52 Best Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas for Stylish Women

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Blush Rose Gold Bob with an Undercut

A blush rose gold is the perfect hair color choice for the modern woman. This unique hair color combines the rosy tones of blush with the cool, metallic sheen of rose gold. With an undercut, this look creates a fresh, edgy feel that will make a lasting impression. I recommend this color on hair level 6+. Use a lightener like Wella Professionals Blondor Multi Blonde Powder. Both create enough lift to achieve the blush rose gold tone.

#2: Blunt One-Length Rose Gold Bob Cut

A blunt one-length rose gold bob cut is a highly fashionable way to use this color. If you want to try this hair color, consider several factors. Rose gold can accentuate warm tones in the skin. This can give some olive skin tones an overly yellow look.

#3: Rose Metallic Bob Cut

The rose metallic bob cut is a stunning choice for those looking to make a bold statement. The rose color adds a unique and eye-catching element to the bob cut, creating a vibrant and trendy look. The bob cut provides a clean, structured shape that is easy to style and maintain.

Golden Peachy Rose Color on an Angled Lob Cut
Instagram @rootedbreezy

#4: Golden Peachy Rose Color

Opt for a golden peachy rose color. For a dreamy rose gold, pre-lighten your hair to a level 9-10. This will bring out the best tones of pink and gold without looking brassy. This color works best for those with levels six and above, naturally. The upkeep is high, with lighter shades of pink, coppers, and gold. You will need a refresh of color every 4-6 weeks, with a glossing treatment.

Long Waves with Multi-Dimensional Rose Gold Tones and Darker Roots
Instagram @andie_amo

#5: Long Waves with Multi-Dimensional Rose Gold Tones

Long wavy hair with multi-dimensional rose gold tones is trendy right now. Try a rose pink with blue undertones for an eye-catching rose’ for long hair. Ask your stylist to put in lighter highlights for brighter dimensions. Or, add balayage so the color will grab different tones on different pieces of hair. Set your hair in some rollers, and you’ll turn heads, showing off all that dimension.

Rosy Gold Strawberry Blonde Hair on Mid-Length Cut with Waves
Instagram @hairbyiisa

#6: Rosy Strawberry Blonde Hair

This rosy strawberry blonde hair color is a fun way to incorporate a pop of color to your blonde. If you typically bleach your hair to platinum, this might be a fun way to try something different. Soft rosy tones are a nice way to add something daring into the mix without the heavy commitment. The nice thing about this tone is you can easily shift back the look you want. Wear this soft pink with any blonde or platinum base.

Soft Peachy Pink Shade Rose Gold for Fine-Haired Ladies
Instagram @wackyhairco

#7: Soft Peachy Pink Shade

A soft peachy pink shade is a gorgeous hue for any blonde wanting to try something new and different. Gold hair is ideal for any peach shade. However, you can still achieve this look if you’re used to being platinum. This shade is perfect for fair skin tones or light-colored eyes. Try this pink for your next vivid color.

Mid-Length Brunette Hair with Rose Gold Balayage Highlights
Instagram @stylesbystrell

#8: Mid-Length Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Are you thinking of a new color pallet? Try this mid-length hair with rose gold highlights. This vibe is perfect for someone craving change. When paired with soft layers, this style is a show-stopper. Rose gold hair is a great way for a blonde to experiment with fashion tones. The fade-out is quite painless, and transitioning back to blonde is seemingly easy!

Full Warm Rose Gold Highlights for Medium-Length Loose Curly Hair
Instagram @martinahairstylist.official

#9: Warm Rose Gold for Loose Curly Hair

Try warm rose gold for loose curly hair to create softness in your traditional ginger hair color. This might be a great approach if you’re tired of your vibrant red hair. Formulating soft ginger with fully covered roots is essential to create this look. I recommend adding cool tones to your copper formula to keep the overall tone delicate.

Vivid Sandy Rose Hair Color with Shadow Root
Instagram @hairbymiak

#10: Vivid Sandy Rose Hair Color

A sandy rose hair color is inspired by soft pink hues. These romantic takes on pink hair color are a fun way to explore vivid tones. And you can keep them soft and acceptable for any work environment. You can add any pink hue to any current highlighted or bleached hair. I recommend blending a soft copper root color into the rose ends for a dramatic spin.

