24 Gorgeous “Fall” Inspired Hair Color Ideas You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Happy fall y’all! The 2024 fall season is always a fun time of year to take inspiration from the changing colors of tree leaves and the delicious comfort food and try something new with your hair hue.

This fall, the most popular hair colors are inspired by delicious red apples and pumpkin pies!

Check out these gorgeous photos of fall hair colors that are trending this season!


#1: Beautiful Autumn Leaves Inspired Highlights

This beautiful copper hair with highlights is a great source of inspiration for a before and after transformation. This trending color, known as ‘cowboy copper,’ is gaining popularity online. Hair colors for autumn often have warmer hues that reflect the colors of the season. This copper hair blends gold and soft orange tones to achieve a fall-like hair color.

Blended Fall Hair Color
Instagram @row_house_hair

#2: Blended Fall Hair Color

If you enjoy all things autumn, ask for a blended fall hair color like this! The rich, vivid coppers and reds contrast beautifully with a dark base for the ultimate fall hair color.

#3: Brunette and Blonde Balayage

Brunette and blonde balayage can easily enhance your natural beauty. That’s the great part about it! For a maintenance routine that’s easy, ask your hairstylist to give you a subtle balayage. This will help keep the dimension in your hair prominent.

#4: Muted Auburn Balayage Hair Color

If you’re aiming for a sultry look this fall, consider trying a muted auburn balayage hair color. The beautiful muted auburn hue blends rich red tones with subtle brown undertones for a sophisticated effect. The unique muted auburn hair color suits women with medium to dark skin tones, adding warmth and depth to their look. Consult your colorist and request a blend of muted red and brown shades for the perfect balayage effect. To enhance the effect, you could add subtle highlights for more dimension and depth.

Autumn Dark Chestnut Brunette Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#5: Dark Chestnut Brunette Hair

If you are a brunette, consider a dark chestnut color when the leaves are changing. The fall season is the ideal time to enhance the richness and darkness of your style. This dark hue compliments many skin tones and, a lot of times, can add an amazing shine.

#6: Autumn-Inspired Dark Red Tones

Bring the drama with some autumn-inspired dark red tones! A rich, deep red hue will make you look like you just stepped out of the season.

Apple Cinnamon Hair for Autumn
Instagram @bg_hairology

#7: Apple Cinnamon Hair

Apple cinnamon hair is perfect for those months when a breeze is starting to set in and the leaves are beginning to fall. Enhance your red hair by adding tones of copper and violet throughout, keeping darker violet shades at the root of your hair and copper towards the ends. This will create so much dimension to your hair color and changing shades, just like the leaves on the ground. Ask your hairstylist about a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo to keep the longevity of your apple cinnamon hair color.

#8: Cinnamon Spice Long Hair

If you want a new look this fall for your long hair, consider choosing a hairstyle inspired by the cinnamon spice color. Fall hair colors can be warm and vibrant shades that add a touch of autumn flair to your look. The cinnamon spice color mixes reddish undertones with copper and gold highlights, resulting in a vibrant, multi-dimensional effect. It works particularly well with individuals who have warm skin tones, such as those with olive or golden undertones. To achieve this look, you can consult with your colorist to find the perfect blend and intensity of cinnamon for your hair.

#9: Autumn Balayage Highlights

If you want to add warmth and dimension to your hair this autumn, consider opting for balayage highlights. Balayage is a technique that involves hand-painting color onto the hair to achieve a natural, sun-kissed effect. For an autumn-inspired look, ask your stylist to blend rich caramel shades with subtle golden tones that complement your natural hair color. This warm color palette works best for those with medium to dark skin tones, adding depth and brightness to the hair. To enhance the effect, you can pair this balayage with loose waves or textured curls for a soft, effortless look that is perfect for the autumn season.

#10: Fall-Inspired Long Ombre Hair

If you want to be bold, choose a fall-inspired long-ombre hairstyle! This beautiful transition from red to orange reminds us of an autumn sunset.

Bright Maple Leaf Tones with Blue Money Pieces for Fall
Instagram @court_gannhair

#11: Bright Maple Leaf Tones with Blue Money Pieces

Bright maple leaf tones paired with blue money pieces are a bold and vivid complementary color duo. Adding in a small color block section of black between these complementary colors not only adds drama to your hair color, but will keep the maple leaf tones from canceling out the blue money piece in the front, and vice versa. Complementary colors need to be rinsed out and separated from one another as much as possible so that they don’t get muddy and neutralize each other. Avoid shampooing your hair in hot or warm water and only shampoo once a week to keep the longevity of your hair color.

#12: Fiery Pumpkin Ombre

A fiery pumpkin ombre consists of a darker red copper color melting into a lighter and brighter copper pumpkin tone. Your ends will not only physically look like they’re on fire, but also have you feeling like you’re on fire – ow ow! Keeping the top of your hair darker will be more low-maintenance if you have naturally dark hair and want a hair color that will look good even as it starts to grow out.

Dark Auburn Hair Color for the Fall Season
Instagram @hailtothehair

#13: Dark Auburn Hair Color

Consider a dark auburn hair color if you’re looking to spice up your life and add richness and depth to your autumn hairstyle. Primarily consisting of red and copper tones, this dark auburn hair will give you shine when the light hits your hair and loads of dimension. Keep a small section of a blonde or light copper shade in the front, framing around your face for a nice little added “pop” of brightness. Style your hair with a curling iron and gently comb out with a wide-tooth comb once your curls have cooled to give your hair a nice loose wave that will compliment your new auburn hair.

