desanchezspa_salon

A beautiful example of what the best rose-gold for brunettes looks like.

Rose Gold Highlights on Dark Hair

Rose gold highlights on dark hair
Instagram @breeloveshair_

Of all the rose gold hair color images here, this is the most charming.

Light Rosy Hair

Light rosey hair
Instagram @rachelizabeth.hair

The prettiest light rose-gold hair with highlights on a medium length shag cut.

Dark Brown Gold Rose

Dark brown rose
Instagram @maxgourgues

Beautifully colored rose gold on dark brown hair.

Sweet Short Gold Curls

Q&A with style creator, Coleen Morlock
Salon Designer / Co-owner @ VCS Salon & Spa in Medina, OH

How would you describe this look?

This is super hot right now and so fun to create the perfect tone for blondes in gold shades!

This is a glamour girl go-to color! It is a rose gold with a touch of pink metallic.

It goes perfectly with a fun, disconnected undercut bob. The cut and curl give such a fashionable and edgy look!

This look is so flattering against almost all skin tones and perfect for any hair type. The undercut shaved bob is perfect for those who have heavy amounts of hair that desire a lighter look.

The cut is great for someone who wants an edgy look but still very feminine and soft.

What are your best tips for this?

Clients that love this range from the young trendsetters to the sassy, busy moms. It is easy to style with a few flat iron twists and boom, done!

This is perfect for those golden blondes that have a bit of regrowth. Applying rose-gold color over blonde leaving the roots for a naturally shadowed look.

Thermal spray such as Redken iron shape 11 gives touchable shape with a flat iron and curling irons while protecting hair from fading and damage.

Finish with a shine paste that creates the tousled separation and natural shine finish!

Dusty Rose Gold + Tan Skin = Perfection

Q&A with style creator, Krystal Bernier
Hairdresser @ Hair by Krystal Bernier in Kirkland, Quebec

How would you describe this look?

I love that this icy rose gold is fun and different, yet it’s soft and not so rough on your face.

What are your best tips for this?

Pastels fade quite fast, so make sure you’re ready to spend time at the salon! Color protection shampoo, a heat protecting product, and lukewarm to cold water are some secrets for keeping colors rich and shiny, especially pastels!

Outstanding Orange to Gold

orange to rose
Instagram @samirving_hair

Q&A with style creator, Sam Irving
Stylist @ Razz & Company in Oldham, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is my coral sunrise. I live in the UK, so I got to feel a bit of sunshine in some way!

Coral, copper, rose gold, I’m in love with these hues at the minute. I’m so used to creating clean natural blonde, ash violet blonde, grey!

I defiantly love those too but rose gold is giving me life right now!

What are your best tips for this?

When creating these colors it’s almost certain you need to lift your client’s hair. So always make sure you have an in-depth consultation and explain to your client the comprise to the condition of hair, especially more so when dealing with weak or damaged hair.

I always use a bond builder to minimize as much damage as I can. Stress at home care and regular treatments are necessary.

These colors are tempory and depending on vibrancy will determine upkeep in between visits. The more pastel the color, the more likely it’s going to fade quickly, so this can be high maintenance.

Depending on what your hair needs and according to the condition of the color, care protein based shampoo and conditioner is a must to maximize the duration of color as long as your hair doesn’t require a strengthening range.

What I love most about this is the hair doesn’t need to be pushed to its maximum or too clean lift. With it being a warmer tone, therefore not as much damage depending on what journey the hair has previously been on.

P.S. It’s always handy to make sure your job allows you to have more vibrant/unnatural colored hair before jumping into this ombré or style.

Splendid Gold Waves to Show off Blue Eyes

splendid roses to show off blue eyes
Instagram @rosallieasmar

Q&A with style creator, Rosallie Asmar
Hairdresser @ Björn Axén in Stockholm, Sweden

How would you describe this look?

This look is a combination of a modern sophisticated look with a street style. I chose to work with cold rose hues and with deep and darker roots.

I usually go for personality when I choose styling and color choices. But I love that I managed to get a new look and style with the waves, which she usually couldn’t do by herself, but still keep a twist of her own style. She was so pleased that someone left the comfort zone and managed to find a look that was new but still felt comfortable.

I think many people often choose to assume what the customer usually wants, instead of finding new opportunities for hairstyles and colors.

What are your best tips for this?

When it comes to thick hair like my model, I chose to work it so that her hair would feel more controlled and in a form where you can see the depths of the waves.

To achieve this, I used a good blow-dry cream and hairspray to make a durable hairstyle.

My model is a DJ and is often the center of attention. She likes to add color to her hair, so it’s important to have a nice durable shade but at the same time harmonize with her rave personality and job.

Exquisite Shadow Root

Q&A with style creator, Alexandria Mercuri
Hairstylist @ Concept Elite in Pointe-Claire, QC

How would you describe this look?

This is a beautiful soft rose gold balayage with a shadow root. On her roots, I used a deep dusty lavender melted into a soft rose gold with some framing of the face to brighten her giving her a soft sun-kissed look.

My favorite thing about this look is it’s so dimensional yet subtle and soft. It’s fun funky and edgy all at the same time!

What are your best tips for this?

When working with any funky colors I always recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I love working with color extend magnetics as that keeps the hair shiny and well hydrated.

When considering this look always remember you need to be okay with maintaining it. A toner every 5-6 weeks is necessary to keep its vibrancy. Treatments once a week at home or in a salon is a must to keep your hair in good health.

Rose-gold and reds are colors that defiantly stand out. Be confident and outstanding as you will rock this perfectly!

Violet Rose Twist

violet rose twist
Instagram @pahnsbeauty

Q&A with style creator, Pahn Yang
Licensed Cosmetologist / Beautician @ Pahn’s Beauty in Saint Paul, MN

How would you describe this look?

This is a beautiful soft rose gold with hints of violets. I love how it has a very metallic feel to it, and how all the colors just flow so beautifully together. From the brown to the rose gold, and violet, along with the hairstyle and cut.

What are your best tips for this?

This look requires a lot of maintenance. First, I would suggest using only color-safe shampoo, and probably shampoo only once a week to keep it vibrant for longer.

Do not use drugstore product! It’s very crucial that you are strict on your products when it comes to this color.

This is very suitable for all face shapes and skin colors. Anyone can rock this, as long as you wear it with confidence.

Dashing Dip Dye

dashing dip dye
Instagram @lindsay.syrus

Q&A with style creator, Lindsay Syrus
Owner & Stylist @ The Studio: A Hair Salon in McCordsville, IN

How would you describe this look?

This look was created using a balayage technique to lighten the ends of the hair and then toning over those ends with a rosy pink. I especially like how bright the rosy ends turned out.

What are your best tips for this?

You should be aware that fashion colors can be high maintenance. Their hue begins to fade over the first few shampoos. One will need to refresh the color frequently in order to maintain the initial level of brightness.

Fabulous Silver Rose With Gold Ends

Q&A with style creator, Ashlie Kirchner
Stylist @ Bolt Collective in Pleasanton, CA

How would you describe this look?

Rose gold hair has been a popular client request in the salon for the past year. With this tone, it is important to me to find shades that will appear soft but noticeable, without darkening their existing blonde.

This guest was the perfect candidate for that rosy wash of color. I pre-toned her with Redken Shades 9V on damp hair for 10 minutes. After rinsing, I then applied Redken City Beats in Ballet Pink on damp hair.

It was the perfect shade for her weekend at Coachella, and will gradually wash out over the next few weeks. My favorite thing about this final result is that it’s a bold statement, yet nothing drastic or permanent!

What are your best tips for this?

If you’ve been wanting a rose gold hue on your locks, there are a few things you should know before taking the plunge.

The lighter your hair is, the easier the process will be. Think of your hair as a canvas. You paint rose gold watercolor on a white canvas, you can see it! A brown canvas, not so much. This is the same with hair color. Be cautious that fashion colors can require pre-lightening your hair.

The shampoo is not always your friend. The less often you wash, the longer it will stay. Pastels are meant to gradually fade, and each step will take on a slightly different hue over time – that is the best part!

