Top 20 Orange Hair Color Ideas – Neon, Burnt, Red & Blonde

Orange hair color ideas

Orange hair, don’t care! Wow. You’re about to jump into the hair color deep-end with these amazing fashion colors. If you’re considering a bold new look, you’re in for a treat. I’ve picked out the best orange hair colors created by some of the world’s greatest hair colorists. You’ll find different orange hues ranging from neon, pastel, light and dark. I even through in a few amazing reds and browns for those of you looking for a more natural look. When considering going orange, keep in mind that this fashion color can fade quickly! So either you’re gonna have to be cool with that or you’re gonna have to spend lots of time hanging with your colorist for touch-ups. Check out these amazing pictures below and let me know which one is your favorite, will ya?

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Noticeable Neon Peach Orange

Noticeable Neon Peach Orange Hair Color
Instagram @thejesjewel

Lovely Light Orange Bob

Lovely Light Orange Bob Hair Color
Instagram @chrisweberhair

Delicious Red Orange

Delicious Red Orange Hair Color
Instagram @megmeeoow

Oh-So-Trendy Burnt Orange

Oh-So-Trendy Burnt Orange Hair Color
Instagram @doug_theo

Deep Orange Dream

Deep Orange Dream Hair Color

Hot Blue Orange Flame

Hot Blue Orange Flame Hair Color
Instagram @shmeggsandbaconn

Touchable Dark Orange

Touchable Dark Orange Hair Color
Instagram @viorosie

Divine Pastel Orange Sunset

Divine Pastel Orange Sunset Hair Color
Instagram @behwah

Hottest Hint of Copper Orange

Hottest Hint of Copper Orange Hair Color
Instagram @cooltobeekind

Bold Black and Orange Blend

Bold Black and Orange Blend Hair Color
Instagram @girrlscout

Impressive Auburn Orange Color Melt

Impressive Auburn Orange Color Melt Hair Color
Instagram @heyyp07

Eye-Popping Neon Orange

Eye-Popping Neon Orange Hair Color
Instagram @helainacatherine

Magnificent Magenta to Bright Orange

Magnificent Magenta to Bright Orange Hair Color
Instagram @moxiehair

Incredible Orange Highlights

Incredible Orange Highlights

Coolest Yellow Orange Ombre

Coolest Yellow Orange Ombre
Instagram @hairbysereena

Dreamiest Dark Purple Orange Ombre

Dreamiest Dark Purple to Orange Ombre
Instagram @mane_hairstudio

Stylish Orange Blonde

Stylish Orange Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @kimberlytayhair

Divine Orange Brown

Divine Orange Brown Hair Color
Instagram @yovanalvhair

Hottest Half Pink and Orange Sunrise

Hottest Half Pink and Orange Sunrise Hair Color
Instagram @shmeggsandbaconn

Outstanding Orange Balayage

Outstanding Orange Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @yovanalvhair