Lived-In Rose Gold hair color on medium-length hair
Instagram @karakdryer

#11: Lived-In Rose Gold

Lived-in rose gold is perfect for those wanting to change their ordinary color. After hair has been lightened, rose tones are applied to create a soft yet bold hue. Maintenance appointments may be required to keep your hair color fresh and vibrant.

Rose Gold Blended with Balayage and Foilayage
Instagram @jenboxall

#12: Rose Gold Blended with Balayage and Foilayage

A soft pastel rose gold is perfect for an exciting change without commitment. This tone will wash out within a few washes. But without hurting the time and money, you put into getting your hair blonde! Great for those new to experimenting with fantasy tones, so don’t be scared to try something new!

Pastel Rose Gold on Dark Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbyneah

#13: Pastel Rose Gold on Dark Blonde Hair

A pastel rose gold on dark blonde hair is sure to turn heads! Edgy yet soft, rose gold color hair can go with almost any skin tone. Each rose gold is different and should be customized to every client. Rose gold can be high maintenance and requires extra care, but it is fun and daring to wear.

#14: Rooted Rose Gold on a Long Bob

Try rooted rose gold on a long bob for your next ‘do. Beautiful on hair with dimension, different tones of rose can pop with the contrast of light and dark. An added melted root helps to have a softer grow-out. I use a heat protectant every time I heat style to help make my rose gold last.

Rose gold Pixie Cut for Older Women with white or grey hair
Instagram @style.et.tendance

#15: Cute Pixie Cut for Older Women with Flair

A rose gold pixie cut for older women with white or grey hair is an elegant and stylish way to add dimension. If you’re looking for a sassy yet subtle change, go for the rose gold hue. It’s soft enough that it won’t be too overwhelming, but it still gives off a modern vibe. To maintain the desired effect, make sure you keep up regular trims. Use products formulated for colored hair. Try Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner. Tell your stylist what kind of fade you want on the sides to achieve this look perfectly.

#16: Pink Lemonade

Pinks will have you dreaming of spring and summer with all the playful tones that match the flowers! This versatile color will look great for any skin tone, and play with multiple colors for dimension. I suggest coming back to the salon in 8-10 weeks for a refresh on the tone. It will keep it bright. Try a toning conditioner that will help maintain between.

#17: Subtle Rose Gold Strands

Subtle rose gold strands might be your next hair color move. Beautiful on medium to light hair, adding rose tones adds warmth to natural hair. Ask your stylist if your hair can be lightened enough to have a fashion color. Make sure it can be maintained in between salon appointments.

#18: Buttery Blonde with Light Rose Gold Highlights

Buttery blonde is the perfect base for light rose gold highlights. With its warm base, it creates a stunning look. This is it if you’re looking for an eye-catching style that will draw attention. Tell your colorist that you want blonde hair with highlights on the ends and mid-shaft of your hair. Similar to that of an ombré or color melt. To keep up its vibrancy, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

Darker Rose Gold hair color on collarbone length hair Paired with Bangs
Instagram @harestudionyc

#19: Darker Rose Gold Paired with Bangs

If you want to take your style further, try darker rose gold hues on collarbone-length hair. Pair with bangs for an edgy and chic look. I recommend booking frequent visits with your colorist for a gloss. It will help maintain this beautiful hue. Ask them specifically to use semi-permanent dye in rose gold shades. To keep your shade looking vibrant between appointments, use Celeb Luxury Rose Gold. It helps to keep your tone looking fresh as home.

Rose Gold Color Melt of Light Brunette Hair
Instagram @stylebylizette

#20: Rose Gold Color Melt of Light Brunette Hair

Blending in a pastel rose gold tone is an amazing addition to a lighter brunette with a unique softness. In different lights, it will reflect and give your hair a beautiful glow to obsess over! I suggest using a toning conditioner if you want longevity out of this color, as it can wash out quickly.

#21: Unicorn Rose Gold

This unicorn rose gold color combines the best of both worlds: warm and cool tones. Bring them together if you can’t decide between two colors, such as lavender and peach! Play around with color melts of opposing colors. If you’re a unicorn blonde, you’ll need bleach retouches. Or you’ll require a full bleach and frequent color refreshes.