Wondering what it might a good look for? A music festival, girls weekend, or just a fun change – maybe not your wedding day!

Prettiest Plum Color

Q&A with style creator, Cynthia Jordan
Hairstylist @ Evergreen Salon and Spa in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a balayage rose gold with plum accents.

What are your best tips for this?

Take into consideration how dark your hair is, to begin with. The rose gold tone will not show up on the hair unless it is light enough.

This particular client started out with very dark hair, and we were able to achieve this look after 3 sessions of lightening the hair. Also, this is a tone. Meaning, that eventually the rose or pink will eventually fade out of the hair, which will leave you with a more natural balayage look after it has faded.

The tone can last between 4-8 weeks, depending on how often you wash the hair. They will also need to be using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair, and color in a good lasting condition.

For the maintenance, I recommend around 4-6 weeks for the tone to be put back in. And about 8-10 weeks for the balayage to be brought back up. Because the color is deeper towards the root, it is less maintenance than doing all over color or full highlights, which is nice.

This may not be for people who have a more conservative job. But it is a subtle tone, so this could be for someone who wants something a little different and more playful. But not too dramatic or vibrant.

Black to Rose Gold Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Letitia Dorosh
Hairstylist @ Blònd Salon and Studio in Regina, SK

How would you describe this look?

This is a saucy chic! I think some people are afraid to try pastel or fashion colors, but they shouldn’t be. To me, they can be worn at any age as long as they suit the style of the person wearing them.

My favorite thing about this creation is that it actually reflects a lot of gold. I typically find that most rose gold colors I see lately really accentuate the “pink.”

What are your best tips for this?

I would definitely recommend a color conditioner for at home so they are able to refresh in between appointments. Pastel colors tend to fade out quite easily because they are so light.

Also, in order to achieve a pastel or fashion color, hair must be blonde (level 8, 9, 10) before applying the pastel color. So if you have darker hair, you must be prepared to take the proper steps to acquire healthy blonde hair beforehand.

I think this would best suit either a darker skin tone or natural blonde with fair skin. I really hope to see more and more rose gold hair in the near future!

Platinum Rose Perfection

platinum rose gold perfection
Instagram @himnhair

Q&A with style creator, Zaid Bakeer
Hairstylist & Founder @ HAYADI in Annanadale, VA

How would you describe this look?

This is a light dusted rose gold blonde. It has enough rose gold while keeping it in the blonde family.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s very wearable and doesn’t look vivid or vibrant. Someone who wants a fun change but is restricted by their job can pull this off.

What are your best tips for this?

When I consult with my clients, I always tell them we need to bleach your hair very light. So it’s ideal for someone who has naturally light hair. Hair must not be colored with dark box dye. Since these colors are dusted and pastel, they will not last long.

Depending on their wash routine, it can last up to 3 weeks before turning blonde. Washing their hair with rose-gold shampoo will help with longevity.

This looks good on lighter pale skin. Root touch-ups should be every 3-4 weeks unless they don’t mind looking blonde. However, it’s hard to bleach the roots if they wait longer.

Dazzling Brown Lowlights

dazzling brown lowlights
Instagram @kimstylesme

Q&A with style creator, Kimberly Chong
Independent Hair Artist @ Kim Styles Me in Santa Clara,CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a rose gold rooty balayage ombré styled with beach waves.

I love how versatile the rose gold color appears in different lighting. The tousled beach waves also help to brighten up the overall look.

What are your best tips for this?

This particular shade compliments almost all complexions and hair types. It’s a fun and on-trend color that can be formulated to be warm or cool.

The best way to preserve this is to use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. My favorite duo is Redken Color Extend Magnetics. Also, I love using Pureology Colour Fanatic leave-in hair treatment on damp hair to prime, protect & perfect the hair.

If you have ever thought about trying this beautiful rose gold shade, by all means… DO IT!

Burgundy Rose Gold

Q&A with style creator, Vanessa Domazos
Master Hair Stylist @ Styles by Vanessa in Studio City, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This the beautiful soft glow that a rose gold hue emits when accomplished. It’s so amazing that such an unnatural color can look so natural. This is the perfect warm tone to wear in the cold months ahead and a great alternative to the typical fall colors.

I love how in different lighting you can see so many dimensional hues like gold, rose, violet, and lavender peek through.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain this, I recommend a “hair color lock” shampoo and conditioner. Always use a leave-in conditioner and a thermal protectant before styling.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

The awesome thing about this is that I recommend it to everyone. Anyone can wear it! It really compliments every skin color.

Classic Rose Gold

Classic rose gold
Mackenzie Crowell / Instagram

Q&A with style creator, Mackenzie Crowell
Hairstylist @ Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold color is complemented by a loose beach wave. I love how effortless these curls are! This overall look is perfect for everyday wear.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Before blow drying, use Dallas by r+co for fullness and Gel Serum by Oribe for light hold. After blow-drying, I love Oribe’s texture spray for added texture

What are your best tips for this?

This particular shade I created looks amazing on light skin. As far as the style, it’s beautiful on everyone as well!

To maintain this, use cold water when washing to prevent the color from bleeding. Ask your stylist to recommend a color-treated shampoo and use a moisturizing mask in place of a conditioner. Do NOT wash your hair every day. Otherwise, you’ll be back in the salon a week later to get your color refreshed.

I also used a 1-inch curling iron to create these loose beach waves. Start with the curling iron at the base of the hair strand and start to curl. Leave out an inch and a half of the ends, and pull the iron straight down to straighten the ends just a little bit to get that beautiful wave.

Rose Gold Highlights

highlights on darker hair
Katelynn Annette / Instagram

A wonderfully done rose gold highlights on darker hair.

Q&A with Style Creator Katelynn Annette

Senior Stylist and Colorist @ Off 7th Salon in Centereach, NY

How would you describe this look, what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a natural, rose gold-toned, high rooted balayage with a neutral light brown single process. She has a shoulder length cut with lots of layers and an angle in the front to give her hair movement and style.

Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look?

To create this, I used Wella Color Touch 6/0 and 7/1 to enhance her natural color. Then I used a balayage/babylight technique to create her color placement, lifting her to a level 9/10. After rinsing her single process/balayage, I towel dried her hair and performed an Olaplex Step 2 treatment at the sink to help maintain the integrity of her hair.

I shampooed her hair, then toned with Kenra Guy Tang 8 Brm and 10 Brm with red and violet boosters. After that process, I rinsed and towel dried again, then glazed (again!) with Pravana Pretty in Pink for ten minutes before rinsing and conditioning.

For styling, I used Kenra Blowout Spray, Wella Thermal Protectant and Wella Flowing Form. I applied these products to towel dried hair and combed through to make sure every strand was evenly covered. For the blowout, I used a 1-inch round brush to create a bouncy, floppy look and accentuate her layers.

To maintain color and hair health at home, you want to make sure you’re using the right at home hair products as well as following your stylist’s at-home care tips. My client uses GK Moisture and Wella Brilliance for shampoo and conditioner to help maintain moisture in her hair as well as maintain her color. She also uses Olaplex to maintain the integrity of her hair. Washing with cool water keeps color in longer by helping keep the cuticle closed while cleansing. Dry shampoo between shampoos helps extend the amount of time between washes.

What type of person would this look best for?

This look is very versatile. For a tone this pale, you want to make sure you can lift the hair light enough to deposit it. If you have a very deep and natural base color, this look will be harder to achieve.

Pastel tones fade out rather quickly, so you want to be open to changes of your color with every wash. The reason why you want to be lifted light enough is so when it fades out, you’re left with a beautiful pale blonde with pale gold tones throughout the mid shaft instead of a color that looks like it needs to be refreshed. This is a great way to dip your toes into a creative color in a subtle, delicate way.

What is your best tip for someone who’s considering this look?

To obtain a look like this, it may take multiple steps (sessions) depending on where your hair is now. A pale blonde tone is desired before achieving this color. A bond rebuilder like Olaplex is recommended for your stylist to use in the salon, as well as a take-home care product for you. Patience and trust in your stylist is very important to reach your desired results.

