45 Best Blonde Highlights for Every Natural Hair Color

Blonde highlights for women

Blonde highlights is a hair coloring technique that adds streaks of blonde color to a darker base hair color. Whether you go bold with large piecey highlights, or soft and subtle, the options for blonde hair highlights are absolutely endless.

When it comes to this hair color technique, you can choose one of the many shades in the blonde color spectrum including sun-kissed blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, ash blonde, dirty blonde and even platinum blonde. Have more fun as a blonde and take a look at the most popular hair highlights ideas I found this year!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy blonde highlights.

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#1: Dark Short Hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Dark short hair with subtle blonde highlights is a beautiful low-maintenance color. If you’re wanting a color that is more high contrast, then this is perfect for you. Place some waves away from your face to really show off that color contrast!

#2: Creamy Blonde Highlights

#3: Natural-Looking Brunette Hair With Blonde Highlights

Brunette hair with blonde highlights can bring out the brightness in lengthy, dark tresses! Try this brunette hair with highlights for a natural-looking balayage finish. The shades and movement from the waves blend so well, forming a smooth dimensional effect in your hair.

#4: Flowing Blonde Balayage Highlights

#5: Dirty Blonde Hair With Noticeable Highlights

Dirty blonde hair with highlights is sexy on women of all ages. Dark roots create a color melt effect. The dirty blonde highlights appear great under the sunlight. Plus, this balayage hair looks amazing when you add beach waves on a long-length cut.

#6: Youthful Grey and Blonde Highlights for Women Over 70

Grey and blonde highlights for women over 70 add dimension and fullness to greying hair. Highlights diffuse the grey so you won’t have full-on coverage, which grows out softly and is low maintenance for an impactful color. The contrast of the two tones adds depth back to your hair making it look thicker.

#7: Glossy Brown Hair With Blonde Balayage

Brown hair with blonde balayage is a great hair color that adds gloss to your long tresses. Revamp your brown hair by rocking this brown hair with blonde highlights. The balayage appears smooth, which goes very well with beach curls.

#8: Alluring Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights

Dark hair with blonde highlights results in a kind of dimension you need to upgrade your style! The depth of these cool blonde highlights is visible to emphasize the accentuating color. Waves also create movement, making your mid-length hair more dramatic.

Light Brown Hair With Face-Framing Blonde Highlights
Instagram @giulianuno

#9: Light Brown Hair With Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights is an astonishing color to try. Dark-rooted light brown with blonde highlights offers face-framing pieces for extra glam. Added waves and a chop where the length goes above the chest make an ideal combo for your new go-to style.

Perfect Red Hair With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @szrhandzhair

#10: Perfect Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights featured in the medium-length shaggy layered cut adds dimension. This auburn hair with blonde streaks isn’t only for natural redheads, but these can be the perfect highlights if you’re a brunette!

Chic & Sultry Honey Blonde Highlights for Longer Hair
Instagram @niseynailedit

#11: Chic & Sultry Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde highlights look vivid as if the sun shines through the mane. Go for this creamy honey blonde hair balayage when you have long, straight tresses. For added depth, add waves!

Spiced-Up Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @nat_doeshair

#12: Spiced-Up Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash blonde highlights can spice up dark tresses, giving them a hot smokey effect. Pair these soft blonde ends with a mid-length chop to go well with some waves.

#13: Stunning Long Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Long black hair with blonde highlights can take your natural beauty to the next level! The added radiant streaks give prominence to your best facial features. Style your bronde hair with waves for a natural-looking glow.

#14: Trendsetting Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair are one of those trends you must try once in your life! Blonde locks add elegance to your angelic face while jazzing up your long mane and flattering your skin tone.

Feminine Blonde and Brown Highlights
Instagram @mallonyfarias

#15: Feminine Blonde and Brown Highlights

Blonde and brown highlights will cover your mid-length, dark locks with warmth. This shade of blonde guarantees a dimension, especially if styled with voluminous waves.

#16: Radiant Bronde Blonde Streaks

Bronde blonde streaks through balayage never fail to bring out a sun-kissed finish. They carry out the radiance and can ginger up your dark tresses. Blonde highlights are perfect if you have long hairstyle with beach waves.