#14: Ruby Copper Tones

Ruby copper tones look beautiful on any skin type. Personally, I love keeping the brightness by suggesting great at-home color shampoo and conditioner. Ask your stylist what tone of copper would look best on you and if the maintenance will suit your lifestyle.

Ginger Bronde Balayage for Fall Season
Instagram @coloredbyliz

#15: Ginger Bronde Balayage

A ginger bronde balayage is the perfect mix of both light and dark copper tones that are packed full of dimension. A balayage gives you a more lived-in, low-maintenance hair color so it grows out beautifully and gracefully. When coloring hair using a balayage technique, I like to add lighter shades of the same tone around the face and crown area. Leaving darker shades of copper underneath will create that depth and dimension you’re seeking in your balayage, while the lighter copper shades will give you that pop and brightness around your face.

#16: Dimensional Brown Butter Hair

Dimensional brown butter hair looks best when paired with 2-3 different shades of the same tone giving your hair depth and dimension with a darker base and lighter ends. This hair color is perfect for women with naturally dark hair and like lived-in, low-maintenance hair color. You can go as long as 8-10 months with a color melt like this. Style your hair in bouncy waves by curling your hair away from your face, wait for your curls to cool before combing them out with a wide-tooth comb, and set your style with hairspray.

Rusty Apple Cider Hair Color for Fall
Instagram @tonilouiseeeee

#17: Rusty Apple Cider

Try a rusty apple cider hair color during the cooler months to add some warmth and depth to your fall hairstyle. Red and copper tones will add vibrancy and richness to your life, but they do require a bit more maintenance than your typical brunette would. Be ready for home maintenance and salon visits with this hair color if you want to keep it rich and keep it from looking dull. Pick up a red color depositing shampoo and conditioner and make sure to only wash your hair 1-2 times per week if you want to keep your apple cider hair looking fresh.

Chocolate Brown with Face-Framing Highlights for Fall
Instagram @esbeautyco

#18: Chocolate Brown with Face-Framing Highlights

Go for a chocolate brown hair color with face-framing highlights if you love a two-toned color that’s bold and full of richness and depth. Face-framing highlights, also known as a money piece, are a statement piece that can totally enhance your brown hair color. A chocolate brown consists of rich warm tones, so stay away from the ash tones for this one. Styling with loose waves is best if you want to show off the depth and texture of your hair color.

Dusty Lavender Hair for the Fall Season
Instagram @angeritaa

#19: Dusty Lavender Hair

A dusty lavender hair color isn’t for women who seek a low-maintenance hair color. This color is for women who have the time and budget to upkeep this dusty lavender every few weeks. A dusty lavender is primarily shades of violet mixed with grey or silver. Grey and silver tones typically don’t last longer than a few weeks at most, so it’s best to only shampoo your hair once a week and use cold water when you rinse. You can ask your stylist for a custom color conditioner that will deposit color into your hair between trips to your hair salon.

Fallen Leaves Balayage for Fall
Instagram @manes.by.maggie

#20: Fallen Leaves Balayage

Go for a balayage inspired by the leaves of fall. For a soft ginger red with some lighter hair reflecting on the mid-lengths and ends, ask your stylist for an all-over balayage with a color melt of fall tones that compliment your skin tone. This is a longer appointment for the first round with all of the lightening, but then your maintenance could be as easy as a root melt/gloss appointment in between getting more lightener added. So every other time you would do either just a gloss or lightener and gloss.

#21: Deep Cranberry Red Hair

You should try a deep cranberry violet red color if you have a warm skin tone. When selecting a red shade for your hair, you’ll want to consult with your stylist about your skin tone and see what will compliment it best. Also, selecting a great aftercare regimen for your reds is really important to maintain your color. Reds are known for losing their vibrancy quicker than other colors and a good sulfate-free cleanser can help with that. You’re looking at 6-8 week maintenance appointments to keep it looking fresh.

#22: Merlot Wine on Dark Hair

If you have naturally dark hair, a violet/blue base red is a great wonderful option during the autumn season. You can do all-over color, highlights, balayage, or ombré of red and it will all complement levels 1-4 beautifully. Maintenance is important. To keep it looking fresh for about 6-8 weeks, use a simple gloss over highlights or if you’re doing all-over color you can do a permanent at the roots and a gloss on the rest to keep your hair’s cuticle in healthy shape.

Rich Cocoa Hair Color for Autumn
Instagram @hailey.suede

#23: Rich Cocoa Hair Color

A rich cocoa hair color is perfect for women looking to add warmth and softness to their tresses. Great for warm to neutral skin tones, adding richness to your hair is great for a brunette wanting lightness or a blonde wanting depth.

#24: Ginger Peach with Subtle Lowlights

In the fall season, try a light ginger peach blonde with a root shadow. Going into lighter blonde colors with red and gold reflects can be a great option for the fall. If you’ve been blonde all summer and want to try a new color, then a gloss that is demi or semi-permanent is a great option. That way there is a trial without a full-on commitment and it’s easier for your stylist to change if it’s not the right look for you.