Cool washes, dry shampoo, and a color-safe shampoo and conditioner are always recommended to extend the life of your creative color.

Gorgeous Copper to Gold Curls

gorgeous copper to rose gold for curly hair
K Club Hairdressing / Instagram

Q&A with Style Creator Michelle Gavin

Hairstylist @ K Club Hairdressing in Westport Co. Mayo

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This look has a rose gold tone with flowing waves. Think of this as a beautiful blend of copper blonde and red with a hint of pink hues. The roots are also slightly darkened to give the style some contrast.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I recommended L’Oreal Serie Expert Vitamino Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the color and condition of this look.

What are your best tips for this?

This client has a pale skin tone and is a natural brunette, so these tones suited her. I think this shade is a great look on pale skin.
To maintain this look, use color-protecting products and get your hair professionally toned after several weeks. To recreate this style at home, after blow drying your hair use a GHD iron to curl mid-lengths to ends then brush through.

Classy Gold Waves

Classy blonde waves
Steph K / Instagram

This rose gold hair with blonde as their natural color is absolutely charming.

Q&A with Style Creator Steph K


How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is the perfect look for anyone wanting to experiment with their blonde locks and try the latest on-trend color for the party season.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To get this smooth shiny wave I used my favorite products from the Fire and Wind range made by DeLorenzo. For shape and texture, I love to use Vapour Mist. This medium hold hairspray provides perfect control without weighing down the hair. For that perfect shine, I recommend using Afterglow. It is an anti-humidity, non-greasy, shine spray that can be used on all hair types.

What are your best tips for this?

This look is best achieved if you have blonde to medium brunette hair. It may require some pre-lightening. It is harder to achieve with a dark base color, but the right colorist and stylist can help you get there. This looks great on any skin tone, and with a pop of pink gloss and a bronzed glow, you will be party ready!

For anyone wanting to recreate this fun and stylish look, I recommend using Novacolors by DeLorenzo as I believe they provide the best organic natural hair care. With their wide range of colored shampoos including Rosewood and Cherry Red, you will able to maintain your color at home at no extra cost.

Influential Rose Gold Color

Cherri-Anne Williams / Instagram

Q&A with Style Creator CherriAnne Williams

Hairstylist @ Transformations Hair Design

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This look is a rose gold with more of the rose influence. What I love about this is all the different tones throughout the hair. Every time her hair moves, you see different colors!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

It is vital to use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner to keep your color lasting as long as possible. In this case, I would recommend the GOLDWELL Elumen shampoo and conditioner.

What are your best tips for this?

This is such an intense fashion color and I think anyone who loves bold and vibrant colors can pull it off.

I would recommend this up every four to six weeks. Fashion colors like this require touch ups more often.

Painted Subtle Rose Gold

painted subtle tones
Courtney Troy / Instagram

This is a flawless way to blend in rose gold for brunettes.

Q&A with Style Creator CourtneyTROY

Hairstylist and Colorist @ Mitchell John Salon in Boston, MA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

Painted color like this always feels really fresh and effortless to me. The look is youthful, but not juvenile. Styling a long, A-line bob with a kind of flat wave keeps it from coming off too severe.

My favorite part is how versatile it turned out. In this picture, it appears almost auburn, but in other light, it’s the most subtle rose gold. The dimension in this particular look is just amazing.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I love Living Proof Prime Style Extender! It repels dirt and oil and creates a barricade against humidity so styles last twice as long! I also recommend Living Proof Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment to anyone who has color in their hair.

I love Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast because the bigger the hair, the closer to God, right? And then there is Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo because honestly if we’re able to actually clean the hair without bringing hot water and shampoo into the mix and keep our style, it’s a victory!

What are your best tips for this?

This color/style is pretty universally flattering. A razored bob is so timeless and flatters all hair types and face shapes. For the color, I used Wella Instamatic in Pink Dream, which is a soft and warm pastel pink. When hair lightens naturally, warmth is exposed and that makes the color flattering on most everyone.

Be honest with yourself about whether or not you’re willing and able to commit to the appointments necessary to get to a pastel and keep it looking fresh and glossy.

Rose & Gold Short Hair

This magnificent chin-length bob does a perfect job blending the rose gold hair with pink highlights.

Q&A with style creator, Austin Senior
Stylist @ Sullo Salon and Day Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

While there are many shades of rose gold, I wanted to create a color that showcased both the rose and the gold. I love that this makes the eyes dance, never focusing on one thing in particular. Hair color should never be flat and your eyes should never be drawn to one thing.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

This was achieved using Wella 10/45 as well as Wella Instamatic “Pink Dream”. This style was achieved using a 1.5-inch curling iron, leaving the ends straight. Leaving the ends straight will create a more modern, lived-in texture. I sprinkled the hair with a little Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder to create a matte texture. And I always finish with Moroccan Oil Finishing Spray for a light hold.

What are your best tips for this?
I would suggest olive skin, neutral and fair skin tone for this color.

This can be freshened by simply doing a Wella Instamatic or color gloss.

Rich & Luxurious Gold Tones

Q&A with style creator, Jamie Dana
Hairstylist & Owner @ Pin and Plait Studio in Lake Forest, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I just love the richness of these tones! They play off each other so well. It just looks so luxurious, just how rose gold should look.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I would definitely recommend a shine spray to add depth and shine to this style. It will give the hair the dimension and make the color pop even more!

What are your best tips for this?

Typically people who have paler skin tones can pull off this color well. It helps if your skin tends to be on the cooler side versus having too much red or warmer undertones.

I think almost any hair texture can pull off this color! Because it has so many tones, it’s a really great color to try. I feel like this is especially great for those who already have blonde or light hair, to begin with.

You absolutely want to make sure you are using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain this look. Because lighter pastel tones tend to fade quickly, I would recommend washing your hair as little as possible. I also recommend using dry shampoo so you don’t have to wash it as much. This regimen will keep the hair bright and rich for as long as possible!

Lived-In Kiss of Rose Gold

Q&A with style creator, Bryan Brady
Suite Owner / Master Stylist @ Fringe Hair Suite in Inverness, FL

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a lived-in, undone look with a kiss of rose gold. My favorite thing about this look is how effortless and simple it is, but still so chic.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Depending on the hair type, a blowout cream or a mousse should be used during the blowout. I used IGK’s Car Service along with Down and Out Texture Spray for the final touches. It adds a nice grit and texture for that tousled, undone look.

What are your best tips for this?

I think the best thing about this is that it can be worn by anyone. It’s where you would like to end up on the rose gold spectrum that makes all the difference. This particular color palette is very universal.

This will work for all hair types. As far as the cut, it can be worn by anyone, however, some hair textures may require extra texturizing and more of a precision-type technique.

The first step is always using salon quality products at home and a regimen for color vibrancy and style memory. Being comfortable using the tools that work best for this look will make things much easier as well (i.e. a wand, curling iron or flat iron). I used a Marcel iron for this finished style.

Strawberry Blonde With a Metallic Rosy Hue

strawberry blonde with a metalic rosy hue
Instagram @hairbykotay

Q&A with style creator, Lindsay Kotay
Hair Artist @ Salons by JC in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a tastefully edgy look. This particular rose gold is like an enhanced version of strawberry blonde with a metallic rosy hue. My favorite thing about this look is the wide range of people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and try it. It’s a subtle way to rock the fashion color trend, and will eventually fade out to blonde.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For stylists trying to recreate this, I would recommend using Schwarzkopf permanent color over pre-lightened level 8-10 hair.

Here is the formula I used for the base and mids: 1oz 9,5-18 + 1oz Pastel Candy (9.5-89) + 1/8 oz of 6N with 2oz of 10volume.

Here is the formula for the ends: 1/2oz Coral (11-89) + 1oz Rose (9,5-18) with 1 1/2 oz 10volume.

For clients trying to maintain this look, I would recommend using Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner, along with Paul Mitchell “Hot Off The Press” thermal heat protector. I like Paul Mitchell “Dry Wash” as a dry shampoo for days between washing.

What are your best tips for this?

