22 Most Amazing Blue Black Hair Color Looks of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Blue black hair is a blend or combination of black and blue tones. The blues and blacks are often blended to give a midnight blue color or blue highlights added to black hair.

For blue black hair, a dark black hue with a hint of blue is mysterious and very flattering. It’s a great way to show your daring side, with every turn of your head catching the light and exposing your blue hue!

There are plenty of combinations of blue hair colors, from lighter royal blue to navy or midnight blue, to fuse with black hair color to flatter any skin tone. Lighter shades go well with dark and fair skin, and darker ones complement the light and pale skin tones. Check out these exquisitely different ways to showcase anywhere from bold to soft blue black hair.

bright blue highlights on black hair
Instagram @keracolorhair

#1: Bright Blue Highlights

Pops of these bright blue highlights on black base make a dramatic hair dimension. This is the look to go for when you’re afraid to cover your entire head with the blue shade. It’s sure to give your straight, mid-length tresses the excitement it needs.

#2: Stunning Blue Black Hair Dimension

The blue black hair color is perfect if you want a very modern and classic look but still want a little vibrancy, dimension, and an extra pop of color. Hair color can always be changed, so go for it!

Perfect Balayage Ombre Blue Black Haircolor
Instagram @mel_issa0423

#3: Perfect Black Blue Ombre

Going from black to lighter hair color like blue for an ombre can be hard to achieve. If this sounds like you, use darker shades for a smaller transition. This icy blue is opulent with black color from the top.

#4: Blue Black Skunk Stripes

Blue black skunk-stripped hair coloring, a trendy style, can be adapted to almost any hair length. The bold blue color pairs seamlessly with the shiny black color for this unique style. Consult your pro stylist about maintaining gem-tone hair colors.

Jet Black with Blue Peekaboo Highlights
Instagram @hairbykellymn

#5: Jet Black with Blue Peekaboo Highlights

If you have dark hair and want a lower maintenance way to rock vivid hair color, try jet black with blue peekaboo highlights. This is a great way to scratch the itch of having fashion colors instead of coloring your whole head of hair.

textured black and midnight blue hair color
Instagram @tammy.ethan

#6: Textured Black Midnight Blue Color

This midnight blue color is one of the best hair dye ideas that perfectly balances radiance and depth. It suits a medium-length haircut, enhancing the fullness of wavy-textured hair. Applying oil, shine spray, and hairspray onto your hair will give this hair color an added glow. There’s so much richness in this Midnight Blue tone from GuyTangMydentity. It’s very forgiving but also a unique color.

#7: Edgy Blue Black Bob

A natural black color goes great with subtle midnight blue highlights. The short bob has great reflective beauty as the shades have a slight twist in hues, more noticeable with movement. If you have a naturally black shade, adding highlights can offer you some flattering but not extreme changes.

Half Black Half Blue Long Shag
Instagram @pedronovais.phneutro

#8: Half Black Half Blue Long Shag

A dynamic color change that will have everyone envying your new hair style. Be prepared. You will get a ton of attention with this amazing blue black combination.

#9: Modern Bob With Blue Highlights

This short bob hairstyle combines the natural black root color with some blue hair dye and foiling to create panels of color. Adding the blue hair highlights to the hair bangs and shorter layers is a great touch.

#10: Short Blue Black Hair

Are you considering a blue black color for yourself? Maintaining your blue black can be a little different than you may think. Blue, being the smallest color molecule, can dull out easily. Choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, or even color-tinted treatments can help maintain your blue sheen.

#11: Long Hair with Vivid Pastel Blue Highlights

The pastel blue highlights on long hair can make a very eye-catching look. It offers dark roots, allowing you to visit your hair colorist less than needed. Adding soft waves to your hair will do the trick for a more textured and dimensional finish.

#12: Mid-length Hair with Intense Blue Black Color

This look is subtle and bold at the same time. The blue hues are intense, but against the black, there is not a huge contrast. Until the blue fades, this color is most noticeable in the sun and certain lighting.  This hair color is relatively low maintenance.

Simply braided blue black hair
Instagram @maloriemhair

#13: Simply Braided Hair in Blue Black

This style is edgy and bold yet appears less vibrant in certain lighting. The hair braid gives the whole style a softer appearance. Be ready for the upkeep! This blue black shade can/will turn green quickly if you don’t care for it properly. A direct dye in your shampoo/conditioner is a must.

#14: Shoulder Length Hair in Bright Cobalt Blue Black Balayage

This hair color features dimensional cobalt blue black hue. If you look at the individual locks of hair, you can see the different tones of depth in between. Blue is a long-lasting color and tends to be on the stubborn side, even though this is a direct dye. You want to use a professional sulfate-free shampoo or a cleansing conditioner with cool to cold water to preserve direct dyes and limit sun exposure/salt water/pool water.

long, thick black hair with blue highlights
Instagram @kimwasabi

#15: Long, Thick Black Hair with Blue Highlights

You can’t deny how stunning this hair trend is! Your presence will glow by flaunting your long, thick black hair with blue highlights. This blue balayage hair color is great for longer hair.

#16: The Darkest Steel Blue Black Bob

This isn’t your ordinary dark hair because this is a bluish black shade! This darkest steel blue black bob works so fine on thick, straight hair. Considering the perimeter of this cut that stops at the neckline, it looks even fuller. Ask your colorist for a gloss treatment to keep your black and blue hair shiny and luscious.

#17: Black Swan with Deep Blue Highlights

This look can be called a “shy vivid” because it’s perfect for women who want to enjoy an unnatural shade while still being workplace appropriate. The best thing about this look is how it changes in different settings. It looks like a deep black indoors, but in the sunlight, the hair has the slightest tone of blue.

Onyx Black hairstyle
Instagram @ash_mclay

#18: Onyx Black with Subtle Blue Highlights

This color is an onyx black, and it’s versatile. You can have edgy and professional hair at the same time while having subtle hints of navy.

Vibrant Contrast hairstyle
Instagram @leta350

#19: Jet Black with Strips of Blue

The shine, vibrancy, and contrast in this beautiful hair color really stand out! It’s the perfect shade if you want to be fashion-forward and adventurous. You will have to re-glaze every five to six weeks to maintain the vibrancy and use color-protecting products to maintain the integrity of your hair and color. This look is fun, flirty, and vibrant.

Strong & Fierce hairstyle
Instagram @hairbykirst

#20: Straight Black Hair with Subtle Blue Highlights

This look has attitude, and it’s strong and fierce! If you want this hair color, you must know the commitment blue black requires. It’s one of the deepest hair colors you can go to, and removing it is very difficult.

Rich and Classy Blue Black Hairstyle
Instagram @jennyschair__

#21: Rich Blue Black Hue

This look is so rich and classy and will turn any head. Blue (no matter what tone) has a very cold background, so black is its best friend. Black is rich, inviting, and will complement almost any eye color. Upkeep is very important with any color. There are so many pigmented shampoos today, so there is no excuse for your hair color to fade quickly.

#22: Chic Short Hair with Dark Blue Black Hue

Do you love to try different hair trends? Does your short bob hair cut need an upgrade? A blue black hair dye will save you! Combining dark blue and black hues will add more zest to your cut. Style it with a subtle texture, and your color pops even more. For more drama, a few streaks of lime green near your hair line works wonders.