HOT Hair Alert: New Hair Colors Throughout Fall!

Summer is coming to a close bringing new fall hair color trends front and center! From major overhauls, to soft and subtle, take your fall color to the next level. Here are some stunning hair colors  to get you fall-ready in no time!

Cranberry Shimmer

This color is so hot for fall. It brings the bright color you really want, and makes it office wearable!

Cranberry Fall HaircolorCranberry Fall Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Skin tones that look great in red, violet, and cranberry will look fantastic in this color. Hair that is lighter at the ends (ombre’ or grown out highlights) is a great starting point for this color!


If your hair is already lighter at the ends and you don’t have greys, ask your stylist if a demi permanent or glaze shade would be best for you. It will give you the color and shine without any damage!

Dimensional Blonde

Look like you had a fabulous summer spent at the beach by giving your hair a soft, sunkissed look while still maintaining a light brown base.

Blonde Haircolor with Light Brown Base

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones are a perfect match to this fall blonde. Hair that is naturally light brown or lighter provides a great base for soft blonde highlights.


If your blonde locks got too light this summer, this is a great way to bring your blonde into fall. Have your stylist add heavier lowlights underneath and finer pieces around your face.

Deep Rose Gold

Taking your soft light rose gold shade into fall is easy! By simply adding more depth or darkness, this color becomes a real head-turner.

Deep Rose Gold Haircolor

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skin tones that look great in greens, pinks and light blues work well with this color. Hair that is thick and full will make creating this style easy! Starting with a lighter color and adding darker makes this color super easy to achieve.


Love her volume? Get a set of large Velcro rollers! Blow dry your hair using a volumizing mousse. Once it’s completely dry, set hair on the rollers and give it another shot of heat from your dryer. Let your hair cool completely then take rollers out and shake your hair out out upside down .

Soft Caramel

This rich, warm color is a perfect transition into fall!

Warm Brown Fall HaircolorWarm Brown Fall Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones wear this caramel-inspired color best, while hair that is currently a dark brown is the best base to start with.


Be very specific when requesting an ombre’ type hair color. Bringing in a picture helps your stylist understand how you would like your highlights placed as well as the target shade. They can advise you based on their consultation how you can achieve your chosen color.

Bit o’ Honey

Fine highlights of soft honey in rich brown is splendid this fall! This hue is easy to maintain and oh so complimentary to many dark haired beauties.

Brown Haircolor with Honey HighlightsBrown Haircolor with Honey Highlights Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones look great in this barely there highlight, while hair that is naturally (or colored) medium brown is the best starting point for this color.


With this color, you want to make sure you don’t go too light. This will create more of a yellow or orange tone rather than the soft caramel you see here.


Sister to the popular ombre’, sombre’ is the same idea — a darker color melting down to a lighter shade. The transition in a sombre’, however, is softer and more blended between the colors.

Dark Haircolor with Light EndsDark Haircolor with Light Ends Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to darker complexions look best in this particular color. Hair that is strong enough to have the ends lightened and is starting at a medium to dark brown is perfect starting point for this sombre’.


When going for lighter ends, it may mean you’ll also need a good haircut. When ends are lighter they can show damage or dryness easier. Consult your stylist to see how much you may need trimmed off!

Soft Violet

A dark violet hue adds richness in this a-line cut. It’s a great way to add a kick to your dark locks without being overly bright.

Soft Violet Haircolor for FallSoft Violet Haircolor for Fall SIde

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Darker skin tones that look fabulous in dark shades of red, violet and navy carry this color beautifully, while hair that is naturally straight and dark will achieve this style easily.


If you already have dark hair and are just looking to add a violet sheen, try using a gloss. It will give you a violet hue and no damage!

Asymmetric Red

Short hair is hard to change as far as length (especially if you don’t want to go shorter), but adding red highlights this fall creates a fun new look!

Short Haircut with Red Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones wear this vibrant red color best, while hair that is medium to fine in texture can appear fuller by adding these highlights.


This hot asymmetric look is great if you’re ready go short! Longer on one side is not only trendy, but it really opens up your styling options.

Red Hair, Don’t Care

This traffic stopping red highlight is both bold and bright. Paired with beautiful curls, this look is to “dye” for!

Bold Red Haircolor for FallBold Red Haircolor for Fall Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones wear this bright hue beautifully! Hair that is already lighter on the ends will help you achieve this brighter ombre’ highlights more easily.