Short Brown Hair With Bold Blonde Highlights
Instagram @organiccheveux

#17: Short Brown Hair With Bold Blonde Highlights

Short brown hair with blonde highlights looks great on short A-line bob hairstyles. It will keep your hair light, with lots of movement and that signature sun-kissed color.

#18: Cool Platinum White Highlights for Older Women

Cool platinum white highlights for older women bring out natural silver-grey strands. This hair color is low-maintenance. You can get these tones by highlighting your hair and doing a silver blonde gloss. The gloss helps to maintain shine and give more of the silver tones opposite to grey. It also helps with the texture of your grey hair, softening it and making it more manageable.

#19: Modern Chunky Blonde Highlights for Women over 50

Modern chunky blonde highlights are great for women over 50 to add depth and contrast to their hair. These also help your fine tresses to appear thicker. A bob haircut with highlights is perfect if you’re over 50. It looks great in a sleek style. I suggest also trying to add beach waves to give your hair more body, bounce, and texture.

#20: Outstanding Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark blonde highlights are classic, chic, and sassy. This style is perfect if you have thick hair. Plus, the color adds enough dimension whether you wear it straight or styled. Blonde babylights and balayage are the best highlighting combo color. It’s easy to style and low-maintenance. For the color, see your colorist every 3 months for a toner to freshen up the color between haircuts. If you’re on well water, you’ll tend to have a hard time with your color lasting. If that’s you, go in sooner for fresh color services.

Natural Rooty Face-Framing Blonde Highlights
Instagram @ricky_saldivar

#21: Natural Rooty Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

Try a hairstyle that features natural rooty blonde highlights. Keep your natural color up top for a low-maintenance grow-out. This leads to blending into the light tips. Ask your stylist for face-framing blonde highlights and beachy waves curled away. The curls make the whole style come together. A little effort styling your hair can make your hairdo go from ehh to boom, baby!

Gradient Caramel Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbynk

#22: Gradient Caramel Blonde Highlights

Gradient caramel blonde highlights is a higher gradient balayage. It’s more of a neutral to cooler tone. It’s less of a subtle sun-kissed look, but rather more solid and rich. A hair with caramel highlights requires a toner at the salon every 8-12 weeks. The balayage will also need to up higher as your hair grows longer, usually in a timeframe of 12-16 weeks. This specific tone would work best if you have a fairer skin tone to an olive/tan with a cool undertone. Balayage could work for every skin tone. But a deeper shade of blonde or mocha caramel colors are flattering on warmer undertones.

#23: Naturally Beautiful Blonde Highlights

Naturally beautiful blonde highlights are known as “fantasy hair” in the hair world. In this photo, most of the blonde is balayage while only a few highlights go all the way to the roots. This allows you to go up to three months or more between color services. This hair grows out with a minimal amount of roots.

Relaxed & Natural Highlights for Blonde Hair
Instagram @shhmacie

#24: Relaxed & Natural Highlights for Blonde Hair

Relaxed and natural highlights for blonde hair bring out brightness around the ends. Subtle blonde highlights and a diffused root shadow make it natural and beautiful. I recommend this color and hairstyle with almost any hair type and skin tone.

#25: Fresh & Soft Blonde Highlights

Soft blonde highlights are a fresh style. The foils are extremely fine and back to back to create a seamless color that doesn’t look “liney.” Plus, it avoids a harsh regrowth when you grow out your hair. Color maintenance at home would be using the L’Oréal Silver Shampoo when necessary. Use a good quality shampoo like L’Oréal Nutrifer Shampoo and Conditioner. These hair products will help maintain the color and hair’s integrity. Treating weekly with the Smartbond at-home treatment would also be a must as a follow-up to the in-salon service.

#26: Opalescent Golden Blonde

This opalescent golden blonde is iridescent! This opalescent blonde shows an array of shimmer. When light shines against it, you see an array of colors. Watch colors bounce from beautiful golden tones to cooler pearl tones. These highlights for blonde hair look beautiful against a darker base. This hair color and cut work great if you have medium to fine hair texture and cooler skin tone. Golden tones with cooler accents help cooler skin tones look more youthful.

