37 Lowlights Ideas You Have to See Compared to Highlights

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Rich Chestnut for Women Over 50

If you’re looking for a hair color that provides richness, try chestnut lowlights if you’re a woman over the age of 50. The chestnut lowlights are unmatched and extremely flattering on any skin color. Ask your stylist if this style and color would work for your hair texture.

Silver lowlights blending into natural gray roots on wavy mid-length hair

#2 Stunning Lowlights on Natural Roots

Transform with elegance using these silver lowlights that masterfully blend into the natural gray, ideal for wavy, medium-density hair. This layered cut suits an oval face, providing movement and a youthful edge for women in their 50s. While it adds depth, consider the upkeep; silver tones can wash out, requiring salon visits to maintain vibrancy.

#3: Lowlights for a Brown Bob Cut

Incorporating lowlights into a brown bob cut significantly alters your typical bob hairstyle. Typically, lowlights on brown hair amplify the dimensions, producing a dramatic alteration in your appearance!

#4: Cute Baby Lowlights

Cute baby lowlights create a more natural blend of colors. The hair technique consists of a dye that is darker than the base color and applied in finer sections. This results in deeper tones, providing more dimension to your overall look.

Gorgeous Long Curled Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @hair_by_shazia

#5: Gorgeous Long Curled Blonde Hair

Nothing is better in bright blondes than a soft dimension. When a color looks as if it could be natural, it often needs two to three more hues. So, don’t forget to ask your colorist to mix in some lowlights.

Dimensional Copper Bob with Lowlights
Instagram @dliagrebeauty

#6: Dimensional Copper Bob

Dimensional coppers catch the eye every time and there’s a good reason for that. Your best bet is to use a warmer color as your lowlight to compliment the copper. If you’re worried about having too much contrast, start off with a less is more approach. You can always add more at your next appointment.

#7: Dimensional Lovely Lowlights

A combination of lovely lowlights, reverse balayage, and a shadow root adds the perfect amount of dimension if you need to add texture to your finer hair. Adding dimension can create the illusion of fuller, more textured hair.

Casual lowlights on red and blonde hair
Instagram @floralfringe

#8: Casual on Red and Blonde Hair

Lowlights on red and blonde hair are a must-try since it’s a color that looks great on a natural level 7. Alternating highlights and lowlights can give you dimension. This can be done subtly or chunkier for different effects. Consider a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo to insure the reds maintain their vibrancy in your hair.

#9: Best Caramel Blonde for Women Over 60

If you’re over the age of 60, a caramel blonde is well-suited for you if you aspire to have added depth and brightness. Warm blonde highlights focused around your face with deep brown lowlights underneath are a great color combination. Paired with an edgy pixie cut, your hair will look youthful, full of contrast and dimension.

Trendy Lowlights for Black Hair
Instagram @hair_by_dray

#10: Trendy for Black Hair

Go for trendy vibes if you want your hair to look different but don’t want your hair blonde. Talk with your stylist during your consultation about what color would be best for you. Ask your stylist to color your hair a dark brown entirely and then to balayage a couple of pieces for lowlights so that you can have some dimension.

Lowlights vs Highlights: Dimensional Brown and Blonde
Instagram @caroliiine_k

#11: Lowlights vs Highlights: Dimensional Brown and Blonde

Try a very dimensional and different coffee brown and blonde tone with lowlights and highlights. What are lowlights vs highlights? Well, since lowlights are the darker pieces or sections of your hair and highlights are the brighter ones, they create a dimension that can add so much life to your hair texture and color. This look is ideal if you are low-maintenance and want something natural but also want to add some color without coming back to touch up or tone too often.

Multi-Dimensional lowlights
Instagram @beauty.byjaz

#12: Multi-Dimensional Deliciousness

Natural lowlights with a shadow root are the definition of multi-dimensional deliciousness. Bronde is super wearable and can be styled long, short, curly, straight, and on fine or thick hair!

Do Lowlights Match Any Hair Color: Sassy Pastel Pink
Instagram @sterosas1991

#13: Do Lowlights Match Any Hair Color: Sassy Pastel Pink

Opt for a fun and sassy pastel pink with lowlights. When considering a pastel color, make sure you understand that vivids are semi-permanent, meaning they fade faster than a regular permanent color, and the lighter the fashion color, the shorter the color will last. I always recommend you leave the salon with a toning color shampoo like Viral Ccolorwash in light pink. It will re-tone your hair at home so the pink can last longer.