To keep your red bright, skip the daily shampoo!  Invest in a good dry shampoo and switch to washing every other or every two days.

Creamy Blonde

A combination of creamy and sandy blonde highlights and lowlights give this fall-worthy look a softness that is unmatched!

Creamy Blonde HaircolorCreamy Blonde Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Lighter skin tones will compliment this blonde, while hair that is starting out on the lighter side will help you achieve this beautiful blonde easier. For hair that is finer, adding all the dimensional blondes will give it the illusion of thickness.


Love her no fuss curls? They are super easy to attain. Using a 1-inch curling iron, section hair in medium to large sections. Place the iron midway down the hair shaft and curl from this point, leaving the ends out. Hold for 20 seconds, then slide the iron out giving the ends just a bit of bend. Let curls cool completely and brush through!

Brown Swirl

Beautiful shades of brown are swirled together in these balayage highlights. Having a lighter color more towards the ends gives your curls dimension and an ombre’ feel.

Brown Haircolor with Balayage HighlightsBrown Haircolor with Balayage Highlights Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to darker skin tones that look great in warmer colors will love this hue! Hair that is starting off at a medium to dark brown (with or without past highlights) will help to achieve this beautiful swirl.


This is an easy to maintain look, even for those ladies with little grey hairs. The highlights will only need to be touched up every few visits and you can get your new growth touched up in between with your base brown.

Pop of Color

This unexpected pop of color right at the scalp is both fun and edgy. You can achieve this look with any length of hair also, and with any color pop you choose!

Edgy Blonde HaircolorEdgy Blonde Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fairer skin tones that pull off super light blonde well are a must with this look! Hair that is in good condition and lightens easily is a plus with this color. To achieve this style, hair that is medium in thickness and naturally straight will make it easy to style.


Want to try it out before you commit? Use hair chalk or a spray-in color just at your scalp area to test out what color works best for you.

Brighten Up

Face framing highlights of light gold and caramel brighten up this medium brown and add the warmth that fall brings.

Medium Brown Haircolor with HighlightsMedium Brown Haircolor with Highlights Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones look fabulous in this warm tone, while hair that is layered around the face gives a great base for the highlights to really frame your face.


Adding lots of curls keeps this style looking fresh! Curl most pieces away from your face to open it up, but pick one or two curls to direct towards your face to give it a more modern feel.

Bright Ends

A vibrant orchid hue through your ends is a bold statement that no one will miss. It’s a hot color this fall that will keep you on point for color trends!

Short Hairstyle with Orchid HighlightsShort Hairstyle with Orchid Highlights Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear these orchid dip dyed ends. Hair that is darker is a better base than lighter as the orchid can transfer onto lighter hair giving you more of an all over look.


Keep your color bright by skipping the daily shampoo! Opt for a dry shampoo on “no wash” days and a gentle color shampoo that is specific to your type of color. For bright fashion colors like this, I recommend Pravana’s Vivids shampoo and conditioner.

It’s a Stripe Thing!

Stripes of light beige brown and a very dark brown give your hair interest and fun right where you need it — in the front!

Dark Brown Haircolor with Beige HighlightsDark Brown Haircolor with Beige Highlights Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear this look, you can simply adjust the color to your skin’s undertones. You may feel more comfortable in a warmer or cooler tone. Having a haircut similar to this model will showcase the color stripes best.


This is a great introduction to hair color if you are just starting to dabble in color and want to keep your natural color around too.

Vamp it Up

Luscious curls paired with a golden sombre’ highlight are a fabulous combo for fall!

Golden Sombre Haircolor with Curls

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in blues, yellows and violets compliment this color best, while hair that is long and quite thick will help to achieve the massive curls and volume seen here.


Feeling flat? Try adding volume and length with clip-in extensions. Many salons and beauty supply stores sell real hair extensions that can be clipped in and matched up to your color.

Fire Fall

The colors of fall always showcase beautiful reds and coppers, and this year is no different. This cool-based red just melts down into gorgeous copper ends — and I am sold!

Cool Red Haircolor with Copper Ends

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair to medium complected beauties look amazing in rich red and coppers. Hair that is light brown, naturally red or lighter is a great base to achieve this fiery color.


For lots of ladies that look great in red, we don’t have the eyebrows to match. Not that they need to be red, but adding a bit of brown pencil or powder to darken them makes a huge difference!