Charming Warm Blonde Hair With Highlights
Instagram @katieelombardi

#27: Charming Warm Blonde Hair With Highlights

Warm blonde hair with highlights is a bright vanilla blonde. It’s dimensional up top where natural color can show through, then melt into solid ends. This gives your hair color a shadow-root feel. It’s a great option if you want an easier grow-out while still keeping a lot of brightness through the ends. This is perfect if you have previously been a solid blonde. So if you used bleach and tone, consider this color to transition to a more natural-looking color. There will be less maintenance while growing out this light shade.” This is also a good color if you want to keep brighter locks, but want to keep some depth around your face to avoid.

#28: Bright Blonde Highlights on Bright Blonde Hair

Blonde highlights on blonde hair can be customized to your skin tone. Ask your colorist for a ton of back to back foils while doing the highlights. This will make for a bright blonde without the streaky feel. Blonde women should try Olaplex. It’s like insurance for your hair. It stops the breakage and helps your color last longer. If you have a cooler skin tone ask for warmer shades of blonde like golden/caramel blonde tones. If you have a warmer skin tone, ask for violet tones, platinum blonde hair, beige blonde or dusty blonde hair. You can get a few highlights around your face for a pop of brightness. Or combine it with balayage to get an impactful, low-maintenance blonde. You can also go for full head of highlights for that platinum blonde color.

#29: Beach-Inspired Blonde Highlights

Beach blonde highlights are a beach-inspired hairstyle any woman can wear. The soft, natural contrast between the base color and highlighted pieces are effortless. The beach blonde hair color ideas are for you if you have natural level 7 hair and you are looking for a quick brightening fix. It’s easy to maintain and transitional through the seasons.

#30: Wearable Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair with Dark Roots

Blonde highlights on brown hair with dark roots are a rooty blonde. This bright shade of hair is for women who want a low-maintenance shade. The light blonde highlights are ultra seamless with minimal contrast, and very subtle. Warm and golden hair colors like this one are perfect if you have medium, olive, or tan skin tones.

Low-Maintenance Blonde Highlights on Short Hair
Instagram @katgilberthair

#31: Low-Maintenance Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

Blonde highlights with short hair give that rooty blonde color. It’s perfect because it keeps your hair brighter on the ends, but leaves the root soft. It’s lower maintenance than traditional highlights. You still get the “dark” hair broken up with tons of dimension, but you don’t see a line of new growth coming out in a few weeks. Ask your stylist for balayage in between foils to give your strands even more of a bright pop!”

#32: Classic Icy Platinum Blonde Highlights

Icy platinum blonde highlights are a full highlight toned to an icy blonde hue. It will always be a classic go-to color for blondes. This hue is for lighter to medium complexions. Plus, it gives you a huge advantage if you have lighter-medium natural hair to start with. To maintain this silver-blonde color, rotate between Kinactif products. Use the silver shampoo once or twice a week for maintaining the cool tone. Then use Nutri shampoo for the rest of the week for moisturizing.

Sexy Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbykana

#33: Sexy Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights

Sun-kissed blonde highlights are a color melt balayage makes your hair color look sun-kissed and can suit both straight and curly hair. Use purple conditioner and purple shampoo to help take the brass out. Purple shampoo sometimes contains sulfates which actually takes the color out. Balayage highlights can last up to five months. This is because the grow-out is less obvious with balayage. Using foils while balayaging is called “foilyage.” The foil helps to speed up the process and can lift your hair lighter.

#34: Spiced-Up Red and Blonde Highlights

Red and blonde highlights creates a rosy tone that’s soft, almost pink-red. It spices up the color so it’s not one color. A red and blonde color is best if you don’t have a lot of pink tones to your skin. Having such tones would bring those tones out and make them more dominant.

#35: Modern Beach Blonde Highlights

Try modern beach blonde highlights that combine bright, beach-inspired, and light golden highlights. Don’t try lightening your hair at home! Natural-looking highlights are all about the little details. It’s easy to lose control and end up with an uneven brassy color. At-home color changes can look like a failed attempt at bleaching out your hair. Avoid the mess (and the tiger stripes!) and see a trusted professional.

Luscious Curly Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbyelian

#36: Luscious Curly Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Curly brown hair with blonde highlights creates stunning balayage blonde highlights within your hairstyle. It’s a way to give you light pieces running all through your hair without being so uniform like foils can do. It’s also good if you don’t like to see that harsh re-growth line. This way grows out much softer. The dimensions throughout the head using highlights give it tons of depth.