Using the right cleansing and conditioning products helps to lock in color longer. Wash your rose gold hair less frequently because they fade fast. This will help to maintain your color brightness. Appreciate the fade! With each wash, colors shift and lighten, so embrace it!

#22: Chocolate Rose Gold Balayage Color Melt

This chocolate rose gold balayage color melt has a nice underlying pigment of peach and blush pink hair color, which gives it a nice warm finish. I recommend this chocolate rose gold for women with pale skin wanting to add warmth to their faces. If you have a strong pink undertone to your skin, it could make it worse. Darker or tanned skin would also look lovely with this color. Again, only suitable for women without red or pink skin tones.

Metallic Rose Gold Haircolor
Instagram @glamkitten_xo

#23: Metallic Rose Gold

Opt for metallic rose gold and lilac colors, plus the flattering long-layered haircut. My favorite thing about this rose gold look was the experimentation of incorporating both warmer tones (copper, gold, pink) and cool tones (lilac and pastels) – from that polished pinkish coppery base color down to the sheen metallic lilac and champagne gold tresses.

Rose gold shades and any other fantasy color are a heavy investment and certainly one of the most challenging colors to achieve. If you are willing to pay for the initial color service and touch-up appointments, I advise you to refrain from using products from your local drugstore. This is a service that, in the long run, can cost several hundred dollars. The most important advice I can give women thinking about this color is that you must be prepared to lose some length in your strands, and deep treatments are essential.

Classic Rose Gold Haircolor
Instagram @miriahamade

#24: Classic Rose Gold Color

This classic rose gold hair color is gorgeous with waves. Remember that the rose gold color is a flexible shade to work with, as it is compatible with most complexions and skin tones. The color is also age-appropriate while giving women some edge and flair.

Rose gold hair with platinum highlights
Instagram @rianimal_

#25: Rose Gold Hair with Platinum Highlights

Rose gold hair with platinum highlights is a cute and fun way to add fun to your locks! You can do your usual highlights at your appointment but get your hairstylist to do a rose gold color melt with your blonde toner at the bowl. You will love your new look.

#26: Pastel Pink Hair and Rose Gold Balayage

The prettiest light rose gold hair and blonde balayage on a medium-length shag cut! This pastel pink hair with light rose gold highlights is an easier permanent hair color to keep.

Long Hair with Dark Rose Gold Balayage
Instagram @valeconcas

#27: Long Hair with Dark Rose Gold Balayage

Long hair paired with dark rose gold balayage will glow beautifully on warmer skin tones. Plus, it’s a great transition into stepping outside the box and exploring fantasy colors like this blush rose gold. The darker (more pigmented) you go with the rose gold, the longer your color will last, as opposed to lighter shades that fade within a couple of weeks. Take care of your new color using a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and rinse in cold to cooler water. Ask your stylist if they recommend a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner to help maintain your color at home.

Long Rose Gold Pixie with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @gianni.rando

#28: Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Try a pretty long pixie cut with curtain bangs for a modern twist on a bowl cut. This hairstyle can be worn in many ways – classy and sleek, edgy and modern, or simple and clean. Your styling options are limitless, too. Just keep your longest lengths in the front and ask for a razor cut to recreate the softness these curtain bangs have.

#29: Cute Rose Gold Lived-In Bob

A lived-in bob is so cute when tinted rose gold. This tone is perfect for someone with fair skin and light eyes. And even someone with some natural red tones to their hair. To achieve this look, you must naturally have very light hair. Or, you will need to lighten it with bleach first. Remember to ask your colorist to use Olaplex during the lightening process. It will keep your hair healthy and able to hold on to this gorgeous peach color.

#30: Darker Rose Gold Wavy Bob

Rose golds are a perfect tone to play with, and you do not need to be a light blonde to achieve this look, either. You can make a custom color in a demi-permanent line or as a direct dye color. But rose gold is a mix of gold, ash tone, and copper red, which you can play within different levels 6-10. A toning conditioner will help you maintain the longevity of this jewel-toned hair.

#31: Romantic Rosy Gold Waves

Autumn is in the air, and it’s time for a change. So, remember to ask about some warmth in your color at your next appointment. As seasons change, we lose that summer glow, and adding warmth to your hair can help bring your look more life. Try a rose gold tone that can be obtained on your lightest blondes and lighter brunettes.

