21 of the Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas You’ve Gotta See

Trendy ash brown hair colors

Ash brown hair is a modern variant of brunette hair that is blended with cool grey tones. Sometimes referred to as mushroom brown hair, this multi-dimensional hue is a favorite for being not too harsh, especially on fair to medium complexions or skin tones with cool undertones. Some shades can be produced with at-home  hair dye.

You can create a fresh smoky brunette look with a silky and smooth balayage, a full-on dye job, an ombre, some subtle highlights, or even with just the tips of your hair.

From light, medium, and dark ash brown shades, this chic color will always give your tresses amazing depth and dimension.

Tips on How to Get Ash Brown Hair

Tired of seeing blonde hair ideas everywhere? Before your next hair color appointment, get this cool hue by first checking out these popular photos of ash brown hair color ideas!

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#1. Ash Brown Balayage

ash brown balayage
Instagram @nichole_tran

It’s time to start the ash brown hair trend with an ash brown balayage or this gorgeous smoky ash brown ombre with babylights! Notice how the colors fade seamlessly from dark hair to mocha to a muted brunette. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this is sure to look gorgeous on you.

#2. Ashy Brown

Ash brown hair color idea
Instagram @coloredbyphuong

This ash brown color is very smokey and very wearable, perfect to match ladies with warm skin tones. You’ll first need to lighten your hair evenly then color melt a darker brown hue.

At home maintenance is important to maintaining hair health such as deep conditioning treatments, proper professional shampoos, limiting hair washes to two times a week, and utilizing heat protectant/leave-in products to maintain maximum healthy-looking hair.

#3. Ash Brown + Ash Blonde Balayage

Instagram @briciu_giulia

We’re head over heels with this beautifully done hair with babylights and ash bronde. This has a smokey brown ombre and it’s one chic way to upgrade your classic brunette look! At-home hair dye might get you this amazing light brown color but a colorist will create magic. Combining smokey shade with some blonde, of course, it is definitely going to rock.

#4. Silver Ash Brown for Women Over 70

Silver ash brown for women over 70
Instagram @the_wildwood_collective

Consider a silver ash brown for women over 70 if you’re wanting to blend your natural grey instead of covering it. This low-maintenance hair hue can be achieved by adding ash brown lowlights throughout. Keep your silver nice and cool by using purple shampoo in-between visits.

#5. Ash Brown Hair with Soft Purple Tones

Ash brown hair with soft purple tones
Instagram @ln__hair

Ash brown hair color with soft purple tones is a great way for brunettes to play with icy, cool shades. Brunettes can have fun with their color by adding a few cool, ashy highlights with soft purple cool undertones. Ask your stylist to use a teasy light technique when adding these ashy highlights to your hair so it grows out seamlessly.

#6. Lilac Ash Brown Hair Color

Lilac ash brown hair color
Instagram @liekuang

Lilac ash brown hair color is an elegant, soft hair color. Warm lilac hues combined with cool ashy tones give hair a multifaceted dimension. Pastel lilac tones on brunette hair reflect light and give brunettes brightness in their color. Ask your stylist for a balayage color service with hints of lavender, pink and ashy tones to give your brown hair dimension and softness. Make your color pop by trying out a classic graduated bob haircut to define your new hair color.

#7. Ash Blonde Hair for Women Over 50

Ash blonde hair for women over 50
Instagram @hair.by.stephanie__

Ash-blonde hair for women over 50 is perfect for women who are already gray. If you have more pepper in your hair, add some blonde highlights to get more blonde in there, and tone with an ash blonde toner.

#8. Ashy Brown-Grey for Women Over 60

Ashy brown-grey for women over 60
Instagram @stephatthehairco

An ashy brown-grey color for women over 50 can be great if you’re already going grey and have a natural base level 6 and above. When your natural color starts to grow out your line of demarcation will be less visible. Ash helps cool down warmth, which may be undesirable if you’re going grey and want it to blend.

#9. Ash Brown Ombre

Ash Brown Ombre
Instagram @madebysirly

The dark roots blending finely into very light ash brown shade and choppy ends is giving us the chills! A balayage like this ash brown hair with dark roots works ideally on any hair type as long as there is some length to it.