#37: Stylish Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights features an off-the-scalp highlight. It’s a soft, dimensional highlight with a flattering dimension and a great transitional grow-out. To maintain longevity, use a color-safe or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This technique requires low upkeep, which would benefit your busy lifestyle. To ensure the best blend from the base color to highlight, base the level of tone on your natural base color.

#38: Prettiest Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

Blonde highlights in brown hair give that lived-in style, but is still bright all over. Ask your hairstylist for a full highlight and slight shadow root on your first visit. Then schedule an appointment for 10 weeks later for toning, not highlighting. This color works if you’re looking for low-maintenance hair color, but still want to feel pretty with a brighter hair color! To maintain this sandy blonde color, don’t wash your hair every day. This will cause the toner to fade out faster. Use color-protecting and sulfate-free products to save the tones.

Beautiful Blonde Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair
Instagram @brighteyeshair

#39: Beautiful Blonde Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair

Blonde highlights on dark blonde hair is a classic blended blonde and ash brown. It’s beautiful because it has a glam feel without being over the top bottle blonde. To maintain a soft tone, I recommend you use Olaplex treatment #3. “Use Hello Blondie shampoo and conditioner by Matrix. This color and style are so versatile. It suits a wide range of skin tones and it’s great for summer or winter, whether you’re bronzed or a little paler.

#40: Multi-Tonal Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on light brown hair give that golden-toned ombre. It looks amazing if you have medium brown hair because it’s so natural. There will be minimal obvious regrowth. Multi-tonal shades of light brown and golden blonde blend in with natural hair color. Use neutral tint levels with no added reds or ash. The natural medium brown hair color itself creates the golden undertones. Such a color tends to go brassy on chemically damaged hair, so it’s important to keep your hair hydrated. This will ensure the color lasts longer, looks healthier, and feels moisturized.

#41: Baby Light Blonde Highlights

Achieve baby light blonde highlights with lightener and a babylights application. Focusing on highlights on your front hairline will bring out the brightness of your face. This is great if you wear your hair up a lot. Doing so, blends the grow-out lines away. Keeping the babylight application true and fine lowers the maintenance as well,” she notes. Use a protein because this color almost always lacks protein. A good leave-in protein conditioner is Neuma Neusmooth leave-on. Or try a spray like Onesta Protein Probiotic Spray to keep your hair as strong as possible.” This shade is great if you have naturally lighter hair or if you’re starting to grey and want to blend it away. Greys usually start in that front hairline, so it’s nice to keep that brighter and blend it away.

Combined Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @hairmeroar

#42: Combined Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde highlights and lowlights create a neutral tone. A combination of babylights, hair painting, and a tone adjustment is all you need. The spacing of foils allows for a lot of depth at your root. This results in a lowlights color to your mid-shaft where the blonde really pops. Ask your colorist to use 20v if your ends were previously lightened. After it’s processed and shampooed, use Jbeverlyhills 11.00/11.22 equal parts with 2T developer. This helps bring those babylights to life and cut out any yellow.

#43: Gorgeous Balayage Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Balayage blonde highlights on dark hair looks fabulous! Especially when it creates a contrast between the dark and light beige balayage. Without lightening all your hair, a balayage is a great alternative to give texture and style. Try using Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Shampoo to help keep the integrity of your hair. Then alternate with AG Sterling Silver shampoo. This will help you keep your highlights a nice beige color.

Transitional Medium Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_jessz

#44: Transitional Medium Blonde Highlights

These transitional medium blonde highlights are perfect! This color is created by a full head of babylights, balayage in between, and a glaze over the top. The babylights (fine highlighted pieces) break up your dark color. The balayage (painted on highlights) brightens the ends. By adding a glaze/toner all over, it creates a cohesive golden tone to match your previous color. If you want to go for brown, to red, and then back to blonde, take the transition process slow.

Sassy strawberry blonde highlights for women over 60
Instagram @rvasabrina

#45: Sassy Strawberry Blonde Highlights for Women Over 60

Strawberry blonde highlights are flattering if you’re a woman over 60. The lighter coppery lowlight tones blend well if you have gray hair and a fair complexion. This strawberry blonde hair makes a very easy, fresh, and low-maintenance transition for mature ladies.

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