As far as skin tones go, I think there is a variation of rose gold for every skin tone out there. By mixing together different ratios of pinks, golds, and mauves, you can create a custom color for any client.

This particular one works well with fair to medium skin tones. To achieve a color this light, the hair needs to be medium to pale blonde (natural or pre-lightened) before depositing the color.

Rose gold will eventually fade back to blonde. In order to keep it from fading as long as possible, it is important to remember these tips:

1. Wash your hair as little as possible.

2. Use cold water when washing/rinsing your hair.

3. Use a color maintenance shampoo when you wash your hair and only lather at the roots.

4. Use a dry shampoo between washes! There are several great brands of dry shampoo out there. Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is a great one to try!

5. Once the color starts to fade, you can use color depositing conditioner to redeposit tone back into your hair. Overtone Color Conditioners offer 24 beautiful fantasy shades. For this look, I would recommend the Pastel Pink, or Pastel Pink mixed with Pastel Orange. Use this (after your color fades) every two or three times you wash your hair.

Soft Rose Gold With Flare

Q&A with style creator, Valerie Edgerton
Master Stylist @ J Graham Studio Salon in Metamora, MI

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a soft rose gold look with a trendy flare! It’s a great way to add some fun color to a guest’s look without going too bold. Many blonde guests are looking for subtle changes, and this is such a fun way to stay light and add something different to their style.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Take home products are extremely important for any guest, and especially important when preserving the life of their color. For this look, I would recommend the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisture Lather Shampoo and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse. These will moisturize and strengthen the hair, all while preserving the life of the color.

For styling, I used the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroMist Blowout Spray for weightless body. Once dry, I chose Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray to protect the hair from damage when heat styling (which is key in preserving the life of your color!), then finished with Stay Strong finishing spray. I styled her with the Paul Mitchell Express Ion 1.25-inch Gold Curling Iron.

What are your best tips for this?
There is a lot of beautiful warmth in these looks! These warm tones will best compliment cooler skin tones. This look can be created on any hair type as long as they are blonde level 8 or higher to begin with. If you are not that light, don’t fret! Just ask your stylist about pre-lightening your hair so that you too can have fun rose gold locks.

When trying to recreate this look at home, make sure you are always prepping the hair with the correct products. As listed above, I love the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger line because it strengthens, adds moisture, and preserves the life of the color. Also, always always always use a thermal protectant! The shampoo/conditioner you use and the heat protectant you use truly make or break the longevity of your color. Regular touch-ups are necessary when maintaining any fashion colors. For my guests, I always recommend touch-ups every four to six weeks.

Rose Gold to Honey Blonde

fresh rose gold to honey blonde
Instagram @franken_beauty

This all over rose gold looks superb on this light blonde hair color.

Q&A with style creator, Lisa Demianenko
Hairstylist @ Alice Andrew Salon in Watertown, NY

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a subtle and fresh rose gold look. I love how it is soft and unique but still wearable.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To achieve this look, I recommend that you lighten the hair to a level 10 first. I then toned it with Guy Tang’s 10brm with a splash of Kenra 5vr demi-permanents and Kenra 9 volume developer. After processing for 20 minutes, I rinsed and toned in the sink using Kenra Simply Blonde sheer toner rose with Kenra Simply Blonde 20 volume for about five more minutes.

What are your best tips for this?

My best advice when creating this look is to make sure your client is at least a level 10 before attempting. If not, maybe try to bring the tone down with the same formula but using a 9brm or 8brm.

As for maintaining this look, I always recommend a color care shampoo and the Celeb Luxury Viral Shampoo in pastel pink once a week to help keep the pink tones fresh.

Lived-In Balayage

lived in balayage
Instagram @addieandgabehairco

The light rose gold tones with streaks of pink really makes this look pop, doesn’t it?

Q&A with style creator, Meghan Collazo
Independent Hairstylist @ Addie & Gabe Hair Co in Virginia Beach, VA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a lived-in rose gold balayage. My favorite thing about this look has to be that it is a step out of most women’s comfort zone, but remains on the conservative side of bold colors due to the softness and pale hue of the color!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

First and foremost, I always recommend a sulfate-free, paraben free, and color-safe shampoo and conditioner. My favorite is Davines Minu illuminating protective shampoo and conditioner. In addition, I like to create a tinted take-home conditioner for my clients to prolong their color between appointments once natural fading occurs.

For styling, I used R+Co’s Park Ave Blowout Balm for moisture, heat protection and hold before blow drying. After blow-drying, I curled with a 1-inch curling iron and completed this look with Davines Dry Texturizing Spray for volume and to break up the curls for that lived in look.

What are your best tips for this?
For this pale pastel hue, I think it best compliments light skin tones and can work on various hair types as long as your stylist can get your hair lifted to a level light enough to maintain the cool blonde under the rose gold tint. If your natural level is darker than a level 4 or 5, then your hair might not be able to get light enough for the correct level of blonde that this color needs to be applied over.

My best tips are to be patient to get your hair light enough for this to be applied over and trust your stylist’s advice. Use the proper products to maintain moisture and prevent further damage to the hair. Prepare for the extra expense in your budget for your stylist to get your hair to this color and send you home with the correct products to nourish your hair afterward. Wash less often to prevent fading and rinse with cooler water to keep the cuticle sealed and color locked in!

Rosy Hue

rosy hue
Instagram @shain_lloyd

Q&A with style creator, Shaina Lloyd
Stylist @ Jessica Todd Salon in Portsmouth, NH

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this rose gold look as a great way of trying something new, but in a subtle way. I love it because this client was bored with her hair but was scared to go too bold, so we talked about this rosy hue for her balayage. It’s a great way to introduce fashion colors to clients.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I would definitely recommend color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Pastel shades like this tend to fade quickly, so color-safe products are great for maintaining this color.

What are your best tips for this?
I think this tone can be pulled off by many different skin tones and hair colors. I find rose gold can look great with both dark and light bases. Keep in mind though that if you are naturally dark, you will need to lighten your hair to achieve this color.

My best tips for maintaining this is to follow through after the service with color-protecting shampoo and conditioner at home. The longer you can space out washing it the better. When it does start to fade, you can always see your hairstylist for a retouch on the color to main this shade.

Blush Colored Hues

Q&A with style creator, Sydney Lopez
Salon Owner @ Headlines Hair Design in Denton, TX

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

Rose gold balayage is the perfect way to break up a dimensional blonde or add depth to a lighter brunette with a touch of femininity. I love that blush colored hues can add a girly or flirtatious vibe to any head of hair.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

This color can be mixed with more lavender and mauve as a base to achieve a more cool-toned hue when desired. When wanting a warmer tone, peaches and golds will create a rich, warm rose gold. As with any vivid hair color, this color does not fully penetrate the hair shaft, which means it’s more prone to fading than traditional colors.

What are your best tips for this?
Because of the combination of pinks, peaches and iridescent golds that go into each formulation, this remains gorgeous at every stage of the fading process, unlike many other vivid colors. It can be mixed to compliment any skin type but needs to be applied over medium blonde to platinum hair for the best results.

Using cold water when shampooing, shampooing less frequently, and using a sulfate-free shampoo can extend the life of the color tremendously. Going one to two shades deeper or more saturated with the color at the initial application can create more depth, and also allows for a more beautiful fade between appointments.

For this specific color, I alternating balayaging Redken Flashlift with 30v and Matrix Socolor 5n with 20v. I balayaged Wella Instamatic Pink Dream (over the lighter and most blonde pieces in her existing color) and added in 1 oz of Pravana Pink +1/2 oz of Pravana Too Cute Coral (over the more golden pieces throughout her hair).

She processed for 35 minutes with no heat and was shampooed in extremely cold water followed by a Redken Color Extend Chemshot. When it came to styling, I used Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Mousse and dried with a round brush to add volume to her fine hair.

Then I sprayed Redken Iron Shape 11 (my go-to, most important product because it adds both heat protection and just the right amount of hold) throughout the hair. Alternating directions, I flat iron curled her hair to build volume and a messy texture. Once finished, I used my fingers to comb through all the curls and sprayed Tigi Masterpiece Hairspray through the roots and ends. I finished it off with Chi Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray.