#32: Long Rose Gold Toned Hairstyle

Dyeing your hair a rose gold tone is one of the best ways to change your long hairstyle. Rose gold is a low-commitment tone and fades beautifully. Ask your stylist for a direct dye treatment. That way, you can let it fade off or easily touch it up.

#33: Long Choppy Rose Gold Pixie

A long choppy pixie is a great way to show off pearly rose gold hair. A wearable textured short pixie is edgy yet feminine and suits nearly every face shape. Be sure to consult with your colorist about whether or not your short hair can handle going as light as needed to achieve a pale rose gold while staying healthy.

#34: Pinkish Rose Gold

Pink hair, don’t care, is the motto for this rose gold! Many factors go into attaining this type of pastel color. Your hair must be natural, not previously colored. It also must be between light brown and blonde. Any darker, and your hair wouldn’t get light enough. I think it’s a good idea to achieve this only if your hair is intact to avoid causing color breakage.

#35: Rose Gold Sunset

Opt for a unique rose gold sunset for a fun pink holographic hair hue. Applying to pre-lightened hair creates a beautiful gradient tone of blonde, pink, copper, and violet. Ask your stylist to customize a blend of violets and coppers to compliment your skin color and achieve your best rose gold hair color.

#36: Dark Rose Gold and Brown Balayage

A perfectly sophisticated smokey brown rose gold shade is so trendy right now.

You can have fun colored brown hair, but it’s not crazy vivid and bright. You can get away with a more natural take on fashion-colored, dark rose gold hair.

The best tip for maintaining your mane is to wash your hair as little as possible and use cool water so that your rose gold doesn’t fade too quickly. Dry shampoo will become your best friend.

Rose gold lowlights for older women
Instagram @whitsendz

#37: Rose Gold Lowlights for Older Women

Rose gold lowlights for older women are a soft and subtle way to try out some creative hair hues. Ask your colorist for some blonde highlights and rose gold pink lowlights to get this color.

Rose gold hair with pink highlights
Instagram @eileenhebin

#38: Rose Gold Hair with Pink Highlights

Rose gold hair colors with pink highlights is a soft pink tone added to blonde hair highlights. This color is perfect for girls who want a touch of fun color since pastel pink tones can fade away quickly. To get this color, ask your colorist for a pastel rose gold tone with a shadow root to add dimension.

dark to light rose gold with dark roots on a long bob
Instagram @kelceyoverton

#39: Dark to Light Rose Gold with Dark Roots on Long Bob

Combine your textured, medium-length hair with shades of rose gold, this super light pink, and gold shade on darker roots, creating a beautiful rose gold color that makes your beautiful eyes pop!

The rose gold hair trend works ideally with light fair skin, and dark eye colors.

#40: Champagne Pink Rose Gold

If you’re a blonde looking for a bold change, this vibrant pink and rose gold tones combo is a perfect choice!

Try this fantastic pink champagne rose gold hue that’s a less dramatic and softer version of the trendy hue. It’s a color you won’t want to DIY.

#41: All-Over Rose Gold Wig

“I love this wig because of the light rose gold tones, and it has a fullness that’s so easy to style,” says fashion stylist Missi of Kenya.

She explains, “the all-over rose gold tint in this hair is for a bold and fierce person. All face types can rock it.”

#42: Subtle Honey Blonde to Pink Rose Gold Ombre

The finish on this subtle rose gold ombre hair color is immaculate! The seamless rose gold balayage complements the tones of both the honey blonde and pink hair colors. I think it’s safe to say that this warm brown hair with rose gold ends is a hit!

#43: Light Rose Gold Hair Color

Here’s a gorgeous rose gold hair dye! The curls and color work for ladies with light or pale skin tones looking for a chic, flirty dimensional upgrade on their locks.

dusty rose gold with dark roots
Instagram @msnataliejean

#44: Dusty Rose Gold with Dark Roots

This a beautiful example of what this rose gold shade can do for brunettes. Rose gold hair with dark roots like this looks great on a thick density with voluminous waves.

Rose Gold Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @larisadoll

#45: Rose Gold Highlights on Dark Hair

Hesitant to try on a new, bold look for your black tresses? Then having rose gold highlights is for you! It is a stunning hairstyle, but wearing these ribbons of warm rose gold is also a great way to explore and see what suits you.

