44 Stunning Orange Hair Color Shades You Have to See

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Orange hair, don’t care! Wow. You’re about to jump into the hair color deep-end with these amazing fashion colors. If you’re considering a bold new look, you’re in for a treat. I’ve chosen the best orange hair colors created by some of the world’s greatest hair colorists. You’ll find different orange hues ranging from neon, pastel, light, and dark. I even threw in a few amazing reds and browns for a more natural look. When considering going orange, remember that this fashion color can fade quickly! So either you’ll have to be cool with that, or you’ll have to spend lots of time hanging with your colorist for touch-ups. Check out these amazing pictures below and tell me which is your favorite.


#1: Bright Orange Disconnected Mullet

A variety of vivid orange and yellow tones can take your color to the next level. Beginning with a process of full-head blonde coloring provides a clean base. Blend and alternate complimentary shades of orange and yellow to achieve a vivid, dimensional style.

#2: Orange Color Melt

Consider dyeing your hair with an orange color(4) melt for a unique, vivid result. I recommend using a mix of green, yellow, and blue(3) peekaboo highlights. They will create subtle pops of contrasting hues. To achieve the best results, specify your desired look to your colorist. That way, they can customize the shades for you. To maintain these shades, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. There are ones specifically designed for colored hair. Also, do regular deep conditioning treatments. If you can, finish each style with a product that has UV protection. Try Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect Locking Spray.

Noticeable Neon Peach Orange Hair Color

#3 Noticeable Neon Peach-Orange

Brighter than sunshine! Keep your neon peach-orange hair moisturized to keep the color at its most vibrant state. It looks pretty on both straight and wavy hair.

Halloween Orange Hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Halloween Orange Hairstyle

This fall, consider a Halloween orange style. It would be best to choose an experienced stylist because this process is very precise. You will need your natural hair lightened to at least a level 7. Your stylist can play with multiple orange tones in different levels of lightness to create a beautiful gradient effect.

#5: Very Long, Thick Orange Hair

If you seek a vibrant, eye-catching hair color, consider very long, thick orange hair. Very long, thick orange hair. Whether you opt for a fiery or more subdued shade, this hair color will turn heads. If your skin is warm-toned, the orange hue of this bold hair color complements your complexion. To get this striking look, consult a professional colorist. They can help you pick the right shade and apply it smoothly.

#6: Chunky Orange Highlights

If you favor neon warm shades against your skin, chunky orange highlights would be perfect for you. A full bleach out is usually needed to dye your hair with vibrant hues. Always consult your stylist to ensure your hair can tolerate this specific color treatment. Using a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner is crucial for maintaining such vibrant shades.

California Peach and Orange Hair Color
Instagram @john.n1115

#7: California Peach Hair Color

If you want a vibrant, unique touch in your hair, choose California peach and orange hair color. This dynamic blend of peach and orange tones creates a stunning and eye-catching look that is reminiscent of the warm vibes of California. The mixture of warm colors adds a playful summer feel to your hair, brightening up your overall look instantly. California peach hair color fits well with a wide range of skin tones, especially warm undertones. Allow your hair colorist to schedule your appointments every 4-6 weeks.

#8: Orange Bob with Rainbow Money Piece

Prepare to capture attention with a striking orange bob. This hairstyle is coupled with a rainbow money piece hair color! This stunning color is the ideal choice for those willing to express themselves boldly. The bright orange hue is loaded with warmth and energy, ensuring you’ll stand out in any crowd. The rainbow money piece adds a playful splash of color, enhancing the overall hairstyle with bursts of vibrancy. Whether you have tan or olive skin tones, this vivid orange shade will highlight your complexion beautifully!

Very Vibrant Orange Tresses for long straight hair
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#9: Very Vibrant Orange Tresses

Try out very bright orange tresses! Regular salon visits for toners are necessary to maintain the brightness of the orange hue. To reduce fading, ensure you don’t wash and style your orange-colored hair excessively.

Orange Waves with Hints of Pink Hair color
Instagram @felix.lynn

#10: Orange Waves with Hints of Pink

Orange waves with hints of pink create a vibrant and playful hair color combo that is sure to turn heads. The advantage of this bold choice is the ability to express your individuality and embrace a unique style. The orange waves add warmth and energy, while the hints of pink add a touch of femininity and softness. Avoid washing your hair too often. These colors fade quickly, so a professional color care shampoo will help.

Long Neon Orange Hair for women with an edgy style
Instagram @john.n1115

#11: Long Neon Orange Hair

Here’s a cool neon orange hair color. Orange, peaches, and copper are so gorgeous and reflective. An edgy, sophisticated color choice that is on trend and can be tailored to your skin tone. To prevent this color from fading, you should invest in color-protecting cleansers. Try Innersense Color Awakening Hairbath.