Perfect Highlights

Naturally light brown hair looks amazing with the perfectly placed blonde highlights. Framing your face but keeping the natural darkness underneath gives dimension and interest.

Light Brown Haircolor with Blonde Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Lighter skin tones look best in this pale blonde highlight, while hair that is naturally dark blonde to light brown is the perfect base color.


Don’t go overboard with highlights on this color! Less is more when you want to keep dimension through your ends and maintain a natural look.

Golden Glow

Don’t want to part with your summer blonde? You don’t have to this fall! Adding warm golden lowlights warms your blonde up bringing it right into the next season.

Blonde Haircolor with Warm Golden LowlightsBlonde Haircolor with Warm Golden Lowlights Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fairer skin tones that look good in yellows, pastel oranges and pinks wear this golden hue best, while hair that is very light blonde makes this color easy to achieve.


Give your blonde locks a shot of moisture after the summer. Ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment that is right for your hair. You may need strength, shine, moisture, or all of the above!

Fresh Faced

Adding different shades of blonde to end-of-summer hair gives it a stepping stone into fall. Light caramel, beige and light blonde create the most beautiful fall blonde.

Fall Blonde Haircolor with HighlightsFall Blonde Haircolor with Highlights Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones look best in this lighter hue. Hair that is new to highlighting, or a dark blonde, creates a nice base color for these highlights.


Keep the lightest pieces around your face and gradually add darker color as you go back towards your crown of your head. This keeps it looking natural and really brightens the face.

Pastel Pop

Small bits of pastel pink make this bright blonde a fun and trendy color this fall. If pink is not your color, think fall and add bits of coral, yellow or mint!

Bright Blonde Haircolor with Pastel PopBright Blonde Haircolor with Pastel Pop Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to light skin tones wear this striking hue best, while hair that is easily lightened makes this light blonde easier to achieve.


With this bright blonde and pastel pink hue, be prepared for some upkeep! New growth will need to be touched up about every three weeks, and the pastel pink will need freshening as well.

Soft Cherry

To brighten up your chocolate strands, try adding soft cherry lowlights throughout. It gives a red hue to your entire look without being too bright or overwhelming.

Chocolate Haircolor with Cherry LowlightsChocolate Haircolor with Cherry Lowlights Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear this soft red highlight, especially those who wear a lot of pink, green and reds in their wardrobe. Hair that has some natural curl or wave and is medium to thick can sport this curled-off-to-the-side look beautifully.


Make sure that you bring pictures of what kind of red highlights you want for to your stylist to see. This way you avoid being a brighter shade than what you are looking for.

Dark, Light and Everything In-between

This multi-dimensional highlight/lowlight is perfect for fall! With bits of soft blonde, copper and dark rich brown, these hues give texture and lots of interest to your look whether you wear it curled, waved or straight.

Multi Dimensional Haircolor with HighlightsMulti Dimensional Haircolor with Highlights Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones wear this rich and bold color nicely, while hair that is straight or wavy and medium to thick will showcase your highlights and lowlights best.


When placing a copper or red near blonde you run the risk of transfer. To help avoid this, rinse your color with cool water when shampooing and conditioning and always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Copper Heights

Golden copper paired with a soft asymmetrical cut makes quite a statement this fall. Worn curled up or sleek, this color with catch the attention of everyone around you!

Copper Haircolor for FallCopper Haircolor for Fall Side View

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to light skin tones that look great in pink and green wear this color beautifully, while hair that is straight and finer will be able to wear this style as shown.


Keeping up on a bright hue can be a job. Talk to your stylist about how often you will need to come in to keep your cut and color looking great and consider booking appointments ahead of time.

Deepest Dark Brown with a Twist

Deep, dark brown with added dark mahogany highlights gives interest and softness to this dark hue. Keeping the highlights peaking through from underneath will extend time between hair appointments too!

Dark Brown Haircolor with Mahogany Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Darker skin tones look fabulous in this rich hue, while hair that is medium to thick and straight to wavy will embrace this softly curled style best.


Love her soft waves? Wrap large sections of hair around a medium barrel curling iron or curling wand. Let the curls cool and lightly shake them out.

This fall, let the changing of the seasons inspire you to change your hair hue too! Go big and bold by adding bright red, or soft and simple with just a touch of golden highlights. Pick a trend and give it a try. Remember, it’s only hair and with the help of your favorite stylist, you can always change it again!