#10. Ash Brown Hair with Highlights

Ash Brown Hair with Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_oliviadulev

These wavy style and ash color let you have the best of both worlds with its deep brunette base and those luscious babylights! Style with flawless waves for a more accentuated and dimensional effect to the dark ash brown hair color.

#11. Silvery Ash Brunette

Silvery Ash Brunette
Instagram @mystylist_cadence

Here’s another lovely ash brown ombre idea for girls who want a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle! Add some beachy waves to completely take advantage of this shade’s edginess. Silver brown hair adds a unique element to any hairstyle but can look dull if not done correctly.

#12. Ash Chocolate Brown

Ash Chocolate Brown
Instagram @hairby_christina04

Brighten up your classic dark brown hair with a brunette balayage like this. Jazz your brown base and mid-length, wavy mane up by painting it with a vibrant shade of an ash chocolate brown. It’s the color perfect for dark skin tone.

#13. Ash Brown on Short Hair Undercut

Ash Brown on Short Hair Undercut
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

While everyone else is opting for long hair, why don’t you explore this undercut pixie trend, matched with a lovely ash, smokey brown shade to create a perfect foxy look? This soft color on short hair undercut looks pretty, you’ll be down for a trim! Style this ashy brunette hair with texture to bring out the layers and subtle ash brown dimension.

#14. Grey-Brown Balayage

Grey-Brown Balayage
Instagram @angelat_hairart

These contrasted and dimensional grey-brown balayage babylights are super amazing on beachy waves! Rocking this dimensional smoky ash brown hue is one easy idea of how you can freshen up and give life to your dark naturally-colored mane.

#15. Light Ash Brown Hair

light ash brown hair color
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

Here’s a lovely light ash brown hair that will boost your glamorous style. The glossiness of this shade is sure to add life to your medium-length, straight hair. For a consistent shiny and smoother creamy ash brown finish, apply oil through your strands.

#16. Ashy Grey-Brown

Ashy Grey-Brown
Instagram @findmybeau_t

We’re super obsessed with this popular mushroom silver hair! The way those soft waves fall accentuates the dimension perfectly. Try this ashy grey-brown color and when you see the before and after photos, you’ll fall in love with your hair even more!

#17. Medium Ash Brown

Medium Ash Brown
Instagram @ajielzar

Who says only a black hue can give a fuller-looking effect? This medium ash brown hair will boost the bulkiness of your tresses. The color offers the right amount of vibrancy when under the sun. It also works well with soft but voluminous waves. Ask your stylist for a haircut that goes beyond the shoulders to maximize the movement of your locks.

#18. Ash Brown Highlights

Ash Brown Highlights
Instagram @aerysalon_levi

Ash brown highlights compliment any skin tones. While at the salon, ask for subtle cool-toned babylights to achieve a similar look. With any dark ash brown hair color, a good purple or blue conditioner is paramount and should be used no more than once a week.

#19. Face-Framing Ash Blonde Streaks for Older Women

The face-framing ash-blonde streaks for older women create a modern and bolder look. These also accentuate facial features very well.

Stylist Ali Nahoopii of Hawaii created this stunning hair color. “This particular style is good for women who want to brighten up previous dull highlights,” Nahoopii states. “This ashy tone requires maintenance every ten weeks, too.”

#20. Cooler Ashy Tones

Cooler Ashy Tones
Instagram @hair_bynikki85

This medium ash brown hair or mushroom brown hair with cool tones was created by hair colorist and stylist Nikki Nga La of Garden Grove, CA.

“The greatest thing about doing this color is to give the client who likes natural-looking, low-maintenance hair while adding some long layers, and refreshing those split ends to smoothen and shine the color more,” explains Nga La.

“If the woman wants to change up her natural hair color because it is too warm, too cool, or too plain, this medium grey brown color is one of the most natural-looking ways to pull it off,” she adds.

#21. Mushroom Brown

Mushroom Brown
Instagram @hairbyhannahwatson

This chic mushroom brown isn’t your typical shade of dark ash brown hair. Hair color trends like this have an ashy-looking edge that gives your mane a shiny, cooler tone. Partner your medium-length chop with beachy waves for extra texture and movement.