Tones of Corals, Pinks & Reds

Tones of Corals, Pinks & Reds
Instagram @kassideej

Q&A with style creator, Kassidee Jensen
Salon Owner/Color Specialist @ Two Blondes Salon in Sidney, MT

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold is a fun, yet classy look. It is a golden blonde with corals, pinks, and red tones. I love the versatility of the color. You can rock it for a night out with your girls or a more professional occasion.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Redken Guts, Redken Powder Grip, Redken Shine Flash and Redken Outshine Polishing Milk.

What are your best tips for this?
A colorist familiar with this color hue can specialize the formula to your skin tone. For a cooler skin tone, you need to add more pastel coral or pinky tones, while warmer skin tones need more copper, reddish tones.

Rose gold is considered a pastel look, so the upkeep is a big deal if you want to get the fullest life out of your color. I recommend using a color-safe cleansing conditioner, rinsing with cool water, not washing your hair every day and a talk with your stylist about formulating a color depositing deep conditioner to use once a week. The Overtone Conditioners are wonderful, too!

Iridescent Rose Gold

iridescent rose gold
Instagram @mrskarliclarke

Q&A with style creator, Karli Clarke
Independent Hairstylist @ Posare Salon in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a beautiful iridescent rose gold with lots of dimensions. It has tones of pink and blonde, and may even look lavender in some lighting. My favorite thing about this hair color is the shine and how the blonde and rose accentuate each other.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the color. I also suggest using the Pastel Pink Shampoo by Celeb Luxury once a week to keep the pink fresh. Also, be sure to use a thermal protectant when drying or using hot tools.

What are your best tips for this?

To recreate this look, the hair needs to be pre-lightened unless it’s already blonde. Then highlight the hair and color the remaining hair with the rose gold formula. I used the Guy Tang’s Favorites collection by Kenra to create the formula. The client should come in about every six weeks to retouch the roots and color.

Subtle Red to Rose Gold

Subtle Red to Rose Gold
Instagram @arisandow

Q&A with style creator, Ari Sandow
Master Cosmetologist @ Salon Red in Brookhaven, GA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold look is a subtle pop. I love that it’s versatile and can be a working woman’s/man’s fantasy hair color alternative.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I personally used Pravana Vivids lavender and pink for the toner, but it really depends on the starting base as to what I’ll use.

What are your best tips for this?
I think rose gold on olive skin can ideally pull this off, but in my own contradiction, this client has very fair skin. If you’re confident, you can rock anything.

The hair needs to be lightened to a level 8 before you can really create a rose. Recreating this look is all chemistry, so that’s lengthy and different for each client and their undertones. Rose has been my most difficult to achieve. I always let my clients know they’ll need to re-tone every four weeks and to shampoo every other day at the very most.

Slice of Rose Gold

Q&A with style creator, Heather Wilmoth
Stylist @ Hair Klaudt in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a slice of rose gold! My favorite thing about this is how natural it looks, almost as if it grew out of her scalp that way.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I created this beautiful tone using a 9Ash and a 6Red Violet so that her color would stay completely cool and not brassy. My color line of choice is Paul Mitchell’s Color XG because I love the consistency and my results are always incredible.

What are your best tips for this?
I believe that this can be customized to any skin tone or hair type. Knowing your client and having a thorough consultation will help get you there!

My best tip is to play with color, play with different formulas, and always use your color wheel! Her lighter highlights were done with a weave technique so it wouldn’t overpower her blonde. Her maintenance involves using a color-protecting shampoo that is sulfate-free and always using a heat protectant when styling with hot tools.

Peachy Rose Gold

peachy rose gold
Instagram @hairpreet

Q&A with style creator, Charme Atelier
Hair & Bridal Makeup Artist in Toronto, Canada

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold is a very fun color to have. It’s perfect for the blondes that want to try out a subtle temporary color without going too bright! For this client, we kept it a peachy-pink hue. She works in an office so she needed something that would not get her in trouble, but a bright enough change to give her a fancy new ‘do.

This look can be created in so many variations. Some looks are more coppery and some are pinker. The options are limitless with this shade! I made sure to give this client a lot of dimension with some dark tones and light tones so that the color looks amazing whether she straightens or curls her hair.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To create this look, I used Igora Royal Blue Lightener with 40 vol and Olaplex, I pre-toned with Kenra 10Brm, then finished it off with Adore Soft Lavender.

What are your best tips for this?

Depending on the shade the client wants, this look can be created to suit a lot of different skin tones. This would best suit light to medium skin tones.

A color-protecting shampoo and conditioner is key! STAY AWAY from sulfates and parabens. Since this is a pastel shade, it is more likely to fade faster than most colors. Limit your heat styling and wash with cold water.

I also like to give my clients Olaplex No. 3 mixed with some Adore Soft Lavender as a take-home treatment. It conditions and refreshes the color all in one shot!

Red Rose Color Melt

Red Rose Color Melt
Instagram @hairbyamberjoy

Q&A with style creator, Amber Joy Rogan
Salon Owner / Master Stylist @ Amber Joy & Co. in Winnipeg, Canada

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a red-rose gold color melt. The tones have a nice underlying pigment of peach and blush pink, which give it a nice warm finish. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s different from your typical ombré or color melt you typically see as they are usually in neutral/ash tones.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To achieve this look, you need to start with either a natural virgin base or if previously colored, nothing darker than a level 6. I chose to use both Schwarzkopf and Redken color for this look. For the base, we used Schwarzkopf Royal 5-88 with 10 volume. I then went in with Schwarzkopf Igora Bleach using 40 volume. Because my client was previously colored, her hair pulled lots of warm/orangey tones which was perfect for this look. I utilized them when choosing the toner. The toner used was Redken Shades EQ, and we used the following colors mixed to a certain ratio depending on what tonal quality we needed to enhance.: RB, GI, GB, N Use the level that is most suitable to where your client has lifted to.

What are your best tips for this?
I would recommend this for people with pale skin that want to add a little warmth around their face. Beware though if you have a strong pink undertone to your skin as it could make it worse. Darker or tanned skin would also look lovely with this color. Again, only suitable for people without red or pink skin tones. Stylewise, this is great for people who like to rock something a little different, as it has a little more flavor. It will also require a little more maintenance as the red tones will fade and need to be refreshed.

A root refresh and toner would be ideal every eight weeks to keep the color alive. For retouching the bleach work, I would recommend booking in every other session to bring it up a little higher again as it grows out.

Splash of Pink

Q&A with style creator, Aliza Raymond
Hairstylist @ Republic Salon in Folsom, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

The nice thing about this client’s hair is that it’s naturally a warmer, dark blonde so doing a rose gold tone really suited her. I did a pretty heavy balayage highlight first so that the grow out would be soft and natural looking once the pink faded. I’m a sucker for pink hair and I feel like it fades nice for anyone looking to do a fun color, but not wanting to commit long term.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I recommend a good sulfate-free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner like Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo/Conditioner. Make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner as well. I like the Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In to help keep the color longer and protect the hair from heat damage and fading from the sun. The other products I’ve recently fallen in love with are the Celeb Luxury Viral shampoos. I sent her home with the light pink one to refresh her color once it starts to fade.

What are your best tips for this?
I feel like pink tones suit most people and fade really well for anyone who is noncommittal. This look is nice because it has warmth, so even the naturally darker hair types that pull a lot of warmth can rock it. In my opinion, the hair does need to get to at least a level 8 (warm blonde) to get a true rose gold though. Balayage is wonderful for people who don’t want to come into the salon regularly and are wanting an easy grow out.

Just keep in mind that any unnatural tone (like this one) will fade a lot quicker than natural colors, so coming in every couple of weeks to refresh the tone might be necessary if you want to keep it looking vibrant and fresh. The Viral shampoos are great for at home refreshes as well. Because I balayaged her highlights, she won’t need to come back until she is ready or wants to change the tone.