#12: Very Bold and Solid Orange Hair

If you want to make a statement, try this bold orange hair color. When it comes to maintenance, be prepared to be in the salon more often. The benefits are your color will stay bright, and your hair will stay healthy.

Stunning Shade of Orange Hair with Red roots and layered waves
Instagram @aaashleee

#13: Stunning Shade of Orange Hair

A stunning shade of orange hair like this electric fire is bold and beautiful. If your hair is bleached, it’s always fun to consider changing your color. What I love about this is the deeper orange roots paired with the vibrant orange ends. This creates natural contrast and dimension. If you wear your hair heat styled, it’s important to note a heat protectant is necessary. It will help to preserve the life of your color. I recommend Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Thermal Styling Spray.

Copper orange hair colors
Instagram @stil_lage

#14: Hottest Hint of Copper-Orange

Indulge in that fresh, stunning glow with copper-orange hair color. This shade makes a fun gloss for ladies with naturally dark hair.

#15: Darker Orange Curly Bob

Choosing a darker orange color for a curly bob is great for boldness without being too bright. The combo of curl and an intense shade creates an eye-catching volume. For vibrancy, use the L’Oréal Professionnel INOA Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It helps keep your color vibrant for longer. Doing deep conditioning treatments help keep your curls soft and bouncy. Try to use Redken Iron Shape 11 thermal protective spray for extra protection. It prevents heat damage against hot tools like curling irons or blow dryers.

#16: Outstanding Orange Balayage

This outstanding orange balayage has a medium to deeper copper undertone that benefits gals with a lighter or olive skin complexion.

#17: Long Copper-Orange Wavy Hair

Embrace the trend of long copper-orange wavy hair. This stunning shade is perfect for dyeing your hair and creating a unique look. The long wavy locks create an effortless, vibrant, and elegant style. Use a high-quality orange hair dye to ensure even coverage throughout your strands. Add a nourishing conditioner after rinsing the color for extra shine and protection. Bring your orange hair ideas to life.

Orange Bob with Beach Waves
Instagram @hair_by_aannaa

#18: Orange Bob with Beach Waves

An orange bob haircut is perfect if you want to change your look. Ask for Schwarzkopf’s Color Freeze Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your color. Your hairstylist should carry the products.

Vivid Orange Undercut Pixie
Instagram @hair.by.maura

#19: Vivid Orange Undercut Pixie

If you want to intensify a copper color, consider trying more pigmented oranges. Investing in color washes is the best way to maintain vivid colors. Viral has both shampoos and conditioners. Both refresh your color at home or in the salon.

Orange Waves with Dark Roots
Instagram @helenluuhair

#20: Orange Waves with Dark Roots

There’s nothing better than a fiery orange! Allow your colorist to play with shades of oranges to add a rich dimension. And, wear your hair curled to reflect all the tones in the light. You’ll look at maintaining this color every 8-10 weeks for the most vibrancy.

Orange Money Piece
Instagram @hairbykysa

#21: Orange Money Piece

An orange money piece may not be your first thought when thinking about a color change. However, the result is a fresh new look that enhances your blonde hair color. Orange or copper tones can be modified to best suit your style and your skin tone. Ask your stylist about the variety of color options, and try something new!

#22: Dreamy Copperish Orange Long Waves

Copperish orange long waves are to die for if you love vibrant hair color. Invest in the right hair products to maintain this color, such as a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Try to only shampoo your hair 1-2 times per week, as shampooing more often than that will greatly increase your color fade. You can expect to avoid swimming in pools, spending time in direct sunlight, and shampooing your hair in hot water.

#23: Orange to Black Reverse Ombre

Don’t confuse this color for your average balayage! I recommend a reverse ombre for any daring client looking for a bold statement color. The best part is when you’re tired of the black. It will be cut off at your next haircut. This will open you to new color options, as black can be difficult to remove.

#24: Long Wavy Pastel Orange Hairstyle

For women with long wavy hair, a pastel orange hairstyle makes for the perfect pastel vivid because of all the dimensions the hair provides. Remember, pastel colors are very high-maintenance and require lots of upkeep. Not shampooing your hair frequently, avoiding the pool, and using cold water in the shower are crucial if you want to try this color.

Very Dark Orange Waves
Instagram @hairbykysa

#25: Very Dark Orange Waves

Very dark orange waves are a unique, vivid color to choose from. Its boldness will make you stand out in a crowd. You can add a bright yellow money piece to sparkle your hazel brown eyes. Try to create volume and movement when styling using a curling iron and texture spray to get an effortless, put-together finish.