Copper Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @maxgourgues

#46: Copper Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair

If you want to, a beautifully colored rose gold tone on dark brown hair is the way to go. The copper rose gold hue makes the tresses look luscious and healthy.

#47: Rose Gold Watermelon Pixie

This look is comprised of rich rose gold tones with slight hues of gold. I love the deepness and shine of using Davine’s Pure Pigments. This pink hair tone brings brightness to the skin.

My best advice is to know its maintenance. Typically, a look like this is a double process which is a bleach out followed by a color, starting at the top of the head. Use a Davines-recommended shampoo and conditioner with an added weekly treatment. Hair color like this is an investment, as is taking care of it.

#48: Soft Pink Rose Gold

This is a beautiful soft rose gold balayage with a shadow root.

On the roots, use a deep dusty lavender melted into soft rose gold with some framing of the face to brighten and give a soft sun-kissed look.

When working with funky colors, using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner is essential. Try color-extend magnetics because they keep your hair shiny and well-hydrated.

When considering this coloring idea, remember you must be okay with maintaining it. A toner every 5-6 weeks is necessary to keep its vibrancy. Treatments once a week at home or in a salon are a must to keep your hair rose gold in good health.

#49: Platinum Rose Gold

Achieve this platinum rose gold hair color with a light-dusted rose and platinum blonde hues. Rose gold hair has enough rose gold while keeping it in the blonde family. Ideal for women with naturally light hair, hair must not be colored with dark box dye. Since these colors are dusted and pastel, they will not last long.

Depending on their wash routine, the rose gold may last up to 3 weeks before turning blonde. Washing hair with rose-gold shampoo will help with longevity, too. Root touch-ups should be every 3-4 weeks unless they don’t mind looking blonde. However, it’s hard to bleach the roots if they wait longer.

Classic Faded Rose Gold Hair Color
Instagram @patrykbonk.hair

#50: Classic Faded Rose Gold

Opt for a faded rose gold hair color. To maintain the shade of pink hair and its rose gold hues, use cold water when washing to prevent the color from bleeding. Ask your stylist to recommend a color-treated shampoo and use a moisturizing mask instead of a conditioner. Do NOT wash your hair every day. Otherwise, you’ll return to the salon a week later to refresh your color.

#51: Light Rose Gold Highlights on Natural Blonde Hair

This is a slice of rose gold blonde hair! My favorite thing about this is how natural it looks, almost as if it grew out of her scalp that way. I created this beautiful tone using a 9Ash and a 6Red Violet so that the color would stay completely cool and not brassy. My color line of choice is Paul Mitchell’s Color XG because of its consistency. At the same time, a natural blonde with rose gold can be customized to any skin tone or hair type.

Soft Peachy Pink Shade Rose Gold Hair Color
Instagram @styledbyamberp

#52: Soft Peach and Rosy Hair

My favorite thing about the rose gold trend, in general, is that it’s versatile, soft, and feminine. I think this rose gold hair color looks amazing on fair complexions and women who have a little bit more pink to their skin tone. As far as hair type, I would say women who are naturally a level 7 or lighter tend to lift easier, making this more achievable and effortless.

Rose gold hair color is a sophisticated blend of pink, blonde, and ash tones. It is sometimes referred to as a golden strawberry blonde hue. You can make this unexpectedly chic color as daring or subtle as you like by adjusting the intensity of the shade.

This is a high-maintenance hue, so arm yourself with knowledge before committing. Now, with the help of these pro tips from LA-based hairstylist Ash Bazarjian, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • If aiming for a warmer rose, lift to a level 8. If wanting a cool tone, lift to level 9.
  • The custom-mix Maria Nila color hair masks help to prolong the tint. Other recommended products are Davines color-safe hair products and Davines Oi Milk leave-in conditioner.
  • Try using more intensive treatments, oils, and leave-ins to meet the color’s demands.
  • Rose gold hair means your hair will most likely be bleached, which also means it needs extra TLC.
  • Ask your hair colorist:
    1. Will my hair be able to handle bleaching?
    2. What kind of maintenance does this color require, and how often should I return?

These suggestions are certainly helpful, but it will be good to get further consultation. In addition, remember to bring some photo inspiration.

Here’s a photo gallery of the modern and most popular rose gold hair color ideas you must show your stylist.