More Natural

Q&A with style creator, Molly Hollinshed
Designer / Color Specialist @ MargiDavid Salon in Seattle, WA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This look is more of a natural rose gold. Whenever I hear someone is interested in this type of color, I ask if they want more of a natural or more of an artificial color. Many people prefer a balayage because it’s such low maintenance, and with this natural option, it only makes it more low maintenance. I recommended this client do another balayage in four to six months if it were a foil or all over color.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For her balayage, I used Blondor lightener mixed 1 to 1 1/2. For her gloss, I used Illumina 9/34 + 8/05 with pastel developer.

For her style, I used Living Proof Prime and Straight Heat Protectant and Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream.

What are your best tips for this?
When I mentioned natural and artificial rose gold above, I meant natural being more of a true, really warm reddish-gold and artificial being more of a pink/violet gold. You can find the “natural” tones in natural hair color, so as long as the client isn’t too cool in her eye and skin color, she could wear the natural (warm) tones well. They are especially pretty on someone with a warm eye color as it only enhances the warmth. If someone is more cool toned naturally (look at the flecks in their eyes for a great way to tell if they’re cool/warm toned), they might look better with more of a pink/violet-base.

Always look at photos with your client and do a thorough consultation to give realistic expectations. Let them know a photo is only for inspiration and depending on the starting canvas, looks can definitely vary.

The wonderful thing about doing this hue using a balayage technique (versus an all over color or foils) is that all she will need in the next four to six months are regular trims and a gloss/toner if she wants to make the rose gold more apparent again.

Cute & Soft Ombré

cute rose gold ombre
Instagram @natasha_maude

This medium rose gold has a subtle and soft look that blends nicely with her natural, darker hair.

Q&A with style creator, Natasha Maude
Hairstylist @ Monroes Hair in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold ombré is cute and soft, but also super sexy. When I think of this color I think of luxury and glam. My favorite thing about this look is how much fun you can have with it!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To create this look I recommend blow drying the hair with a smoothing balm, then finishing with a shine spray to really get that sheen on the color.

What are your best tips for this?
I think any skin tones and hair types can pull this off, but a rose gold ombré looks especially ace on brunettes and blondes!

Too keep up with the color and help prevent fading, use Bleach London products. A rose gold range is available, and you can also mix rose and orange.

Brunette to Peachy Gold

brunette to peachy gold
Instagram @angelascali_paint

Q&A with style creator, Angela Scali
Artistic Colorist @ Beautiful People Salon in Merrick, NY

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a perfect blend of rich warm brunette faded into the perfect blend of a peachy gold. My favorite thing about this look is that it is totally wearable in any career field. The colors aren’t too bright, but still enough to be a show stopper!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I used all Goldwell Hair Color to achieve this look. Her roots were done with 10volume 6n and 6bp. I used Goldwell’s Elumen Hair Color to give her that rosy peach with AB @9 KB@7 and PK@ALL. For the styling, we used KMS Hot Flex Spray with a two-inch curling iron. The style is by @hairbylucy.

What are your best tips for this?
There are so many varieties and different interpretations of “rose gold” that it makes it so great for any skin type or hair color. There are versions that are less/more orange and less/more pink, or even redder.

Make sure you are working with a level light enough to showcase the perfect rose gold. The lighter the level that you apply this formula to, the brighter your end result will be. People ask me all the time why their color faded so quickly! The key to maintaining it is to wash your hair as little as possible and invest in a great dry shampoo. KMS Makeover Spray is amazing! The less heat on your hair the better as well. Use a limited amount of hot tools!

How water is another enemy in maintaining your color. The cooler the water, the better. Invest in a great shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. I recommend Kerastase Chroma Rich. It’s amazing! If you are spending money on your hair color, take care of it with professional hair products.

Dark Brown to Rose Gold Pink

Dark brown to rose gold pink
Instagram @jenamaclean

Q&A with style creator, Jena MacLean
Cosmetologist/Hairstylist @ Wild Heart Salon in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This look is a rose gold. What I love about this color is all the different shades of pink that appear from the balayage I did before depositing the color on it. As she moves her head, the color shows a ton of dimension.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I used Wella Blondor Bleach with 40 vol to lift her hair, then toned her with Pravana Express toners in the shade “Ash.” Then I deposited Joico Intensities in Rose and Soft Pink (equal parts.)

What are your best tips for this?
This looks great on women with darker skin tones, and can look beautiful on someone with fair skin as well. If it is not maintained, this shade of color will fade very fast. It is also a great color if someone wants to enter the world of rainbow hair colors and is not ready to completely commit.

These fashion colors always look better if you tone the hair before depositing the fun colors. As far as maintaining these fun colors, I recommend using Viral shampoo in your shade of color which can be purchased at Cosmoprof. Washing your hair with cold water and skipping washes with dry shampoo always helps too. My favorite dry shampoo is Badlands by R+Co.

Rose Gold Hair With Dark Roots

shattered root
Instagram @katieericahair

Q&A with style creator, Katie Erica
Creative Stylist/Owner @ Katie Erica Hair Design in Lake Country Kelowna, BC, Canada

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a rose gold balayage with babylights and a shattered dark root. What I love about it is how blended it is and how nice it will grow out for her

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To maintain these pastel colors and colored hair in general, I always recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and a heat/color protecting product as well. For blondes especially, a hair mask as a once a week will help keep your hair feeling healthy and strong.

What are your best tips for this?
This can suit many skin tones and is best suited for someone who can pull off the lightest blonde tones. If you have dark hair, you must take into consideration that you will not get this light in one sitting. It takes multiple visits to slowly lighten while maintaining the integrity of your hair. This blonde was achieved after three visits and she left with shiny, healthy feeling hair.

Consultation is key! You must be realistic with your expectations. The pastel rose gold I used on her is Joico pink and peach mixed together on pre-lightened hair to a level 9/10. Before I added the rose color I toned with 9/1 to give it a cool tone and a smokey effect.

Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair

Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair
ch Instagram @jacki.liftedsalon

Q&A with style creator, Jacki Spellman
Salon Owner/Stylist @ Lifted Salon in Roseville, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a beautifully done textured bob haircut in a rich mahogany with ribbons of rose gold highlights on brown hair.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I use Eufora Hair Color and styling products. I cocktailed Sculpture styling gel with Illuminate shine mist, then used Boost root lifting spray and finished the style with Fixation styling wax.

What are your best tips for this?
This color can be supported by many different skin tones, just be aware that it will bring out any blush tones in your skin. If you battle with redness but want to rock a shade like this, then go with a shade closer to a lilac.

I recommend touching up the base color and toning the highlights every four to six weeks, then retouch the highlights every 8-16 weeks depending on your preference or how well the base color melts into your highlights. I have my rose gold clients buy Overtone Color Conditioner in pastel pink to maintain the blush shade.

Natural to Rose

natural to rose
Instagram @hairbyhaileyj

Q&A with style creator, Hailey Jodock
Hairstylist @ Indie Hair Society in Everett, WA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This color is so trendy right now! My absolute favorite thing about it is that you can have fun colored hair, but it’s not crazy vivid and bright. You can get away with a more natural take on fashion colored hair.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For this look, I recommend using Joico Intensity color and Olaplex! For styling, I recommend using a 1-inch curler (mine is from Babybliss), then finish with some dry texturizing spray (my favorite is from Oribe)! I also added just a little bit of hair oil from Marrakesh on her ends to add some shine. Not only do all of these products work amazingly, but they smell even better!

What are your best tips for this?
This color is made for all skin types! I have never seen anyone who doesn’t look good with this color. Warm or cool, I honestly believe everyone can work this.

My best tip for maintaining this is to wash your hair as little as possible and use cool water so that your color doesn’t fade too quickly. Dry shampoo will become your best friend!

For the style, I recommend always curling your hair away from your face! Let your hair cool and spray dry texturizing spray everywhere. Brush the curls out with your fingers (not a brush) and finish with some hair oil (totally optional) just on the ends of your hair.

For HAIRSTYLISTS: If you’re interested in recreating this color my formula is Joico Intensity Rose and Soft Pink equal parts with about three pumps of Olaplex #2 (mini Olaplex treatment while my client processed and I wanted to lighten the color just a bit).