Blonde and Orange Balayage
Instagram @ccahillstyle

#26: Blonde and Orange Balayage

A blonde and orange balayage is the perfect fall hair color for your pumpkin spice latte. This pigment works best on hair that is already lightened and will accent a light skin tone beautifully. To style, add some Body Builder by Kevin Murphy before blow-drying, and curl those locks to show off this envy-inducing color.

#27: Lovely Light Orange Bob

Fire up your classic short bob with a lovely light orange shade. A loud and vibrant hue like this can be pulled off perfectly by women with bold personalities.

#28: Delicious Red-Orange

This fiery red-orange hair color is an instant head-turner! To spice up your old red hair, add splashes of an orange hue to flatter and brighten up your face. You can opt for darker roots for a lower-maintenance option.

trendy burnt orange hair color
Instagram @joeprofita

#29: Oh-So-Trendy Burnt Orange

Ever heard of or seen burnt orange color on a shaggy haircut? The result is a total gem! Go to your favorite salon and show this photo to your hairstylist. Having natural black hair makes the peek-a-boo effect easier to achieve.

#30: Deep Orange Dream

This is a deep orange ombre on long, wavy locks. The high-contrast effect creates a modern, dramatic finish.

#31: Hot Blue-Orange Flame

Get bold and head over heels with this shade of a hot blue-orange flame! Vibrant tones like this require purple shampoo, a weekly hydrating mask, and conditioning treatments as an aftercare routine.

touchable dark orange hair color
Instagram @sainthvir

#32: Touchable Dark Orange

A woman with a light skin undertone can rock a shade of dark orange very well. For brunettes, keep the roots natural for easy grow out.

divine pastel orange sunset
Instagram @cgannhair

#33: Divine Pastel Orange Sunset

No more boring hair color if you try a pastel orange sunset hue. The shade has warm tones that complement a fair skin color.

bold black and orange balayage blend
Instagram @aaashleee

#34: Bold Black and Orange Blend

Here’s a bold black and orange blend to match ladies’ confidence and charisma! Color your hair orange if you have a light or fair skin complexion.

auburn orange color melt
Instagram @msnataliejean

#35: Impressive Auburn-Orange Color Melt

An auburn-orange color melt offers a fun, stylish finish that ladies with medium to long-length hair can try. Such orange shades would flatter those who have an olive skin complexion.

#36: Eye-Popping Neon Orange

Instead of giving your locks a classic blonde or brunette makeover, why not go for an eye-popping neon orange? It looks luscious and unique! Heat styling can dull such light orange hair, so use a heat protectant before the process.

Magnificent Magenta to Bright Orange Hair Color
Instagram @moxiehair

#37: Magnificent Magenta to Bright Orange

This is your sign to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a bold and magnificent magenta to bright orange ombre! This red and orange hair has a grow-out that looks graceful, especially on natural brunettes.

#38: Incredible Orange Highlights

Add orange highlights to your dark brown tresses to achieve that incredible dimension. Amp it with some waves and see how the hairstyle brings a playful edge.

coolest yellow orange ombre
Instagram @memmieyo

#39: Coolest Yellow-Orange Ombre

The coolest yellow-orange ombre gives a high-contrast color to upgrade any haircut and style. Shadow roots could be a great addition to make it low-maintenance, keeping the brightness of the hue for a few months without visiting a salon.

#40: Dreamiest Dark Purple-Orange Ombre

Upgrade your natural hair with a dark purple-orange ombre. The color melt offers a stunning dimension that looks like a bold orange red hair. It appears even better with subtle waves!

#41: Stylish Orange Blonde

The softness of this orange blonde hair color creates such a chic, feminine style. The bright hue sure catches people’s attention.

#42: Divine Orange-Brown

Glow up with this divine orange-brown hair color! It offers a natural ginger tone, perfect for women who want a redhead style.

#43: Hottest Half Pink and Orange Sunrise

Rocking a half-pink and orange sunrise hair color is an excellent way to express individuality. Add life to your dull tresses with this combination of vivid colors!

pumpkin spice copper hair
Instagram @pelukasalon

#44: Pumpkin Spice Copper Hair

Pumpkin spice copper hair isn’t just for the fall. No matter the time of year, a golden copper color is stunning on fair skin tones, especially with blue or green eyes. Try adding a few baby lights to create contrast and dimension for a little extra oomph. Whether it’s natural or comes from a professional colorist, women with orange hair always stand out from the crowd.