Shadow Root into Vibrant Red hairstyle
Instagram @_tieladoeshair

#14: Shadow Root into Vibrant Red

Try an edgy textured stacked haircut with lowlights and a shadow root into a vibrant red. You have to have a strong personality and be okay with standing out in a crowd when wearing bright-colored hair. You must also consider the upkeep. Fashion colors are high-maintenance on their own due to fading and need a refresh every 4 to 5 weeks.

#15: Lowlights on Multi-Dimensional Pixie

A beautiful multi-dimensional pixie is great for you if you aren’t afraid of short hair. Pixie cuts are perfect if you are looking for something easy to work with and that doesn’t take too much time to style.

#16: Delicious Chocolate Brown

Opt for a full head of creamy ash blonde highlights and dark chocolate brown lowlights. Sometimes dark and light colors together can look patchy, so make sure your layers are blended and feathered well to avoid spots and patches. This combination of lowlights and highlights is great for all types of hair. Bear in mind that if your hair is very light to start with or very porous, the darker slices may fade quickly. Always use a good paraben and sulfate-free, color-saving shampoo.

Shiny Lowlights
Instagram @jsalon100

#17: Shiny Lowlights

Try shiny lowlights to give your flat hair multi-dimensional tones that make your hair appear fuller. To achieve this, ask for any shade of a maple, chestnut, or golden bronde. Contrasting shades against your natural color add more depth and shine to your hair and is a super low-maintenance way to color your hair as regrowth is ever so subtle.

Fun & Flirty Lowlights
Instagram @styleby_jeny

#18: Fun & Flirty Lowlights

Try a fun and flirty hair color. As far as color goes, having a dark base with lowlights versus highlights gives you longevity with your color. You won’t see any regrowth; if you are on the low-maintenance side, you can go 12-14 weeks with your color.

Messy Lowlights hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyvieve

#19: Messy Lowlights

A messy lowlights style with beautiful lowlights will keep your color trendy and doesn’t show new growth as quickly.

Dimensional Fall Color with Lowlights
Instagram @haleyraihair

#20: Dimensional Fall Color

This look is extremely versatile for just about any lifestyle and hair type. I recommend adding a lowlight (that can range in various shades to accent any hair/skin tones) to accommodate you if you are looking for a change that will enhance the dimension and depth of your hair.

Pretty Blonde Balayage with Lowlights hairstyle
Instagram @hairby_tiana

#21: Pretty Blonde Balayage

It’s a blonde balayage with lowlights to allow the highlights to pop and create dimension, depth, and movement within your hair. Always finish your style with a light hair oil and light finishing spray for a hold that still gives movement. I recommend balayage hair colors if you are looking to change up your regular highlighted hair.

Lowlights for Subtle Changes
Instagram @mishairhunter

#22: Lowlights for Subtle Changes

Go for a dirty blonde color if you’re looking for a very subtle change if you’re an extremely blonde woman. To create this look, I recommend using a demi-permanent color so that it can be lifted out of your hair easily in case you want to go back to a more total blonde look. Also, a demi-permanent color is typically an option that will not damage the hair!

Radiant Lowlights Balayage and Shadow Root
Instagram @aliciawhitehair

#23: Radiant Balayage and Shadow Root

The balayage and shadow root work well together to give a soft transition between a darker root and her blonde ends, all while keeping dimension throughout your hair. It’s much more subtle than the typical ombré effect or traditional highlights/lowlights. I recommend using Redken Ph Bonder during the lightening process to maintain the integrity of your hair and keep it healthy and shiny.

#24: Impressive Silver Undertones

No one would think that platinum and silver lowlights can look this ravishing, but if done correctly, they can dominate the room. The mixture of blonde and silver combine to form an almost ombre-like effect but be warned, if you’re rocking this stylish silver, it requires some maintenance or it will just become dull and make you look older than you are.

#25: Gorgeous for Gray Hair

Choose to flair up your stormy locks with gorgeous silver accentuates. Give your gray hair soft, flowing curls and face-framing fringes to help complete your youthful aura.