Dusty Pink Rose

dusty pink rose
Instagram @ladygraveshair

This rose gold hair with bangs look super chic on older women.

Q&A with style creator, Katie Rose
Hairstylist @ The Parlour St John’s in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I would call this dusty rose. My favorite thing about it is the way the balayage adds variation to the pink palette.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

To achieve the color, I balayaged her hair and allowed it to lift to a pale yellow. After rinsing I toned her with Pravana Express Tones Violet at the shampoo bowl (it works fast!). We then blow dried her and used Davines A New Color Violet 0.3:1:2 with one drop of Red. The cut was done by Heather Meinert and she was styled using Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray.

What are your best tips for this?
The best skin tone for this color would have some pink or blue undertones. It probably wouldn’t look great on someone with yellow or green undertones!

The style is easily maintained at home with Hair Resort Spray. I recommended the client maintain her color with Pravana Colorlock and Davines Red shampoo and conditioner.

Antique Rose Gold for Long Hair

Q&A with style creator, Katie Sawicki
Stylist @ Pretty & Co. in St. Catharines, ON

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This look reflects a classic antique rose vibe. It is perfect for a retro meets Audrey beauty. My favorite thing about it is the face-framing pieces that contour the face with the dimensions from light to dark. The placement really makes her eye color pop!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I used the Joico Vero kpak true tone series. This allowed me to custom blend the formula to achieve a “cool” version of a typically warm Pantone.

What are your best tips for this?
I enjoy this look on fair skin because it aids in drawing warmth to their tone. However, any lady that typically suits darker shades but “fears warmth” will enjoy this color transition when looking for something lighter.

The most important tip I can offer is a color-safe salon recommended shampoo and conditioner. Joico KPak Colour Therapy will heal and protect the hair. It is also low in detergents so it locks that color in!

Subtle Sparkles

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Kaseman
Freelance Hairstylist and Color Specialist in Washington, D.C.

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I always describe “rose gold” to my guests as a pink play on a strawberry blonde. I love creating different versions of it; some with more subdued, natural gold tones and some more pink and vibrant! My favorite thing about this particular photo is that this guest of mine is a 9-5 professional. She’s so fun spirited and this color suited her personality, but she needed it hidden for the office. So amongst her usual blonde highlights, I added subtle sparkles of this color throughout sections underneath the natural fall of her hair. This maintains a professional look during the day, but at night all she needs is a curling iron or fun style to show off her pastel pops!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

There are so many color lines out there now that each has their pros and cons. I’m not here to say one is better than the other or that only one line will give you this color because that wouldn’t be true. Here is what I used:

Highlights: JOICO VERO- KPACK VEROLIGHT + 10 volume

Rose Gold: JOICO Intensity Rose + JOICO Intensity Peach – equal parts

What are your best tips for this?
Anyone that can wear warm colors can pull off this off. Along with that, they also need to be able to wear lighter colors. Since this is a pastel and is very light, so if your guest isn’t used to having lightness around their face or anywhere in their hair, I wouldn’t recommend this. As for hair types, as long as you can pre-lighten them to a 9 or 10 you’re golden (or rose golden)! My guest in this photo has a bob with a little layering, so I was able to conceal her funky color in sections underneath. To me, there isn’t a cut or style that wouldn’t make this color look great!

I am a firm believer in educating my guests on how long their color is really going to last before even giving my product recommendations. For pastel colors such as this one, I always make my guests a custom conditioner with their tone added in. With this, they can apply color every time they shampoo to keep the vibrancy or as needed when they see fad-age. This way they don’t need to stop in every two weeks for a refresh, because who has time for that?

My strongest tips for maintaining rose gold are to wash your hair as little as possible (and with cold water when you do) and use color-protecting products and heat protectants when using irons. The healthier the hair, the stronger the color!

Feminine Softness

feminine softness
Instagram @hair_by_ericaruiz

Q&A with style creator, Erica Ruiz
Senior Stylist @ The Grand Salon & Med Spa in Brea, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This rose gold look is fun, flirty and edgy with a feminine softness! It’s not too loud, but still fun. This girl is active and social, but also has a fun career and wants to be taken seriously.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I would recommend a color-safe shampoo to keep the vibrancy of the color and a great dry shampoo for days two and three. Viral also has these really great shampoos with color in them to keep the longevity of the color.

What are your best tips for this?
I feel like a rose gold would look great on anyone as long as you have the confidence to wear it. When it comes to vibrant or pastel colors, you just have to own it and rock it. As for the actual beachy/wavy style, this look is great for anyone on any occasion. It’s sexy and effortless. When styling, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It actually looks better messy and undone!

My tip for recreating this is to see a professional colorist! There is a lot that goes into creating these color combos and it’s best to see someone who knows what they are doing. As for the style, you can definitely recreate this at home but again, if you don’t know how to ask your stylist to show you what to do or what you’re doing wrong! I always educate my clients on how to recreate their looks at home. It only takes a few minutes and it guarantees that my work is being showcased. Because what is a great cut without knowing how to style it at home?

My styling tip for this beachy look is to use a curling iron or wand. I typically use a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. When curling or wanding the hair, the trick is to leave about 1-1.5 inches of the ends out. This leaves the ends more relaxed and gives you that beachy wave! I also like to run my fingers through the hair and shake it out so that the curls don’t stick together. I use a styling wax or pomade on the ends to create definition and separation. My favorite product for this look is Bumble and Bumble’s Brilliantine.

Faded Rose Gold

golden rose
Instagram @hairby.alyssa

Q&A with style creator, Alyssa St. Martin
Hairstylist @ T. Salon in Mesa, AZ

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

My favorite thing about this look and the rose gold trend, in general, is that it’s versatile, soft, and feminine.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For styling this look, I used Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Spray at her root for volume. Then I used one pump of Moroccan Oil from her ears down for shine and moisture. I then used Kenra Thermal Protectant Spray to protect her hair from the heat of the blow dryer and curling iron. I lifted up the roots while blow drying to create much-needed volume and movement as possible for her fine hair. After drying, I curled her hair using a 1 1/4-inch Babyliss curling iron, leaving about two inches out to create more of a wave. To finish, I used Kristen Ess’ new Beach Spray for shine and to create a little texture, then topped off with a medium hold hairspray by Moroccan Oil.

What are your best tips for this?
I personally think this rose gold color looks amazing on fair complexions and people who have a little bit more pink to their skin tone. As far as hair type, I would say people who are naturally a level 7 or lighter tend to lift easier, making this more achievable and effortless.

In regards to creating this color, my client was a natural level 7 (ashy, dishwater blonde). She had about three inches of regrowth and grown out highlights from about five months ago. I did a full head of babylights on her, leaving little drop out in between foils to make her as blonde as possible, but still leaving enough to have dimension. After doing all of the babylights, I went back through and teased her ends and lightened those as well.

I lifted her blondes to a pale yellow and toned her with Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 9.5-18, 9.5-49, and 9-7 for about 12 minutes at the bowl. Then I shampooed her with Viral Light Pink shampoo for an extra kick of strawberry.

As far as maintenance goes with this color, I recommend my clients come back every four to six weeks for a toner and Olaplex treatment to keep the ends feeling healthy and color looking fresh.

Rose With Shadow Root

Q&A with style creator, “Dresden” Stephanie Thompson
Future Professional @ Paul Mitchell The School in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

In terms of hair color, we sometimes use the words “whisper”, “talk”, and “shout” to describe how subtle or dramatic the color is. I’d call this rose gold look a “talk”. The balayage is softly blended into a shadow root of her natural color, and the color itself is vibrant enough to draw attention but is not blatantly obvious.

I love rose gold as a hair color for this very reason. It’s considered a fantasy color, but it lies on the natural color spectrum. It’s the perfect choice for someone who wants to dip their feet into the world of fantasy color, but still wants a practical option for their lifestyle.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Paul Mitchell products are my go-to as a student at the Paul Mitchell School of Charlotte, NC. The products I use and recommend are also products I use on myself at home. For this look, I used our Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Twist and Neon Sugar Confection spray, along with the teeniest bit of our Super Skinny Serum to smooth any flyaways.