Beautiful Lowlights for White Hair
Instagram @friseurthesing

#26: Beautiful Lowlights for White Hair

Lowlights and depth on diamond blonde tresses aren’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s one ingredient to come up with a lovely effect like this one. Achieve this look by going for the ideal lowlights for your white hair. More waves on your medium-length mane will bring out a classy volume.

Natural Dark Brown Lowlighting
Instagram @harsveisen

#27: Natural Dark Brown Lowlighting

Lesser known but equally good, lowlights serve depth and dimension to brunette locks. Paired with soft curls and a layered cut, mocha lowlights can definitely highlight your beautiful eye color and can make your complexion pop.

Classic Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @savann_uhhh

#28: Classic Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights is a must-try! Stunning waves appear pretty in this shade as they boost the volume and shine of your lengthy mane.

#29: Yummy Chocolate Copper

Here’s a luscious shade of chocolate copper for your thin tresses. The balayage carries out a lovely color melt effect, which looks flattering on waves. It’s the style that’s perfect if your locks are a few inches past the shoulders.

Cute Lowlights on Short Hair
Instagram @sagebrush_hair

#30: Cute Lowlights on Short Hair

Seeking a new way to give your neck-length hair the dreamy makeover it deserves? Try baby highlights and lowlights on your short hair because why not? The depth and subtle dimension are visible, allowing your fine locks to have a textured edge.

#31: Dimensional Lowlights and Highlights for Black Hair

The salt-and-pepper kind of dimension is sure to blow your mind! These highlights and lowlights for black hair are a clever touch to blend in your grey naturally. Amp up its youthful aura by styling your mid-length tresses with voluminous waves.

Sexy Highlights and Lowlights for Blondes
Instagram @hiuksiabynoora

#32: Highlights and Lowlights for Blondes

The perfect highlights and lowlights for blondes create a soft and more relaxed finish. Give your locks movement by styling beach waves on your mid-length cut.

Amazing Dark Brown Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @_hayshair_

#33: Amazing Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair screams depth and dimension! Pops of honey hues would be a great choice to add shine to your tresses. This is the kind of trend that works wonders with soft waves added to your long hair.

#34: Chic Burgundy for Older Women

If you’re an older woman, burgundy lowlights give you a noticeable change without too much maintenance.  Achieve the shade with a cool red demi-permanent color. Ask your stylist to use a free-hand painting technique for this. It eliminates any demarcation as it grows out and softens tonal differences.

Sweet Lowlights for a Strawberry Glow
Instagram @itskarolaruiz

#35: Sweet Lowlights for a Strawberry Glow

A dimensional blonde doesn’t always have to be so bright. Combine your highlights and lowlights to achieve a strawberry glow. Layers on your long mane will form a slight volume for detailed hair ends. Since you are not completely blonde or completely dark, you keep a little of both to get out of the monotony. It’s ideal if you don’t have much time to frequently visit the beauty salon.

#36: Gorgeous for Brown Hair

After brightening up your dark locks, lowlights for brown hair will bring out a dimension. Style your long mane with soft waves, complementing the natural vibe given by a foilayage. See your colorist every 8-10 weeks for a toner to refresh your look. A foilyage is a go-to color if you’re a woman with a busy lifestyle who finds it hard to come in every 6 weeks for a foil touch-up.

Stunning Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @hairbykir_

#37: Stunning Blonde Hair

Blonde hair allows dimension to be kept, which allows for better growth maintenance. Lowlights are perfect for breaking up block colors for a more natural look.

Lowlights are the darker pieces in the hair, creating depth and contrast. These are literally the opposite of highlights. Your hair can look deeper and darker than it is, so set your expectations right.

Marco Pelusi is a celebrity hair artist and educator in West Hollywood, California. He explains the importance of consulting an expert prior to getting some lowlights.

What is your hair goal? What do you hope to achieve? Answer these questions and let your stylist know.

Speak up about what tone and how dark you want your mane to appear. “Your colorist should easily be able to select the proper level and tone of lowlights for you. It would be helpful if they show you swatches of color that serve as your guide, too,” says Pelusi.

The big issue in this color trend arises if you use the wrong hair care products. The usage of incorrect shampoos and conditioners can dissolve the color.

With this hair color trend, you can opt to go darker with a stunning dimension. Here are the images of the best and most popular ideas for lowlights!