I applied the Neon Sugar Twist on her damp hair, blow dried with a large round brush, then spritzed on the Neon Sugar Confection spray throughout while lightly tousling her hair. This blunt lob can also be styled into curls or nice beach waves using the same products.

What are your best tips for this?
Rose gold is a pink-copper and considered a warm hue. There are a variety of shades along the spectrum from pink to copper. I love this tone because it’s a happy medium of the two and works well on most skin tones. I personally love this on cooler to neutral tones, but it also is quite flattering on warm skin tones.

This works well for all hair types. This one, in particular, is a level 7 on the color level scale (1 being the darkest and 10 being platinum blonde). If your current level is 3 or below, it would be best to achieve this level in 2 different sessions rather than try to do it all in one go.

In regards to recreating this color, when sectioning the hair for the balayage, start in the back, leaving out every other section up to the occipital bone, then switch to lightening every section for the last three to five sections up to the apex.

As far as maintaining this color, it is best to use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner along with thermal protectant products when heat styling. I’m a huge fan of our Ultimate Color Repair line. The Ultimate Color Repair Mask is my favorite at home deep conditioning treatment in between coloring my own copper hair. This line contains a quinoa repair complex to lock in the color and repair strands from within while leaving the hair ultra moisturized.

Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink
Instagram / @amysantana_

The pink lemonade inspired roots really make this side part blonde bob an outstanding one to try.

Q&A with style creator, Amy Santana
Hairstylist @ Luxe Salon Studios in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a vintage rose gold. My favorite thing about this is how classic and soft it looks.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

I definitely recommend a good color-safe shampoo like Redken’s Color Extend.

What are your best tips for this?
Her skin is fair and her hair was thick. We took about four inches off of her length to create a long bob. The layers were kept long, but I added a lot of texture with my thinning shears.

I shampooed with Redken Color Extend Shampoo and deep conditioned with It’s a 10 Leave-In. Use color-safe styling products like Wella Color Preserve Thermal Protection Spray. It will help keep colored hair shiny and vibrant. For the curls, I used a 1/2-inch Babyliss curling iron and curled in alternate directions to create these messy loose curls.

Strawberries and Cream Swirl

strawberry rose gold swirl
Instagram @chelraerae

Q&A with style creator, Chelsea Rae Üthoff
Stylist/Colorist @ Plane Jane Salon in Bethesda, MD

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a soft peach/strawberry swirl. Someone on Instagram described it as “anime protagonist hair.” I like the pops of pastel pink on the ends the best!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Sulfate-free shampoo is absolutely essential, and as these fall into the category of “pastel” tones, I highly recommend a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner. Depending on whether you want the dominant tone to be more on the pink side or the “true rose gold” tone, I’d either recommend CelebLuxury Viral Colorwash in Pastel Pink, or Joico Color Endure shampoo in Red.

For a weekly conditioning treatment, all of my clients love Overtone GoDeep in Pastel Pink or Pastel Red. The formula for Overtone is highly moisturizing so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

What are your best tips for this?
I’d say fairer skin tones look best with warmer, peachier tones as the dominant look. More pink tones can be worn by almost any skin tone. Both look super cute with freckles and pinker tones can be a great accent to naturally red hair. Fairer skin tones with pink undertones look best with warm tones

Shampoo as little as possible and use the recommended products to maintain this look. Color can also be touched up at home periodically. Sparks Color makes a Rose Gold direct dye that is available for purchase from several websites.

Deep Rose Gold Fusion

rose gold fusion
Instagram @laurarose_hair

Q&A with style creator, Laura Cowley
Senior Hairdresser @ Bob Hair on Tamar in Launceston, Tasmania

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as a rose gold ombré. I love the fusion of color blending seamlessly from deep and vibrant to a more soft tone.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

This color needs moisture to really make it shine. I would recommend using a leave-in treatment before styling, followed by a shine spray to finish. My favorite is Schwarzkopf Sparkler!

What are your best tips for this?
People with warmer skin tones generally suit the rose gold hues best, however, my client had a cooler skin tone and it suited her equally. This type of color best suits clients with medium or fine to medium hair texture.

Maintaining this type of color starts from when you step in the shower with a good color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. To recreate this style at home, wrap the hair around a curling wand and then brush the curls out to soften. Always finish with a shine spray!

Natural Blend

Q&A with style creator, Felipe Rogel
Stylist @ Hairdrezzers On Fire in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

This is a very seamless look. It combines the client’s natural hair melted into the actual rose gold. By following the natural growth of the hair, I’m creating a very blended highlight which I then use as my guide for placing the pink/blush tones. My favorite part of this look is the outcome and also how natural the regrowth is.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For this specific look, and for colored hair in general, I always recommend color-safe/sulfate-free products. They prolong the color and keep it from fading too quickly. Since fashion colors tend to fade quicker than natural tones, I recommend clients use dry shampoo in between washes. Styling-wise, leave-in conditioners and heat protectants are always good. Heat can also fade colors like this.

What are your best tips for this?
This works well with most skin tones from ruddy/pink undertones to olive/yellow undertones. It’s a very neutral color, but can also be intensified depending on the client’s desired look. *most skin tones

My recommendations for this style aren’t too demanding. The majority of clients don’t want to spend too much time in the salon. After the initial service, I always recommend a color gloss 8-12 weeks after, depending on how fresh the client wants their hair to look. Not washing the hair too often and using cooler water when washing is essential to making it last longer.

Gilded Rose Gold Hair

Q&A with style creator, Heather Renee
Stylist & Owner @ Sola Salon Suite in Mission Viejo, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I describe this lovely hair color as “Gilded Rose” or “Dusty Sunset” as it definitely falls into the category of “rose gold” hair. I love finding inspiration in nature and fashion trends, and of course, jewelry. I have noticed a huge demand for metallic colors. am personally not a huge fan of the gray and silver hair trends, so I needed to formulate something that kept some more pigment in the hair and was a little more “wearable” for my trendy yet sophisticated clients. My favorite thing about this is the dimension achieved with balayage and of course the expensive looking metallic reflection.

Which products would you recommend for this look?

Regardless of tone, placement is key. I started this look by using Sunlights Balayage Lightener with 40Vol and color melted lowlights of a deep caramel/gold by Redken 5th Ave to enhance the client’s skin tone and natural color. I use all Candy Shaw tools from the Sunlights Balay Box: clips, brushes, paddle and balay wrap, and lightener. The balay wrap provides a clear window to see where you have placed your previous formulas to help to not overdo your work and create the most beautiful dimension in the hair. After shampooing I applied Redken 5th Ave Shades EQ conditioning gloss globally for about ten minutes. I’ve started to use more of the Rb shades to create a blush effect to my colors that is balanced and not overly red.

For styling, I used Neuma styling products to build volume, protect from heat, and enhance shine during the blowout. I added some texture with a 1-inch curling iron, pulling quickly through the ends to give them a polished, but more beachy and tousled/lived-in look.

What are your best tips for this?
Rose gold hues look great on any skin tone. Usually, we think of silver and platinum for cool skin tones and yellow gold and brass/coppery for warmer tones. Mixing those two together gets a softer, more universally flattering color on the skin. The technique of balayage should be considered the “little black dress” of hair coloring. Beyond being trendy, balayage gives hairdressers more creative freedom to paint the hair the way nature intended highlighting to be. By reading the hair and laying down dimension, this allows balayage highlighting to work on any hair length, texture, and density.

This particular client has finer textured hair and yet we were able to create more density visually by keeping more negative space between the highlights. Remember that less is more and light only looks light if some color is supporting it.

Luckily balayage grows out seamlessly, so if you are looking for dimension without the maintenance, paint is the way to go. Keeping the base and lowlight formulas close to natural level aids in requiring fewer salon visits as well. I have some clients that can go four months without re-highlighting. Toner/glaze formulas are usually demi-permanent and therefore will require monthly appointments to maintain vibrancy and tonal control. Offering a conditioning service or bond treatment with your toning appointments will aid in the longevity of the color attachment.